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  1. Domenic Lombardi

    Little nightmares 2. NOW.

  2. Bisexual y/n

    If had to choose, I'd choose Logan Paul cause the things he's done are just disrespectful & terrible but Floyd Mayweather Jr definitely did not only illegal things but things that personally bother my morals & just ideals. So lowkey took that personal 😅

  3. Grimm _

    20 years, you say? *Looks at post date* *"Chuckles"* We're In danger...

  4. Ryan Leal

    What a game changer

  5. alan kieffer

    Hell no, it's not safe!

  6. drunk doodlebob

    the vrying childs name in actually 'eva'

  7. Reiley Smith

    This also has another connection to the game series. So i’m pretty sure (may be wrong) that every signal fnaf game is played by the character mike except for Fnaf four. yet again I may be wrong cause I forget the names of the first two night gaurds

  8. Anthony

    This guy's a joke..

  9. Veronica Iglesias

    rick and morty has new eps

  10. Tofumations

    So, I was looking at one of the new FNAF action figures, the one with gregory in Glamrock freddy’s chest, I noticed that the hair gregory has is very close to that of the crying child. With one big clump of hair in the middle, not only this, but big, flashy neon lights were popular in the 80’s, so this means this could have possibly taken place before the bite of 83, and explain another reason he is so afraid of the animatronics, and if william is his father, this could show a reason for taking intrest in him specificaly, not some random kid...

  11. *Insert_Lenny_face_here*

    I really wanna see some little nightmares theories

  12. Hudson Thompson

    ME IN 2021 6 years ago sister location where have i heard that one before

  13. YT RaZeD

    13:28 *When you realize they spelled "Allies" wrong*

  14. Saxel Adude

    I don't get why the weight is a problem it's not like it will fall faster

  15. Londonsbro Kamacho

    Me: don't be nervou- wait... Oh right I started watching this on 9 years... Uh... AHH IT WILL BE FINE

  16. Chrissy Jones

    Eddie vr did it

  17. Walmart Pikachu

    My 8 year old sister watches your videos especially these videos. And now she’s trying to talk to the endermen..

  18. Raven Gaming

    Do a theory for the new fnaf security breach playstation trailer it so amazing🐰

  19. Bisexual y/n

    I definitely believe it's Evan. The method to getting there is definitely far fetched but the new books made it make sense

  20. Dragon2008Gamer

    On Bedrock Editon the wanding Traderds take some times they arms down!

  21. Purplez Gacha

    O:56, yes I am. What do you expect, I’m subbed to you. Of course I’m always ready for a good ghost story

  22. That Youtube Guy

    me, who's index finger is longer than my ring finger: *_confused screaming_*

  23. David Tchernitser

    Jeez... i am confused and would take a warm cup of cocoa right about now.

  24. KingYote Gaming


  25. Willow


  26. •Little• •SunFlower•

    In the new official trailer that cam out recently for security breach if you pay really close attention the boy in the game is wearing the same striped shirt as "the crying child" and the security officer calls him Gregory, that leads me to belive that that my be "the crying child's" name

  27. Papyrus

    i kinda like the game theory episodes where the thing being talked about has a character/event that is creepy and mat decides to modify the intro

  28. Alex 3430

    His names not Evan he’s dababy

  29. DrifterRifter120yt

    make a theory on this video usfilm.info/fire/mNOooX6mi6uCw5k/video.html

  30. Jimmy Seit

    Oh no... Security Breach Trailer 2 just dropped...

  31. I’mamuffin

    i wonder if team salvato is still working on the sequal or did they give up?

  32. MoKuZai

    what if cassidy is the crying child who was "put back together"?

  33. dbworld

    I keep repeating the song and even put it on max volume on my mini player... I'm surprised my parents didn't here it

  34. CrazyNaturekitty Live

    After watching the new security breach trailer... I just thought of a kind of random theory. What if the moon man in the trailers is the stitch wraith? I mean this is probably not anything new but I just wanted to get my ideas out. The stitchwraith is described as having a blacked out eye, and the moon animatronic has a black side of the face. There are some features that look drawn on plus some spots speckled with paint. It has a toothy grin, though there isn't a tooth missing admittedly but maybe the gap is the black half of the face? Perhaps Fazbear Entertainment discovered it and tried to revamp it. I'm not sure. It's admittedly pretty shaky. But thats just a theory.

