fashion, thrifting, and other misadventures of a 20-something living in nyc, clinging to her glory days when she won the best dressed senior superlative. all served with a spicy side of dry humor.
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  1. Tiffany Sandoval

    it absolutely sent me when ashley said “ooo shit” when she realized she could wear that fabric as a cape

  2. Juliette Stella

    I swear, you’re the big sister I never had 🥺🥺🥺 your channel is the freaking BEST ❤️❤️

  3. yG s

    I'm on the opposite of that insecurity wall qq. I dislike how I look so much I didn't see a point in taking care of myself. I would go out in pjs or bed head alot and ofc I'd get looks and stuff but I just kinda felt like i deserve that? People took this as a sign that I was confident in myself or that it was an empowering move or something to not take care of my appearance. In reality it was the self esteem just kept getting lower because, well, people aren't attracted to that aha. I started coming out of depression recently and been taking care of myself and wear clothes that fit me. I can see the beautiful parts of myself and be able to accentuate it with make up. I feel more open at social outings. Looking beautiful wasn't my empowerment but feeling more confident in the way I look allowed me to treat myself beautifully. It's still a precarious balance though aha qq. I'm worried one day I might be too worried about how well dressed I am, or feed into this new validation I get from other people for looking "prettier" We're all a work in progress I guess ;u;

  4. sarah


  5. natasha

    Losing weight (not losing weight but you know) and dressing up is so important. It's about Confidence and feeling good about yourself and your body. And if you are happier then you are more productive. So go to the gym or what ever and be happy.

  6. Bel Del


  7. Melissa Smith

    ashley: "i wish we could wear whatever we want to" we CAN, it's just about having the confidence

  8. Madison Rubert

    you literally look like a doll x

  9. angel jordan

    Amazing as always

  10. Melissa Smith

    It was actually depressing to see how expensive the rents especially for such old small space. America is not living the dream baby

  11. Zea M-H

    when we got to 10:49 I said wow out loud...Daaaang that outfit matches perfectly you look so cute!!!

  12. Sundown Chill

    Burst when you said "I'm just naming things you can see on the screen" HAHAHAHA. Love you loads Ashley!

  13. Georgina Ralph


  14. lydian

    The Sherb on my island calls me Burrito too haha

  15. Sarah Zachary

    Oooh pretty i want that - ashely hahahaah i love u so muchh

  16. ella mei

    hold up ashley was once a theater kid this is important news we need to bring her ratatouille the musical

  17. jo young

    Hi Ashley I loved how you started this video with some music from the New Zealand band Marlins Dreaming. They are good friends of our son and have stayed with us when they tour NZ. They would love you - handsome as dudes.

  18. SheShattersTheRules

    hey ashley, it's been almost a year, will we ever get the long awaited nyc apartment makeover? pls

  19. wiwi Z

    how to be best-dressed: get skinny like her first

  20. chloemonique

    i want more of these srsly pls

  21. Jessyee Tointon

    men in black, they wear suits :)

  22. Hello Gorgeous

    Gurl that leather w/ pink jacket is everything. Wow what a find!

  23. CattyEve

    Please make a series out of this! I love vintage design too ❤️

  24. swella

    This feels like the perfect time to move she said. Oh boy little did we know

  25. Anna Neiblum

    ashley i freaking love you i cackled this whole video

  26. Abby Cohen

    All these pieces are a vibe 🥰 also my depop is @abiskittles if anyone wants some good cyber week deals 🤩

  27. ElenaExplosion

    Ashley is like a friend I haven't met but love sm

  28. Erin Hartley

    i love it all, thank you ashley. you look great!

  29. Maria Glogiewicz

    I hope that red jacket isn't real leather because putting a sticker on it will take the leather off

  30. E.T. Sasa

    My brain when I saw the bed INSIDE the closet : 404 Error

  31. Carla Rodriguez

    My school has uniforms...what am I doing here??

  32. Ali Rosenbusch

    Honey you got a big storm comin

  33. Jovan Hoover

    God loves you guys go to him your loved by the most high Romans 10:9 Jesus died for your sins and rose 3 days later he loves you and wants to see y’all in Heaven ❤️

  34. Jessie

    Bro this video made me cry, bro I'm crying ❤️

  35. anne dla

    12:16 *okay but this Ashley side profile is stunning!* 😍😍😍

  36. Darth Tyrion

    I love love your videos because I feel u, unlike so many others on_line or in real life.....are real

  37. anne dla

    Blues Clues Cosplay 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. anne dla

    ashley in the thumbnail is sooo adorable! 😍😭💓 missed you soooooo much 💙

  39. Anna Dunn

    You are literally do cute and your outfits are AMAZING!!!

