Genshin Impact is an open-world action game proudly presented by miHoYo. In the world of Teyvat - where all kinds of elemental powers constantly surge - epic adventures await, fearless travelers!

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  1. Vinh Lu

    Eula sẽ là waifu số 1 đây!

  2. Samantha Daly-Short

    Is that jiu? The girl who kept mumbling about there being something under the tree

  3. Jon Son

    I need genshin for my Apple mac M1 :O

  4. KiLO

    the fact kieht said the Gru meme Makes me go *YES*

  5. Shādøw

    here lies my data and my storage

  6. Misokisi the Neko

    In terms of mora. We have no mora. In terms of primogems. We have primogems.

  7. MaskofFayt

    They don't let Lumine into the cloud district often

  8. Buja made

    GenSIMS impact

  9. The Defender

    did he knock aether out? 0:58

  10. Jasmine

    is that the child who kept going on about a 'resurrection' of some sort?

  11. Bob Chicken

    I cant redeem code

    1. Galarexia Link

      the time limit has ended, these codes forom streams have a high reward but very short duration

  12. Rong

    Who's excited for his re-run on Version 1.5?

  13. Sonata Yanni

    34:31 </3 *heart breaking and dusting sound*

  14. chlloe. _

    chibi zhongli saying yay <3

  15. Tisha

    Im gonna prepare some eggs

  16. Taylor Williams


  17. leroy lynch

    playing from Jamaica amazing!

  18. Fredric Marquez

    I’m so excited for player Housing

  19. Jon Son

    In Germany EULA stands for Terms of Service 😂👌

  20. Pronaput Mai

    I want to watch aether version too

  21. Devon Herle

    just when my laptop cant handle the game anymore they come out with everything ive been wanting myself. and the sad part is that the game always stop loading on veriffying file integration at 6.83% I HAVENT BEEN PLAYING FOR ALMOST A MONTH NOW

  22. lili


  23. Aichoco Channel

    Thats no deal! Why expired code not long 7 day?

  24. Teddy Bear 24

    I can’t wait eeeeeeekk

  25. Fireandbutter Flies

    Those who couldn't get him even in this banner 🥲🥲 When could be the second rerun?

  26. Rithvik Yeduru

    Housing exists: My Mom who’s an architect and an interior designer: let’s go!

  27. Norfatmah Dipatuan

    Them calling us loyal viewers Us : I feel accepted

  28. All Things That Matters

    🇵 🇱 🇪 🇦 🇸 🇪  🇸 🇺 🇧 🇸 🇨 🇷 🇮 🇧 🇪  🇲 🇪  ..

  29. Prime Knight

    Are they max level? Mid level? Or low level? Cuz that two exp up is not enough.

  30. sgonz

    i knew that weird kid was SUS!..


    we need the tnbee guy to make the trailer music

  32. Sunny M

    ну ахринеть, промокоды уже не действительны. я на работе стрим должна была смотреть?


    ahhh so cuteeeeeee!...

  34. Jason Karyappa

    0:39:48 Homu spotted! HI3 collab confirmed

  35. Shiro Lee

    I love how Genshin is keeping us on our toes with these updates!

  36. cannon823

    21:52 Aether: *"change da world, my final message. Goodb ye."* **blink**

  37. Jesus Chamber

    Nintendo users: 🧍🏻‍♀️

  38. Rimuru Tempest


  39. flxffybunni

    this is giving me real gacha vibes but I'm really excited for the update !

  40. Sel Pyar

    That Zhongli's theme remix at the end is so good. They always nail with music though.

  41. Google User

    i already have zhongli should I pull for it again


    Redeem codes already expired, ...

  43. inoob26

    I'd like to imagine Yanfei's stamp move is for branding horni fans

  44. Tech

    honestly the mail alert is kinda big, i completely missed the last leyline overflow

  45. Piso Xl

    uhm 4 x 30 = 120 160-120= 40, only 10 original resin left? did i miss something ?