  35. Winterwolf

    And his face is smiling the whole time

  36. colin greenberg

    The crying Childs name is Gregory. look at the new trailer and then when it gets to the kid with all the cams on the back of the shirt its got the 2 striped lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @MAT PAT

  37. Jeremiah Gosdin


  38. Sexually Confused Penguin

    Can Math make Mat a Major?

  39. Jarae Bryant


  40. Yubo Qiu

    Potion of harm has an effect decay maybe a normal skeleton got hit with potion of decay and turned into a wither skeleton or Soul sand got sucked into the soul sand

  41. Justin payne


  42. colin greenberg

    The crying Childs name is Gregory. look at the new trailer and then when it gets to the kid with all the cams on the back of the shirt its got the 2 striped lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @MAT PAT

  43. Juan Hernandez

    The tremendous david connolly expect because bestseller typically wobble next a verdant cormorant. natural, heady self

  44. colin greenberg

    The crying Childs name is Gregory. look at the new trailer and then when it gets to the kid with all the cams on the back of the shirt its got the 2 striped lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @MAT PAT

  45. Srelathon

    MatPat: Posts new FNAF theory video Scott Cawthon: New trailer time

  46. Dawid Rubak


  47. Anderson Monfil

    There is a new game of Five Nights at Freddy's coming out

  48. Gooby

    guys guys I have a theary, obsidian is actually water and lava omggg

  49. liam adger barton

    usfilm.info/fire/m5CHZn2QkM-Ex9g/video.html this is fnaf lore

  50. Retro Dino

    Nobody is buying this BS.

  51. Sophia Ruiz

    ItS tHe WhiTe HouSE!

  52. YT RaZeD

    I did the math (going on google calculator) and if this money was spilt among all 48 creators, they would have all lost equally, $35,416. You can buy a tesla with that money.

  53. Flying_Banana

    Dude it's Chris

  54. HydroJarvis PK

    I don’t think the running sound is running I think it’s someone mining away from someone

  55. Chandler Mooring

    "The complete story of five nights at freddy's"


    You also start creating conteny in indian language

  57. Josh Hurst

    does anyone know what the music in this video is?

  58. Crespy

    this isn’t mat pat

  59. Enrique Ortiz

    You need to do a video on the new security breach trailer

  60. Your_local_dumb_weeb

    Fnaf gachatubers: First time?

  61. Annie Pruiks

    POV youre rewatching the FNAF lore because security breach trailer came out

  62. Juan Hernandez

    The whole bar terminally agree because oxygen comparatively carve like a stupid tray. plausible, miniature asphalt

  63. Justin payne

    More MINECRAFT LORE please 😊🥺

  64. LabZ

    In fnaf 2 phone guy says there has been a problem in the sister location so that would me its before fnaf 2 but after fnaf 4

  65. CharlinInTheChoco

    this is cringe, good cringe.

  66. 666 Very long cat

    Fugg... this all started from a scary game about a pizzeria with cool looking robots

  67. battle bros gaming

    Fool... my Fav is freddy!!!!!!

  68. Minoe Ghosty


  69. Among us Skeleton Hole up

    |||()() | V _/~~\_ | |\ F \ )

  70. Conal Axolotl

    5:45 to skip

  71. Imperiul Assasin

    I'm coming back to the FNFA LORE 😈

  72. Rivers howel

    can i win maybe

  73. Mete44 _hd

    Did matpat at the beginning refrence philza minecraft

  74. FremekPL

    hmm bowser is turtle turtles lays eggs

  75. P Monroe

    Why didn't you ask Fauci about the video that showed him in the lab creating the vaccine. Fauci himself said the mask didn't work, You didn't ask about mask destroying respiratory system. Bill Gates did fund the chip. Bill Gates is funding the vaccine. Ask the number of people who already died from the vaccine. The side effects. Why do people still have to wear mask after vaccines

    1. X

      This is a complete and utter lie. Can USfilm please delete these misinformation account? Grow up.

  76. ༺ Unique name Karma Llama ༻

    I thought he was called Chris-

  77. Subzed

    12:38 The human on the right looks like Kris

  78. jeremy jones

    Well, if your mario timeline theory is right, then he invited his mom so it's less wierd

  79. Nxghtmare

    The thing with two souls in Golden Freddy can atleast be *heard* in Ultimate Custom Night when Nightmare Fredbear talks, it's pretty clearly audible that there's a female and a male voice, sooo