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  1. Prime •Rococo

    Dang almost every USfilmd I watch is getting pregnant laurnzside, you, Colleen Ballinger who’s next lol

  2. kenley hoyer

    my brothers birthday is April 28 you said 27 for the baby

  3. Vic Fournier

    I want to peel it honey

  4. Jacqueline Te'a Knight

    Don’t worry you’ll have the best baby ever

  5. Sayuri Case

    Aw you vice was shaky

  6. Marisela Giron

    They are so cute awwwwwww❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Alex Delgado

    So cute

  8. Lexie Lou

    3:18 Karina Got SOOO RED

  9. Jessica Garcia

    Rainbow baby mom here, sending prayers for you sweet guys!!

  10. Adelyn Delgado

    I love how she recreated the moment, her reaction and all just to get theirs so she could make her announcement just as special as it was when she had originally found out 🥺💖my heart. protect karina at all costs. I’m so happy for you congrats ! I’ve been here ever since the slime videos & my sister has experience with what you went through. You’re going to be such an amazing mom 💖💖

  11. jessica gonzalez

    GURLLL DONT BE SCARED JUST BE HAPPY! YOUR GONNA BE A MOM! We are all so happy for u congrats!

  12. McKenna Enos

    Oh my gosh!!! The heart beat is adorable!🥺❤️

  13. Elisa Samaniego

    I hope your pregnancy goes well mama 🥺❤️

  14. Eliseac _3

    Karina I have a feeling your baby is a girl 💕 I’m so happy for you and your husband! Can’t wait to follow along your journey.

  15. onceandforall85

    Your Dr. seemed so kind.

  16. I ́m Barbara

    I have been watching Karina for years now and even tho I am still like a kid im 12 I feel so so so HAPPY for Karina and Raul I love all their videos they make my days and yes I said DAYS .Luv u Karina and Raul and their baby. GOD BLESS YALL

  17. Liams Mama

    Im pregnant right now too

  18. Tia Michel4

    Congratulations!!! So happy for you!!✨♥️

  19. Pauline Pak

    Congrats guys....I love all the reactions from your families and friends ❤❤

  20. Just Allie

    <3 I wish you good luck :)🍀

  21. julie perez

    “We’re having a skinny baby!”😂😂😂😂

  22. Ana Cruz

    At 10:14 I was like “Aw loooook there’s a monito”

  23. Erika Valenzuela

    You’ll have ultrasounds ever time you got to your appointments my second baby was a high risk cuz of my blood problems and had to go to a high risk doctor for my pregnancy but everything when okay 👌 soo good luck girl

  24. Brenda Biurq

    All we can do is just pray for everything to turn out good ❤️💕 let’s keep the faith ❤️💕

  25. Brenda Biurq

    I’m 8 weeks this week and I had an ectopic back in august of this year I got my right tube removed. And I have an ultrasound today and I’m just like sad and I’m scared. They found the baby in its place but it’s still scary.

  26. Savannah Knapp

    Raul is such a good husband

  27. Rose Estrada

    I cried her first two videos!! I cant explain how happy and excited i am for both of you! I love how happy she is in this video!!! Sending lots of love to your baby! Cant wait to see he/she grow up !

  28. Gaea Thomson

    I started tearing up when you were waiting in the room!! I could just see the anxiousness in your eyes 🥺 I’m wishing you a healthy pregnancy!!❤️

  29. Leny Ramirez

    💞💞💞GIRL!! 💞💞💞

  30. Maddy Coleman

    Wait so this her twin? Or is this the sister that does slime

  31. Rainbow Gang!!!

    Congrats ly beb Ik your going to be great

  32. Veronica Vlogs

    Omg who else cried when they saw the baby ? Me crying of happiness for her . My heart was racing so fast. I’m so happy for you .

  33. Emily Elizabeth1104

    This makes me so excited to become a nurse, I plan on going into NICU nursing and it’s because of the fact that although it’s sad and stressful but being able to help one baby or a family feel better is amazing, I hope everything stays smooth for you, you and your husband deserve this so much I’m so proud of y’all!!!😘😘😘

  34. Ashley Denis

    I literally just want to hug Karina oh my gosh ❤ Wishing her the best and most healthy pregnancy she can possibly have ❤

  35. Angie

    is a boy i can feel it

  36. Markeysha Acosta Mendoza

    karina trust me yout having a BOY

  37. desi hastings!!

    girlll, you got this! Ur strong :) I’m so happy for y’all! When I found out I scared:)😂💘

  38. Aries MIA

    The first video I saw was the 30 min video of you explaining your losses... I had no idea who you were but at this point in time I’ve been trying to have my own baby and am upset when I get my period every month. But seeing what you have gone through up to this point where you are carrying (even if its cautiously) it gives me hope that 1. I will also become a mother some day (regardless in whatever way) and 2. You’re radiant, glowing, and beautiful. I can’t wait until I have a positive outcome like you ☺️☺️

  39. Paris Watts

    This is the first time I’ve ever cried from an ultrasound.

