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  1. AbsoluteXXIV

    Gonna be weird when Tobey bumps into doc ock looking like he did in 2004 but Tobey's Spider Man aged like 15 yrs

  2. Zeno

    I really hope this movie has the best writers involved. A live action Spiderverse movie deserves the same amount of love and care as Infinity War/Endgame.

  3. CJ Wise

    I still can’t get my hopes up. This seems way too obvious that he would just come out and talk about this. I’ll believe it when I see it. But i always come to your channel to find out the news!!!

  4. Cosmic Gaming

    I want after this movie to get a mcu Doctor Octopus, who is originally from the mcu.

  5. Tucker Bowen

    i didn't like Spider-Man 3, but i know my best friend did, which is why i hope they don't retcon it away

  6. J Ra

    Can’t wait for resident evil I think filmed right will be very good

  7. PunchUp Coin

    I lowkey feel bad for Walker

  8. GamerNiteSteve

    Since both Doc Ock and Peter are picking up right after Spider-Man 2 and Jamie Foxx's Electro is a different version than seen in ASM2, Imagine if they do end up retconning both Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and (like with Zack Snyder's Justice League) we end up getting "Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3" and "Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man 2" then we just continue on from there with Spider-Man 4 and The Amazing Spider-Man 3!

  9. Prajwal Chavan

    I'm with WALKER! who else?

  10. Bree Ryan

    I actually liked the first 2 seasons of it better than the movie bc I knew it was him from the start of the movie the 3 seasons have a better story in my opinion

  11. Mr Critical

    Something tells me Kevin Feige is gonna recreate Molina’s death in Raiders Of The Lost Arc after this interview

  12. Spuff

    Didn't expected that intro

  13. KermitOnAMoped

    That fan made spider-man poster is cool i like it

  14. Rindo

    Dang it I missed it again!

  15. MegaDrive 14

    That intro the 😂

  16. Z FAN

    I can wait for this movie and really good video!! I love your videos

  17. Jay Berserker

    The other character with Kabal and Mileena is supposedly Reiko, the precursor to Shao Kahn. Which is weird, because of the huge Shao Kahn statue in other trailers.

  18. Aaron Williamson

    Tbh I wish the wouldn't bring the Dock Ock from Spider-man 2 because I think his story had a good ending, I don't want Marvel to ruin his character arc by just making him a villain because if they do that they will ruin spider-man 2s ending for me.

  19. Crad500

    Do they really need to de-age Toby Maguire?? Dude dosen't look that old

  20. Ananth Sundaram

    Tobey better get spiderman 4 or at least a good screen time in no way home

  21. Priyanshu Raj

    I ak curious about tone of these movies. All three have totally different tone. I would be interesting to merge them

  22. ulysees71

    I must be a spider verse right RIGHT

  23. Aditya Majumder

    In Rock's words FIiiNaAlllYyyY!!!

  24. DaiShuryo Technus

    Ultrom is technically still alive...Spider-Man 1 shows a functioning prime head.

  25. AwesomeAdhamh1

    If doc is in it I'll pass out I bet I will

  26. Swayer ALR

    Hey Kris is there any news for the Five night at freddy's film yet ?

  27. Priyanshu Raj

    I can feel Wanda-vision has crippled our expectations we are afraid to expect😂😂😂

  28. Winter Rys

    The hype i have for this movie is unhealthy


    3 Hour Movie!!

  30. Supreme

    I can De-Age anyone just by Snapchat for free😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  31. BG4_Studios

    This..does put a smile on my face

  32. R_eagan 1939

    I like how Alfred Molina just spilled all of them secrets like that 😂

  33. S H


  34. Classic Nerd

    Mixed feelings about them using Raimi’s Doctor Octopus. His arc and story ended beautifully. Also, they should build off of Spider-Man 3. Not erase it entirely.

  35. wιngenιх

    ...... ⤵...... ⤵........... ⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵ I think electro will come from rami universe and doc ock will be from the amazing universe

  36. Joseph Gavin

    I want Tom Holland's Spiderman to have a "what are those" moment when he sees Doc Ock's metal arms like when he was impressed with Bucky's metal arm in civil war

  37. Crad500

    Please don't be another Ralph Boner

  38. Noel3d Pende

    Doc Oc wakes up coughing water, hides for awhile sees Tom Holland's Spiderman, goes to him yelling Peter Peter, Tom Holland's Spiderman looks at him confused and concerned, takes off his mask Doc Oc looks at him weird cause its not Tobey, Tom sees his metal arms and thinks his evil

  39. No One

    Im not trying to panic but THANK YOU MARVEL I F*CKING LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Peter poker!!!

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel Black Panther 2 is gearing up to start filming later this year, and its working title is "Summer Break."


    I have a theory : What If the "sun" that doc auk made didn't stop growing but turned into a worm bridge between the tow univers

  42. Jack Deegan

    I'm more worried than excited for this film so far tbh

  43. Riyan

    hey man, did you remember the doctor strange reference in spiderman 2004 and it was also revealed that spiderman was not that much seen for 2 year. I think he was in the multi universe. it is a just theory and this doesn't make any sense.

