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  1. Seaghán O'Edward

    how fucking random, ISN'T IT

  2. Ephodix

    Yeah, so, I have no idea what you said at 0:50. Care to explain?

  3. Blinx

    I believe the “middle line” is drawn straight through Middlesbrough and across.

  4. Sound Garden

    0:22 - Oy Vey, Shut it down!

  5. F52 _

    The most cursed image of Paul Daniels ever...

  6. J D Jones

    Fair play jay, every video I have watched of yours, in my opinion deserves at least a double like..

  7. ZJMS

    China:"I need it all enough fish to last for a thousand years I WILL NOT PART A SINGLE FISH"

  8. b font

    The nappy triangle emotionally close because drill crucially confess midst a many sleet. absent, present sheep

  9. Vitali Abadal

    Why is this video always in my reccomendations?

    1. Jade Nagi

      Always? It’s not quite a week old yet.

  10. Andreas Kristensen

    1:24 - That's a nice topografisk kart over Norge. 👍

  11. saledin2012

    If i ever got spied on, I'll let them know who's the best Japanese Porn Actress of the year Thank you

  12. Sharon j

    Dartford Kent is a place where you can use oyster cards out of London

  13. Samuel Carnall

    It's an embarrassment. Talking about the critical issues of the day by jeering each other. One of the many reasons I despise our political system.

  14. Joshua Chin

    Don't forget spreading communism 😂

  15. Marmalade Plan3t

    I know some people who live in Scotland and consider themselves londoners. The border should be extended to include their house in Edinburgh

  16. Towshif E Rabbi


  17. Der Meester

    When he said dont watch it now.. watch it later I for looking up gorbachevs pizzahut commercial.. I watched it Later.

  18. twenty one cries for help

    Jay (I think I dont recall): Dont watch it now Watch it latee Me scrollimg to find it:.fuck

  19. Harry Dent

    When this was posted I was 4 months old😂

  20. Lusonice2021

    is anyone noticing that the line goes down at australia lmao

  21. alex ortner

    This was the most trippy thing that made perfect sense I’ve seen in awhile

  22. HoneyBadger

    Was no one going to tell me grange hill is a real place?

  23. Gavin Reid

    We all live inna Babylon system.

  24. Chris Mallon

    Not funny, they also aren't hard to pronounce at all. You's are just making it sound like it is apart from the Welsh ones

  25. Quantum Newton

    Want to know why Pied Piper was made? "Manure"

  26. Navreet Singh

    7:02 alliteration 😂

  27. João Nuno Lourenço

    So the plan was to send polish soldiers to invade UK? Is there any way to see a complete picture of all these plans, or any alternate fiction based on this?

  28. Andrew Roberts

    M8 in Glasgow jumpd to mind a motorway running in the centre of a city and the many homes destroyed to make it happen

  29. R. J. Lombardi

    Vodka is poison... Also WW2 was a combined effort. But you know what the Russians did? They took care of the Grand Armee and Napoleon. They also sent the first satellite into orbit, (ok, ok all the former Soviet countries get a credit for the last one). Also what about Pushkin? Lermontov? Shostakovich? Solzhenitsyn? Yesenin? Gluhowski?

  30. Cryptic Runner

    1:19 why is he walking at a lower framerate than the camera?

  31. Casimir Burg

    You missed London pronounced "third world shit hole"

  32. Julisity T

    the audience is fucking dead

  33. flazzywonj

    Unpopular/offensive opinion: everything south of Newcastle is the south

  34. Roonil Wazlib

    Woo Killingworth ✌🏻

  35. Mezelf Om dat hetkan

    Russians fly unnanounced thru europe airspace with bombers and fighters they dont give a shit but if we do that in their airspace we get shot down after 1 min

  36. weerobot

    Aliens...of course...

  37. Comred1

    2:18 '....human sacrifices' *Jazz music stops*

  38. Erie

    Hey, first take is slightly offensive, we appreciated Sir Conan Doil works way to much back then so make our own version of Sherlock Holmes

    1. yaliso gioouy

      I bet the Russians have a map of this room right now!!! Gah! 😣...

  39. TheFlexon

    Damn, Matt Lucas...

  40. Shahin Tajeri

    Russians scare me.

    1. yaliso gioouy


  41. Politics with Paint

    Technically Bir Tawil is not really terra nulius, since all countries in the world recognise this area as part of either Egypt or Sudan, its just that nobody really knows who of them it belongs to :’ )

  42. Sanel Hadziahmetovic Jurida

    Absolutely superb! Thank you!

  43. mel m

    the third one of these videos i've watched today with neverhood music, very good

  44. Darius Tiapula

    Fun fact: Even MCU Hydra has Soviet spies in their ranks.:v

  45. Sebastian Wolski

    Greetings from Poland my fellow map-mans

  46. Skiddings

    London airport expansion and crossrail... This has aged well.

  47. Angry Ted

    Peterborough... 🍆

  48. HauntedPancake

    Mhhh, Getting nuked or ruled by Communists, Getting nuked or ruled by Communists ... . Tough choice.

  49. 999Goat

    macos on a pc?

    1. Jay Foreman

      The monitor (at my parents’ house) was switched off, and the graphics (from my Mac) were added afterwards.

  50. GoldenbanjoDJ

    That's a crazy talent

  51. WereDictionary

    How did you do the bit with the shopping cart without crashing into anything or spinning around?

    1. Jay Foreman

      I did crash into things. Sign up to my Patreon to watch the outtakes.

  52. Diamantino Henriques

    The add was the best part

  53. puggerthemugger

    Tom Scott just casually showing up is great

  54. sofia24

    They are not mispronounced they're misspelled.

  55. Jehan Gunatilake

    yes my queen

  56. Wyatt Epp

    Congratulations, Uncle Colin.

  57. Mary Turnbull


  58. Matthieu Lamalle

    French accent is actually not bad !

  59. armstrong germany

    '' secretest'' go and learn english and while you are at it.. Real history. ps. Russia made a huge contribution to winning WW2... almost as much as the UK. They didn't win it on their lonesome for us.

  60. Mere Mortal

    It's a pretty long lasting dream then

  61. TruthSeeker27

    In India, our predominant divide is definitely North South haha

  62. DannnyG g

    Short Answer: they don't want to loose votes

  63. AJ R

    Jay could pull off a young John Cleese impression

  64. Chan y

    All of this and less - golden!

  65. Roonil Wazlib

    North or ‘north’... coronation st is mid imo Newcastle ✌🏻 Also hats off to the bloke who Hadrian Walled it 🤣🤣

  66. Ivan Stancer

    Could you put a link to the place name origin map?

  67. Eshan Jain

    Yep. Everything that James Hacker ever taught us.

  68. Dan Moores

    Brilliant channel! Very funny

  69. Christian Calderon

    You mentioned London will have 10 million people by 2030, but that doesn't have to happen... Most of that growth will be from immigration. Why not decrease immigration in addition to making London more bike friendly if lack of space and resource strain are worsening issues? How many people can your island nation take without further harming its environment?

  70. snotrat2

    Is that the Simon and the witch theme tune music at 6.44? Edit: yes it is.

  71. K Dog

    Started feeling good. Ended up crying

  72. TrogledyWretched

    The question now becomes "why is job security more important than action?"

  73. Heliverus Calion

    Funny thing is, I doubt people in the New England area (such as myself) have too much trouble with names like that, considering most of our oldest towns and cities were named by said brits

  74. Alexander Achmad Khan

    I called it south east Asian sea

  75. elforastero45

    Winning ww2 Lmao