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Tory Lanez - Feels (feat. Chris Brown) OUT NOW:

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  1. forsythia witch

    Have you ever noticed that abusers in the rap and film industry always work together?

  2. Ms. J

    48:20 Anyone Else see what I see? HINT: Let's just say the guitarist has sticky fingers 👀

  3. Nicolas gamer


  4. Dur Aud

    Ахуенно )

  5. Mpho Grace


  6. Ms’Deri

    Tory has a unique Soprano he sounds like a women ❤️ it! CB always brings the raspy essence! Nice collab and no coincidence given the history of both most recent Tory! Chris on the song to show we all struggle but can overcome flying high! Love 💕

  7. Sitanshu Tiwary

    Crazy Beat ! Dude murdered it !

  8. excellenceLee

    This my new shit

  9. nexxt up

    "teachers never gave a fuck.they were paid to show up and leave"💯 so true

  10. Faulknor Trudy Ann


  11. Bruh Life

    The only bad thing about this video is Jake Paul was in it.

  12. Carliana Jackson

    Me: taping my $1.00 bill back together Tory Lanez: Burns $100 bill Me: 0.0

  13. Brian Montana

    Fuk Meg Tory still switching Lanez

  14. Son Goku

    6 days and almost 10 mill w everybody tryna blackball him. Impressive.

  15. The SpedRunners

    Song would straight fire without that terrible flute lol

  16. Calvin alpha

    I got alot of loose bills in my wallet

  17. Jeremy Johnson

    it something about hip hop when a dope beat comes in that makes me feel at peace


    This version sounds better then the Spotify version

  19. MyNameIsTlo9

    This song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Needs to be longer ❤

  20. L O F Y E D R I P

    That thumbnail looks like tory bout to do the WAP dance

  21. mark noel

    Talk bout FEELS, I jus feel like my 2021 has jus began officially Lol 😂😂😂

  22. Hannah Reeves

    Anyone else think of the music video for "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence when he steps out the window, walks along the side of the building and her room is next door? Lol

  23. ايوب الأدريسي


  24. Michael Dix

    Nigga has soo much talent

  25. Michael Dix


  26. ciddy popper

    Deffo on THAT playlist 👁👄👁

  27. Melean Pokowas

    I have the biggest crush on Chris Brown

  28. thug8200

    This shit really has 30 million views based off the likes

  29. vicky gaming

    tory killed dat beat 😉

  30. Xochitl Felix

    Who else listening 2021

  31. Bree Valentino

    Tory take off that hat I’m tryna see something🧐👀👀

  32. Famous x1K

    Song still b hitting to this day 🔥

  33. лол кокос

    все кто читает, послушайте пожалуста этот трек, просто пацан старался

  34. Mnqobi Ngubane

    Tory lanez did his best in this song, you'd swear he was a clone of Kölön Eddricçö. As for CBreezy, you know how he is, superhuman and multi talented

  35. Michael Michael

    Looks like Chris Brown is going to have another hit this summer. It’s every summer with this guy

  36. Lesego Rock

    I wasn’t Tory fan and till I listened to this song 🔥🌪

  37. Lfm reign

    These lyrics go hard like physics !!!

  38. Damian Alexander

    Tory back at it

  39. Krissh stylez

    Every time i come back here FEELS so addictive !

  40. theGoose

    Both just prolly finish beatin bitties up too

  41. Elias Brandão

    Só curti quem for br

  42. Shadrick nash

    This a shame how good this song is..just smh while jamming

  43. CareyA Will

    How can I block this video from my ads

  44. shamika miley


  45. Drone2 Beats

    Show MeWho Needs Love? 👇

  46. Sare Naz GÜNEŞ

    very bad...

  47. Kenneth Thornton

    She showed em both up

  48. vikas tamta

    Melii = 🔥🔥🔥

  49. Denny

    Cuantos Latinos veo por aqui? 🔥🔥🔥 Reportense con un like ✨

  50. Lor. Juice

    Bro, Torey, you snatched the fuck outta Lost by chance the rapper (acid rap) 😂😂😂😂😂 come on man, didn't even use the same words to reference the song you just stole the whole flow bro, you're a terrible artist if you have to steal a flow from 2013 for a movie of this time 😭😭

  51. peter kotsonis

    When cbreezy flew, I ain’t even suprised no more what can’t this man do

  52. Hiskia Nashuuta

    Dope one!

  53. Mrs Atlantic City NJ

    This is deep, and clearly feels as if your speaking from the ❤! Im not sure what went on...I can tell you this though, as bad as this might hurt and stress you out,You still have to thank God because obviously God was getting you out the hands of some wicked people..Just imagine you putting years in with this girl and something like this unfolded!!! You just have to start to thank God when people are revealed and removed!! Never fight it!!!God Bless your 🎶..

  54. michael Dermaretmichael

    That shit Is too hard

  55. Dylanoez X

    26 February 2021?

  56. Team Hotneil

    You only clicked on the video because you saw chris brown flying in the air ?🤔🧐

  57. Fallon G

    1st you gotta f**k the s**t out of me❤️ Replayed it over and over again. Sang so sexy CB


    Because I'm afraid of heights Tory Lanez 🤣 And I want to stay on the ground Chris Brown🦸

  59. BlackTiktok_1 BlackTiktok_1

    Byoung 🇬🇧 should collab with Tory Lanez

  60. D e D


  61. AndersonWave_1K

    The skit at the end I had a similar situation back when I was a simp🤦🏽‍♂️I knew she ain’t came just to talk in the car but I wasn’t as smooth how Tory was...didn’t go as planned

  62. Jerrick Johnson

    I liked this ad it was a music video 🤣

  63. King Of Everything


  64. Giovanni S

    wherever you put chris you don't mess up.. no 🧢

  65. Sharon Chauke

    This is a banger🔥🔥🔥

  66. Thanos

    nigga i thought it said tony lopez

  67. Choosy ooozy

    Holup Holup! Bring it back!..🔥🔥🔥

  68. Aiden Ambrose

    I like how no one is talkin bout how tf jake paul got the connect to be in the video

  69. Boy Lopez

    "I roll with my b**** and she realer than n*****" he dug that out his soul and came out as fire!!!!🙏

  70. doliio volay

    One day i WILL work with Tory and Chris. Mark my words

  71. Maria Felix

    Them two on a song is one of the duo’s ever💕🔥🔥🔥