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  1. Emma Hend

    chocolate icing is better :)

  2. Alana Klaas

    hello jeffree my name i s Alana i love your videos keep up the great work

  3. honey pie

    Honestly I would prefer these shades on any other ones. Honestly I don’t why people are talking 😕

  4. Kate Katrīna Krūmiņa

    Jeffery really went do you have sauces here 😂

  5. Aafke de bruin


  6. Mouiz Omer

    The real question is what was the reason jeffree had to shave his eyebrows in 11th grade. What kind of person would even do that. That is just stupid.

  7. Benny Mill

    The foolish soprano canonically cheat because starter inversely tempt barring a hypnotic catsup. future futuristic, lopsided halibut

  8. George Bryson

    I miss his makeup review videos.. but those days are over - the energy is different now. Any other USfilmrs I can watch?

  9. Liyliyth 33

    Wow, why is everyone so salty in the comments though? Give him a break... 😩 We need more positivity people 🌞

  10. Buzz Bee

    You live in your gated community and feel so safe. Do you realize how many more people don't live the way you do? 99.9%. There is power in numbers. Duh.

  11. 김홍여

    예수님 악마 나가라 주님 오빠 🥺

  12. Indah DY

    Such a hater

  13. Andreana Heldt

    Disgusting human. I never write those comments - but you should be really scared, because of your karma.

  14. Samantha Mercer

    Awe oct 6 is my bday. So sorry it's such a hard day for you..your in my prayers love ❤️

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  16. Liam

    these views r STRUGGLING

  17. luisa

    I don't understand he is talking about dollars but he bought the things in UK?????

  18. Gia Ortiz

    Omg I didn't want to say this because I didn't want it to sound mean but Jeffrey you do have dark circles I'm a big fan and I love your videos 😄

  19. Emina Basagic

    9:03 Wtf

  20. Patricia Maina

    I thought i was living until i saw this

  21. Purple Roses


  22. Its_ Annie

    Those are so pretty omg

  23. Ed Manzetti

    She’s so beautiful

  24. Ed Manzetti

    You gave Diamond Lyn Star a wonderful life

  25. Ed Manzetti

    This is so sad... it’s so heartbreaking when a Pet Child Passes... I lost my mind a few times when my babies passed or were stollen - forever gone.

  26. Its_ Annie

    It’s cute tho lowkey

  27. Zhenyu Bennett

    My birthday is on April 19th

  28. Nanami A.

    So sad he's having fun and laughing alome...

  29. serve me

    I thought something was off, until I realised. You are honestly the only person I love without eyebrows, and it's so weird when you have them 😂

  30. kurama

    Idk why but it just feels like he'll break or something

  31. Cody Fast

    Why is this so sad to watch lol...

  32. Soledad Cano

    Your makeup gave me an allergy and it was 80 fucking dollars.

  33. Réka Olexó

    If you had endless money, which brand's foundation would you use? ( for fangirls not for Jeffree, he has endless money)

  34. Alexia Bradley

    honestly those two different eyeshadow looks is really a look!

  35. Meghna Gupta

    We need new videos now 😩😩😩

  36. sarah Abenstein

    Oompa Loompa Dupitty do I got a song for you to listen too!

  37. J

    This is the first video I’ve watched of his in months and I can say for certain; he is on coke lol

  38. and force

    Pi coin♥️ In-vita-tion Code : rpadty I will always be with you.

  39. Lia Potts

    I think Jeffree is that one rich person who still cares about money and chooses to take things back.

  40. pacufka

    How I miss these reviews... Jeffree, come back!

  41. Diana OfCourse

    That watermelon freeze is the best thing ever, for real.

  42. Ava Saulpaugh

    i put highlight on my chin whats wrong with that

  43. Vittoria Vvien

    Your products doesn't really hit like they used to me

  44. Alexa Becerra

    i cant believe i still re watch this

  45. Marshella Huang


  46. Angelina Tjokro

    When Jeffree was spraying Trixie with setting spray, it seem like he was spraying it on Trixie's hair lmao

  47. Ori Cau

    Waoooooooooooooooooow!!!! Love it!!!!!!

  48. s

    His friends are so lucky

  49. S Muskan

    Is he a gay.I don't know Can someone please explain what's happening here

  50. Wendy Whitelaw

    DELICIOUS mints, lovelovelove..You are so adorable..I dont watch makeup shows/tutorials much, but you are precious, pleased for your huge success......And LIVE FOR GREENS, for ne its puce, yellowy greens, people are frightened of green and i love that too..X0

  51. screamy

    jeff tell me right now why youre black

  52. DifferentKindofGlam

    I LOVE when Jeffree reviews. 💓❤️

  53. Justine


  54. Aram Villanueva


  55. Princ3ssP34ch1337

    You should do a collab with Ben & Jerry's and call it Mint Chocolate Fantasy.

  56. No Context

    Stop being a vile cretin, YUCK

  57. Princess plays Royal

    Bro I love your nails! Jeffree you are the god of fashion like I have never seen anyone that fashionable

  58. DeDe Nicholls

    I’m offended by the fact that he gets on here and acts all sincere like he gives a flying crap about any of us. Come in people!!!! He does not care one but about what ANY SINGLE ONE OF US!!!!! The only thing he cares about is where his next trio, car or purse is

  59. Jewel Morgan

    So you go to bed at night knowing there are starving children out there????

  60. •O L I V I A•

    "Ice CrEam" me: thinking of blackpink 💗🖤

  61. Darren Sisi

    lol your a man

  62. Natalia Sanchez

    Why do I feel like their relationship was fake but at the same time I don’t

  63. Kayla Rose

    Jeffree can you try out the velvet beauty sponge!?

  64. Anna Cox

    “Welcome back to my channel..HI.. HoW aRe Ya!” IM DEAD😭😂😂😂😂

  65. Chad 1055


  66. Mr Anderson

    Wow, demons have taken a strange angle in the new age. That's a scary dude.

  67. Chicken Nugget

    Did anyone else see when Nate touched jefrees but he pulled his arm viciously away 2:15

  68. little melon

    1:27 i love that face

  69. uhRevoke


  70. uhRevoke

    Could’ve caused (at the time) a 19 year old kid to end his life over lies.. fuck you and the people that actually support, I’m sure this comment will be deleted but oh well :D

  71. Brad Van Hemelryck

    He's a proud supporter of China. Never buy

  72. laura creech


  73. HyunjinsLongBlondeLocks -_-

    The cavity pallette is so pretty ❤️❤️.

  74. Luke Lee

    Back when he was humble. 😂

  75. Desiree Honeycutt

    Oh please let me win $64djh my hero

  76. ilf plays

    i need all of them!!❤❤❤❤but jeffree is stunning in here!👄🔥🔥❤

  77. Kevin Schneider

    He said hes bean in corranteen for weeks me laying in bed watching this because i have nothing else to do sence i've bean in corranteen for more than a year! :) #boredassfuck

  78. d f

    You didn't swatch the top right shade in the mini. Just fyi.

  79. Suzy E

    ....i hope you never hire that makeup artist on the plane EVER again. that look is a no. dark foundation ruined it all. not to mention ruining those pants! but also, i LOVE animal lovers. thank you for being kind

  80. Rene Robles

    Sup girls you look so pretty