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I quit my full-time job as an engineer and product developer to make only the coolest inventions -- just for you guys -- right here on USfilm. We show the engineering process of making our projects to inspire others into STEM fields, and to show that anything is possible with science!

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  1. Bruh Ivan

    James: 1:20 Darryl:I'm suppose to be getting some milk while my wife is taking care of the baby

  2. ItsTotalyNotMe

    Spoilers: he is gonna build a spaceship

  3. Loreto Garcia

    the Hu

  4. OpGamErz S

    My hobby:taking care of pets and plants His hobby:

  5. JackQTV Games and Memes

    I can hear that samual kim in the background

  6. John Dough

    Did you do the sparkler thing with a string, d volt battery, and steal wool?

  7. timbuck222

    “relatively safe”

  8. ICE DAX#26

    You could put the extinguisher in the Jet pack and make two more valves I could hook up to the jet pack so then that would make the flame and you would still have the flamethrower

  9. Dan the Aussie bush man

    Hey you do realise that the mandalorian fired one of their most loved and revered actors?

  10. Sean Mulay

    I love how he says “Crossbrow”

  11. Rewasder

    Will there be a bulletproof test for the armour? Pls!

  12. Mathew Young

    You guys are starting to make it look effortless. Bravo 👏🏻👏🏻

  13. Jake

    *makes a flamethrower from a fire extinguisher*

  14. Sludgy

    9:52 can’t wait to cook breakfast on my hover board

  15. Skylo Ren

    Making a flamethrower out of a fire extinguisher. Ironic

  16. Kaj Baijens

    Hey its the guy from fortnite Make this the most disliked comment

  17. 姚智恩Thomas Yiu

    16:56 100% same as the Mad Max in Peninsula lol

  18. die die

    Shooting fire from a fire extinguisher 😂

  19. Sebastian Studios

    They did it. Such madlads.

  20. MR SQUAD 101

    Plot twist: Mando flame tower fuel is in he's jet pack fuel 🧠

  21. Maxis

    This was amazing 🤩

  22. Shmitober Shmitober

    So I have a bit of an idea. What if, you took all of your projects, and made a suit of all sorts of the best things. Such as having the Iron man helmet, and the mandolorian glove, and the Jedi lightsaber. and then you would like make a movie of you defeating different bosses like a videogame.

  23. Japnoor Singh

    Tony stark, Bruce wayne and norman Orborn be like: Why are we still here just to suffer

  24. Lorenzo Ferrari

    You can't spell flamethrower without meth

  25. Tobias Wilks

    I think it’d be great if they made a super strong staff like mando’s one

  26. Giffy

    okay okay, as a massive mandalorian fan, like culture, armour and everything, that is so fecking cool i want one :p

  27. Matthew Henson

    What the hell darren!!! Go away!!!

  28. Under Taker

    You're full of tricks wizard

  29. nobody cares

    Should call that metal bender Toph.... ;)

  30. Bestsson

    Classic Darryl moment xD

  31. Nate and games

    i got the sighing poster from his store its so cool

  32. Stark 1

    Pourquoi la vidéo n'est pas traduit en français...

  33. Jamie19

    How are to going to make the jetpack its small?

  34. Steve Arcon

    this is so good good job

  35. CTE2028 Gaming And More

    You could put the flamethrower stuff in the jetpack

  36. VIHAAN The Multitasker

    You are really great there is nothing you can’t make are you going to make a missile in the jetpack

  37. Mert Sezer

    just started watching. if you did not finish this vid with a "I/we have spoken" we'll gone a problem

  38. BBearplayz

    Just an Idea, but, What if, when you make the Jetpack, you but the corn starch and the propane inside it, that way you can walk around and not be constantly attached to a pipe

  39. Henrique Souza

    This is awesome but I cant get arround the fact that they put the whistling birds on the wrong hand

  40. Dumb Person

    "What's your workout routine?" "Sheet metal bending, really works the arms"

  41. parsa ezzati

    Hi.Go for the sniper next

  42. Joshua Wayland

    This girl is smart and good at what she does but she tries WAY to hard to be funny and entertaining. If anyone in the Hacksmith team sees this tell her that she does need to entertain us and that the process is entertaining enough.

  43. BobNob Gaming

    title yourself as a real avenger not iron man

  44. Horror Husky

    This is the way


    Wow, ml X-borg hand

  46. Top 10

    Pedro Pascal, wants to know your location

  47. Kermit the Crackhead

    I’m a big mando fan can I buy this

  48. Lau renz

    Darryl be lookin like: Hahah you just got bamboozeld 😃

  49. Syed Ibadullah

    Can anyone buy iron man mark 50 robot by ubtech for me ?

    1. Syed Ibadullah

      Ok joking

    2. Syed Ibadullah



    can you do a ghostbusters build?

  51. iakah Drake

    Making a flamethrower out of a fire extinguisher, what an irony...

  52. Syzrulex90

    2:05 how many times you have to retake?

  53. NerdyDullahan Art & Gaming

    Man you could sell that flamethrower design to the military and make a killing.

  54. Leandro Nogueira De Souza

    Do a pip boy

  55. BullakaBOOM Gaming

    I would become a member if it was free because I have n money

  56. Roblox Gaming With NateLebb


  57. Syed Ibadullah

    How much for all hacksmith industry flame thrower , rocket launcher, all of captain America's shield , all of those hammers , no I have a better idea can I join hacksmith industry later when I grow up

  58. Roblox Gaming With NateLebb

    a few thousand dillars

  59. sh saruul

    The background song is the hu band 8.11


    You guys are legendary🔥🔥!

  61. Harrison Winters

    that glove is defo gonna burn on the next time you use it

  62. Not GoodEnough

    Do a minecraft gear set

  63. Johnny games

    No way yes he's is making the Mandalorian armor

  64. Indoor Shooting club

    When the apocalypse hits the only way to survive is to visit hacksmith industries

  65. Isaac Haigh

    You should try and make the suit from titan fall 2 where you can jump on walk on walls and double jump!!

  66. Tyler Mason

    I can't wait to see how they will all turn out, you should try to make the pod that carries baby Yoda after you make the armour, and the pulse rifle if you can.

  67. Dante Salerno

    Please make the armour as well

  68. FantasticFinnGaming


  69. Kain Greening

    I bet if hacksmith put a couple hours into it he could probably build a minature deathstar that you can hold, with a little button on the bottom to turn on a laser

  70. LoveMCU

    8:06 kabum rico?

  71. Dr hydration

    Make a suit of power armor from fallout 4 presumably the suit of xo1 power armor

  72. Some Guy

    If ww3 will start ins day please do me a favor and not participate in it. I dont want hundreds if super soldiers with jetpacks bullet proof armour flame throwers and guns flying at me.

  73. Perfumado ML

    Make all the thypes of arrows from the green arrow show

  74. Jeevgaming 0990

    Sometimes I wonder “r these even legal”

  75. Der Goatinator

    Disney should legt you guys make the costumes

  76. Staywoke

    You look like Jesus from the Bible ... I say from the Bible cuz we dont know what he looks like

  77. Mikkel Lundby

    Can you please make the darksaber

  78. Caleb Evans

    You should do grogus hovering crib!

  79. fakir

    make the halo wars 4 spartan armor