Enter the World of Warcraft and descend into a world of myth, magic, and legendary adventure. Prepare to enter the #Shadowlands. Pre-Patch - 10.13.20
ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence.

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  1. theusernameicoodfind

    Lol that dislike ratio

  2. 1un4cy

    I just discovered this lol funny

  3. loregoldblack93

    5:20 <3

  4. Pupper

    I will actively /spit, deny raid spots, block, and report anyone with this disaster tmog.

  5. Reverberate Swerve

    Oh..? Why is this being recommended now? Retail TBC inc?

  6. celestialHeretic

    Our king has been abducted. Alliance, to arms!

  7. Kenguru Safari

    Who would have thought abandoning ship one month into BfA was a good idea? <This guy. Been watching it slowly sink ever since, and it has been the greatest experience Activision Blizzard has given me for many many years. And I didn't have to pay a cent! <3

  8. Chief Kuno

    You are becoming the other games that we choose to not play.

  9. Jarl Lillebø

    I'm still curious to see who the leaders of the Black and Green Dragonflight are gonna/supposed to be. Wrathion appears important, but Ebyssian is clearly the one who works the most for his flight, even if he's sworn to serve the Highmountain chieftain. And I suppose, based on the scenario to banish the void from the Emerald Dream that Merithra, Ysera's daugther has taken leadership of them? Kalecgos, Alexstrasza and Nozdormu are unchanged I would assume.


    This is some serious Doo Doo 💩💩💩💩

  11. Caín Wolf

    I no longer want to pay the 6 months...

  12. Mr. Rz

    That orc grunting makes me wanna stab myself in the forehead!

  13. Kharash91

    absolutely disgusting. not the set but the fact that u are going down this path.

    1. McDude

      I mean the sets super ugly too

  14. Perseverance

    My favorite thing about the video was the background music.

  15. TomGamer

    Collect transmogs xD wtf :D :D never did that what's the point?

  16. Mathew Sands

    This makes me really afraid that I bought Shadowlands

  17. Stepchild

    Fix ur trash as game pls ty.

  18. Madao

    LOL, those dislikes, roflmao!

  19. Zutang777

    Scum company shadowlands is my last expansion wish I never bought it.

    1. Matt Attack

      You can still refund it!

  20. ISJ-322

    Wow so brave and stunning!

  21. Dr.Gregory House

    Haven't played this cancer of a game since legion but here to drop a dislike on the shop items

  22. Aleksandr Kerensky

    Absolutely not good. This is trash blizzard. Wrong direction. Stop it. Just. No.

  23. Kevin Salley

    Blizzard dancing on the grave of their self-respect for 15 seconds

  24. Evgeny Danilin

    Every 5th player I run into now wears this vomit-for-a-costume. The sales went well, didn't they.

  25. 007IceBox

    came back here for chills and tears

  26. Jon

    Sad part is the ears in this transmog fit through your character, but they can't be bothered with sets in-game to do that.

  27. Prebster


  28. L a n n i e

    I wish it was april fools...

  29. James Tomlin

    Yet you lot can't be arsed to adjust ingame mogs for other races that have been in game for years? But this one you suddenly can? Despicable.

  30. Lou

    All blizzard needs to do is literally look at this videos likes to dislikes and the comments and move from there. It ain’t hard

  31. Ricardo

    Yeee... lets not buy shadowlands

  32. Proud Guard of Whiterun

    Blizzard: Makes a cool new interesting looking expansion, with awesome new aesthetics, and seemingly interesting stories. New changes as a whole to the game that seem really good, and interesting, drawing new players and old players a like back to the game. Also Blizzard: "HuRr DuRr MiCwOtWaNsAcTiOn TrAnSmOg!!!!!"

  33. Joey Baughn

    i feel bad for even playing classic and giving this god forsaken company money

  34. Ryan Kuhlenschmidt

    Is there a date yet?

  35. Helluminati

    Let it go Elsa!

  36. AlibabaGaming

    Ah, one of those videos where majority of comments are just people displeased with another ludicrous decision that WoW has made.

  37. Owen McCord

    Whhy? I loved you, you were my brother anakin, until now your mind is twisted

  38. Helluminati

    THIS! The cinematics they make are absolute 100% greatness. You watch them and you want to play this game. You want to be part of the story! I watch them sometimes to get inspired when I feel down...

  39. The Booklover

    And people ask me why I quit WoW.

  40. GradeY underY

    shadowlands got delayed but this transmog got released just in time. priorities

  41. Sara Herrmann

    Ehhh its okay but they really need to focus on the expansion rather then this...its getting to the point rather then releasing the expansion you just have to pre purchase it....

