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  1. CheckerDuck

    "I rummaged around in my stock box, and found this" *THUNK*

  2. Lily :)

    Have you ever regretted using a certain monster high doll for customizing? Also, do you ever play with them? (I still like to play with dolls heh) :)

  3. Jedi Patriot

    What are the positives for using saran hair? I don't see very many? Am I missing something? Why buy it if it isn't versatile? Just asking as a new customizer. Not being rude I promise.

  4. five nights of freddy land

    u should make a toothless

  5. Amaya Rabsatt

    Is your hand ok that looks like that hurt?

  6. Queen Mari's Dolls

    Next halloween it would be very cool see Dollightful make a Beldam Doll (an old witch that lives on the forest and hates humans)

  7. Natalie Chop

    No one Doll: * exists * Dollightful: Chop, chop, chop!

  8. Anderson Silva

    i love your doll clothes, but here in brazil the patterns are sooooooo expensive ;-;

  9. Serena watson

    Next time you get super glue on your fingers rub it on a brick / rock

  10. • Avøcadø •

    Terra / Torah means Mud or soil in Spanish or portugeuse

  11. Tiffany Lockman

    I have a question. *can you do a MHA doll?? That would be awesome* You don’t have to tho-

  12. Natasha W

    I can tell this took a long time, its very good 😌 be proud!!! You arent doing this for anyone, its really amazing compared to most people here could do lol no offense

  13. Natalie Chop

    For your first time doing ball jointed dolls, I think u did awesome! Great job! 🤩And I love this doll too! Its so cool! Just the content I needed to feel confident today! 😁

  14. Nicole Dolan

    Dollghtful can you try todo a Barbie doll.

  15. Emily LoL

    B ut the scarf united with cute

  16. Kio kio


  17. İpeksu Kırbaş

    Can you do a vocaloid doll ? I was wacthing your steampunk video and I thought you would make a very cute vocaloid doll

  18. OutdoorAcorn594

    idk why but i just can’t stop thinking that ayako is either some kind of lgbt herself or one of those “quirky” girls who wants a gay best friend.

  19. Tari Campbell

    Imagine somebody trying to do this from your video and did the messed up feet

  20. Alicja Gra

    me when i saw the doll: wiat i have that doll this vidio is just for me!

  21. Jenny Hill

    shorturl.ca/lovekissvv0rz D'altra parte, il percorso verso un progetto nazionale socialmente orientato ci permette di adempiere a compiti importanti per sviluppare nuovi principi per la formazione di una base materiale, tecnica e personale. Innanzitutto, il concetto high-tech di ordine sociale crea la necessita di includere nel piano di produzione una serie di misure straordinarie, tenendo conto del complesso delle forme di influenza. In particolare, un prototipo di alta qualita di un progetto futuro consente di completare compiti importanti per sviluppare il ritiro delle attivita correnti. Conclusioni banali ma inconfutabili, cosi come chiari segni della vittoria dell'istituzionalizzazione, possono essere oggettivamente considerate dalle autorita competenti.. ターゲットオーディエンスの代表者の高いレベルの関与は、単純な事実の明確な証拠です。専門家のチームの連帯には、スーパータスクのタイムリーな完了の分析が必要です。レベルに関係なく、伝統的な生産であるナノテクノロジーを廃止しようとしている人々だけが暴露されるべきです。

  22. Leigh_Playz29

    Fun fact: If you replace every word doll with person, itll sound like theyre a serial killer and no not cereal

  23. Rebecca Rosendahl

    Holy hell- this is the most amazing repaint I've ever seen! Teach me your ways, master.

  24. Alyxandra Wylls

    Umbreon be lookin’ like picachu in the thumbnail...I like it

  25. Fatima Zulnoon

    I'm so glad that somebody gave attention to our underrated country!

  26. MyLifeHurts

    i wanna know if she had knocked over her pins and spilled them before i know i have that was not pleasant..

  27. Claudia Dolan

    Katherine: *puts the head in a La Costeña jar. My mexican ass: *Screaming inside* ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh <3

  28. Emma Mohr

    A fun fact is that in Pokémon shield I have a Zapdos and a Suicune 👏👏👏👏

  29. ᅥʀᴀᴍᴇɴツ Aᖙᖙicτᅡ

    Those ears thooo. So cutee

  30. Georgie Lane

    Each time I watch a video like this I hear sentences I never thought I would , like “stick another wire through the thigh.” ...

  31. Vex Sol

    No shade to Katherine or anything, but has she watched other doll customerizer's videos like Moonlight Jewel where they use gouache for the face up? I'm just as surprised as her that she didn't use the medium sooner haha

  32. Amanda Durham

    Nyx is definitely Aurora's goth, witchy friend. It's a whole mood. ❤

  33. littlepanda star

    She reminds me of rainbow dash from my little pony

  34. Moonlight luna Wolfy909

    katherine:there we go beautiful 1:33 me:that's sus

  35. Moonlight luna Wolfy909

    9:10 thors sister...

