1. Tox-i

    Ghost peaper

  2. Rui

    lmao people do know that to build a spice tolerance it usually takes long time

  3. iiDraggsz

    Should of titled the video, “Paying off my wife’s $70,000 of debt”

  4. hoovnation74

    Most people get an order not just one

  5. Anjaylia Bong

    After the filming the video 1 sec in:Milk* ,ice cream*,Sodas*,Water*,Sink*,Toilet mukbang,banana*, apples,*Grapes*,Orange juice,*Human,*Sister,*Brother,*Mom,*Dad* CRYSSSS!

  6. Fuzzysmore

    Don't buy what you can't afford?.. domt need the newest nicest car, but glad you worked through it

  7. TR Gaming

    Who got anxiety while watching him drive🥵

  8. Sometimes I'm Not Even Here

    Consider the universe balanced

  9. Red SG

    He sounds like dream?

  10. Sans.

    We should go back to traditional trading

  11. Michał Krzyżanowski

    You shouldn't expect anything after only a month

  12. St*Salty 17

    Nice job man thats impressive

  13. Joanna Ch.

    That blonde kid from Neds Declassified is shakingggg 😂

  14. Jaay Jonah


  15. Cameron Chitra-Straley

    Try wingstops atomic wings

  16. AestheticRDinitial

    Aye ya gotta respect with some beast merch

  17. Graceme123

    O that’s cool

  18. Graceme123

    O that’s cool

  19. Htt


  20. Nick Eddy

    Change it

  21. EasyPeasy

    Am I supposed to know who 'dream' is.... Sounds like a _big_ deal

  22. H2Ox Demon

    Plot twist:Dream is the other personality he doesn't know about


    Learn how to spin a twshue box it's kind of weird but try it and also do game

  24. Paully

    I learned that by myself in prison.

  25. Evan Grove

    Comments: Ramadan is going on IM SO HUNGRY me: eating while watching this

  26. Bluflamechar

    Is it just me or does he sound like dream

  27. spades95

    Why would I? You're just running numbers and driving while doing an obviously over exited voice over. Where is the actual content? The creativity? Or are you only aspiring to become another mrBeast where your only talent is wads of cash and flaunting how rich you are?

  28. Char Foster

    Mix all hot sauce in one bowl and eat it

  29. afif azim

    Lol it looks like shit. I mean like literal shit

  30. Sam

    Look at that amazing kitchen at 0:27 now imagine you going to his house and he cooks the meal Hell naww LOL that kitchen top dirty 🤮🤮

  31. Hank Palomar

    My man literally had everything going for him and probably worked out before.

  32. Kanwarpal Singh

    I think without the timelapse of tesla ,his videos look kinda boring

  33. Senthilkumar O

    Stealing other people's contentes

  34. Oliver Revillo

    Found someone other than Milad and Dylan

  35. Karlsruhe's Bad drivers

    Credit card debt is the stupidest thing to have. Glad you guys sorted it out!

  36. meru0796

    Why would you put honey on it? Makes it more spicey

    1. TeknoPedia

      Tastes better

  37. Jack

    What- I have been reading his name as Potato-

  38. Myles

    Elon doesn’t design and make the cars he just owns the company

  39. Rowan van Berkum

    I feel like u used this as an excuse to show us ur house. And damn you have a rlly nice place

  40. Hamzah Mo

    And i now who is dream

  41. Dane Grossnickle

    Those who don't shoot for the stars will never land on the moon. You need to do is get an idea in front of him that he likes and you'll succeed. Granted you might have to over extended your self to beyond the dream in order to land on the dream, but those who say "its an impossible task" "you're asking too much" are the same people who are happy working a 9-5 or happy in a basic situation, because they're too afraid to take a risk in life. Hammer down. And make your dream a reality.

  42. Nischay bhadani


  43. Hamzah Mo

    Just try playing fortnite

  44. the persona hunter페.헌.

    Fun fact: he drank the milk after switching off the camera

  45. Pradeep Hurloll

    Loops ;(

  46. wassup y'all

    Dan blizeran is that you?


    Imagine if this was just a brilliant plan to assanite elon musk

  48. Jordan Evangelista

    I’ll fucking trade you tiger shark jaw for them shoes 😭