  44. Parthsarthi Muranjan

    I would have expected the powerbroker to make camoe and Thaddeus ross

  45. Eujen Ocampo

    I'm so exited for Mrs Z Live action♥

  46. jose Petrinjak

    God, I'm so worried

  47. Isai Gonzalez

    I love Spider-Man 3. It's one of my favorite Spider-Man movies ever right behind Spider-Man 2.

  48. narrative_ pflicht

    im waiting for a trailer to see all that good news has got me hyped

  49. Sparky Neko

    all i'm thinking now is how livid Feige is for all the beans spilled

  50. Bruh Memes


  51. JBeasty04

    Ok my theory is that, and don’t flame me for this, but the only time these villains come out is in an post credit scene where the black dude from Dr. Strange movie (his friend that goes bad at the end) some how summons them into his univers🤷‍♂️. Prolly don’t make any sense but it’s just a thought

  52. DethMagnetik

    This movie needs to be Snyder cut length

  53. RS Dillbot

    Also nick furry was deaged for a good potition of captain marvel so it could be possible

  54. Cody Adams

    Pizza time

  55. Barlos The turd

    The Loki trailer when he's talking to owen Wilson's character and showed him how he opened up the multiverse when he grabbed the tesseract

  56. Kanesmode Studios

    0:00 I just imagine him being in arts and crafts class and going “yo hand over the vibranium” And someone’s just like “uhhh we have paper?”

  57. Down D. Stairs

    that intro was great but i wouldve loved i even more if it was 3c in the spiderman suit

    1. 3C Films

      Maybe if I can get fit

  58. Alfonso Macias

    I think the AI tentacles got more power from thats sun and suck him into the Tom's mcu universe. So he has a different mind set.

  59. Demetrius Harris

    If I were a TMNT I'd be Mikey gotta find the funny in life's speed bumps!

  60. Morgan Carter

    Please don’t ruin his sacrifice from Spider-Man 2

  61. CactusLasagne

    This honestly can’t be real, I’m pretty shocked

  62. Ska Pilgrim

    Here’s my theory on why molinas ock might go bad. So let’s say the sinister six is almost formed there’s five members but they just need a sixth. When suddenly they find Molina wondering around confused and scared. They hear his story. With his smarts and background in technology they recruit him even though ock says he is done with the whole villain stuff maybe Norman Osborn says he can help him with his Technology to get him back to his universe. Maybe ock even builds scorpions suit or makes an upgraded vultures suit for toomes

  63. Demetrius Harris

    I need to see the Banana Spits movie

  64. codes

    Watch they say that the thing fell in the water was a singularity opening up a portal to the multiverse.

  65. H.F.Ø.

    that is unbelievable! keep cranking up those spider man news man!

  66. AJ86

    For the question that how is dock ock gonna be de aged and a villain, throughout te movie and after the events of that sun like machine he went loco and became a villain and later he is going to be sucked in to that thing. It might sound a bit outrageous but what if the times he interacts with it earlier in the movie, his "consciousness was teleported to a universe where dock was already a villain? And later on he turned good and helped peter, but while being sucked in to the machine, it happens again and he turns villain again?

  67. The Batman

    If he’s really the Raimi- Doc Ock, there’s like no chance Tobey and Andrew don’t show up😭 Unless Kevin Feige fed Alfred wrong information for fear of spoilers...

  68. Mikey 1994

    I like the movies and I like going to the lobby for the snacks

  69. Fernando Nunez

    I hope this is a 2 hr plus movie at this point with all the hype

  70. Yuvaraj Yuvi

    I think spiderman no way home will hit first 1.5billion boxoffice😱

  71. William Ednie

    My favorite line in the whole show so far, is when everything comes full circle, and Wilson gets called "uncle Sam"

  72. Mario Perez

    I don’t like the Isaiah Bradley stuff.I don’t think the marvel movies needed to throw race stuff into it.

  73. Anthony Robinette

    Chris always has a fresh haircut .. respect! 💯🤌🏼😂

    1. 3C Films

      Haha thank you

  74. The Mask Room

    In the article he said that they will pick up where he is at the lake. That's all i have seen on there.

  75. Carissa Lutton Movie Talk

    About to watch Spider man far from home for the first time tonight. I hope it's as good as the first one.

    1. 3C Films

      I like it more then the first! But enjoy!

  76. copperkiddo

    I can’t wait for TMNT!!! And with Seth Rogen leading the way ( he knows how to showcase teenagers. Superbad anyone?) we’re in for a real treat. I just hope he won’t go too mature with the turtles. I want kids to enjoy them like they do DC or Marvel films. But yeah super excited. Oddly enough, Raphael was always my favorite.

  77. Matt Baxter

    Spider-Man 3 reboot I am all for it and Spiderman 4

  78. Slim Tupac

    Exactly!! The only possible reason I could think of doc ock will go from a good guy by the end of Spider-Man 2 back to a villain in Spider-Man multiverse is that when he goes to toms universe, he sees that “in this universe, Spider-Man’s a killer” from hearing on the news from mysterio and JJJ. That’s the only reason I can think of but either way, I CANT FUCKING WAIT

  79. Johannes Animates

    That intro 😩😩😩😩

  80. Nightmare1398

    Spider-Man = Sam Raimi Green Goblin = Jon Watts Gwen Stacy = Character Arcs