  40. Denise Cruz

    I’m so happy for you !! You’re so lucky your husband can come to your ultrasound. I wish my clinic would let my boyfriend to come to my ultrasound. But I’m so excited for your guys ❤️

  41. Cassandra Barajas

    Your going to be okay

  42. Arely Hernandez

    We love you Karina ❤️

  43. Cedes Vibes

    its a girl!!!

  44. Pink Roses

    I am so freaking happy for you! I'm gonna assume that the bay is a boy !!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Rayleen Nunyah

    Im so happy for you guys. 💙😭 everything is going to be okay. #TeamBoy stay positive.

  46. Viridiana Sanchez

    Her face before the heartbeat appointment vs her face after the appointment was everything 🥺💕

  47. Skrr

    She lost soo many subs why?

  48. Yadira Marquez


  49. Claudia Ponce

    I’m bawling , so happy for you 🤍

  50. Nicoledoeseverything


  51. Ruby Torres

    I'm so happy for you both happy happy for you both I'm team Boy ❤

  52. Yvette Nena

    I was supposed to be born in May but was born on your due date ! I hope your baby and Deena mtv baby and k=mike situation baby is all born on my birthday crossing my fingers ^<^

  53. Liah&Makayla’s World

    Aww so beautiful 🤧

  54. Zoey White

    You should find the sound of the heart beat and make a teddy bear or something to put the heart beat in so you can hear it later on! I am so happy for you!

  55. StayStrong_Kate

    I wish my hubby could be in the room with me 😞 Thanks to Covid.

  56. Maddie

    i'm literally in tears from how happy I am for you guys. congratulations! 🤍🤍

  57. Ali Marie

    I cryyy sooo much that my head hurt😭😭😭😭 I am so happy that everything is going well. I pray to God that everything continue to go as well as now. Stay positive and calm i knos its not easy but been calm it help alot for the bby to be safe and not stressful. God bless you 🙏🏽

  58. Haley Wallin

    Whose cuttin onions 🧅. I CANT STOP BAWLING😭😭😭

  59. Miriam George

    Is Karina Garcia And you mira are twins ??????

  60. Reyna Salinas

    Hearing the heartbeat for the first time its soo special and cant expresss the excitement in wordds'Hope all women can experienced one day that🥰🥰

  61. Belinda gomez

    It’s a girl !! Disen que las niñas te quita tu belleza and if you don’t want to get ready es por que ella te lo está quitando .

  62. Stella G.

    Pobre Karina! I feel for you! I wish you the best for your pregnancy! I'm very happy for you! xo

  63. Nancy Martinez

    Omg crying while hearing the heart beat! ❤️ So happy for you

  64. Camila Paz

    Aww dios lo bendiga

  65. Rawr lovee

    I criedddd! Praise God! God bless your growing baby & your family 💕🙏🏽

  66. GG YT

    Just dont think negative everything will be okay 💖💖

  67. Nena R

    You should totally record an intro to ur vlogs.....when the lil one gets here and add the heartbeat and ultrasound pics...then introduce the bambino or bambina.....ahhhh I can't wait Karina.

  68. Alvitza

    OH MY GOD my birthday is May 1st, I’m so excited for you! And praying everything goes by smoothly 💕

  69. Camila Paz

    Omg her reaction it made me feel happy😍. God bless you

  70. Marci Sanchez

    You having a boy

  71. Nena R

    Awwww I'm so happy for you...go baby go👶👶

  72. Cristina Abigail

    Estoy 100% segura de que va hacer una Niña 💓! God bless you guys

  73. Autumn Matyousian 💗

    i’m so happy for you i’m crying for you!! i’m 10 weeks pregnant and know the struggles and worries girl!!

  74. Mai thao

    When my aunt told me she was pregnant I cried. They were just happy tears

  75. Destiny Heather

    I'm so happy for you I miss growing a tiny human in me.. my baby is almost 8 months old it is very nerve wracking but well worth it.

  76. louis rodriguez

    Everyone: happy for her me: dirty mind kicking in

  77. Un. Canclled

    My birthday is April 30 I would be so happy if you give birth on my birthday but it’s not like you have a choice about it

  78. Sujey

    #Teamboy hope everything goes well with your baby !!! 🥺❤️

  79. Briana Valencia

    It has to be a girl cuz her stomach looks round my mom is haven't another baby it a girl and in three weeks it will be hear

  80. Marie Rangel

    You guys are going to be the best parents