This video channel, by Brian Shaw, 4 time World's Strongest Man (2011, 2013, 2015, 2016) is dedicated to entertaining viewers with world-class feats of strength while humbly teaching others to become stronger in body and mind so that they can achieve whatever they believe in.

We will visit popular topics like strongman diet and nutrition, strongman workouts and routines and go thoroughly into proper form, technique equipment.

We'll talk about professional and amateur strongmen coaching and instruction. Brian Shaw prepares year-round for strongman competitions in the USA and around the world. Brian is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and is dedicated to be an ambassador of the strongman sport.

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  1. Prison 0

    Brian would be a great MMA strength and conditioning coach.

  2. Fan Fin

    Looking lean and mean B! Keep kickin A$$!!! Can’t wait to see you at WSM 2021!

  3. freedom star

    This was fun to watch !

  4. Kiana Sullivan-Harper

    Omg... these guys are adorable 🥰

  5. Spark Play

    Ultra instinct.?

  6. john Kosheluk

    It is cool how you all are friends

  7. Maticus28

    600 lbs

  8. Ramon Dominguez

    That is one strong dude. Just half asssing, the force he generates. Incredible!!!

  9. Ma As

    I want to see Khabib wrestle against this guy 😅

  10. Jack Kinney

    Man needs a new toilet

  11. Mounir B

    Dustin poirier out of shape, bad cardio, breathing heavy after few kicks....

  12. Christopher Naylor

    Can u wear the grip shirt during competitions

  13. maximus decimus

    Technique vs strength

  14. Scias

    Lunk alarm!!! 🚨🚨

  15. Beuf meo

    "tryna get hyped up" be free. "pulls out pizza"

  16. Aslan Music

    I mean I understand the reasoning for weight classes, how big Brian is and the fact that Poirier is an elite mma fighter but if that was Khabib in side position with Brian I genuinely think that he could have gotten up from underneath Brian, he's just leagues above everybody in grappling I feel like the skill would be too much for Brian even with the weight disadvantage.

  17. Luis Flores

    I feel like Shaw is really trying not to kill Dustin. But I also feel he has so much muscle that his mobility comes off very stiff and rigid.

  18. Juan A.

    ABG, Always Be Gaining, I’ll take those words to heart.

  19. ESG

    Great great video bro

  20. ESG

    Shaw you are in great shape

  21. Rafael Adrian

    looking trim. hes built like a 90s marvel comic artist drew him haha

  22. ESG

    Dustin is a good man

  23. brian miller

    I met Brian Shaw a few years ago at a strongman competition - he’s one of the most humble and chill dudes I ever met.

  24. Dog Supremacy

    We need a 325+ super heavyweight division in the UFC. Scary thought.

  25. tgziceblood

    Between thor and Eddie my money is on EH , thor comes off as a raging diva where as Eddie comes across as a humble asshole with character


    HAHAHAHHHH! " I'll die before I take the milk first....I'm 35 man......"

  27. Tony Page

    Brian is a human tank

  28. Set Burhed

    Eddie is the best

  29. amfam100

    “I would love to show you that” as he ravenously searches for a pad!!! 😆

  30. Aris Miguel

    That bear going to learn how to hunt finally

  31. Nicholas Ambrosino

    Those shits must have been massive

  32. Okyz L2R

    At this point brian could just force an armbar just by brute strength.

  33. Manar S

    If Dana white was on growth hormone


    lmao i could see dustin go flying when brian started kicking

  35. chris benet

    This guy would kill Doostin in a real fight


    Imagine if Brian trained to fight he would be unstoppable

  37. Very Fraudulent

    I’m sorry but that dude just say he tans there. I’m gonna need your man card rn

  38. Richard Turner

    I could have easily not pulled that lift.

  39. CantataNoir

    Shaw vs Ngannou

  40. Mujahim Adnan

    a collaboration would be great between you two and matt stonie.....

  41. Pragun Jindal

    2:48 the pantsing

  42. Pragun Jindal

    2:48 the pantsing

  43. Constantine Thomas

    You deserve a velvet cheese cake 🎂😋.

