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  1. Daniel Martinez

    I'm up to date with the entire anime so far, but I never read the manga. So is it fine if I watch this, or are there any spoilers?

  2. brooklyn smokes

    This is what the manga is for bro why explain just let people read it

  3. Joel Pena

    I saw pieke crawling in the anime

  4. Ajay Gupta

    I have readen whole manga of mha

  5. Lance Sennin

    Definitely has the coolest ability among 9 titans.

  6. Destiny Armah Okai

    Subasa sounds like beyblade

  7. evanWASD

    warhammer gets instant packed anyway

  8. Leonardo Oberti

    So basically the war is happening because Eren wants revenge against the people who caused the death of his people and his mother.

    1. Adept Marketing Solutions

      @Leonardo Oberti u will see Eren's mindset in the next episodes.

    2. Adept Marketing Solutions

      @Leonardo Oberti Willy's justification of war against Paradis is that Eren stole the power of King Fritz and he is not restricted with the vow so he has the ability to destroy the world via activating the Rumbling (unleash million wall titans) he gonna declare war non the less since he viewed Eren as destructor of Peace. Him knowing that Eren might attack so he tries to use it on his advantage to make the world side with him.

    3. Leonardo Oberti

      @Adept Marketing Solutions ok but he declared war saying they knew Eren was going to attack them first since he had the founder giant’s powers, and that is actually correct? Maybe if Eren and other spies weren’t there, he wouldn’t have revealed the truth and just let the initial plan proceed? Is that what you’re saying?

    4. Adept Marketing Solutions

      nope, whether Eren wants revenge or not, Willy and Marley is gonna attack Paradis anyway. one thing to notice, Willy is the one to declare war first, Eren just responded to the Declaration, if he wants revenge why wait till the last speech with a resignation face of Eren. kinda like if someone says I will punch you and then you punch the guy, will u call it revenge?

  9. Project Mayhem

    I just made an analysis on the episode so please check it out at my chanel ! :)

  10. aa

    Reiners death is so sad

  11. shira pelleg

    This all sounds like amazing ideas! I have some of my own: hatsume meis son being and absolute technical genius having a cool design to! AND.... himiko togas secret older brother!

  12. onah seik

    reiner shitting himself when he thinks levis there *oof

  13. Akram A

    Hello everyone, i just got some AOT thoughts that kept me thinking and i need to know the answers. Hope i can get some help. here are my questions: 1- If the subjects of Ymir are her descents, that mean everyone is related, then what makes the Royal family's blood unique? How was that defined? I mean everyone has the same blood since they're all descents of Ymir. 2- When Maria, Rose & Sheena ate their mother Ymir, what titan power did they gain? And since the three of them were eating from the same Person, does that make them have the same power? I thought each power belongs to a unique possessor until he/she die. And when the 3 daughters are gonna be eaten by their respective children doesn't that make everyone a holder of titan power, i mean not just 9? 3- This one is related to the previous question, if Ymir's THREE daughters ate her, where does the NINE titan powers fit in this whole thing. We also know that the 9 titan powers resulted when her spirit split to 9. But at her death there was only 3 subjects of ymir ( her 3 daughters), where did these 9 splits go? 4- We know that, to gain a titan power, a person should be transformed to a brainless titan and they have to eat a titan power owner. and to transform to a brainless Titan a person should be injected or eat a spinal fluid, But what if a person eat or inject one of the 9 Titans spinal fluid directly, without being transformed to a brainless titan first ? Isn't this the case with Ymir's 3 daughters? THANKS IN ADVANCE.

  14. Foxy Funtime

    todoroki mnms todoroki mnms todoroki mnms

  15. Jaival Contractor

    1:23 mans really said frieda rice

  16. Not Soon

    Why would Marley openly say that they are preparing genocide of the nation that basically has the most powerful weapon in the world that can destroy the humanity in a day . Eldians can use it now because the only reason they couldn't is gone. Willy should've begged every country to make piece with Paradis or else they will be annihilated. I think declaration of war was the dumbest decision in the whole manga tbh. Like what were they expecting? They had nothing against the rumbling and they even knew about Eren.

  17. Lionado Gaming

    You said "When he recieved all for one" 0.0

  18. Tsholo Moloantoa

    I can’t wait to see Mikasa and Levi.. Bad ass Ackermans

  19. F J

    There might be thor and odin in the future i bet 100% 20 years from now

  20. JD Kramer

    At 6:20 it doesn't look like it pierced her heart, rather through the left side of the chest and through the nape.

