1. kt8

    This is crazy. You should sell this system.

  2. Big Papa

    I am sure there has to be a company that would pay huge money for his ideas and brains

  3. TangInaMo Noel

    Try to fight efren bata reyes using that

  4. dolf1n1

    Wow I love your persistence it’s been helpful showing my son, how not to give up. Your videos are so inspirational and detailed.

  5. Antieverybody

    plus the angle the stick is in matters

  6. nabanitus

    Waiting a robot arm chainsaw haircut.

  7. Lincoln

    What you could do next time is put a tracker in the ball to be able to find it later.

  8. Blaze Ace

    Waifu salty

  9. Michael Jewett

    Would it work better is you started at the bottom and worked your way up? This way any of the pumpkin debris would not be falling down on top of the surface you are about to cut.

  10. Anti Communism

    Still dangerous for your lungs, I wouldn't put cost before my lungs if I were you, unless the filter you made matches industry standards of course

  11. Mdr Ptdr

    I didn't know i could be THAT excited for a lock to be opened. I seriously need lockpickinglawyer to pick this. Its a safer hype than waiting a star wars from Disney.

  12. David Wilkie

    It's said that 5 Farmers will have at least 6 ideas, but Engineers know there's 5! problems of agreeing with someone else's opinions. More fun, or thinking for yourself takes longer but is less stressed. Ie the first filter needed is a Thought Experimentalist's scepticism?

  13. mike mitchell

    Robots are better than humans? Wrong I will play against your robot any day of the week

  14. Waiporoporo

    14:45 "but what i really want to see is if it can cut a pattern in to your head" i think he meant hair?

  15. Dave Howell

    I'm really looking forward to seeing what LPL can do!!! Two of my favourite channels!

  16. mike mitchell

    Ok so you are smart enough to build robots. But you can't understand the geometry to be good at pool Edit. Also my man I didn't see you put in any way to change the English of the the cue ball?

  17. Himanshu Sharma

    Now everyone can be jordan


    that wife mode was awesome

  19. Ishrat Begum Shaikh

    But can they make robots to make oxygen?

  20. Ellery Saunders

    You should check out if you can get it to jump balls reliably.

  21. Neil Barnett

    "So, there's something wrong, but I don't know what it is." I say that for an LED not lighting, I haven't reached the point of saying it for an automatic pool cue. Yet.

  22. AcidDaBomb

    FYI this is kinda how the CRAM the US Military uses to shot down rockets works. Kinda.

  23. Joshua Diamond

    Love the video! But I'm bald and proud. Hair is a complete waste of time.

  24. Lee Samuel

    See you on Mark Rober’s channel soon 😉

  25. Tasfiah Ahmed Quraishi

    I can't believe this is real🙂 seems to be an intp.

  26. Lee Samuel

    “I challenge you to find an online pool game with a more realistic physics engine than this one” 😂

  27. Nate Loomis

    How'd u become such a genius? Love ur vids

  28. Kenn Palsing

    This actually make you FEEL like a pooler. It has a little something for everyone - 9/10 - IGN

  29. Metlina

    Man made a real life Casey, batting .50

  30. TanK

    I want a workshop like you so that I can spend all my time doing what I love.

  31. Soaked In Bleach

    This guys humor is immaculate

  32. Tyler Manary

    Use a laser guide on tip of pool che then make cue ball clear

  33. Andreas Östberg

    why is exploding stuff so fun? :)

  34. Jab

    A lock smith that specializes in picking locks. hmm I wonder what a lock smiths job is

  35. Damazy Włodarczyk

    How about the lock? You didn't do shit about it.

  36. Devin Huie

    I imagine key impressioning could probably work

  37. Kaiber55


  38. Manic141

    I dont like how your chainsaw robot video suggests I watch your haircut machine video. Hahaha

  39. Lone Wolf

    What the fuck is this equations

  40. Tony Harris

    I need your help with a project, is that something you would be willing to do?

  41. The Beyonder

    We need a horror movie " called killer chainsaw robot "

  42. Joshua Quisao

    When you are not good at sports but you are good at programming

  43. RocketGator PlayZ

    This guys intelligence is so high it makes mine look like a Neanderthal

  44. lauv lonely

    calling yourself an idiot is kind of insulting me

  45. Ishaan Kapoor

    lmao U still need to get the ball back yourself.

  46. LAM LAM

    can not believe there are 5.4k dislike, please go and become the next inventor of our life like Elon!

  47. warg0x4e

    Send it to the Lock Picking Lawyer (USfilm).

  48. 36. Yazid Rizki Kurniawan

    Make a drone that will always follow you around on your back so you can unlock third-person perspective

  49. LAM LAM

    holy fxxxk!

  50. Sachin Mesta

    Necessity is mother of all inventions !!!

  51. collin mccall

    Disliked. Boring af.

  52. SoMeThInG xD

    "What's a fancy word for mistake?"

  53. Frogsical Stick

    3 words, my brain hurts

  54. Faisal Hussain

    which softwares are used

  55. Dewang Mehta

    PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT YOUR ACTUAL BUSINESS !! Hey bro watching you since 3 years woild really like to know more about you actual business.

  56. Sedatus

    Despite the warning, it I *could* do this, I absolutely would.

  57. SwiftBlade4

    6:03 Wait, what happened here? That clearly wasn't in real life. Why did he edit the turning of the pin? Did he forget to show us in live-action so he had to edit it afterward?

  58. Elder Rochelle

    Make a video showing us how to make our own cnc machines

  59. sickaholic

    This is very impressive!

  60. SwiftBlade4

    5:01 He did a football analyst joke here, and the USfilm algorithm gave me a football ad.

  61. Piaf

    6:45 bruhh😂😂😂😂😂

  62. Federico Musci

    and the unpikeable lock?

  63. Skullboy 066

    when you sending the lock to lock picking lawyer ?

  64. OIEH

    lockpicking lawyer will smile on this video

  65. Francis Balfour

    6:14 Jackknife* sorry but it bothered me

  66. The-Random-Tech-Lad

    Might try n see if I can do this 4 my diso

  67. Irwan Omar

    smart guy for this world

  68. vanhetgoor

    An automatic pool stick has to be able to float.

  69. Edmund Michał

    you cut foam with hot rod

  70. halil celik

    I looked up the word de-glove I regret so much

  71. Guimmik

    You are a big nerd

  72. Kevin M

    This just absolutely blew my mind.

  73. Ivar Voorel

    thank you, i think you could fix the issue of child molesters - how they approach via gaming and that can also include some sort of online bullying :) and maybe human trafficking generally, i am sure u can find the way good luck :)

  74. Nathan Urban

    imagine being this guy and calling yourself an idiot, lel

  75. Jake Talbot

    Almost as cool as my iron farm on minecraft

  76. Joseph MUAL

    If you can’t unlock it, there’s always the godly way the *‘FBI, OPEN UP!”* tactic.

  77. Gies Anthonissen

    what software do you use to program your robots? very Nice videos man!👍

  78. R0jiv4

    A for effort.

  79. Arman Kh

    i think cutting some extras in the beginning esp from the corners will reduce the chance and intensity of crinkles and creases. there should be less resistance (ideally, so that you don't have to cut at all any extras at the end!) idea: how they press soda cans.

  80. Souhaib Benchaker

    Micro center seriously need you to remake their app btw