I make crappy cartoons about my real-life experiences.
I use Adobe Animate and Adobe Premiere Elements to make these crappy cartoons.
Wicked Sweet Merchandise

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  1. Ash Green

    Panda Bears, Adam and Eves, and Hell's Angels were the names of flying tiger squadrons.

  2. RozitaVideo

    Brewstew-belly laughs guaranteed here.

  3. Power man

    There is 66697 likes

  4. how do I delete youtube sad times

    I want some socker boobers noe

  5. Chris Wolf

    When someone I know tells me the " See you next year " I reply "Nope" And then avoid that person for a year

  6. zackery douge

    Maumee?? Bruh I'm like 10 minutes from there and can confirm it looks like everyone in the state flushed all at the same time🤣🤣

  7. MR. TNT


  8. Cameron Belin

    2 million subscribers special go to your old house

  9. Easton Facer

    Every time I watch this I lose it when he says “looking like a shity denis the menis cartoon”

  10. Octane Main

    Pizza was valuable i traded for so many things 😋

  11. Rgil7 Gaming , aviation and bikeing

    Did the car pass it’s MOT

  12. Griffin Garbow

    “what’s so good damn funny”

  13. zackery douge

    Jesus christ when he brought up that map... thats literally around the place I live from where the line starts🤣🤣

  14. Declan McKenna

    These vids remind me so much of South Park

  15. Yellow

    “He’s the Devil!” Well little boy, if that’s the case well the whole world is filled devils.

  16. myeggman46

    Brewstew: *copies south park* Comedy Central: this is bad

  17. Brady Hearn

    The only thing that scares me is THAT DAMN DANGMATSMITH AD CUZ HE IS A 3 YR ILD CHANNEL

  18. Jody Calapit

    Do do do-do-do-do do-do-do-do do-do-do-do do-do-do-do do-do-do-do do-do-do-do do-do-do-do do do do do do do DDD DDD DDD DDD DDD DDD DDD DDD DDD do do do do do do

  19. Lawrence Stanley

    love the vids

  20. Brady Hearn

    I would be the guy in the back so I wouldn’t get kicked

  21. Ben Netterfield

    Good remake

  22. Daniel Cardenas

    Omg this is freaking pure man. This to needs to be a t.v. show

  23. klown boi

    Micheal was clearly abused

  24. Bubba Logan

    bruh I got the holographic charizard that's why you don't have it XD

  25. GarryharveyIII

    On our trampoline we would play a game called assassin and what we would do is you would try knocking people over with your feet last one standing is the assassin for the next round

  26. Orgallon

    I was not existing in Christmas 1997

  27. amir plays games

    You're thumbnail. Looks like south park characters that are stick figures

  28. Raul Paredes

    U the man Stewart

  29. Joseph Dares

    south park hats

  30. AteHena Garem

    Brush da dislike is 911

  31. Target Unreal

    We can agree more kids than adults will ever watch this.!!🤣🤣🤣

  32. Video Gir1

    Happy birth day

  33. Aloan Raichu


  34. Prin David

    stay golden pony boy only real ones will know that quote

  35. Naomi Lonergan

    This guy is funny

  36. Josh

    I know for a fact BrewStew punched a toolbox to make that sound affect for the fucked in the ass bike.

  37. AutisticMinions

    This is so hilarious to me because the kid across the street for me is Zachary 🤣

  38. Kibby Baehr

    I've never had a nosebleed

  39. CasyRonYT


  40. The Lone Rabbit

    2:45 chooch

  41. Skarlet the Husky

    “I can’t feel my nose” Me: You don’t have a nose

  42. Steveincine Gucci man

    Last comment

  43. Reddeffender 88

    2:57 is my favourite

  44. Rain Zero

    The year I was born

  45. Twangy Cute

    So no ones gonna talk about how one of them looks like minecraft steve

  46. Turkey Productions

    So uh, did you ever pay off that lone? Lol

  47. FroZen Oak

    Aw but I like airbud

  48. Maximilian Lagerholm

    “Like I’m about to put Lyndon B Johnson in to office” God I love this channel

  49. oLogical YT

    Smarties are good

  50. Bosstank Productions

    Do you still talk to brewer ?

  51. Ari’s Brother

    I had a night terror so much

  52. The Newbie Alliance


  53. RegmoD

    I feel you my man. Had an similar experience.

  54. Regan Lever


  55. Hut Dug

    When he looks at Otis he must have some D-Day flash backs.

  56. Jordan Cameron

    Team names.. dipshits and idiot's 😂

  57. Regan Lever

    South Park

  58. Pretty In Pink

    AmSo sick of you

  59. Oscar R Gamming LOL

    Cant this be more relatable.

  60. The Newbie Alliance

    How come this is the only video it mentions Michael’s mom

  61. The Newbie Alliance

    Not even parry Saturn wants to be perry saturn

  62. Milan Paris

    You are tooooo funny!!!!!!!

  63. John Sun

    “Last summer my step dad found this bike in a river”

  64. Milo Eriksson

    My name is milo

  65. Matias

    Why does everyone want Tyler to reconnect with Michael when Tyler has stated he hopes to never hear from him again lol.

  66. Roblox blog Tips and tricks

    hey so... you get a award for a week stainable so how about you make the real cure of cancer

    1. Roblox blog Tips and tricks

      wow rlly

  67. the emerald overseer

    Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who didn’t crap during camp

  68. 1misanthropist

    Wait , so no one got "10 across the ass"? That's a first.

  69. Brandon Breakfast

    Didn't you tell this story a long time ago?

  70. tron 56

    Is your girlfriend a man

  71. Rex

    Fun fact: hydrocodone (Vicodin) was invented here in Europe and it's banned here and in many other countries. 99% of world's hydrocodone is consumed in USA.

  72. iinglis89

    I watch this just to hear "WHAT BRINGS YA DOWN HERE BABY BOIII" everytime

  73. tron 56

    Cody it’s time for TACOS you THERE IS DEMONS IN THE HOUSE

  74. Kaan Septicher

    David's finisher and your finisher combined would be awesome

  75. Janis Birzkops

    stop whit the brewster.com at the end

  76. vishist saini

    Bunged watched everything ??

  77. Emmanuel Soboyejo


  78. AllHailOreo

    All my dreams are so realistic that ive sort of been cheating, and ive learned the ability to study in my sleep, and when im not doing that I'm usually cleaning my house or something... I dont know if this is a cool ability, or a curse where I never have cool dreams.

  79. Shannon Holland

    I have gallases

  80. The strange person No one knows

    Once we were taking the end of the year test and someone stole all my pokemon cards and my phone. But probably not as tragic as a holographic Charizard