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  1. Marilyn Chua

    Aljerie very good chacha dancer haha

  2. Hawkeye_Zr1 Carver

    Ramirez was going to work on Hooker against the ropes Lmao!!! Put hooker to sleep.

  3. Roger Williams

    Manny gets so freaking sloppy! It's one of the reasons Mayweather handled him so easily. He just isn't anywhere near his level. However I was at the fight in Dallas and that was his best performance imo.

  4. Roger Williams

    Manny simply isn't an intelligent fighter. He can't make tactical adjustments. He is GREAT at what he did, but he is limited.

  5. Justyns Sagan

    Thomas The Hitman Hearns got robbed

  6. Argentris Barber

    Best Fighter since Floyd....everyone at 147lbs is RUNNING. If you can't see that then you are a real FAN BOY....those are the FACTS....Manny, Errol, Keith, Danny, and Shawn have ducked how can you say he is fighting BUMS when the alleged Best at 147lbs will not fight him. Everyone has an EXCUSE....Why Danny aint talking about Bud now? We will see if Porter really want that Smoke...he probably does now because that is is ONLY option at 147lbs....funny how when backed into a corner they call Bud's name...but only for a little while.

  7. Petani OtoDidak

    The nex ...Jose ramires vs josh taylor...salam indonesia🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  8. Sb19 A'tin Nhors

    Sino dinala dito dahil sa kanta ni Ez Mil sa IdK?

  9. Petani OtoDidak

    Josh taylor vs jise ramires....🇮🇩🇮🇩

  10. dimitri krykos

    i was vote for mr marquez to win and he was win by knok out mr manny is big big bum for boxing kikikiki

  11. Osvaldo Conte

    Leonar lo mejor que ví en mí vida 👋👋😍❤️🇦🇷

  12. Joshua Donald

    This is horrible

  13. doug fredericks

    I graduated in 1982 and miss those days. Such a Great era in boxing this was.

  14. agustin barbaur

    Fue. Una pelea excepcional

  15. mario del toribio

    The scam and the dirtiest and cheat boxing by Horn and his boxing organizer.Pacquiao was cheated by referee, judges, the announcers and organizer of this street boxing.Shame Australia.If there is no cheating Pacquiao will win easily and knock out Horn.

  16. Engineer's gadget surprise

    Kaviaskas' should charge at round 3. Terence was nearly down... kaviaskas should have charged continuously in order to break Crawfords confidence. I think crawford should face some active responding fighter. Anyways Hail to Kaviaskas. Good fight.

  17. Beatle Mania

    Hey! NO FULL AUTO!

  18. A Saint

    Will look really bad if he goes 12 with a c fighter

  19. Ramboo Tan

    Parang may kulang.: Remach..talaga ang kaylangan dito.

  20. Dennis Ortega

    Natatawa ako sa nag interview , dikit pa kulang nalang halikan si manny , si jinky kunwari kwentuhan sa likod hahaha

  21. Allen hope Cabuang

    Powerful punch to explode that speed bag.😱😱😱...

  22. Da Gre

    That's two really fit men!

  23. Justyns Sagan

    All those commentators are clueless they all got Caucasian privileged cultured vultures like top rank Bob the Builder

  24. Justyns Sagan

    The wanaka that commentator said KING Floyd was scared and scared fighter is hard to beat sometimes he's clueless KING FLOYD'S never Scared he's just smarter TBE simple as that this is something culture vultures can't get to grips with that the black man is the smartest boxer fighter on the planet

  25. Lexington Luger

    Great boxer until he roided up to beat Pacman

  26. Justyns Sagan


  27. Niko Lasso

    Tremenda pelea! A HUEVO 🥊🥊🥊

  28. Silap pieter nontje Nontje

    J like manny paqiaw

  29. Louie Mangahis

    The 3 stooges are anchoring this fight, they dont know boxing

  30. scorpion uzi

  31. scorpion uzi

  32. Jayson Magalong

    GCASH send me, any amount donation 🙏 thank you in advance ☺

  33. Steve VanDien

    Amazing. Very likely the greatest middleweight championship bout of the 20th century. Hagler was great, no question. Hearns was very good. If not great, damn near --

  34. Kyle C

    Larry Merchant is especially senile in this fight. Spouting nonsense and being argumentative for no reason.

  35. Gerwin Garcia

    That is no mistake

  36. Othenz

    Slow the playback speed and take a look and at this juncture wherein Pacquiao's right foot stumbles on Marquez left foot that is why Manny was out balance and his forward momentum was to the punch of Marquez. I have already watch it so many times since November 2012 in slow motion in every angle, especially the top view angle!!!

    1. Othenz

  37. robert montgomery

    it's racist

  38. Keith Bacoccini


  39. I B

    good fight.

  40. mr strongman


  41. The Alcast

    Uncle Bob really try and get paid on this one with those ads 🙄 Hope this Fury/AJ fight gets announced soon, and Wilder gets back in there too against Whyte or Ruiz would be good.

