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  1. Donny HB

    I can't believe this was over 16 years ago. I watched a good chunk of Ken Jennings's streak with my great-grandma back in the day. She loved watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. RIP to my gma and Alex T; I hope she finally got to meet him in the afterlife.

  2. xAtomicW0lfx

    I use to watch this show with my grandma and papa Rest in Piece Alex and Rest in Peace papa

  3. Derp Meow


  4. Jade Trautman

    Obviously someone who Alex loved and someone who loved Alex.

  5. tichu7

    Jim's the first player who has had two different hosts.

  6. Baby Lamb Creations

    Legends supporting legends. R.I.P. Fred Rogers and Alex Trebek

  7. Mario Juan

    Should Tom have gotten credit for his question when the actual title is “Insane in the Brain?” If the judges took away that one contestant’s “Gangster’s Paradise” response, methinks no.

  8. John Fahey

    Ken Jennings now hosting Jeopardy RIP Alex Trebek

  9. we3ggirls

    They were not prepared Haha

  10. Jim Marsch

    Maybe the answer Kebert Xlea will bring him back?

  11. Prophetless772

    I can see why they'd have Ken as a guest host, but Ken has already said he doesn't want to permanent host the show

  12. AV Collections

    I teared up as soon as his voice cracked 😭 We will miss you, Alex! Please make Ken the regular host 🙏🏼

  13. Donny HB

    "Thank you, Alex" 🥺🥺

  14. Spyro the Dragon

    personally i'm pulling for Ken to become the full-time host. he's done a great job so far. still doesn't seem real, though. we welcomed Alex into our home for a half hour each evening - still seems like he should come back next week or something. but since that's of course not happening, Ken's doing wonderful so far.

  15. serdy ximi

    Ive never had a clebrity death feel so personal. My heart goes out to his family. R.I.P Alex May you rest in peace.

  16. CapnKrunkCereal

    Smell ya later, Trebek.

  17. Cheyenne Cook

    My mother lost 2 friends to PanCan so I’m all too familiar with the prognosis. Alex deserves major kudos for that announcement/ making that announcement on HIS terms before the horrible media blew it out of proportion as they tend to do. You will always be missed dear sir

  18. Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography

    always good to see these we will miss you Alex. #RIPAlexTrebek

  19. Cheyenne Cook

    While Alex will be irreplaceable to so many of us...I think Ken will come into his own as a host and carry on Alex’s legacy. That ending got me in the feels for sure

  20. Bruce Allan

    He is the perfect one for the job! Do we need other guest hosts?

  21. J Powell

    Imagine if they were talking about an actual goat 1:32

  22. Nanya

    Damn onion ninjas

  23. 80’s Lover

    Love Ken Jennings' podcasts. His intelligence is matched by his wit and humility. Would make an outstanding (permanent) host of Jeopardy. Best wishes to him!

  24. Lost Fan

    Ken needs voice lessons. He needs a deeper voice or something.

  25. Michael P

    The comment section made me smile. Everybody so supportive of ken Jennings. Alex would be proud about this transition. This is exactly what he spoke about with making the world a better place. Thank you Alex.

  26. CLYTXO

    I personally love him in The Chase but Jeopardy not so much...maybe he needs to grow on me.

  27. Cheryl Houghton

    No one can ever replace Alex Trebek! He was and is Jeopardy. I'm having a difficult time watching Jennings. He was an excellent player, is brilliant, but is not a good choice to host Jeopardy. Her doesn't have the same class, charisma, charm, personality, etc., as Alex. I heard that Katie Couric might guest host and she would be an excellent choice as she has a personality that would compliment the show, she's bright, and being a woman, she won't be compared to Alex in the same way that a man would. I don't know who all they have in mind for guest hosts, but please move Ken along or after a lifetime of watching Jeopardy, I may have to watch something else.

  28. mphlohi

    Ken showing the emotions that all of us are feeling, Alex departing was hard for all of us, Ken knows that all too well, being one of, if not the most, prominent ones to share that stage and studio with Alex, a privilege every crew member, contestant, and audience member (including myself) was honored to have. Ken really empathizes with all of us, honoring and thanking Alex, and at the same time he maintains his composure and hosts very well.

  29. Noah Haas

    I feel bad for whomever replaces him, because they will always be compared to Alex and will never be as good as him to some people. Rest in peace Alex Trebek, a true legend

  30. Alex Bartolo & BB Christian's YouTube Station

    He did this to himself!

  31. leyenda61

    Only thing Ken needs to work on is talking with the players after the 1st commericial break. It's a bit too much feigned interest & excitement, almost vaudevillian. But that is super-minor. Everything ele he does is awesome. Keep it up, Mr. J.! We're rooting for you!

  32. Charles Myers

    Thought Ken did a really good job as host of Jeopardy on his 1st day. Great tribute to to Alex. Keep up the great work

  33. pika2

    This may be the easiest base level questions of Pokémon. In game show and popular Pokémon ignorance terms, it’s not surprising. In terms of Jeopardy it is.

