I record myself eating food and upload it here.
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  1. Hen Gaming

    What was happening in toilet

  2. Red Warrior

    it would be funny if he ate 69420

  3. Dhrubajyoti Das

    Matt Stonie is the one nd only honest u tuber left

  4. Jo Po

    So now we're 13 million Stonies

  5. Jeremy Fletcher

    If anyone ever asks me who my favorite competitive eater is I say Matt Stonie. I don't understand how he does this stuff

  6. Update Bot7777

    Did he just swallow that up🥴

  7. Daboss7072 YT

    If you read this then can you do the ine chip challenge!?!?!


    U should mix the food

  9. Ketan Roy

    Do you have food pipe or it directly goes to stomach

  10. 율나

    저게뭔가요 한국인들없나여ㅜㅜ

  11. Ajay Krishna


  12. Vikhyat Jaswal

    Beggar: pls buy 26" pizza Karl: why beggar: feed BaBy

  13. ratic steam

    Diabetes xD

  14. Baruto Uchizi


  15. Anime Skittles


  16. Vincent De La Terre

    (Based on another comment) Knock knock Who’s there? Daya Daya who? Diabetes

  17. Munajj Madyun

    He looks like He's forcing it down, I would just eat quick with no hesistation like all that isn't hard to eat in 90 mins


    Bro that hurts that jaw hurts really bad tho

  19. James Shaffer

    It amazes me how he doesn't puke...

  20. mohamed Harrar


  21. Mary Agyeiwaa

    ASMR: .....asmr........*crunch crunch*......140 minutes later Matt: *burp* *gasp* *sniff* *BURP*

  22. Luk3worm

    Dentist about to check and treat Matt's teeth be like: he he boiiiiiii 😂 And he be also like: ah shit here we go again 🙄

  23. Liam Keeling

    So Matt is 28

  24. David

    This is how they eat on the sims lol

  25. Niael Negash

    Ngl that looks good

  26. The MINECRAFTer

    Da video isn't even 18 mins

  27. Darsh piano covers

    No longer from now ...... Matt will have a side job as a vending machine

  28. Mike

    he’s stomach is 100TB, when he poops he drops 67gb.



  30. H KL

    this should be a comercial lmao

  31. Kasse Boxen


  32. Erez Cohen

    It looks like a fried whole potato.

  33. KRR Feri

    Everybody: how u count that!? Me: 17,000 CALS!? I HEARED A "FAT" WOMEN EAT'S 8,000 CALS IN A DAY...

  34. Danilo Souza

    Eu num contava tudo isso nd kkk, quando chega em cinquenta já dar preguiça, imagina isso tudo kkk la ele

  35. Ben Snow

    I want to die every time he says that’s thick

  36. Resmi Philip

    Howww you soo fittt

  37. Blessy Mess

    Why? 😩

  38. MaccIsTheGamer

    can we just appriciate him that he never clickbaited us.

  39. Kevser Kemik


  40. KRR Feri

    Nobody: Absoulety nobody: Ghost under my bed: Me: how r you not fat? 👁👄👁

  41. ayushman S

    Bro I eat pickles 5

  42. Gab Filers

    Matt : How long it's gonna be for my video to get recommendation USfilm : Yes

  43. Adonijah Frierson

    Make me food -_-

  44. Mystxc

    Watching this at 2 A.M. hungry😩

  45. James Shaffer

    Imagine if this is how Matt really eats at McDonalds

  46. S Chi

    Only in America can u eat 12 pounds of asparagus in a contest and come in second place.

  47. Mystic_Glows

    Why would you drink water with mnms you drink milk

  48. Jacob Hill

    I’m starving right now

  49. MsBaileyLayne

    I need those chairs in the living room

  50. Neil Smith

    I'm British

  51. Murali Sivan

    Hi Matt stonie awesome ur video

  52. Syrus Angi

    Wherever he got those milkshakes, it definitely wasn't McDonald's

  53. DaDu Fußball Vlog

    What ? Hammer geil

  54. fitfast

    idk why he is soo thin even after eating 10 persons food

  55. Geehon Edmund

    His teeth are made out of diamond

  56. Geehon Edmund

    I want.. just no pork uh uh no pork I want chicken instead

  57. Sweta Runu

    The real challenge will starts in morning at bathroom

  58. Ashleigh NG

    I thought hes gonna chew but..gulp gulp gulp.!

  59. Muhammad Kahfi

    Bang collab sama tanboy kun

  60. Luis Lopez

    How is this guy not fat

  61. Geehon Edmund

    Those balls were cheese

    1. Geehon Edmund


  62. 반쪽얼굴죽은사람

    나는 당신이 천천히 먹는걸보고싶어...

  63. Jeff Cozins

    Q: What do a gynaecologist and a pizza delivery boy have in common? A: They can both smell it, but can't eat it.

  64. Alena Lopez


  65. Ben Reyes

    Whenever I watch your videos, I get hungry

  66. unike grg


  67. 2007 Honda Civic

    Someone on keto had a wet dream about this

  68. Aryan Shahbaz

    Matt: My saliva is gone Me: My saliva is dripping out of my mouth like Niagara Falls

  69. BillogKraken 1

    They should rename MacDonald's to MattDonalds's

  70. ai dunno

    i bet his toilet would be confused whether a human took a huge dump or a goat took a huge dumb

  71. Gattledocks


  72. Kristy Morgan

    I use to do this to "Space" My Letters Me 5 year old: hey.guys.love.your.vids Me now: hey guys love your vids

  73. Kapi Hanumant

    Give some fries to dog

  74. Lucas Yuan

    So u poop out whole mnms?

  75. Ayaan Nimal

    Happy thanks giving bud matt stonie

  76. Anti

    bubba could eat that in 10 second

  77. Harsh Raj

    imagine 1620 french fries in toilet XD

  78. project red x lappland

    For $50 dollars,it's worth it


    You. Can only eat this much huh I am a malayali I can eat this in 7 minutes if I get them and have money to buy them

  80. Smita Srivastava

    You'll regret in your old age