  36. TheGamingAngel

    Imagine shrinking some doll heads and opening the cabinets and seeing a doll head in a jar Person: *”Hey, where did you put the crackers?”* Person 2: *”Oh, in that cabinet” point* Person: *Opens cabinet and sees doll heads in jars* Person 2: *”Oops, I meant the cabinet next to that one...”* Person: *”...I see...”*

  37. Undyne Gardengirl

    Can you do a black ballerina? It would be so CUTE like your Jade doll cloths with the puff maybe? But not like wintery kinda please and thank you!

  38. chewinglemons

    you seemed like you had so much fun with this project! i loved the outcome, the hair may be my favorite!

  39. Wonkus Bonkus

    Idea: Trans challenge. Basically the idea is you get a male base doll and turn it into a female. (Vice versa with trans guys)

  40. Mel K

    Can you do a Moana doll please 🙏

  41. brianna seefeldt

    You know that cat that you put on her back that there her name is actually Chi and I read a book about her is a comic book

  42. Haley Borden

    Did you do electrical dragon because that can make a electrical pulses

  43. Arianne Izquierdo

    Me being the girl who trys to look this doll to buy it since it looks so good i searched'' Phoenix the Fire Dragon '' -''

  44. brianna seefeldt

    You should use on omG dolls cuz they have articulation on top but not over by the legs and the nails look really cool.

  45. SeSe OMG

    me after doll is done: it needs more PINKKKKKKKK~!!

  46. vvkittycat

    Trans litten the kitten Trans litten the kitten Trans litten the kitten Trans litten the kitten

  47. Y/N Un_offical

    It's very off topic from the video, but if you take suggestions for dolls do you think you could try to do a themed doll like Mei Misaki from Another or Saya Kisaragi from Blood C?

  48. The Peaches

    The hair must be an absolute pain to brush

  49. Jennifer Marsh

    5:35 The first time I watched this video I heard "Body modification" Now on the 32nd viewing I'm hearing "Mody bodification" Lmao

  50. Switzel

    Dollightful: “I have this She-ra doll.” Also Dollightful: *So anyway, I stared blasting.*

  51. Simply holo gurl

    Are you sure this isn't a stock box?

  52. Isabella Genova

    I’m glad I have most supplies to make a doll so all I need is msc and hair

  53. Adalay

    Water dragon, earth dragon, fire dragon, air dragon. long ago the four dragons lived together in harmony-

  54. MeDoes Art

    P1: Were stranded on a deserted island with no way of getting back home! What do we do? P2: Hang on let me finish my custom doll

  55. Hailey Kight

    Oh no! Todoroki no not the tea pot!

  56. Hannah Gs

    Coming back to this after watching the live action Mulan, delightful must have done amazing historical armor research or Disney copied her armor design haha

  57. Libbie Studios

    No one's gonna see the front of the watermelon :C

  58. Ash666Bloodly

    She looks amaizing!!!!

  59. Achita ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    I like how she said ‘ Hey disability’ then moved on like that’s how you do it right.

  60. Madelyn Bohacik

    Get it on the wrong head

  61. Stormy Scribbles

    Why does he kinda remind me of Edward Cullen from Twilight? 😂😂

  62. CooperGal24

    I bet if you'd like, you'd make a doll custom of Tiffany, aka IHasCupQuake. Her videos are SO fun and she's so fun, colorful and such! She likes things like rainbows, astrology and video games, like Animal Crossing! I think she's still searching for Judy, the pastel colored cub! ^^

  63. CRAFTY Likes cats a lot like a lot lot

    Child: Mommy, the creepy lady is hanging dolls again... mom: hurry, back inside

  64. Purple Crewmate

    6:49 cat: get that light outta mah face! I’m trying to sleep! D:<

  65. Matthew Homan

    i love the yarn, its like really thick dreads and its beautiful

  66. Lizzy Tyler

    Give him love tattoos

  67. Washing Machine

    “Why don’t you take a photo?” Because I want a painting, not a photo!

  68. Judson Crowder

    hi I am Kate and I love you work and sometimes I wish you had a web sight if you do pleas someone teal me

  69. Beja Vue

    I think you did a fabulous job one her!! You are too critical of yourself. She turned out really good!! I really love the glow in the dark!!

  70. Rainbow Butterfly

    Ok every time I see her doll legs...I see pink😕

  71. ꧁Lexi Gacha꧂

    This is so cute! I really wanna be like you making such cute dolls!!

  72. Raisin Bran Cereal

    So uhh you gon repaint that rainbow high doll anytime soon 👀

  73. ToastTGT

    Why does it look like a pink celestia to me-

  74. Macha Puchre


  75. Riley Kerr

    make a coraline doll :))

    1. Riley Kerr

      @Kaitlyn Vanderzwan :D i know she made the video a while ago but ive been re-watching everything!

    2. Kaitlyn Vanderzwan

      I love that idea!!

  76. lisa baird

    isn't silvally pronounced sil val ly

  77. lisa baird

    i know this was a long time a o but can you make a cookie dragon named nuyx pronounced nuy x

  78. Curator

    She turned out wonderful! You did such a great job!

  79. FrankiValerie

    the original hoody you did, the monster high guy pattern, would be near perfect for a Little Nightmares Six doll.

  80. Jimmy Peak

    I love you’re videos thare so cool