  21. Lil vids

    I’m sad that Eren just straight of killed Willy Wonker

  22. Aditya Bhattacharaya

    Man at the end of EP 1 was Jean in disguise. The soldier in EP 5 was definately Armin. This is getting exciting. Levi and Mikasa are in disguise too !!

  23. Mang Kanor

    What if deku ang kacchan always race for top 1 like they always reach top 1 but then steps down because the other surpassed the other and then they will both keep surpassing each other time after time till the true number 1 is decided

  24. Saifuddin Ahmed

    wait wtf! So basically Zeke and Erien are related? Same dad??

  25. Ebony Midnight

    It's 1:23 am, I gotta wake up at 6:30 am, but I couldn't help clicking on the video. 😂😂😂

  26. Queenpinkieee1

    MY hero academia and naruto (im bad at spelling so dont expect me to spell the names right) Shoto=saske deku=naruto uraka=sakura

  27. Alan Go

    Wait until they find out how to do it wireless

  28. Ratatoulie Meme

    ‘The living goat that is adult Deku’ Best line ever

  29. Chander. Parkash

    Mirio would be old isuku wouldn’t be that old and Aizawa could be dead

    1. Chander. Parkash

      As eri would only be taken care by Mirio deku and aizawa

  30. Jerm

    Fuck your spoiler thumbnail, inconsiderate and with season 4 airing you should know anime watchers are gonna be spoiled by it. Be better.


    Pls make theory on illuminati

  32. Chander. Parkash

    Why will isuku give mineta his quirk

  33. Natsuke Tanaka

    wow i didn't know the first titan was dumb af. or maybe she's just a masochist lol

  34. Pancake

    wait wait wait is toya the red haired one or the white haired one cuz you showed him being white haired and then correlated dabi to the red haired kid

  35. d o n o v a n

    So we basically joked about his nickname being Dynamight that it actually became official

  36. Viktor6665

    When I started watching attack on titan it seemed like such a simple world. I actually cancelled it after a few episodes, cause i thought it was cliché shounen, but then rewatched it after a few years and kept going. Now its one of the most anticipated things in my life. Loved how one common enemy can unite humanity and force human creativeness and ambition into technological wonders. It was a shock realizing that aot is just like our world, there is no outside enemy. We humans are the biggest enemy of ourselves. With our difference in genes, cultures and ideologies comes major conflicts.

  37. Alivia Ficklen

    its in may

  38. kkrow

    Eri would be way to op

  39. Ray

    I don’t get why Reiner was scared of Eren? Reiner with his armored Titan literally wrecked Eren

    1. Ray

      @Adept Marketing Solutions true but he was using other Titans and in the city there is no Titan who will fight him in the command

    2. Adept Marketing Solutions

      what? last time they fought he saw Eren activate the power of Founding Titan, commanding the Mindless Titans to attack him. isn't that why they declare war on Paradis coz they are afraid of Eren using the power of the founder.

  40. Natalie Herrera

    Deku is 100% in top 10 because him mom literally crushed his only dream of being a hero at a very young age and was bullied by Bakugo and then to top it off no father figure for him either soo

  41. BHsoFunny

    Who were the spies that helped him and how did they know they were Titans

    1. Adept Marketing Solutions

      it will be explained in the next episodes, after this Marley War, it will be a flashback of what happened during those 4 years timeskip.

  42. _-IGNITE-_ The-Gamer

    OFA:I'm strong AFO:I'm stronger Eri's quirk:am I a joke to you?

  43. kevin 95

    idk but the 3rd user looks like aizawa, the shoulders part can also look like aizawa's capturing cloth

  44. kevin 95

    deku's father is all for one after all

  45. rip RAIN

    And here I was losing my mind after seeing eren like that 😂

  46. Danish Wistara

    It is my head canon that adult Bakugo lives in a cramped apartment, no one can tell me otherwise

  47. Gohan Son

    Uhmm dude anyone sex can be a female titan as we can see pieck cart titan it’s appearance is more male then female

  48. John Williamson

    What if someone made a gacha reaction? Ill sub to whoever does it first

  49. シエラKryt3ria_


  50. Nicki Nichole

    When Eren told Reiner that there the same and he wants to destory his enemies, then transform...I was laughing my ass off! Eren is a beast

  51. tower of hell gamer

    Whyyyyy eren hair get longer armin get shorter mikasa got shorter

  52. Ali khan

    When does Levi come (any manga people here)

  53. Double A

    You guys didn’t give home a chance to glow up it’s only episode 2 season 4 like freakin wait...