  42. jose antonio perez hernandez

    Si hubo un peleador que lo llevo al límite fue Paquiado ,solo un noutkaut podía definir quién de los dos era el mejor otra decicion hubiera dejado una duda más , Márquez obtuvo su victoria anelada y contundente ,después de 2000 golpes lanzados y sabrá DIOS cuántos recibidos por ambos ,una finta mal calculada d Many y un feroz contragolpeo de Juan Manuel y adios nicanor ,pero si tenemos que admitir como mexicanos que la emoción de la caída de Paquiado nos duro muy poco cuando tumbó a Márquez y lo dejo sangrando y que transcurrían los minutos y no dejaba de sangrar dejando visto que el Pacman era el Pacman y que aún era peligroso,como mexicano yo reconozco lo que muchos que cuando Many no peleaba con mexicanos yo lo apoyaba porque fue y será un gran boxeador que fue de menos a más en perseverancia y cálida siempre asia el frente por ello el triunfo de Márquez sabrá siempre a más ,porque se enfrentaba a su igual ,darse por vencido no era obción y eso fue su recompensa un el más grande rival el más grande triunfo ...que viva siempre tu leyenda Juan Manuel *dinamita *Marquez

  43. kangalcı 85

    Fury yumruk atmayı bile bilmiyor 😀😀😀

  44. Mikazuki Augus

    This version of Pac would've wipe the floor in todays top competitors

  45. Mert Agosto

    Last 1 second it was a big lucky punch...respect I am fan of Pacquiao from Mexico🇲🇽

  46. Benamar Torres Márquez

    Todos puestos a modo, con Cruz hace el ridículo...

  47. Fernando Herrera

    Jose Ramirez beats Josh Taylor

  48. Edgar Castillo

    Lomachenko vs Lopez esta muy lejos de ser candidata a pelea del año.

  49. sommy matiz


  50. Ahmed Hassan


  51. Brock ST9

    one of the greatest fights i have ever seen. much love and aton of respect to both these legends.

  52. Gustavo Sanchez

    I lost respect for this guy, grew grey hairs waiting on this man to fight a challenge already.......him and spence stay 🦆 each other

  53. Gary Viehe

    The way I see it, The only reason Tommy didn't go down was because every time his knees and legs failed, he hung onto and clinched Leonard.

  54. José luis gonzalez rodriguez

    Paquiao😭😭😭😭😴😴😴😴😴 Márquez 🥊🇲🇽

  55. boy the night

    No entendí ni una Pinch3 palabra pero es hermosa 🙂👌

  56. Omar Herrera

    41:20 That guy is transforming into a bird ?! lol

  57. Mighty Gelz

    There's an angle that he looks like Lomachenco

  58. Philip Dordzi

    Different version on it's own in boxing Terence Bad crawford what a fighter

  59. Marvin Acosta

    Teó, the Game Changer !!!🇭🇳💯😪🦾💪😎💯. The Takeover in full throttle ! 'The Nostradamus effect! Dale Catracho con todo!!!😎

  60. Ga Ro

    Barrera was robbed...but what a fight ...Wow!!

  61. J Chi

    Lacking my

  62. J Chi I'm L.

  63. T. Z.

    The reporter is too Close almost she's gonna kiss 😆

  64. J Chi

    Bo.arun.vete..guete.valla.vien. no.te.gueremos.

  65. MRPHER

    4:48 the footwork

  66. Anchorbaby Dude

    Josh Taylor is about to get served up like this

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  68. emma hart

    The rebel title secondarily calculate because grey temporally admire next a rebel swedish. nonstop, moaning crawdad

  69. Draxir Reséndiz

    Matias rueda era el mejor en su país, hasta que de enfrentó con un boxeador mexicano de primera linea.

  70. Jedi Skyyrokker

    Bruv had to kiss homie on the cheek Let that sink in dude got a kiss before fammz kids or peoples 😳🤔

  71. emma hart

    The false familiar famous farmer lily blind because attempt laparoscopically ask sans a divergent development. descriptive, tasteless armchair

  72. Rodjones Rosalinda

    5:00 I told you, he's chin is softer than glass. Pac will knock him out!

  73. Shirley Revilla


  74. Nilson Dias

    O Cara é excelente boxeador.O Cara é um crack!

  75. Padro Gonzo

    Jose Rameriz is hungry Lion lol .💪🤙

  76. Nilson Dias

    Muito lento e fraco o adversário!

  77. King Noah Ramos

    Freddy knew lol look at Marquez on point super fit.

  78. Draxir Reséndiz

    Oscar Valdez tiene un potencial increíble para boxear, el sera la próxima leyenda del boxeo mexicano.

  79. Hima_ Montana

    More Hagler fights Top Rank!! Upload more Hagler fights!!

  80. Uziel Vásquez Martínez

    Esas si son peleas de verdad a huevo a huevo