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  1. Sierra Pepin

    Skotcast 2020

  2. Oskar M.G

    Damn, Jeff’s safe is back to normal

  3. Sierra Pepin

    Jeff’s so old school east coast feel, I love it.

  4. Hot Stuff

    i swear this the best video ever put on youtube no way dude you are so creative

  5. lantzelott

    we all hate mike

  6. mercen5000

    Best episode of all time. Jonah almost kicked Mike's ass.

  7. Jarrett Hanni

    This was the best one


    there is so much happening in this video.

  9. ravaskin

    Feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t like Todd

  10. Rebeca Ramirez

    Matt champion just casually watching

  11. Ionuț Spo

    Jeff could be a good Far Cry villain

  12. Tolga Cirik

    Jeff bullying Mike is kinda sad and still funny. Now I actually understand how kids make other kids fight each other just by being popular.

  13. Da FuQ

    next video: making soap with/out of jonah

  14. Tiger-Lily Sky

    The way Jeff was leaned up against the door and said “Scott can you punch one of these guys pLEASE” 🤤🤤🤤

  15. Okzas

    your videos feel like a fucking fever dream

  16. Nez-Gars

    God damn he’s got fatter. I know that might be mean, but with everyone trying to help him lose weight, I don’t understand how he manage to put 50 more pounds to his neck

  17. Stephanie Guiliano

    I love Jeff's humor ♥

  18. OUTL4W GYP

    Jeff is the guy from robin under the hood, check that channel, like so Jeff can see his double

  19. Kevin Thomas

    Jonah low flying kick deserves an award..😂😂

  20. Bishar Mhd

    Best episode ever watched on this channel ♥️

  21. A Running Man

    You're the coolest guy in the vlogsquad? Hows that working out for you?

  22. dhundup dorjee

    the girl was a 10

  23. Declan Harding

    Ngl mikes the only member 9f the vlog squad i just dont like

  24. boze man


  25. spider man

    Honestly this show has gotten worse and worse. At the start it was good but now it’s just so bad.

  26. Andrés Pineda Rosillo

    I’ve not watched the movie but I can say that this guy can easily compete with brad!!!

  27. Shane Brogan

    Jeff keep up the good work brother respect from Dublin Ireland mate 🇮🇪😎

  28. May I. Tutchem

    this is the best episode yet

  29. May I. Tutchem

    holy fuck jonah KO’d mike lmao

  30. Joe Paul

    I like the hair dye chick

  31. Yralda Cortorreal

    Jonah taking a stand 👏👏👏

  32. Yralda Cortorreal

    The hair actually looks pretty cool. It would have finished the look to clean up he's eyebrows. The pink is lighter in the front 🙁 but still cool.

  33. Marcus Tranter

    Mike looks like the deep

  34. Rawan A.

    Anybody notice the board at 3:08? lol

  35. Bryan Cardona

    Get mike outta here 😂

  36. Danny Rodriguez

    Jeffs most chaotic video

  37. three dead bananas

    The forehead kiss was nice 🥰

  38. siLVa ™️

    Most underrated Channel on the internet!! Love from Cape To w

  39. Gon Gamer

    This shit made me feel crazy and I wasn't even there

  40. Jessica Brandel

    i think it looks good

  41. CE DA

    I mean I’m not gay at all but Jeff’s body is perfect

  42. Hudson LaBresh

    I swear I ain’t gay but I didn’t pay attention to the video at all I was staring at Jeff

  43. Rob Staelens

    Jonah without a beard makes me uncomfortable.

  44. Kabi DB

    If you wanna describe this video in one word it's CHAOS.

  45. rola ballout

    That's so awesome the best🔥

  46. Sima

    THE EFFORT!!!!! I LOVE THISSSSSD great work

  47. Kabi DB

    Give this man an Netflix show.

  48. Chase Lovenguth

    Mike sucks

  49. Kabi DB

    Jeff is the only creator who's creativity has no limits.

  50. Kabi DB

    1 of the best YouToob videos of 2020. Jeffrey you outdid yourself. Also, this is definitely top 3 vid of yours no🧢.

  51. USEF

    7:30 this AMAZING MAN the details lmao !!!

  52. ICE

    Jeff’s the best out of the whole vlogsquad!

  53. ali

    lmao Scott

  54. joerobwood

    Nerf fading away hit different

  55. Wesley Toy

    Literally can’t tell what’s fake or real anymore

  56. andyspratt187

    "oh and another exciting thing today, I'm going to be wearing jeans today for the show" no hate but come on that's not even mention worthy 🤣🤣🤣

  57. Braxton Miller

    Dude I swear to god I feel like I’m on shrooms every one of his vids😂💀

  58. CezaMVO

    I was about to give this episode a 10 out of 10, but then Mike had to come in and ruin everything. He is just the worst. I guess Jeff has him around as his good deed for the year.

  59. Chris

    If you haven't watched Fight Club don't watch this video. Come back after you've watched it.

  60. John Stum

    Why was this oddly inspiring

  61. stringybeanss

    wow average teen boys are SO INTERESTING

  62. CezaMVO

    This is like a having a fever dream, while having sleep paralysis, while taking a hit of acid, coke, weed, shrooms, and whatever else you can think of.

  63. Juan Kris

    hey jeff, you should invite alex in the next video. *ernst

  64. Ngi

    Simping safe to megan 🙈

  65. A Gentleman

    This is my favourite Jeff's Barbershop episode. It's so fucking good it actually made me want to rewatch Fight Club. Disliked.

  66. Samuel Ramesh

    Can we have a petition to replace Jonah with Mike

  67. Username

    Jonahs getting bigger every episode

  68. stringybeanss

    Todd angrily bangs on walls Jonah: hey! that's my house! 6:05 lmaooo

  69. Christian Camacho

    His most disliked video all because of mike

  70. candi 1152

    This was fucking awesome man Edit. Genius

  71. CM Beauty

    Jeff talking Todd into bleaching his hair is me talking myself into bleaching my hair 😂😂

  72. Azraa Saldin

    Oh my God. Jeff is so hot.

  73. Carlo Burgos

    When Jeff kissed Todd's forehead, for a moment I thought that he was gonna quote "this is a chemical burn" , which technically speaking, dying your hair could do that 🤣🤣🤣 Love this video Jeff 🤜🤛

  74. IL7

    dunno why but Todd looks like kj apa now

  75. Der Karton

    is that fucking cherdleys at 5:03?

  76. Maggie Anglin

    Only you tuber who’s ads don’t bore me to death

  77. Ari the.unicorn

    I feel like this had a message to it but i have no idea what it was but its there

  78. Nicki

    This one was brilliant

  79. Ahmad Bin Usman

    "you go to in and out and u never come out" 💀

  80. Faith S.

    Lmfaoo I love Mike