  44. Muhammad Dzhanibek

    So nice content. Literally 2 Champs!!!

  45. william west

    400 plus pounds is alot to carry on ur spine lol

  46. Michael Byrne

    This was awesome

  47. william west

    I wanna see Brian hold the pad when rogan kicks it

  48. Sam Zar

    Dustin is a good guy👍

  49. Hidir Yilmaz

    There is also a reason why they have weight classes. Imagine Brian Shaw on Adrenaline and good grappling skills, good night :)

  50. Koon Koom

    I’ve never seen a guy handle a plate so easy

  51. Lee wally

    Brian can probably knock one out during a warm-up 😅

  52. B-BRUV


  53. Gabriel Carey

    The white version of the rock and kevin hart

  54. Billy Allen

    Animalistic yell then like nothing ever happened, just ran that double dumbbell.

  55. Keith Allison

    Shaw do they give you heads up closer to strongman or keep it a complete surprise

  56. nicholas givens

    this guy must be on steroids

  57. varun kulkarni

    It literally takes to be a UFC champion to be comfortable enough with your masculinity for wearing pink gloves.

  58. Johnny Martinez

    U need to go back to your old weight and diet to win your 5th bro..... Other wise i don't think you will honestly man.... Plus tom stoleman is probably going to win it this year hes young and gigantic and hungry

  59. Patrick crowder

    Two nice guys. But that size difference lol

  60. Megatron Decepticon

    Retire with some dignity its not like U will ever win again its over 💩💩

  61. Jesse Briggs

    Holy shit! He looks good!! I like to see his CDB training. The dbl db snatch ladder was dope!!!

  62. James Odom

    Brian when are we going to see some college highlights???

  63. Ron

    You guys are nuts! You realize the Carolina Reaper has over TWO MILLION Scoville units!!! Scoville units are the measure of heat for peppers/how much capsaicin they contain and that is insanely high. By comparison a jalapeno has like 2500 to a high of only 8000 Scoville units. Highest I've done so far is a sauce rated at 500,000 Scoville units and I couldn't stop hiccuping for like 15 minutes. That's only 1/4 of what you guys just ate. There should be some kind of award for doing what you guys just did. To the Carolina Reaper I say, and HELL NO. There's only one thing hotter than the Carolina Reaper as of this time and that is manmade...pure capsaicin oil. They say just dipping a toothpick in the oil and then stirring it in a 5 gallon pot of chili makes the chili 5 alarm and that is the only reason it's even restaurants can get it and save money on making their chili hot. Hard to come by though and so powerful, one drop on a cracker can hospitalize someone...blisters on the tongue and esophagus...etc...etc...don't get any. BTW...I'm far from 12 yrs

  64. Brett Ahearn

    If they ever made a movie for God of War, Brian should be cast as Kratos

  65. Universal Service Tech UST

    Per 5 days good gracious $$$$

  66. Vijay Kumar

    Something do

  67. 71janas

    Boys don't cry. Big boys do😉

  68. Jeffrey Lizak

    I want to be Brian's friend he seems like such an amazing dude.

  69. Ben Asher

    Pause at 6:51, the size difference is utterly ridiculous! 😂

  70. James Symens

    Just wondering is the noise at @ 3:30 a voluntary sound & if so why does he do it?

  71. Nathan O'Hare

    Brian might have had the disadvantage on pull ups, but I feel like his weight helped him a lot on the row

  72. Ben Asher

    Would love a home setup like this, Its better than my local gym! 😂

  73. JMBS

    The real Champ here is Brians Wife... :)

  74. Michael Williamson

    Everyone else in the gym just quit that day

  75. James CT

    Two absolutely awesome guys, great to watch them having fun and mad respect for each other, appreciated that whole interaction 🙏🏼

  76. bakhti chirchikskiy

    I want to see if khabib can keep you down

  77. Pressburg Hero

    Vid would be 50% better without Tom.

  78. Estes Lakes

    I swear Brian belongs in the Baki menga

  79. Sergios

    Also what kinda size is this. Damn.

  80. Sergios

    Brian shaw looks like a very cool dude to hang out with.