Overwatch™ is a highly stylized team-based shooter set in a future worth fighting for. Every match is an intense multiplayer showdown pitting a diverse cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities against each other in an epic, globe-spanning conflict.

ESRB rating TEEN for Blood, Violence, and Use of Tobacco. Visit esrb.org for rating information.

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  1. No No

    It would be nice if they would bring these skins back limited time before ow2

  2. Joe Mama

    Have you heard about his brother? his name is sugma sugma-balls!

  3. me gonggaga

    Sigma balls

  4. Not a silver chariot

    When Pucci and Dr ferdinand achieve heaven

  5. Goredeus

    I'm gonna need to know what music that is that plays during the gameplay segment. Oh whatever nobody is gonna be here after a year....

  6. TrafficConeMemes


  7. little BF

    Bruh 1:31

  8. King Games

    YAY HE GOT HIS COOKIE!!!!!!!!!:)

  9. Hiraeth

    4:55 try to turn on your captions

  10. VishDaFish2016

    The music in this game is so good, it really gets the adrenaline pumping, I wish their was a way to play map music on a loop or the entirety of a match. Like it gets me hyped up until the cpu grown reaches zero and then goes away

  11. Elvira Elkin


  12. Captain Sandwich

    Literally the only game that doesn't put you back into the game if you get a short disconnect. 2 seconds disconnect and you boot from the entire game. Garbage company.

  13. Shoeske higashoeata

    he covered himself in oil

  14. Judge Judy Senpai

    Oh yea one more thing *Y O U D I E D*

  15. rej

    genii is on a different level

  16. sherry arnold

    What!! Best video game trailer every made now and in the future

  17. Mr. Kuro

    Okay we get it Pucci.

  18. NateNoot

    happy late bday bestie

  19. Samuel Gallagher

    Sigma balls

  20. Baking Soda

    7:36 look at that cheeky nudge Brigitte gives genji

  21. Homeskillet

    Can we just appreciate the absolute perfection of the voice actor? Like, you don't hear this super intense kind of voice acting from any other character (Albeit, we haven't seen them in a situation that'd warrant it, and he is a very intense character by nature)

  22. ThatHappyFellow

    The voice actor did amazing work here. The terror feels so real. The insanity feels so real. The final understanding at the end feels so real. Terror Insanity Understanding

  23. Joe Hernandez

    Genji is the definition of Cool

  24. Jedi Padawan Shaggy

    Finally, i got blackwatch moira

  25. Tyranicall


  26. dino does gaming


  27. Some Man

    sigma balls

  28. Dead X

    Apex legends: release something cool Fortnite: 0:42

  29. Ali Alketbi1

    Doomfist got solo ulted by Winston and got defeated.

  30. The Coochie Man

    Shawty is like a melody in my head

  31. Alpha Tesla

    A bad acid trip summed up, like all the animators nowadays have taken LSD and their lives work is dedicated to showing everyone how bad it can be without them taking LSD

  32. n0_One

    robot with ptsd

  33. Sephiroth

    I Keep Thinking McCree Is Keanu Reeves Without His Hat On

  34. n0_One

    bro he playing hearthstone tho

  35. Supreme Stickman

    i want 2000

  36. ricardo .compere

    Why is talon getting the better ones the closet person i can imagine to talons operatives is tracer and mercy

  37. Kerner TV

    why? why? WHYYYYYYYYY?!

  38. General Oliver Von Bismarck

    He covered himself in oil

  39. Athar Rasid

    My auto subtitle Hanzo:ukalaka Thank You al Genki:Okay.. okay

  40. Im Kuelll Gremlin

    can we just appreciate the wonderful sound design and voice acting! its just sooo goooood!!! and they do so much with very minimal animation, its excellent.

  41. ??

    I prefer my lucio ohs with mayo

  42. Zeplohh

    Just now noticed that they are role locked and are running 2-2-2

  43. frikynikkid

    *just act normal*

  44. Theultimaterich

    5:15 what is his moustache called?

    1. Theultimaterich

      @Chris thank you

    2. Chris


  45. dorito Kid

    this looks sick!

  46. JacobExCraze

    He just wanted to eat his pie in peace.

  47. Davi almeida

    Oh yeah... NO MORE THING 🔫

  48. Greg Greninja

    He reminds me of Gru

  49. Quốc Nam

    What hanzo told

  50. ML9K

    6:18 : Genji is an alternate version of raiden

  51. Bob Riffit

    Me: hears tracer say Paris also my brain cough* cough* wee wee

  52. Geology051

    I thought because of the thumbnail this was a joke video, but then I saw it was posted by Overwatch themselves

  53. Mohammed Ghaffar

    Actually hanzo would have won if he had a sword he defeated his brother last time with a sword

  54. yeetus

    4:41 - 4:51 is the single most badass 10 seconds of viewing material I’ve ever witnessed

  55. nomo Dave

    why does the russian woman look 1:1 like Zofia from rainbow six

  56. TrutiTru

    this guy radiates so much badass energy I can't handle it

  57. Rafał Rokicki

    This payload has got Pachimari with a crown! 👑 That's the most valuable thing here.

  58. Pizza Time

    Why tf does Winston not put up his shield? My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  59. Nelogenazea

    Another year, another warmed up event. Great, really hyped for OW2 at this point, you guys.

  60. Rayhan2

    Ngl Lúci-Oh's sounds better

  61. Costa Kassinas

    The end!

  62. TyNy De Leon

    wonder if some TF2 character wondering to do the same thing

  63. streak70

    "We are mercenaries, we have the resources, the will to make these hours count!" i prefer that

  64. Razor

    Oil floats on water

  65. Kelvin

    0:28 feet :)

  66. SoMydogfat4012

    the dislikes are the bastion mains

  67. Kyr

    My favourite event 😀😋

  68. su besing

    Super suck game

  69. Karrar Alsaadi

    Had this pfp since I was 10. In 15 now and still come back to this video to see how much I loved it. Truly is a beautiful video and story

  70. pee dough file

    Why couldn't they add this in the original this is just a cash grab

  71. Isaiah Thompson

    Oh so he did pull I gun I thought it was just a meme

  72. Pham Duy Bach

    Where the new hero blizzard it's been over a year

  73. Doppio

    I used to think this was sombra

  74. Code: Hydra

    This is sad. Say pyro from tf 2.

  75. smarcy14

    Push Mei to the edge, *all her friends are dead*

  76. Drxpz

    4:50 thank me later

  77. Joseph.

    Ah yes, the cereal of the Brazilian character, which is not sold in Brazil

  78. CrazyAvery 7

    This origin story is one of the only compelling ones

  79. Mr. Spiffy

    The worst day for all support mains

  80. E E

    Sigma balls