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  1. German Ramos

    wow ryan clark sounds like a salty hater tebow basher.he’s acting like he was in the try out looking at tebow catch.did u ever think maybe he did good in that try out and earned his signing as a te something he couldn’t do before bcuz he was blacklisted from the nfl bcuz of a media circus.ryan can’t even tell us if tebow is a good nfl qb or not bcuz tebow never even got a chance.a real chance.I mean even hurts is getting 2 years to prove himself.tebow got one year.n instead of the Broncos doing what the eagles are doing with hurts.getting him weapons n better protection and seeing what hurts does after improving in the off season.tebow never got a second year with the Broncos and an off season to maybe improve his throwing motion & arm strenth naw but Ryan is a fortune teller huh u kno he can’t catch and power run his way to touchdowns after the catch huh he sucked at qb too with no chance given huh what a media troll clown

  2. Kievan Barber

    Curry is not a top 3 mvp candidate

  3. Chaoskae

    They dont win a playoff series.. Dolan steps back in and start doing Dolan things again it'll be full circle. If this happens will NY media/fans turn on Randle like they did Melo??

  4. Don Teflon

    Dear Mama - 2pac

  5. Sam Shaw

    It’s all about who you know... It’s Life. Plus this means a full stadium. Great move by Urban. Sell Tickets.

  6. Khoa Do

    "Lebron doesn't have that killer mentality" Lebron: Scratched the coach's gameplan cause it was not designed for him shoot the ball and hit the game winners. Also Lebron: has the highest percent when it comes to making clutch shots at 48% and has made the most game tying + winners in NBA playoffs.

  7. kitten room

    dirty monopoly has taken the pleasure out of sport

  8. Antonio Liu

    There’s a reason these guys aren’t GM’s

  9. Destinie Nguyen

    People, add this to the life compilation of molly being stupid.

  10. Paco A

    DUHHHHHH until giannis get a consistent jumper

  11. Roger Moore

    Is Poorzinghis still hurt?

  12. LNM Pro.

    My reaction: 😑.....🤣🤣🤣🤣.... thats why youre the jags

  13. Curnell Goliath

    Leo Messi × Neymar is prolly the greatest to watch in full flight.

  14. lets talk

    No point of even tryna argue or hate Its over hes the King of triple doubles He'll hold that record for another 50 yrs Like oscar . See yall in 50 yrs 😂😂😂😂

  15. King Shabazz

    Should be a law against talking Knicks w/o Stephen A.

  16. johnnie r.o.d

    both teams played hard,good night & God bless --- rasheed wallace .......... 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  17. Deuce and the Zydeco Struts


  18. Yousef AlSharif

    He retweeted it because he said I got you a ring Kyrie

  19. Jela Manuel

    Cant wait to see Skip reaction if it is out

  20. Lawrence Craft

    White privilege

  21. Tom Jones

    If this was Colin Kaepernick getting a chance Ryan Clark & Shannon Sharpe would be for it. Hypocrites double standard.

  22. KOTJ412

    Cam will probably start & play until he struggles...then Mac will be plug & play.

  23. Main Tain

    Molly just stfu🤦🏾‍♂️

  24. Kevin S

    Don’t forget Arizona has aj green too


    Bills keep on coming huh Tebow?lmbao

  26. Common Sense

    Lol, white privilege at its best. Just say it guys without being scared

  27. chocolate_chipp_ 00

    Nahh. Being pick 199 gave him that motivation to become who he is in the league.

  28. Lamont Hughes

    Thats dumb to say its bad for boxing because it has nothing to do with boxing sad state its in its the cherry picking champions Like Canelo and the heartless champions who is afraid to face the top opposition like Teo and Spence who avoid fighting their top rival trying to keep from loosing their 0 and belts Floyd and Paul are 2 men making lots of money entertaining the fans that want to pay to see the bout doing more ppv sales than boxing is embarrassing and exposing the horrible match ups in boxing nothing more.

  29. Terrell Tarantino

    We should've got Lowry when we had a chance!!

  30. Benjamin von Bentzen


  31. Golden Kingdom

    *Timeout. How long has Tim Tebow been out of the NFL again?*

  32. Edster 23

    Is this even a question 🤦‍♂️

  33. Serious Game

    Sheed was that dude man.

  34. Ohrl RokK

    This show is so weak now people just trying to disrespect max all the time now it was funny at first now its so cringe and little kid like

  35. Terrell Tarantino

    Rondo was the guy that ran things when bron wasnt on the floor were missing that.

  36. Mister J

    I don't quite understand. Every time people talk about the 1990 1991 season, when the Chicago Bulls defeated the Detroit Pistons. Isaiah Thomas says every time that the Detroit Pistons and above all him, got old and therefore lost. But should he then play in the Olympic Games, even though he described himself as being too old old 1 or 2 years earlier? 🤣🤣 This is typical Isaiah Thomas. Simply twist reality so that it best suits him.

