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  1. s4nii 5758

    Omg lizzzzaaaa

  2. XMikaX


  3. Breanna Fairris

    Respect to her for actually giving credit to the people’s looks she imitates

  4. Braelynn Scott


  5. օɾaղցҽ.

    It’s because she is- well in her own way.

  6. Oum Adam

    But damn those crayons are so good

  7. Evan Danielle

    There's this cute expression she gets and then kinda looks like Cardi B lol

  8. Leah Barnes

    Low-key who actually waits for the bloopers at the end of the vids coz I do😌

  9. Lashell Davis

    You are so silly but so cute

  10. Wanias world Love

    This video made me laugh my eyes out

  11. Jana Hatem


  12. Loren Bowen


  13. Naomi De Léon

    I thought this was some one else that posted this I was about to hate on them😂

  14. Widget Gerardi

    Why does liza look all most to same as she always does

  15. MJ Tay

    I'm corny to Baby

  16. Sister squad

    Omg I have a fare of holes to I have goosebumps now

  17. Mr_old Ace


  18. EllyBean

    All the comments: she Changed the music Me: I think her shirt is backwards

  19. Jasmyn Soltani

    Because now she is 😍

  20. Lorenzo Hide

    imagine what this sounded like if you were in the other room

  21. Lilly Ppz

    You look like the sand fairy from five children and it At the end xx

  22. Ella Weber

    that beginning tho

  23. Naomi De Léon

    Why do I remember every word on this vine LMAO 1:52

  24. madi4951 madi4951

    love the earrings 💖❤️❤️💖

  25. LPS lyvi girl

    Like if in 2020😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

  26. Gingey Bot

    Who ever posted this vid there just jealous that liza is prettier than them

  27. The Procrastinator

    Okay but can we talk about how NICE Liza’s teeth are-

  28. Rob Angel

    This was worth the wait 🤣

  29. Riley a

    Wonder womban lmao

  30. Sarah Michaels

    VOTE TRUMP! 🇺🇸😉👍

  31. Nehal Patel

    Your Indians were working throwing the ball (cricket)

  32. bUrB bRaiN

    Not “Beauty Guru”, it’s “Beauty Guwu”

  33. sarah kenney

    three times I thought David vomited!

  34. ummm o_o

    They will always be my favorite

  35. Angry Bee

    Am I a womf !? Am I a wolm !? What am I

  36. sarah kenney

    i wish i new about this sooner i have been looking for her address forever!!!!!!!!!! P.S. i am watching this in 2020

  37. Eri Guads

    God aren’t they the OTP? Me likey a lot 😍

  38. Simply_Gabbi

    Tf why u sound like cardi b

  39. JS - 04LW 833832 Edenrose PS

    she watched the vines the ones she watched in part 1

  40. WolfLarissaHoyle

    I LIKE YOUR CUT G..:Me: IF Valtimore had a nose!?: Lia:HELLO!! Me: (●~●) ok Now i NOSE! haha! Ha! Ha...haa hm *coughs * im sorry XD

  41. R0ckstar f0xxy

    Kristan: oh my god it tastes like fish food! Me: how do you know what fish food tastes like??

  42. Zainab Shamsi


  43. yasmin

    okay i love liza now but where's jet!

  44. Genesis soto

    Her reaction to the ghost killed me

  45. Lizbeth Carrillo

    This made me cry honestly. Her speech is reached out to me. I have been going through a lot of things too, and I noticed that I need to practice self-love and self-forgiveness.

  46. beauty girl


  47. Sydney bragg

    Do a really really hard makeup tutorial please

  48. •CreamyMochii•

    Rip liza's face from the pens she be waking up with pores or maybe no if she has great skin-

  49. mary blues

    She like being spank we have a lot in common 😂

  50. mary blues

    i have so much potential thankss lizaaa

  51. mary blues

    Im wearing towel pants but thats tight 😂

  52. sarah kenney

    who is watching this in 2020 the day before Halloween?

  53. sarah kenney

    love those boots girl!!!


    I literally laugh at every of your videos. Your so talented+Plus a very good editor =awesome.

  55. Harell Ramiscal

    i like your hair

  56. Harell Ramiscal

    hello liza your so beutiful

  57. Lashell Davis

    That is so amazing to see Liza preparing 4 Christmas yay

  58. Jennifer Won

    5:53 🥰

  59. Hannah Howard

    I wish you could like a video more than once. This video is awesome and is really funny and I want to like it a million times!!!! (Same with all your videos)

  60. Ashaan Maha

    The clothes could of been way better, the dresses were lovely on Liza

  61. Janine Moran

    Why is no one talking about the puppy he or she is so cute

  62. Crystal Hendricks

    I love her pants

  63. Binod Tharu

    What a fucking disrespect to Gandhi 🙂

  64. Bestie_gaming 123

    Pls don’t quit

  65. Noxie Nay

    Me thinking there was covid 3 years ago👁👄👁

  66. Asmaa Salik

    "Stay inside b*tch" -right HAHA She's SOOOOO CUTE!

  67. Mayer’s max Movies

    I can’t belive you wasted all those fake tattoos kids in Africa could have eaten them

  68. Mylce Micah

    October 2020 and I’m still waiting for the we are back together video

  69. Mylce Micah

    still waiting

  70. Stephanie De La Torre

    Queen ! 😍

  71. Lia Johnson

    Liza you cray cray

  72. Viola vlogs

    I love mayonaise to

  73. Alina Hersi

    manger: hi what size are you me: size 24 months manger: what the hell is wrong with you me ok *baby voice*

  74. Autumn Spence

    I think you were trying to make the dancing bad but funny and that looked so good like wtf

  75. Xiomara Jimenez

    This video did not age well sadly

  76. Tamira Kuhn

    Them looks were cute💕💕

  77. Tamira Kuhn

    Damn she didn’t have to come for sister James like that

  78. Katherine Lugo

    2020 goals though👍😂

  79. LittleFishFun Fry

    Her earrings tho..

  80. Felicia Brown

    the person responding to Liza after she asked “If she looked at peace” Sound A lot like David- I’m just saying