  54. That One Guy

    I think that no one is doing the wrong thing. It’s all about perspective and principles to some people Eren could be the villain and to others he could be the hero in the end every single person is doing what they need to do. They’re ALL humans(though some are more powerful such as Titans). All those people are different but all come from one living thing(humans). So this is my small take on who can be considered wrong/right it’s a pretty double-sided argument to me.

  55. Levi Ackermann

    Why was Zeke lured to the gate?

    1. Ygg

      he wasn't lured hes going there voluntarily

  56. Colleen Fischer

    Hold on, but if horikoshi is a Star Wars fan and Anikin turns into a bad guy then that means.... *Looks at Villain Deku Fans* Them: Cannon? Me: Yes fans, Cannon.

  57. maskedman523

    I have a theory it is probably an error on horikoshi’s part is that there should be another vestage in the one for all quirk because of the power up quirk all for one gave to his brother that combined with his quirk to create one for all because a fused quirk like that it still counts as two quirks

  58. Trash God

    Ngl this look like deku inf 100% 5:05

  59. Stede

    Whoa whoa whoa. You’ve missed a key factor here - Reiner wanting respect is a LOT different from how you described it. Consider how Eldians - even warriors and warrior candidates are treated in Marley. I don’t think this was only about personal glory - it was about feeling human again - which is also part of what drives Eren. That’s why Eren says at the end of it all - we’re the same.

  60. Andrea Sotelo

    18:48 has me dead. Of course shoto’s kid would think this 😂😂

  61. Ygg

    The creature under the tree is a hallucigenia, a preevolutionary worm that has been leeching on the roots of Yggdrasil, the tree of life, which has given it immense power. When Ymir came into contact with it, all that energy is released and the worm uses Ymir as a host to manifest it's power.

  62. Exauce Mayunga

    Me while watching AOT... Reiner is the bad guy, I hate him☹... So Marelians are the bad guys😠... Wait, so Eren is a bad guy😤... No wait...😕

  63. Krispy_ Pineapples

    Bakugou tryna eat the chat bubble gets me

  64. •BøbaMilk•

    If Mha was really was In the U.S.A I would look up to spiderman 😅

  65. Ian Troncoso

    He told falco to stay to save him from what hes about to do. He knew reiner would keep him safe. Better than being out there...

  66. Dead Brian

    The spear pierced her spine which subsequently she was dead

  67. Eliza Perrine

    I have a weird theory. I find that the lichtenberg figures (scars we get when being struck by lightning) look a lot like the spinal like membrane that attached itself to Ymir. Is this a coincidence that when titan shifters turn into titans there is lightning that is struck across them. Maybe it was inspired by that idk

  68. Captain Blighe

    Imagine if Shigaraki uses all for one to absorb one for all and kill Deku, then absorbs and wipes out every single person on the planets quirks until there are no villain hero or civilians with quirks. Then he kills every other person on the planet until he’s all that’s left. Then All for One takes over Shigarakis mind and tears into a new reality to conquer again. This is just random speculation tbh.

  69. james Moulton

    Man you got my head spinning around

  70. Deez Nuts

    The tree is a pooper scooper pooper trooper so it discombobulated Ymir as she bumfuzzled through woods.

  71. Potatoes Can Draw

    I’m not surprised 😔✋🏿 I do love him tho

  72. Nado Persae

    moral of the story DONT free the pigs

  73. Nado Persae

    I think Ymir allowed herself to die because she didn't want to live, I guess.

  74. [ A M A R I O W E N ]

    Turtle quirk: the middle rank could be dedicated to endea- Todoroki:*cough cough*

  75. Dokkan_sempai_15

    Lmao, who else is here after the recent chapter

  76. Cool Eggs


  77. Jump Manga Guy

    11:24 what is this

  78. Lunamane SoulBright

    Ok call me what ever ...I would marry him 😖

  79. • Møønlight •

    Omg I just realised that one day deku will have to give hes power to someone else 😳

  80. Davina Nguyen

    I think Eren meant for Falco to stay in the basement so that when he transformed Reiner could protect him (when Eren starts to transform Reiner immediately turns around to shield Falco), rather than if Falco went back upstairs to the audience he would have a much more likely chance of getting killed during the attack. So I’d like to think Eren did care about Falco and their friendship a little bit :)