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  1. Damien Fox

    Ross Bennet? More like Racist Bennet.

  2. Sir Cyanade

    Before I laughed at Jerry's stupidity. Now I genuinely despise him.

  3. Michael B. Isbell

    Lmao, they keep telling us to buy it but don't make it available to purchase? 😂😂😂

  4. rudy nosa

    Will there be tiddies

  5. Carlos Calleros

    Love this show holy shit its so good

  6. Gojiro7

    Billy is warned not to cheat or else......whats the first thing he does? buzz in before the question barely he's cheating XD

  7. Dushine

    Genndy absolutely knocked it out of the park with this one, I've been a big fan since essentially Samurai Jack and Clone Wars blew me away so when I heard about this I rushed to watch it. The first 5 episodes were great but the next 5 somehow improved upon what we already had. So excited for season 2 and this is a really cool video!

  8. Trey Williamson

    The bear really do be having large ears

  9. Rickey Hughlett

    A lot of ppl are missing the point that Jerry was telling them that they couldn't survive without technology (while using technology) and trying to re-gain some authority as their dad over Rick by taking away technology (Rick's advantage) instead of doing something that Summer and Morty thought was fun. Summer scolds him over the s'mores because she understands camping wasn't an attempt to bond but an excuse by her dad to gain position and favor to salvage his ego.

  10. Justis Drewery

    How JID gone be on adult swim and not do Ed Edd and Eddy

  11. Liam

    W I L L S P O I L T H E B R O T H

  12. Edgar M.G

    Bukk Sgut

  13. aura la

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  14. Nickname

    My new wish for the world is for every human being to watch and understand both Charles Chaplin's Dictator movie and this. Hopefully watching them will teach people what to avoid becoming.

  15. aura la

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  16. aura la

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  17. aura la

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  18. aura la

    Maximum safety security op lo ji immunity a stat 9 a leasson bo ip a

  19. Quay Tgang

    So funny😐

  20. radnukespeoplesminds

    Its horrifying that people watched this depiction of late capitalism as wholesome

  21. PaleRiderYT

    Joe Pera is the living incarnate of that lazy dog in the corner

  22. Hip to be square

    I’m so glad I’m learning how to keep bees now

  23. Mat Bledski

    One of the most savage shows to date

  24. Nikola Petrović

    1:16 Cryler the Tearator

  25. Tony Pommells

    lmaoooo there was definitely cell phone footage of this with no context on the internet

  26. Jaden lee

    I thought Kermit Kong's voice is cute...

  27. ultraomega

    *leaked video of X Æ A-12*

  28. Safwan Senusi


  29. Newsance

    Brickstation 5

  30. Dash Hazard

    RIP Lever Man

  31. Napoleon's WRLD

    they really do look alike i thought it was a camera edit

  32. Abnormal Thoughts

    It would have been funny if it was the vietnam tree

  33. Sgt. Bilby

    ...i have many questions

  34. Batoon19

    wtf is this

  35. Sigtash

    i dont think yall understand that we cant get the ps5

  36. Swissness

    siema arianka, pozdro ze strima od widzuw

    1. FrEsHu

      arianka jak nagrasz do tego nową melodie to moze dam lajka

  37. PLague Jr

    I just realised that the otmeals guy head looks like a boal of otmeal

  38. mcneeson

    0:26 Steven Seagal... is that you?

  39. Breezy So Easy

    The only add I'll click on purpose

  40. Joseph Mulvaney

    I'd love to buy a PS5, but unfortunately scalpers have more in stock than the stores. No way I'm paying $1100-$2000 for something that'll be available in a few months

  41. David Pickens

    So what did Senator Dougall do to get assasinated?

  42. Nick Mohammadi

    I miss Seth MacFarlane as Santa. Who's with me?

  43. Cristopher Ortez

    Go buy a ps5?? Ok rick yes i will

  44. Mike Jones

    Fucking jerry smh

  45. William Saw


  46. Tactical Gamer

    I like how Rick turned down Microsoft money

  47. Kango234

    There is something heartwarming about Eric being able to still annoy random people despite how big he has gotten since the show started.

  48. Rafeeky

    I'm going to bed...

  49. The Fire Banana


  50. Black lighting

    I could wait or i could spend 1500 for 1 😂

  51. Cesar HK5ღ

    Ke verga

  52. oldbroken1


  53. Overtourism


  54. Rafeeky

    Was... was that kid hiding evidence?

  55. abdul ilyas

    now i really wanna buy it

  56. homegrowntwinkie

    I figured out why Rick and Morty take forever to make new episodes. They're too busy making commercials.

  57. Nagato Samurai

    Ps5 esta tan mala como la ultima temp de rick y morty

  58. Lah Angya

    the sad truth about american universities, academics is only the third on their list

  59. Cesar HK5ღ


  60. Mathew Godfrey

    How did Jar Jar know Darth Vader was Ani?

  61. Эйшел

    Не понял, где русские?

  62. BLAZED

    I'm so blazed right now

  63. Kevin Blasiman

    I love Mikey day

  64. Zachary Clements

    if opal is actually claire than why is the old guy saying that she isn't claire

  65. S Singh

    Dammit Jerry!

  66. Sebastian Gruszczynski

    gleps voice sounds like butters from south park

  67. Rafeeky


  68. LT Star

    Damn lizzo lookin cute in dat green suit

  69. Andrew Shacklett

    omg freddie gibbs lol

  70. Mushroom with diaper

    You ok Amazon?

  71. Rogue AI

    Somehow I’m not surprised that this shit came from fucking Sweden

  72. Joe Kelly

    I love how this devolves into Eric just fucking with Andy

  73. SamRulzFTW

    Aww it cut before we saw morty get broken

  74. Aleksei Konev


  75. Rafeeky


  76. Ricardo Rodríguez

    4:37 tha LICC

  77. Mavvet

    How many shots of Molestol did Hatred had to take to do this?