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ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence.

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  1. Finnjävel

    Devos learned; Arthas never did truly give in, he fought to the end. Arthas was suppose to Ascent, but Devos couldn't let that happen, so into the Maw he went.

  2. 바닐라 vanila아이스 ice

    There you go ladies and gents. That is how arthas joined the nexus. His eternal suffering came

  3. RadiusOwned

    Nahh sorry. This game just has too old solutions and mechanics and is too old in summary.

  4. Wa ss

    Best of the best Games and expansion Wotlk <3

  5. lalsaksjdhfggggs

    The best expansion

    1. Casey Cooper


  6. Lethalioz LTZ

    well done

  7. Илья Салтаев

    привет из 2021

  8. TheLastZam

    devs cant even go 2mins without showing horde bias omegalul

    1. Sociobid

      2/3 of them in this video are Alliance

  9. uluomu

    This WOW looks different?

    1. Keeng Saebul

      of course it does. this isnt old school WoW

  10. Sushrut Sawkar

    Please make movie on arthas. For god sake!!!!🥺🥺🥺

  11. Izuraile

    Woa Will this became warcraft in space?

  12. La Cai

    Murica had some Amazing games!

  13. FelixBlue4

    3.3.5 was something

  14. FelixBlue4

    Afterlives Bastion anyone ?

  15. AZ Films

    Cant wait to level in Nagrand!

  16. Valcor

    Were going home boys

  17. Jim Beef

    Wow time really its been 11years..

  18. Xelthia vice

    lol even blizz jumping on the lofi trend lol

  19. Jake Sprunger

    Lich king was peak wow but the pvp in this was on par with wotlk if not slightly better

  20. BKDDY

    Can't wait for Sylvanas to finally die in this expansion.

  21. Malphas Blackwing

    Nathanos gets me everytime he says “High Pppreistess”

  22. Infinite1985

    Po go brrrr

  23. Jolroarc Felforth


  24. Сергей Чернышов

    Это по условиям соревнований у двух команд одинаковый состав?? Или Снова Все играют одним имба составом(МЕЕЕЕЕТОЙ)?

  25. Jonathan Litz


  26. M.C.Martin Official Channel

    Living through the 2010’s and 2020’s: *Pain! Agony! My hatred burns through the cavernous deeps...of the internet!*

  27. Ur boy Skinnywinny

    Beware of the expansion

  28. MegaChickenfish

    It was so hard to pick covenants. On one hand, venthyr really meshed with my abilities, on the other, *tiny owl with flute.*

  29. Naxin Santiago


  30. HerpimusDerp

    Do not change the loot...that's the best way to mess up.

  31. see baas

    23:06 RIP...

  32. Jack


  33. TheRoninM

    Make Nelfs great again! Man best cinematic so far

  34. Vlad Scheiskopf

    Not paying money to this malignant, virtue signaling company anymore.

  35. Ahmed Xein

    Ursoc deserve to live again :(

  36. DDx16

    The girl on the intro looks like she's on the brink of tears

  37. Gonzalo Antonicelli

    Favourite wow cinematic by far.

  38. Yoonbeauty queen

    Mirror game boring

  39. D Oliver

    One of the best games ever!

  40. Chronotech

    10 social credit points have been added to Blizzard's account.

  41. nat l

    would be nice if before run players draw lots which class they go and then they have limited time to revise their strategy. Mirror comps are not so entertaining.

  42. Shijie Li

    problem is Raiku doesn't have Hydra and Kalimist with him for 2018

  43. Martin Smith

    Skip to 6:28 to know what the next patch is. You're welcome.

  44. Blas Doyle

    And this was where Blizzard ruined Sylvanas for me...after the awesome set up she had to becoming war chief just...nope, Garrosh 2.0

  45. Soress9

    What's the ost fr 2:52?

  46. Mr. Do the Gamer

    I'm sad the Kael'thas is repeating his lust for magic once again

  47. La Cai

    Played pandas last time Arena looks pretty good.

  48. Ak Nadiri

    Lots of off topic talk, what any of that has to do with game lol. Is this blizzcon or CNN lol it is about you .

  49. Dzys Dzys

    Three steps: Break the ice Create next frostmourne Hail to new LK (Defile on me!)

  50. Marius Bijan

    You are not prepared... again

  51. Randy Meeks

    19:25 Flying Info

  52. faq qxo rese

    This video is used in cabal hubs public computers filing system unremovable

  53. SpecialDetermence

    Why didnt OTK play dk boomkin with sam?

  54. Tomaš Šarga


  55. Tomaš Šarga


  56. saiyansnake

    2:09 Instant goosebumps

  57. Oğuzhan Akbaba

    Pi mi çöp -jacobin

    1. Robespierre

      aynen öyle

  58. Радослав Цветанов

    Those guys who are currently working on the development of the World of Warcraft game are destroying one of the greatest games ever made in history. Absolute shame, it's a parody of what it once was.

  59. Alessio P.

    Cringeorld of Cringecraft

  60. John Kasern

    One rogue is wearing Nightslayer, the other Bloodfang

  61. poop pool

    Mirror comps make dungeons boring to watch

    1. kim8dk

      @Sadeas Yeah drafting could be the answer then.

    2. Sadeas

      @kim8dk Banning classes doesn't lead to different comps, rather to both teams banning the same class, replacing it with the same class.

    3. kim8dk

      They should incorporate class bans or something like that.

  62. MRC_34

    The Grom from yummy tv shoutout was amazing. Grom healscream

  63. dragonrykr

    The worst cinematic for the worst expansion

    1. Casey Cooper

      Your delusional

  64. TheOaxOaxOax

    Illidan would be proud.

  65. skeche

    meanwhile im still wiping in SM GY.

  66. Paeton1000

    Have you ever noticed in hollywood movies that all the villains are played by britz?

  67. 8 Bit Chiptune

    That thumbnail tho 😂

  68. Lev Khaykin

    Verrückte Dämonin

  69. Fenharell

    Hi Blizzard! Where is water that you promised us from 1:26? Wow has RTX now but no cool water still

  70. Gabriel Martin

    The Horde is nothing! - .......wut - Wut?

  71. M Ro

    Praying Blizz blesses my vault tomorrow morning. Don’t do me dirty like the last 4 weeks! :<

  72. Dez Nuces

    Frickin' Blizzard, yes, yes, take my money, alright!!

  73. Arjyadeb Sengupta

    Ultra Necrozma

  74. Querencia.tv

    Amazing Work ✌️

  75. Keepaseecret


  76. Alex Atlas

    Who come back here after New Trailer ?

  77. Onyong Vegeance97

    Po should look like this

  78. rookere

    Is this the worst major patch of all time?