  40. MunahidFromMars

    why didn’t you mention beacons closet🥺🥺🥺

  41. kitkat queen

    reason for my like: just looks like it took a lot of effort lol and why not?

  42. Lara

    Not me going back to old Ashley videos

  43. Aydan Wong

    Anyone watching in November 2020?

  44. Luna Sol

    Weekly crisis, I finally got a job and have been working everyday so I’m falling behind on some homework which I know I’m going to do but I’m stressed nonetheless and yesterday a German Shepard bit, picked up, and spit out my dog and now he’s in an animal hospital with 5 fractured/broken ribs but he is stable and hopefully he can come home tomorrow :(

  45. Riley Joyce

    can u please do a video on how to style bell bottoms i just bought some and i have no idea how to wear them ily😆

  46. Leona Gareginyan

    im also an la gal moving to nyc in january. love watching your videos and cant wait to see how my life unfolds on the east coast :')

  47. Riley June

    was that spatula reference also a kelly stamps reference because if so i stan

  48. whatkindofnameisella

    i HAVE to add: Barry on hbo is one of the best shows i have seen all year. god. it's so good. watch it. watch it!!! WATCH IT

  49. m lr

    aWESOME!! YOU'RE the next alexa chung!!

  50. Bailey Paris

    Fashion youtube vernacular breakdown was me working until it interfered with my filmmaking

  51. Yugoslavioni Art

    ".... And most importantly, you get an excuse to kiss somebody" well would you look at that...

  52. Isaac A.

    the dress at 6:10 is very ari in positions mv

  53. JenCthatsme

    ok but for real JGL in Inception was next level attractiveness. Made it hard to focus on the rest of the actual film.

  54. ava terosky

    even in the summer it's sweater weather for ashley

  55. ohmyvoid

    why don’t i have a damon friend to visit in paris 😩😩😩

  56. Yugoslavioni Art

    she should make more of these types of videos...

  57. Aline Dias

    I feel offended that your mind didn't go straight to Mad Men when talking about men in suits. Mad Men should've actually been called just that, Men in Suits.

  58. Nathalie Lazo TV Show

    Can you please show us how you grow your USfilm channel? You’re doing incredible work and would love to know your secrets! Thank you! 💞💖❤️

  59. ohmyvoid

    omg i need you to go shopping with me and chose all of my clothes

  60. Mandy Huang

    ur skin looks so good omg

  61. thompson2of4

    I don’t stop laughing when i’m watching your videos. You picked the right career my friend 🤍🤍

  62. Suzy

    Rubbish! Lots of men love older women even if you don’t hear about it. We live in the real world not a fake Hollywood rom com

  63. Xavi Estrella

    39.5 here. Yes it all comes together when you’re older. It gets so much better mija. Love your style tho

  64. study w bambi

    damn not at me cycling through the same t-shirts and hoodies for school 😭

  65. zhelove in quarantine

    this girl is my damn happy pill. im like literally depressed rn cause my mom stole my phone from me and i dont even know why and i searched for her cause i miss her and im just so happy. thanks for cheering me up girl!

  66. zhelove in quarantine

    oooh she got her nails painted, she aint lyin when she said she couldnt film or edit for a month.

  67. Nicole Holguin

    Bojack Horseman is one of my favorite shows ever by far. That shit just... hits different.

  68. Samita Pariyar

    Where do you get that see through flower pattern stocking/pantyhose on that beautiful clack dress? I love it 🥰

  69. zhelove in quarantine

    dude the second song's name please!

  70. rabbitgears.

    i just wanna let you know i puked while watching this video, puke completely unrelated to the video i just had bad dumplings, but cool apartment!

  71. Coco

    Hm 6:06?

  72. Faviana Rios

    She so freakin funny but I bet her downstairs neighbors are like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK

  73. Salome

    Omfg your so pretty!! You are my idol honestly 🥰😻

  74. Sarah Taher

    OMG you went thrifting at my goodwill in north jersey!!

  75. Jesus Girl

    You can use under the bed for storage. I love a lot of your idea designs!

  76. Hi i'm PANda

    We are the same person

  77. Sara Varela

    Straight girls really do have the bar on the floor 😬

  78. Estelle M

    But most importantly where is that white shirt dress from?! 🤩 @8:44

  79. Shannon Hughes

    why is she not a movie costume designer yet?