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  1. RenzHustlez

    Love can make you start a war

  2. narusasu uzumaki

    Sakura if you didnt do her

  3. Luka Grainger

    And could you please do the loge of yamato

  4. judas

    bro do orochimaru or hiruzen sarutobi

  5. Apulo Achumi

    Biggest simp

  6. Firas Hussin


  7. Shadow Gamer

    Obito is the biggest simp

  8. Otaku 13

    Naruto uzomaki

  9. KaS

    It's sad that he died, he was one of the Best characters in naruto even if he was a mega *SIMP*

  10. Jeux

    The life of Tsunade of naruto Shippuden

  11. Ben Findlay


  12. Jace Sneed

    im early for one

  13. Shayne Boss

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  14. Numeir Darir

    Can you do the life of Naruto Uzumaki

  15. xxred xxx

    The Amagi plzz to naruto plzz also I love all ur naruto videos

  16. Hasan Wilson

    Why was he so against the allies army and Akatsuki destroying each other? Is it because he needs people alive for his eye of the Moon plan

  17. Jj Gy

    Just finished it lol thank you for making these videos

  18. FOE Eternal youth

    Rip rin kakashi broke her heart 😭😭

  19. JHon ツ

    Earlyyyy gang 👉

  20. Kobelol6666's adventure


  21. Muhammad Najjar

    Obito is stronger than the 5 Kiga, like if you agree.

  22. Fred Lost

    The simp that caused a war😂😂😂😂

  23. N A R U T O

    Wow why he look so cool

  24. Ruben Arreola

    You should do one of tobi totally different person

  25. Bilal Mohammadzai

    Did you re upload this video

  26. Muhammad Najjar

    Obito is freaking strong

  27. Michael Webb


  28. Hollow Ghost

    This type of videos reminds me of movie flame who makes the life of other characters in movies such as Harry Potter

  29. Sandy Lopez

    Do naruto

  30. Filip Jovanov

    I think at 9:48 you meant 4th hokage not the 3rd

  31. Yasmin Shoaib

    Swear they already posted the life of obite

  32. Duvanator

    I been waiting for this video

  33. un ordinary Zzz

    Obito explained in one word : *SIMP*

  34. Anonymous _

    Loving this series, don’t stop keep going!

  35. Aaron Caston

    Make a video on the organization kara

  36. Hasan Wilson

    Did Orochimaru just antagonize everybody?

  37. Jacob San

    im actually early and great vid

  38. H20 Der


  39. ASS4S1N


  40. Rumyomum

    I like how. Kishimoto made an “opposite” naruto that took the wrong path

    1. Rumyomum

      @Jamrah true

    2. JustYourOrdinaryArkNoob

      @Jamrah he is just bizzaro naruto he has the weird scar on his eye and has mismatched eyes!

    3. Jamrah

      And he also made a opposite Sasuke too

    4. xZa_chy

      I was just about to comment about that xD

  41. Myst1c

    so goooodd

  42. Frost my Flakes

    When saskue and brouto went back to the past they techinaclly were in naruto the original show but nobody remembers 😂

  43. drxssy

    you should do Indra and Ashura

  44. Shad0wSniper

    “The life of rin” Video:five mins long Me: do do dooo

  45. pro oo

    You should do Ken kaneki

  46. Kirin v8

    The naruto who lost hope

  47. Hasan Wilson

    I swear if I had Orochimaru level of intellect and skill and Danzo's access to Sharingan I would have developed a Jutsu rendering the tailed beasts immune to the Sharingan

  48. Miranda Kenga

    Best part of my day is to see your videos..

  49. Freeze

    you should do one about naruto it would be a good one

  50. Sumireko 三色菫

    Wow I'm near finishing the video when I realized that the video was uploaded 4 mins ago when I started to watch

  51. Eleanor Barry Jhon Dersey

    Since hardly any of the new Airbenders shaved their head, I like how Tenzin gave up and allowed Meelo to grow his hair out rather than making him an exception due to his heritage.

  52. S1lence Cavalli

    n the world, those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.” Obito uchiha

  53. Hasan Wilson

    Can you just tell me how much evil I can get away with and still be redeemed in the end

  54. Bladed Lucifer

    Am I Early

  55. Hasan Wilson

    He promised a world of Truth, yet all he's ever done is run from the truth. The truth is you're not trying to achieve peace you're not protecting anyone. The truth is Rin is dead and you are not going to be Hokage. The truth is you got played by Madara.

  56. PKT Salty

    530th like!!

  57. The Hashira

    Ngl that mask is dope. Its swirly and orange, the things I love :}

    1. The Hashira

      Not to mention the tiger one, its real nice :}

  58. PKT Salty

    234th comment?

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    great video i love the amagi!

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    Lok. Asami

  65. R1CheXY

    Do might guy next

  66. TG Techzzy

    Who else plays shinobi life?

    1. Kamal Basnet



    30:59 damn bro smackin on some food

  68. The Amagi

    Sorry for the reupload, the last one had a few names mispronounced and was missing some information.

    1. Dragway

      What music are using when explaining narutos characters life

    2. Krashyzlol

      @TG Techzzye wanna play

    3. SinTiX

      Karin pls

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      Rock lee

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  70. Absolute mad lad

    Hold on didn't he already do this?

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  72. U V

    please do life of orochimaru!!

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    Day 4 of asking for life of ten ten

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    he dead am sad

  75. Emma Walton

    I always wanted to know more about the Werewolves in this universe as Edward confirms their real but not more information on them

  76. ruby abigail

    the best coven ❌🧢

  77. Hasan Wilson

    Obito didn't want to accept that he had done everything for nothing. And he was nothing more than a bratty child who gave up on reality because he constantly rolled nat 1 his whole life.

  78. NANI but Lol lol lol

    This is the most funny comment u ever seen