I am a self taught nail enthusiast that love all things nails. No design is outside the box for me. I enjoy working with acrylics. I do fun and challenging acrylic nails tutorials. I also love the world of beauty. So you'll find occasional hair and makeup videos as well. If you love nails as much as me definitely stick around. Check out my videos and subscribe to stay on top of my latest content.

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  1. Jamirah Manuel

    When you going to post your next video

  2. 855Inuyasha

    Love the video Congratulations

  3. Rachel Garcia Gilimas

    Her: ok so I'm having a... Me: A GIRL?!? A BOY!?!?! AN OSTRICH TELL MEEEE The ads: bitch you thought 🖐️😭

  4. RedCreepyRainbowCat Catness

    ., okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy so uhhhh ur not suposed to keep it on with polygel.... but this is creative!

  5. Abby Grimm

    The pacifiers are really cute on you nail

  6. maxxiiemaxx

    I watched this a few times before actually using the kit - lord knows I was stressed 😅 lol. Such a great tutorial, it helped me get it right the first time. The only thing that this kit is missing is block sander. I used one I had and it's the only thing that helped getting rid of the flat look!

  7. Royalty Jmoneyy

    Wow he popped offffff okayyy ❗️❗️💅🏼

  8. Nikiynova

    I ordered and used your promo code. Wish me luck Sis I’m taking them out the box now. I got an e file and everything. I hope I got this. So happy I found your page .

  9. Julianna Rimondi

    Not me singing the into every time

  10. Malaika Whitfield

    Your using hollow taco from Christine or some of you might know it’s simply nail logical

  11. DMO Beauty Squad

    At first i didn’t know what she was drawing but then I really looked at it and said ohhhhhhh my dumb self it is the scary mask🤣😌

  12. Ollie v

    congratulation on a baby girl ❤️👶🏼🍼👼🏻

  13. arianna is dumb

    i want to eat the swatches

  14. Stacey Delaney

    Hxnsbsvsbs as is Ch vaggahah💕🙈🙏😂🤪🤔🤔😤🤯🖤🤎 Dr red he Ch x do no v he v of go CV he Ch if g he Ch he Ch h to his ya dgdhgdhdundhdhe just shjdfdhjzjdjjjgrdhdjjjegehgehe go ejgehge

  15. Olivia McDonald

    Your sooo awesome your nails are AMAZING😘😍

  16. Luce Franić

    its a girl

  17. not lina

    plum looks like you glued on one of the grape fruit snacks.😭😭

  18. Paige Hall

    I like the plum better than that mousy red

    1. Paige Hall

      Wait nevermind. After curing. What was that?

  19. Deena

    Get me EVERY time When you push back your cuticals It makes me tingle That looks AMAZING!

  20. Tinyplayz

    Really good video I really enjoy it

  21. Adriana Oliveros

    It’s so satisfying when you put the glossy top coat on the Matt nails it’s like 👁👄👁

  22. H R

    there is no ads on this video PUT THEM girl make that bag

  23. Xoch Muñ.

    Congratulations for all, question please, pregnant lady 8 months, can get a shellac? She is scared about cure nails.🇨🇦🙂

  24. I’m a doggo

    There’s something satisfying about her cleaning her cuticles with a nail drill

  25. Tamanda Banda


  26. Tipz, Toez, and Nail Bling by_MrzSandy

    Girl those polishes are beautiful on they just pop on your skin tone, you explain everything so good, great video tyfs

  27. rosellafruguglietti

    Sei troppo brava, traduzione in italiano tanks 👍❣

  28. Among us

    Omg this is so cute I love how that turned out this is the best nail I saw it ever❤😍

  29. Keira_ The_Wyvern

    I love your laugh its adorable 💖 💕

  30. Deanais White

    A future nail tech on the way lol im so excited btw CONGRATS ON A BABY GIRL

    1. dennis verdico

      Come on you spoiled it for me! The first comment I see “CONGRATS ON your BABY GIRL “ plz don’t spoil again

  31. sona

    her: i’m having a.... add: bruh i think tf not

  32. Amy Flores

    Makartt purple polygel kit

  33. Mallory Horn

    Love hearing all the sweet things your husband does for you! The room looks amazing!

  34. Nova Morris

    during the hart beat all I heard was baba bue

  35. mars

    You're so good at nails but also such a good teacher

  36. Lynn Mote


  37. Aamiyah Family

    Do my mommy nalis

  38. Crafts and Cooking

    Why is it 345 why

  39. CozyKitten

    It's so pretty, where did you get the neon signs?

  40. Nj F

    That add said nope not today😂

  41. Callie Clouse

    You should recreate your wedding nails on your nails or your husbands

  42. Ximena Rodarte

    Wow so pretty!!

  43. Saoirse O'Neill

    Why do u only have one of ur hands done with acrylic nails

  44. Yadira Lanaya


  45. Crystal Fowler

    Watching this makes me cringe i can't do bleach...

  46. Deena

    Yaw 18:34

  47. Deena

    The green looks like alge!🤣😋 Very talented,looks really good in natural light outside!! Remember to recycle your plastic nails when your done!👍👍 I didn't know people can own nails designs! You never said the design was your right? I wish you can be free to do that To make whatever designs you want!

  48. Maji C

    The way the acrylic just melts a bit on her nail is SOOOOO satisfying

  49. Aaliyah Aguirre

    Omg I have not gotten mine they past almost 2 weeks

  50. LaTora Johnson

    Very nice and congratulations

  51. sexy fly

    Can someone explain-- why would she get sued?

  52. Sofia Rodriguez

    Hey queen 👸 😘

  53. Chandler Hayes

    When you score the nail for better adhesion for the nail onto your hand, doesn’t it defeat the purpose when you paint over it for encapsulation? Serious question (currently doing my 1st try at encapsulation)

  54. Mykia Barnes

    Can u ,do My nails

  55. Julitza Madrigal


  56. Molly Warner

    I also just started watching you and I love my fake nails and I really like your channel

  57. Molly Warner

    I think you should on try acrylic nail hacks to see if they work or they don’t work👍☠️

  58. Leanna Aka Lee


  59. naruza

    You are awesome thank you, such great tutorial

  60. Jaunie van Heerden

    Heyyy❤im new and i honestly love ur videos....Also are u in South Africa?

  61. Lloyd Padiernos

    Omygwod this just appeared in my recommendations and what can I say, that's so good! I still feel bad for the patent lady but so what? Liquid lava lamp design is really REALLY gewd.

  62. Holy Uzorwuihe

    Her:I'm having a Ad:fast and affordable rides at the tap of the button. Me:so that what everyryone is talking about. (Thanks for the likes)🥺🥺🥺

  63. LatiM Mago


  64. I'm peppa oink

    Am I the only 1 that, didn't get an add when she was pronouncing the gender?

  65. Kinlei Wade

    I watch u all the time now I saw ur nail vids love u so much can’t wait for the baby!❤️🎉

  66. afrikurl

    So she knew your worth but was indignant about paying you your worth. Now she wants to pay lawyers instead. Make it make sense.

  67. Mai Lima

    So lit!

  68. Danielle Fisher

    you have the sweetest most relaxing voice i could listen to you talk day🤍🤍 love your nails so talented🤍

  69. Life is Dumb

    How do you do anything with your nails that long?😭👀

  70. Chloe Pillay

    i wish u could do my nails 🤩💖

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