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  1. Truth Truth

    I see about $20 million for each lady. He is a cocky cretin. Had he did that to my wife, use your imagination 仁. But I don't have a wife. He should be in prison.

  2. cttvx

    did Michael come back to burn the guard room

  3. Kathleen Reyes

    What a beautiful home! Wish it was in my price range!!

  4. Marke Frought

    In jail for murder gets a "disciplinary ticket" 不不不不不for beating a child killer

  5. Les

    Looks like a despicable me character a yellow condom

  6. jnie swartz

    Its funny cause in 2021 coconut oil is used by everyone! HER teacher is trash and ignorant

  7. Marko Milenovi

    That teacher is racist old bi*ch

  8. Aaliyah Sampson

    There is just something not right about this case that girl was drugged

  9. La簿ca Beauvil

    Was she family of Niko Jenkins

  10. Clarence Pratt

    Thats american law for you. They all think they can get away with crimes like this on the public and then for that pathetic dishonest cop and all his higer ups to do yhe cover up that night. How shameful and the police captain or chief of the lynwood pd and the village mayor and whatever council employees that knew about this crime and cover up. What a disgrace for that disgusting cop to straight out lie and the kids are supposed to look up these clowns. No way or ever would i trust one. So crooked and corrupt and unhonest for the village of lynwood to allow therepublic servants the cops to get awsy with such actions and violations and crimes. Only in america

  11. Patrick Kerner

    Oh well, teach your kids right from wrong. Enough with the BS, Stand your Ground! Get a job and work like the rest of Us, your Not special!

  12. Rob Mize

    Hadnt watched Channel 2 regularly in years, didnt even know he retired til I saw him on a tribute to Jim Tilmon today. Forgot he was on in the 80's with Bill and Walter; longer then I thought. I believe the weatherman before him was John Coughlin. Chicago has had some great weathermen for sure! Congrats Steve and happy retirement!

  13. Fannie New Hamer

    She wants the money from the estate..hopefully he had a new will..

  14. emsweenie1

    Maybe the kid took the last butter finger from the store . If this would have been my 16 year old son that cop would need to go to prison for protection . Anyone that would let the cop off is just as guilty as he is . All review boards need to be set up with people who are not affiliated with elected officials or the police .

  15. Raymond Villalobos

    Kill them rats

  16. Mike Hawthorne

    Ummmm.... Ketchup is usually my first choice on a hot dog. Mustard is ok too, I guess...

  17. Dimitroula K.

    It was later ruled an accidental death. Autopsy revealed alcohol and topiramate intoxication. So sad that someone so young had to die under these circumstances.

  18. Dickie Greenleaf

    Chia house.

  19. annacolleen wesson etters

    What an incredible thing he has done. It's gorgeous!

  20. nancy garrison

    These are HOUSES...absolutely stunning. I wish more of these houses were restored...we will all regret it years from now.

  21. runningfromtheherd

    Gloomy. Not good natural light.

  22. Marcos Mazano

    Keystone XL pipeline

  23. Justice Carter


  24. Jeff Stevens

    I was once a guest in the house. I still remember the woodwork in the dining room and, of all things, the cedar closet.

    1. Jeff Stevens

      I'm surprised those details were not mentioned here. Perhaps over the years, those exquisite features were removed and installed elsewhere. I don't know.

  25. jack the Lass

    What was that character's name in the Goonies? Anyone remember the Garbage pail kids? That's who he reminds me of.

  26. BLACK face Hardon

    I always put ketchup on my hot dog

  27. Gammer 3456

    King von said something about parkway gardens

  28. steven herrold

    that big of a house is to close to neighbors at first i thought that house on the left was an ad on to the brick house then i got a pic from another angle it a beautiful home if you have a large family of like 10 or more

  29. Sophia Loren Coffee

    More then Kenneka came up dead! kanneka was the only with family and lawyer that faught for this to go public! It was a set up to kidnap and Organ harvest! Talk to your children about this...it happens everyday! Doctors have discovered how to do womb transfers on trans women...Google it... where did all these Millions of Experimental healthy young female wombs come from inorder to perfect thus demonic craft! Humph?

  30. Curve God

    Easy money just found my new job

  31. CalRailFan90208

    The last stop before Chicago.... Fat rip

  32. Rifty Gang


  33. Rifty Gang

    Stfu its a BB gun go away

  34. Aegis Letum

    Brain worms.

