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  1. Realine Mañago


  2. Unusual Stranger

    Good .Now face the wall .Do you want to be hooded or not ? .

  3. Elisha Leduna

    I love how Millie Bobbie Brown makes faces😂😂😂

  4. Spyro P.

    it's ok guys, you can wear non black clothes too

  5. Metemkala Yaden


  6. Pian Agustian

    Tell me I'm not dreaming

  7. Ricky Koptyra


  8. Julie Hrdličková

    I’m in love with that “pineapple” 😁😘

  9. Team Ilustre Vlog

    1:30 thought she was gonna bang her head

  10. Osvaldo Lopez

    Wow... ¡WOW!

  11. Edward Morow

    Leonardo DiCaprio Jennifer Lawrence Meryl Streep Cate Blanchett Timothee Chalamet Chris Evans Jonah Hill Ariana Grande Tyler Perry Matthew Perry Kid Cudi I'm so in for this film.

  12. bhavna M

    Noah's one sad puppy🥲💓😭

  13. Roudha Alshamsi

    No one: Jordan: bAcK iN BeLvIeW 😂😂


    i watched this movie so romantic

  15. Ed Marco Lajato

    2:16 lol noah hahahaha

  16. soccergoalie_24 simmer

    When they said it looks like you about to propose it made me laugh because I saw the trailer in a clip of all the netflix trailer videos thing at a sleepover and we thought he was proposing

  17. Athena Aphrodite Park

    She is such a versatile singer. I love her

  18. GamingWithEsther 2.0

    Oh noo...SHES GOT SHARK STRENGTH!! Hahah the way he said it

  19. Flare The huffelpuf

    I watched this movie 5 or 6 times

  20. Natlibuz presentation of the film in the national library of uzbekistan

  21. MegaHsiang


  22. Arjun Ps

    Anyone replaying the initial 5 seconds of this video? Cz I've been doin' it since ages.. :)

  23. AsapPocky

    a lot of k-pop ? hELL YES LET'S GOOOOOO

  24. Aradhana Dubey

    I love how Jennie's crop top convert into normal shirt so quickly ( I know it was normal shirt , she just folded it ) at 2:24 😂😂😂

  25. Unicorn Dazzle


  26. Bianca

    He ate Rebecca

  27. Adelheid Merry

    So she knew about the affair even before their wedding?

  28. Z Man

    In my opinion, he should have won an award straight up.

  29. Rashid Jurgens

    harry potter was secretly about gay love and the matrix is about being transgender. what else is going to blow my mind so far?

  30. Mia Dellagatta

    i’m not crying ...

  31. Jazz Micah Bihasa

    Isn't the girl from mean girls

  32. mithila purohit

    What the hell see your movie

  33. Tugba

    Çok güzel olmuş


    0:22 my love video :X.

  35. Nalaine Karunic

    Am I the only one that click cause I see Tom Felton on it

  36. Даниел Кръстев

    OMG these legends are so old

  37. Nicole Vo

    Me as a Capricorn ♑️🐐🐐🐐: 👁💧👄💧👁

  38. MadDog Mc Cree

    that guy ruined it when he says he's a machine ,he really got disrespect from the trainee he begin to treat the machine like tin can ,i think a lack of personality , i wanted he says he's a kind of robocop of army a war hero killed and restored in cybernetic body ,he says they made him black for neutrality -_- also a lying robot is badly received by humans ALSO the name of the russian villain Victor Kobaev looks like "VKontakte" russian social network logo , russian will make a movie with villain named Frank Bremer with facebook logo

  39. Jazmin Rios

    Only of high school was actually this fun

  40. Эмма Поттер

    Jisoo 💖❤️🌸🔥✨👑💍💎

  41. Ayesha Islam


  42. Ryan Atkins

    Johnny and Miguel

  43. woke as a joke

    This movie is great cause when you really think all the way back America was technically founded on organized crime. 🤔😂🇺🇸

  44. Nada Alqallaf

    Black pink are a family

  45. Nada Alqallaf

    Can you talk black pink to cam to Kuwait

  46. Veronica Elders

    I feel they blew all their budget for this film on the autotune.

  47. aida salman

    Okay let's talk that guy looks cute ;)

  48. Nani Naafilah

    my god Rosie's accent, I can't unheard that, i like iy

  49. Nani Naafilah

    my god Rosie's accent, I can't unheard that, i like iy

  50. Kashif Akhtar

    Everyone thanked that missy would dieeee but Ojo reaction lol she went like this ain’t avengers endgameeee!!! Like it was the opposite of avengers endgame so I think it’s the avengers studio that made this movie🤔

  51. Ruchitha Rajesh

    Break my heart covey

  52. C Sanders

    This could very well be the dopest Netflix movie of 2021

  53. John Jacob


  54. Reginald Mc Nab


  55. mari lopez

    This song though ❤️🙌🏾 AMAZING

  56. 나 비

    Feb 12 Save the date!!!!!

  57. Music World

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  58. shannon lewis

    My favrite is gubby

  59. Thoriq Fersa

    Halo selamat kenal aku dari server Indonesia

  60. VPcactus Love


  61. KL _144

    The orchestration for this song is not getting enough praise

  62. ŔS1 AOTY

    can't wait for the day she releases her solo music <3

  63. A selenator And a limelight

    I don’t why i always find jennie so rich then any other members even though every member is freaking rich. Jennie has that rich people charisma. Her style,her sense. Lol my bias is jisoo. Jennie stop there😂😂😂 i love jisoo very much. Stop being a bias wrecker😂😂😂😂

  64. Rexy

    Come on... I love William Zabka!

  65. Christina Kirkwood

    I have seen this hole movie

  66. christiana sk

    Wowww❤️😍😍...I can't wait!!! I'm a huge fan of Noah❤️❤️....!

  67. Nabila Meylani

    The Voice is really Beautiful

  68. Syrealle Wyatt

    Midnight Special is VERY VERY good. I've watched it several times now, maybe 3 or 4. Its not edge of your seat or anything but Shannon Edgerton are very good. It really makes you think about half way through exactly whats going on, and Im usually very good at "hollywood knowing" but I didnt quite get this one until the very end.

  69. James Acebuque

    I watch this netflix

  70. MahekUP


  71. E. Rodriguez

    😣 Totally 👎👎because of how the new generation will be!?! And now "my Precious grandson now has that personality!?!?" WE ARE DEFINITELY CLOSE TO THEE END TIMES!!!!!!! In the last days that generation will be put to a test to truly believe in JESUS CHRIST!!!🤔

  72. Holly 14

    We deserve the DELUUUUUUSIONS blooper reel someone start a petition to Netflix