  42. Hunter Hausman

    So is there a name for illidans boss fight theme because it’s definitely not the black temples theme

  43. bill b

    im crying

  44. bansh84

    still the best

  45. M1ntberrycrunch

    /spit and /ignore EVERYONE you see with this. Time to Purge this game

    1. Anthony Torres

      I’ve been doing it lol

  46. decworld

    What happens when you employ overpayed feminazis...hopefully this xpansions lore makes the cut

  47. Prince Neptunus

    Further proof that the people who make this game clearly do not play it

  48. YouceF

    Best cinematic ever

  49. Armchaiirwarrior

    Something feels so weirdly "off" in this video and I can't put my finger on what's exactly not right. Is this background, dancing animations, camera angles or how underwhelming set looks? Perhaps all aforementioned?

  50. kaitlyn rouse

    minecraft music

  51. שחר לוי

    I doing my part downvoting, how about you guys?

  52. bigmeknurgle

    Remember Tyraels Charger? Times change.

  53. Kasper Van den bogaert

    NO MORE!

  54. TheSaskatoonBerry

    The wings would be a cute addition to many transmog combinations, but im NOT going to give you an additional $25 on top of the monthly fee I pay to play a game that I have purchased along with all SEVEN expansions all at full price. I also cant afford to have a large chunk of money removed from my account every six months in order to receive these exclusive perks.

    1. Anthony Torres


  55. Шашило Богдан

    imagine if this was an obtainable set from darkmoon event and in order to achieve it u would have to complete multiple questchain and achievs. noone would complain about. this set is lovely, it looks pretty decent at certain race+sex combos(not only females btw). instead of great opportunity to encourage players to play a game they already paid to play they just did.. this. awesome. absolutely incredible. cant wait to see whats coming next

    1. Sara Herrmann

      To be honest it does belong in the darkmoon faire! It totally belongs there. It's just a shame that blizz decided to drop this and not the expansion

  56. James2Beast

    This went past multiple grown adults and they still hit the button on adding it into the game

  57. Allan Henga

    Didn't Arthas actually stab Uther in the throat?

  58. Vheanom

    hey look it'd be a good timing if shadowlands actually released on time- this is what happens when marketing and actual game devs are in completely disconnected departments....

  59. Mikkel Mogensen

    If Blizzard would stop shitting on players for 5 sec that would be great

  60. DragonOn

    Oh boy, we need to delay shadowlands. Because we're working on more store bullshit! Stop this garbage.

  61. Travis Marshall

    If you play retail I feel bad for you and REMOVE SPELL BATCHING from classic

  62. Kloud Kitt

    It’s refreshing, in these uncertain times, to see that Actiblizzard haven’t changed.

  63. Ryan Bigg

    this comment section is /2 simulator

  64. LifesmythTV

    Fairy funny

  65. Marko Ilic


  66. wira10100

    The people who thought of this idea... i wish they get fired...

  67. Raphael Portela

    GUYS WE NEED MORE DISLIKES, the retards have almost 3k likes, MORE DISLIKES GOO

  68. Γρηγόρης Δράκος

    They removed nixxioms comment

  69. Micheal Catunto

    7 million monthly players in October. 22k dislikes and roughly 4000 angry comments on this video. Y'all salt mine really aren't the backbone of this game you're just a small number to the even bigger majority of the player base that wont whine about this.

    1. Matt Attack

      And your point? The majority of the player base that you speak of is addicted and can’t realize that this transmog is pure garbage.

  70. Fakeqt


  71. SoberCoffee

    I came here expecting to be disappointed... Honestly, after checking it out, the like to dislike ratio on this video has not disappointed! 😂😂

  72. Calitö

    This is not my World of Warcraft!

  73. RobloxASMR

    you pay for skins in f2p game like fortnite not a monthly sub game. Just make a better game so more people sub instead of offering clown outfits for $20.

  74. Lichlord Kazam

    Ah, blizzard acknowledges our stupidity and now you make us dress up like idiots. Nice, i would like more people to buy this so i have more people to look down upon.

  75. Emmit Thomas

    Easy way to defeat sylvannas: Hack into wow's mainframe and manually delete her character file. completely bypass that plot armor.

  76. Marcelit4

    Buy an expansion, buy a sbuscription, pay for the things you cannot get in game (that shouldn't be locked behind a paywall when you allready pay for an subscription)

  77. Felipe Hardy

    I cant understand why they r hitting against their own community. As a wow classic player this doesnt affect me directly, but its sad to see that blizzard keep going that way...

  78. Denis Hock

    Dissapointed, instead offering cool quests with that as end reward. Delay Shadowlands and offer some Transmogs for 20€(EU) -.-

  79. Руслан Черман

    Downvote wagon is here, ready to unload!

  80. Cookie UK

    Nice priorities.