  37. mc dude

    well it's kinda true, by max saying he's both underrated and overrated he's saying the avg is him the middle. so by that logic he could state if he is underrated meaning he should be more overrated by fans or overrated meaning he should be more underrated by fans. CMON MAX

  38. Ishan Patel

    trey lance is in one of the hardest divisions in the NFL, and justin fields is in one of the easiest divisons in the NFL(if rodgers leaves, which likely happens)

  39. Cayson Frerichs

    Laughing at all the people who are upset. This is all a smoke screen to keep the pressure off of Trevor Lawrence and have the media talking about something or someone else. Urban Meyer is just playing the game, he knows exactly what he is doing. Wish my Bears would've fired Nagy and hired Meyer.

  40. Wicked Felina

    I have been the biggest mouth when it comes to Baffert and doing. This one is different. Justify had a lot of issues. He had a damaged foot which was filled and bandaged. He was on something to numb the pain. Plus, he had 300 scopolamine which denotes a human hand rather than 45 which would be the amount found naturally grazing in the meadow. That was a violation. This is an insanely small amount. It isn't a performance enhancer like scopolamine, and can be in a topical cream form. In this case anyone handling a horse treated with this medication could have transferred it to Medina. If you are going to take him down, if this is what they are trying to do, there are many, many, many, many other violations, real violations like Justify, where the horse was given a pass rather than remove his TC. If not that - there's more! This one is stupid.

  41. Wes

    Steph = ultimate cheat code

  42. Elwood Barclay

    So glad I did not renew my season tickets after 15 years this is the worst manage team in the NFL

  43. Mr. Right Now

    new generation has mo respect for nothing, this kid is a moron

  44. J Teds

    Much love to Kobe. But, y'all are sleeping on CJ McCollum

  45. Jory Scott

    Max ???

  46. rosgill6

    a lot of Tim Duncan's fundamentally sound game and some of his personality are due to the fact that he started playing the game so late and didn't develop a lot of the playground bad habits that lots of players develop early on. as soon as he started, he was playing competitively and had to go with what worked

  47. ESYEasyCO

    Max once again just being too smart for the rest of the show. They call him annoying, but they're just frustrated they can't keep up.

  48. Julian Randall

    He's not a good liar.

  49. Netwurc The Family Music


  50. Kamikaze Hound

    It is true, Lakers need to be doing better because Lebron can't be the only reason your team does good. It take a great team and great coaching. Lebron also needs to have more faith in his team. Lastly people need to stop saying MJ didn't complain or fuss because he did the difference is there wasn't social media then. The small amount that did come out MJ was scared would make him look bad because people imagine him as the guy that never complained about other people's performance etc. Kobe did it too. The reality is y'all in the comments just want a reason to hate LeBron

  51. Jaedon Brown

    Hopefully ESPN sees the comments. And ill add to it - Max is too smart for this and doesn’t deserve hate

  52. Paul Pryce

    they, they, they..WHAT!?...HAHAHAHAHA

  53. Nardo S5 Coupe

    Dam Tim Tebow is way better then colin kapernick lol

  54. Travis O'Deane

    More Racist talk from Black talking heads. Doncic is not Italian. He is Slovenian. He speaks Italian, sure, but this is classic disrespect of white people in basketball. Unbelievable that Rachel Nicholes in her social justice campaigns can't see the patterns in how Perkins specifically breaks down his content. If there is a way for him to take a dig at a white player he will.

  55. mikie0307

    windy just said sheed and perk not superstars... to their face lol


    so many players getting injuried Jaylen Brown had a awesome season Without Jaylen Brown the Boston Celtics might not survived this season

  57. Toni Khoury

    I almost feel like everyone hates Max and goes against everything the guys says lol Sometimes I hope it's a troll show

  58. Andrew Kim

    0 Chips doe XDDD

  59. Omar Q

    Max is the Jordan Peterson of sports analysts.

  60. imabadmofosofux2

    He was a true threat from mid mid-range not like ok or above average I mean he was automatic.

  61. Diamond Gapple Gamer

    Max is actually right, well said brother

  62. Top Rankin TV

    Ryan mad he lost to Tebow

  63. Bob Nob

    Imagine molly calling someone annoying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂☠️ yea ima head out ✌🏽

  64. Farah

    the sexism against molly isn't surprising to read from espn watchers. she barely talks on this show and somehow she talks too much? get out of here.




    Yeah I agree with Steve's take on superstars playing, but at the end of the day they're going to still have low ratings if they keep being political

  67. Paul Pryce

    love these guys... i know its all entertainment... Max is just pushing fire to get Perk all riled up...hahahahaha

  68. Bob Nob

    Soo its russ fault Pg couldn’t guard Dame on that final shot? 🤔 ok

  69. Harry P Ponder

    Nothing like A mother’s Love!! Bless up Ms Rose 🌹

  70. Chrono

    Joe Chestnut has no business downing that many dogs

  71. Jaypee Salazar

    COTY, like the MVP, usually goes to a high seed team. My top 3 are snyder, monty, and thibs. I think doc & mcmillan deserve to be mentioned too. Sidenote: morey or marks for EOTY.

  72. Dacharvrick Collins

    What a great guy. I love this dude he is my favorite player and I appreciate everything he does for he team his family and for the people around him

  73. mikie0307

    i just expect sheed to say... thats nothinnnn