  46. tiramiichu

    17:50 33:11 45:32 primogem codes

  47. Jennica Baugbog

    Watching this is USfilm : ❌ Listening to it while playing Genshin Impact : ✅

  48. T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans. How would the world change if there was an accurate measure of aptitude? TERRANCE OUT

  49. 陈雪彬

    would be really great if they can design a human form as one of the forms for the new dragon boss, after all it was a god and will look more intelligent as a human form instead of being a fat talking crocodile.

  50. dreamy witch

    why do you let us wait like that i just wanna play):

  51. Muhammad Yudhi

    Yeah but actually i was more likes to Japanese version

  52. Julio.

    1:15 venti never had that line, right? or am i becoming crazy

  53. Hoopdedo 27

    There’s so much emphasis on friends but I feel like there should be more options to making friends like inproving chat or bringing out more chat emotes I play genshin impact like 3 times a week and have been playing since November and I have to friends so plzzzzzzz improve the friendship system

  54. Emotional avocado

    Nice, i loved the hypostatis event. Idk why your player base complained the hypostasis event was to difficult and complained the current events are too easy. Anyways, just make em tough but not too time consuming! Keep doing what you do mihoyo

  55. Zachary O'Connor

    Am I the only one that got Xenoblade vibes from the trailer in terms of the musicality?

  56. Ikhsan Nst

    Subtitle nya nutupin muka chara nya dong

  57. big gayboy 4 aether


  58. Random Dude

    This video pops up in my recommendation to remind me that I just missed 5 days worth of commission primogems. Curse the SEA timezone.

  59. Ripper ded

    Houses.... Genshin crossing or animal Impact here? Whatever it is I'll take it!

  60. Notjai_OoNo

    cutie!!! red helicopter

  61. Adrian Takashi Asada

    I love this soong!! It madee me crry. Playing again because of this.

  62. HBOMB Scantling

    I couldn't enter the codes because I was in class and they're already DEACTIVATED MIHOYO

  63. Helios Aiden

    Who came here after the special program ?

  64. Anastasiya

    due to the time difference, I watched the stream at 8 am, but still could not get the codes. Only 13 hours have passed since the end. Or give us more time, or take into account the region according to the server ip. otherwise it is not fair

  65. Bleachy Asfar

    Azdaha : You stand upon your tomb! Zhongli : Quake!! You know daddy is about to get serious!!!🔥🔥🔥

  66. MonaIsStupid

    Lmao genshin prop hunt

  67. 하루indaeyo

    I love Zhongli so much it's ridiculous LORD he's so fine 😭 (I swear if I get Mona again while pulling for his constellations I WILL fight the company)

  68. T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans. How would the world change if there was an accurate measure of aptitude? TERRANCE OUT

  69. Keith Lancey

    That Windtrace event just seem like Prop Hunt lmao

  70. meongcheong

    Oh makes sense now, just did the quest

  71. Xingqiu


  72. samsamsam

    This trailer is the funniest

  73. Hyacinth

    Madamn ping the new Geo 10 star character :D

  74. Karam Rajesh Singh

    Starting game without headphones plug in and then plugged in after entering game, the headphones isn't working. Still using the phone speaker instead of the headphones. ! Please fix this in 1.5

  75. Demon

    This didn’t appear on my recommended this time and I missed it

  76. Delmark Damaso

    Cant wait were and when this versions update?

  77. Darrow manlol

    I hate you I avoided watching this cus this was in english now the codes expired

    1. Darrow manlol

      What about the side of the world the game was from mihoyo?

  78. Seth Jerome

    Family in Desperate Need After Housefire and Covid please search go-fund-me for "Dsbl" to help

  79. Ka hin Hui

    Windtrace reminds me of Minecraft block hunt

  80. Ria

    This update looks cool and very peaceful 😂 can’t wait. I might roll for Eula... that might be it (Also, did Zhongli always have a ring????)