  34. Jason Ullerich

    Jennings had quite the run and is doing an excellent job as guest host today.

  35. Christopher Morales

    Iran so far away...

  36. ValensBellator

    Well I guess we know how they managed to get on Jeopardy... weren’t wasting their time with video games in the first place 😂

  37. dick clarke

    BIG shoes to fill. Ken's timing and sense of humor are bang on. KEEP IT UP KEN!!!!

  38. Chris Delagarza

    Damn it Goodnight 😘💤😴🌙 Alex

    1. serdy ximi

      The ending with his fist in the air says so much. It got me.

  39. spideraxis

    I don't like five guest hosts. Ken is the rightful person to take the job permanently.

  40. Jerrell Allen

    that frittata question was bullshit when it's in the muffin cup is it really still a frittata

  41. Aaron

    Is that the Indian Leonardo dicaprio????

  42. ErikCB912

    I miss the old sound effect when the dollar amounts appeared on the board.

  43. Paul Feldersnatch

    *Searches Laika's landing* Oh boy...

  44. Fleet Admiral Perry


  45. zibbity bibbity bop

    My thanks to the producers for having Jennings be the first guest host after Trebek, and be the one to offer these words of tribute to him. There was no one more fitting to honor one of the greatest TV hosts of all time than the greatest Jeopardy player of all time.

  46. fireman2asst

    Please keep doing it Ken! Amazing job and there isn’t anyone I would rather see in this spot besides Alex.

  47. Mr. Nobody

    Ken is no Alex Trebek but who is? He may not be him but if there is anyone outside of Alex who should be host its him.

  48. Mr. Nobody

    Ken should be the new host.

  49. poomlyten

    if they dont make Ken the host im done with the show.

  50. TreadTheDonut Duck

    I don’t even play Pokémon and I knew every single answer.

  51. Tbone Mr. Meme

    Oscar: they’re wasting their time Elmo: YAAAAAY

  52. Tbone Mr. Meme

    Man, that category was awesome, I miss this man

  53. Chaoss Creations

    Even the look on Ken's face when he says "Thank you Alex" is so sincere and appreciative. So glad they started the guest hosts with him.

  54. Clayton Briggs

    See you tomorrow. Hopefully we wont have a tie-breaker then. Has only happened once ever

  55. Alfonso Green

    Great job Ken. Please make him permanent host. I know Alex Trebek would b proud

  56. ABC7

    For a category about NFL referees, are they going to call incorrect responses correct and vice versa, and were all responses “under review”?

  57. Todd Anthony

    He's the reason i wanted a moustache as a kid.

  58. paul16451

    Who is a dog that has never been in my kitchen?

  59. nathan ballew

    I just watched it and got it!

  60. Bud For you

    Ken was a super contestant ! now hes a super host! What a great guy .

  61. Mike MacDonald

    0:55 I hate justin bieber

  62. marcy sere

    I hope Jeopardy keeps Ken Jennings. He's another sweetheart of a man.

  63. Mike MacDonald

    I watch both shows as a kid.

  64. Ronnie Saxton

    Has anyone yet beat Ken Jennings' record? Also RIP to the amazing Alex Trebek you were truly one of a kind and you will be missed!!

  65. Sara Palewicz

    As much as I miss Alex and in my heart, feel that no one will ever be able to truly replace him, I really like Ken hosting Jeopardy. I hope they end up making him a permanent addition to the Jeopardy team :)

  66. Brian Nelson

    You're doing Great !

  67. Diana B

    Ken speaks to soft for me. Needs to project is voice. Little deeper would be nice. Just my opinion...

  68. Jonathan Falkowsky

    I'm surprised they didnt use this when he got cancer. RIP legend

  69. Jonathan Falkowsky

    Still waiting 75 years for the ice cream. Never got it. I had mine out at 15. I'm still waiting 5 years.

  70. Nofear Shinobi

    Lol destiny

  71. turbo2v

    One of the greatest men of all, just a class act in every aspect of life. Rest in peace, Alex 😔😔😔

  72. HappyKarl095

    This is one of the easiest categories of all-time

  73. Kamron Palmer

    Ken Jennings was great dude

  74. cooljammer00

    Ken said in his first episode that Alex gave him advice about hosting, so clearly Alex had some idea that Ken would be succeeding him someday.

  75. Joshy D

    hate him as a vikings fan but love him as a dude, great guy hopefully gets this for a new job

  76. otherlego

    This feels wrong, but I'm glad how respectful he was.

  77. revin hatol

    Keep fighting, we're all with you!

  78. jackiechan511

    Give Mr. Jennings an opportunity to host the show and see how he performs

  79. revin hatol

    So long, Alex.

  80. Mary Nexer

    Very classy!👍