  35. Tobey Lindo

    Ditch school? Well what's the point in putting blame? She is gone. A young life is gone. Poor little girl, should have listened to her mom. Friends? Friends don't make you loose school. Not only did " Her friends" made he loose school, they also made her loose her life. Those kids in Rogers Park need mentors. I hope she rests in peace. Be blessed in heaven girlie :(

  36. Trxpo Blacc

    You cant creep around in a van in Chicago and expect to not get shot at free him

  37. Jethro Bodine

    Nasty Karen Here : "This guy is so ugly that if it wasn't for the accents etc., I would have thought this was filmed in Britain!"

  38. Eric.

    "Dont be afraid to shake the slot " but shaking/tampering with the slot is what caused an alert

  39. Sergio JR Martin Guevara

    Tow companys are fraud and abusive and mess up peoples lifes

  40. 1911GreaterThanALL

    ...he was also dumb a bag of rocks.

  41. Brendan Sierra

    Damn!!! Call me & my cordless grinder. $20 & you keep the cut up boot

  42. Kim MacRae


  43. Nathan Dean

    an that why more people departments are going with quarter horses. not dogs. as dogs are missles. they dont stop attacking. where as quarter horses are smarter than the average cop is.

  44. It's Ya Boi

    Location destroys the historical prestige... ...Not enough space between next door neighbors. You mean to say Oscar Mayer had ran out of inheritance recipients?

  45. M.F.

    If I was there shed have got some sand in her eyes too!

  46. open 32

    He was gonna be THIS, He was gonna be THAT...........He became a CARJACKER

  47. Gachakittens

    I hope this is real lol trump sucks

  48. Raw Olympia

    Thank you!

  49. Hallie Clark


  50. Dou Ja

    Coconut oil smells amazing wth

  51. G MAN

    NO need for better training here, saving money for the annual police party. We find nothing wrong in our department. Nothing to see here. It's all their fault.

  52. Kylie Rice

    How could she get in trouble for dropping them at a safe house

  53. Birdman

    He's gone from giving people boots to giving up the booty.

  54. John

    Notice how the other guard stepped back like; Im not getting involved

  55. eusebio calderon

    I will buy it.

  56. Dave DeC

    Cops protect their own unfortunately

  57. HabitualLover

    Aw, not Dennis Edwards. Rest in peace.

  58. Michael Hills

    I think he and a cohort went I to her cell and hung her to stop any investigation of the officer behavior. He took her out of the car for failure to signal a turn. I SAY THIS BECAUSE OF HIS ATIITUDE TELLS ME THE POLICE OF THIS CITY BEHAVE LIKE THIS DAILY.

  59. William Kimmer

    Beautiful. Glad they didn't tare it down.

  60. Jon Weber

    All you have to do is call the cops

  61. Super Dave

    It's a lovely old home and the price is fair with one problem. I wouldn't want my family to grow up in what will become known as the "Weiner House". Kids are cruel.

  62. Michael Miller

    Hot dog!

  63. Chase Davis

    Its not a lab its basic cooking

  64. Iosef Kleznakov

    I don't understand why you would abandoned a baby like this in the United States.... every police station and every fire station and every hospital in the United States is a Safe Surrender facility.... NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!!!!

  65. Shon

    I would love to purchase that home

  66. Mark Johnson

    I wouldn't want to pay the heating and cooling bills

    1. nancy garrison

      If u can millions for a home I doubt u have trouble paying the bills...unless like some people who wanna fly with no wings and head into financial ruin

  67. Gnarnia

    How were they supposed to get her wrecked car off the road tho ????

  68. richard stonyisland

    The school's called raggedy

  69. Tina Valentine

    I am a 4 grader i use to go to garfield

  70. Constance Denchy

    Poor girl was so wasted she thought she was getting into an elevator

  71. luxury carkey720

    The truth will come out..rest easy dennis

  72. Koda zaddy

    Why he using a crack pipe

  73. Linda White

    I am curious. I used to clean house for a daughter of the Oscar Meyer family and I wonder if she would have recognised this building.

  74. Eva H

    Well if I won the great Powerball I would purchase at house and all of the surrounding houses next to me and move them or knock them down and have a big piece of property that would be my summer getaway

  75. Merin mathew

    *I'm a student of class 12 in India.I was made pay rupees 50 for not applying coconut oil on my hair.*

  76. Dave Berry

    Just by the way this lady looks. . . Forget what she says. . .Set me 500 feet away with binoculars, and the moment I see those glasses on her head, , ,all I need to know. . .Why is she there someone???

  77. Bonnie Merchant

    Thank you for saving this astounding beauty

  78. Jethro Bodine

    "He's been doing this for several yeasrs ..." WTF?

  79. straycat1674

    If that dog refused to release, there was something wrong with his training. Or the handler