Hi Guys! We're Capron and Rydel! Welcome to the family! Thank you for being on this epic journey with us! We love you guys!

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  1. noemi g

    i knew it !!!

  2. Tanner Crater


  3. Graysen beckwith

    House number one

  4. Kiki Gang

    Wait didn’t the one who said I got magenta play in teen beach and been in other movies

  5. Jasmin Ortiz

    One of the boy looks like boy from Austin and ally

  6. Cole Layne

    They’re gonna wanna have only 2 once they have one

  7. Billy Hobbs

    So happy for yall boy boy boy

  8. Jayden Martinez

    Capron and Rydel congratulations on your boy you saved money on your daughter for the a lot of clothes they buy and the make up , cleaning products and when it’s that time of month for her she is going to act like a but head and capron and Cory can teach Rory how to scooter ride

  9. Taylor Data

    A mini Capron is coming

  10. Ciara monique guerra Macias

    I like how she underlines the Wives Tales that her & her boyfriend pick !! Way to Go Rydel !!

    1. Ciara monique guerra Macias

      I think Its going to be a boy !!

  11. Brianna Lynn Mohammed

    Congratulations you guys can’t wait to see baby boy funk

  12. AvaandFinnley G

    I'm so happy for them. I just got a new baby brother

  13. Amalia Pompa

    Congrats 🍾🎊

  14. Bethany Dean

    YES! i was team boy because the mother is always right! Love you guys!!!

  15. Kaiden Sindoni

    Bro congrats caprin on getting married this vid was amazing

  16. Fire Quacker

    AHH! I'm so excited for you guys! I can't wait to see little funk!

  17. yeiri guerrero


  18. Diana S

    I think it’s a boy

  19. Abbie Barac

    I just realised where I recognised rydels brother from he plays Brady in teen beach

  20. Jaden Waugh

    i knew it boy baby happy for yall

  21. Vaulted Flame


  22. Jayden Martinez

    April 8th I’m April 1

  23. Dawn New

    Their due date is the day after my birthday!! OMG!!

  24. chloe clar

    She is pregnant before her wedding

  25. Olivia and Jesse Edwards

    Go to 3:50 in the vidio and look at Corey on the right

  26. grace mcCarthy

    The Uncles are literally proud 🥺🥺 that’s the precious thing ever

  27. grace mcCarthy

    I’m so happy for rydel!!! I knew it’s a boy!!!

  28. Cookie Monster


  29. Gareth Woolley

    A huge congrats to you both Capron & Rydel .... ive been watching all of your videos for over 1 year now and i didn't see this coming .... but yeh a massive congratulations to you both

  30. Reactionz

    Congrats <33

  31. Derek Loro

    I’ve watched capron and Corey since they were living with their parents and now k on be of them is going to be a dad

  32. ISG Goated

    Who else saw Austin in the back from Austin and ally

  33. Mimi Johnson

    I think it’s a boy

  34. brooke bloxburg

    I swear Rydell is related to austin moon

    1. brooke bloxburg

      prove me wrong cause he said ross and austin’s moons real name is ross lynch

  35. Stephany Trujeque

    Chale, quería que sea niñaaa ahre

  36. MBGG CraZy CouSinS

    I’m not crying u are.😂😂😂😂

  37. Sofia Hallale


  38. Gordon Ramsay

    oM GOSH I'm gOnNa dIE!!!! I hope the child is gonna be the best boy OR girl (not spoiling) skater of demz all

  39. Vick_and_Tay

    They should have a channel called "TheFunkFam"

  40. Chase Siatita

    little do they know they are about to have a child in this video

  41. cgeiger 2382

    Boys - Cooper, Maxwell, Colton Girls - Kora, Aubrey, Ashley, McKenzie

  42. Britta Emerson

    you guys should have 2 baby

  43. Fabie Saint-vill

    It's a boy

  44. Jodie Frampton

    i’m so immensely happy for y’all, Ryder is obviously so happy and that makes me happy ❤️

  45. Nicholas Torres

    Did anyone cry? Bc I did

  46. straight outta bed

    I have been watching you spence you uploaded your 5 Video on the funk bros Chantal watching this made me cry love you

  47. Alaya Davis

    So the baby can ride it when it’s like when it’s at least 6 moths or more that would be so cute

  48. Alaya Davis

    Someone should get them like a little baby scooter

  49. Bonnie Apps

    not me realising that they are related to Ross Lynch

  50. Team Mitrix

    You should name your baby Wesley

  51. Tara Funson

    They were right!

  52. Jasmine Jaques

    Are they related to Ross lynch

  53. I like Turtles


  54. I like Turtles

    Name option Brody

  55. Mia Little

    So technically, she is 3 months pregnant right now. She said she was already a month pregnant and the bachelorette party was two months ago

  56. Christopher Recupero

    Cory at 3:51-3:54😂😂😂

  57. Annabelle Adams


  58. Annabelle Adams


  59. Kru Grisso

    Hmmmmm...... how she pregnant Capron.

  60. Lily Eyrich

    It’s a boy

  61. Andrea Santos

    This going sooooo fast I’m excited

  62. Gio Piganell


  63. Amalia Harley

    you have to swear to the fans that the first day the baby is born you have to introduce him to a scooter to confirm his scooter life

  64. Amalia Harley

    i am sooo happy for u guys

  65. Dominick Brucal

    What the boy name

  66. Ell C

    So happy for the both of you!!

  67. Charlie Choquette

    it’s amazing to see them grow so fast i am remember couple years ago they were just scooter riders and now look he’s dad now 😭

  68. Algot Andersson

    I am crying i cant wait to she him i am so happy for you guys❤️

  69. Lila.3D Rice

    yes can you do date night.

  70. king Gray UwU

    The commercial after they showed the gender was like ight time to ruin the moment 😂 congratulations 🥳

  71. Ella Beatty

    Ahhh I’m so excited to see all the videos, congratulations xx

  72. Amiee Carty

    Congratulations Rydel and Capron, I can tell already from the way you to are together that u are both going to be amazing parents. I know that u both and I love ur son vey very much. I am so happy and proud of how far u have. It’s come together, and u two are each other’s souls mates for sure. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over 4 months and i love him so much and he means the world to me. We both only may be young but one day we would love to be like u, caring, loving, insanely in love with each other, amazing parents, and just genuine kind people. I love u both so so much and u inspire me so much in so many different ways. Stay strong. Stay safe. And never give up on ur dreams. And remember life has no limits, live ur life to the fullest and best. Love u ❤️❤️❤️🥰💕

  73. Alexa Googly

    So alot of the males in the families wanted a girl and alot of the females wanted a boy...

  74. Lauren Mendes

    18:54 when she takes her glasses off and gives them to him, it's the most grandparent thing I've ever seen

  75. Fazy Gamer

    Capron looks so bored and upset

  76. Melanie Fleming

    It’s a BOYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

  77. Magic Mia

    Omg congrats I literally screamed and them my mum thought I had like broke my leg or something lol congratulations

  78. CZ-OZARK

    Capron really never looked happy

  79. Coltyn McMahon

    i am your biggest fan i have watch all your vids i feel so good for you guys 1!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Julia walsh

    Who is here after the gender reveal.