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  1. Ralph Ramirez

    Wish fuck wish I ordered something 7 months ago an it never came yea fuck

  2. 시디

    Ok this is dangerous

  3. Biggie182

    Lasers like these are powerful enough to make people go blind just by being in proximity to it . It's not guaranteed that it's going to do damage but pointed enough people someone's probably going to get some damage. Don't give this away it is too dangerous it's too publicly available.

  4. nihalabdu

    SMH 🤦‍♀️

  5. Roblox And Chill

    Where did you find that laxer? Just wondering! Totally not going to buy it😅😉😏

  6. James Beeche

    HOW THE FU##K 102M HUU

  7. James Beeche

    HOW THE FU##K 119M HUU!!

  8. SilentPanda78

    If predator gets its hands on this we're screwed

  9. King Lor

    Hahahahahahahaha hahahah,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤩😂🤩😂🤩😂🤩😂🤩🤩🤩😂🤩😂🤩😂🤣😂🤣🤩🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤩😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤩

  10. Ghufran Hussain

    i really want that

  11. PattyWolfEdits

    A spider on his head uh im calling the wet

  12. FMJCopperHead59

    More pranks R E I say RE

  13. E Patterson

    Use that laser on dangerous freaking spiders but stay safe really far from those spiders

  14. Ahishia Hussain

    Do a pt 2

    1. Ahishia Hussain


    2. Ahishia Hussain


    3. Ahishia Hussain


    4. Ahishia Hussain


    5. Ahishia Hussain




  16. E Patterson

    On the first flight you had a spider on your head and it was a dangerous one luckily you didn't get bit

  17. Kara da Kangaroo


  18. Kgamez

    Selfish prick, feels bad for the homies

  19. itslzzy

    Did he have a- im crying

  20. Mark Gillian V. Mandario

    I thought the phone broke when it hit the ground

  21. epercinthe

    the was kind of mean

  22. Keisha Jungay

    Me realizing that was not a hair: oh sh-

  23. Danish Aisy

    Imagine that your hand was shaking so hard and burning the creator's body.

  24. NovaKaine 77

    Me:sees the spider Also me: scrolls down several times

  25. goodest boi

    *Accidentally points it at someone's eye*

  26. JamStar_Ent

    They banned lasers in China and classified them as a weapon, well i guess they will do it here with this idiot burning crap smh lol

  27. Lamar Robinson

    Why did I think he had dread locks in the beggining

  28. Bul Stiz

    Everyone:wow that a strong laser Me:I will rule the world and crush my enemies

  29. Just Vibin

    Why is there tarantula on head?

  30. kylie Omambac

    What the f**k!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Lil Cheese Stick

    Carful w eyes bro

  32. zombiekillz 2016

    Ok one question, how is your dumbass not blind yet, if it’s strong enough to burn through paper it can blind your dumbass by just one flash to the eye or just by looking at the dot on a wall. No way in hell that lazer is under 5mw. Final question, where the fuck are your lazer goggles. You know what go blind your already stupid enough to point it at your friends so be my guest.

  33. Muhais Olatundun

    A human

  34. Sofia Gaming Love

    Waitttttttt theres the twin are you like friends

  35. Tammy Reames

    I willd biwe tow

  36. Luz maria Andrade


  37. Linai G.

    All fun and games until he accidently points it at someones eye

  38. Gracelyn Kaye

    You can

  39. Gracelyn Kaye

    I haven't seen this yet at all so but really I feel like the first one's going to get a computer

  40. not a stan of dream

    I want

  41. Vicente Heredia


  42. Savannah Gibson

    When the tarantula was walking at the very end ......did someone see what I saw?

  43. Kikh Kikh

    في عنكبوت فوق راسه

  44. Tehya Paulson

    Your cat

  45. Something new • Admin • 11 years ago

    Burn someone’s retinas. 😂 that would be hilarious

  46. Ashley Newman


  47. Ashley Newman


  48. Ashley Newman


  49. Logan 0-0

    I thought the spider was your hair and when it moved I freaked out

  50. Yurtle the turtlr

    U need a leopard gecko =]

  51. Princess Joy Royal

    Starts the video My dad: what the hell is that is that a poison spider 🕷 he going to kill his self My dad:trying to reach out to the person to tell them your going to die 😂

  52. Payton Buchan

    Try that on one of your pets and u won’t see light the next day

  53. Bendaued Drissi


  54. Offical Ianna

    Um I didn’t even know that spider was there til it jumped and I got scared 🥲

  55. Speedy

    human :>

  56. Lyric Jams

    He has the memory of a goldfish, well so do I!

  57. Killeralex

    Big fake for the People

  58. Beat Me

    Is that dude with the glasses the one that came out in a short flexing a tesla and the owner exposed him it wasn’t his??

  59. марян фіцик

    And if you shine someone in the eggs

  60. R160 J Train Productions

    The last one was a cheat to get a phone

  61. Xx_roblox is cool_xX

    I got scared of the spider and that’s why I hate spiders

  62. Sheldon Watchman

    When I first saw it I thought it was a light saber

  63. Zandon Leliot


  64. Synoim


  65. Carter Heath

    Holding it upside down or right side up causes it to it be able to breathe good job “wildlife lover”

  66. iLikefrogs

    *tarantula casually on his head*

  67. Seppe Van de Voorde-Van Bocxlaer

    What kind off fake reaction is that😂😂

  68. Esther Mensah

    Who else was in favour of swagboyq

  69. CheZ Games

    Ahahah so funny made me laugh ....

  70. David Weber

    This guy is hella cringe...and obsessed with himself..

  71. Jennifer Doxakis

    It was about time he knew he fucked up

  72. hh hh

    Take tiktokers seriously hahah

  73. Ur toxic TTVflex Taylor

    The spider on the mans head lol

  74. God

    He looked dead at the camera when he got a whole in his cup

  75. Shea-ella

    Did yall see that spider jump ☠️☠️☠️

  76. Kylen Vid with family

    Aww🥰🥰 SO CUTe

  77. Bob Anderson

    Laser so strong = law suit. and or jail time..... just waiting with your name on it!!...

  78. pakalu papito

    Why did people trust a tik tokker... ...with a deadly laser???

  79. animação de naruto

    Kkkkkkkk 👍👍👍👍😂💦😂😂😂😂

  80. Minecraft Pubg

    Bruh Check Styropyro's channel he has much more stronger laser's than that puny little one