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  1. Steven Correia

    Hey man,I have that same tapestry you dude's have behind you,In my living-room.Thats cool😎

  2. Sue Ormsby

    "Been loving you to long" "Dreams to remember" must listen

  3. Miz Ann Wells

    The youngins listening to old school classics.

  4. Fiona Msimanga

    That was his real voice. Since the age of 14.

  5. Marie Stopa

    Boyz II Men are the absolute best

  6. The Jane

    Dolly Parton wrote this song but Whitney brought it home. ❤

  7. Saoirse Bell

    You should do Breezeblocks by Alt J at some point. I know you said you like storytelling in songs and there's a lot of twists in that one, especially the video!

  8. Lynette Amos

    So soulful ❤️

  9. Jennifer Cross

    Otis brings tears to my eyes! One of the greatest singers ever!

  10. Lynette Amos


  11. vrotties

    Baby making music.....

  12. Jesse Robinson

    Put a Hard I on the name twins. Example Eyes Lee brothers👍

  13. BAGER 124


  14. Cheesy Poofs

    Fun Fact: Written by the amazing Dolly Parton.

  15. Linda Powers

    I love his voice and how he delivers a 🎶 💜 I miss a hug or embrace by a certain someone.

  16. BAGER 124


  17. Chris Diaz more light live Chester killed himself the day before my fiancé died

  18. Nakul Gote

    He said, "this is just like San Andreas". That's exactly what it is like. Also if you've played SA, you've definitely heard this song.

  19. Cadeho3

    You should try from him, Tomorrow (Quincy Jones song), Round and Round, Tell Me What You Want Me to Do, Just Ask Me To, Goodbye, Confused, Shhhh, I'm Ready, and Back to the World...

  20. Robbie Carlisle

    react to "my chick bad" remix ....... Ludacris, diamond, trina and eve

  21. t l

    I LOVE THIS SONG! my fav Barry White, because it came out in the 90s. I'm surprised this is the one you are reacting to instead of his other well known 70s hits, Can't Get Enough of Your Love, I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby, or Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up. He is the OG of baby makin music!

  22. Rose Underwood

    You jammed when this song played!!!!!🌹

  23. Jane Hamill

    My favourite Tevin Campbell song, u should have done the video though guys x

  24. King Mojo

    The movie is called Above the Rim

  25. RasTotheBone

    I love all Pink Floyd yet "Animals" is by far their best album.

  26. King Mojo

    The coldest lying in that whole song "16 in the clip and one in the hole Nate Dogg is about to make somebody's turn call now they screaming and yelling but it's a tad bit late Nate Dogg and Warren G is about to regulate."

  27. Hettie de Korte


  28. J LaRue

    Elton John, "Tiny Dancer"

  29. Gilly Brown

    I am almost scared to imagine that you have not heard Bob Marley all this time. Thank you for this though. This is my favorite Bob Marley song. It is not the most profound though and i would encourage you to listen to as much of his music as you can. He was so prolific that it would be hard to listen to all of it. Believe me though, it is worth it.

  30. Lala Thomas

    Can you react to “dead faces” by Nick Nittoli next ?!

  31. Everette Singleton

    You need to see the theatrical video of the song. Janet was feeling herself on this album.

  32. TheLuissssa

    Classic rock? Ugh it’s kills my 40 year old heart to hear it called that. I still remember where I was when I heard he died.

  33. Nakul Gote

    "Never seen anybody drop the beat 3 mins into the song." A very astute observation. Loved it.

  34. Suzanne Hodgkins

    Wow!!! I mean, just wow. Congrats, guys! <3

  35. Tela Long

    one word...OTIS

  36. Melinda Garcia

    I saw Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in the 80's at the height of their success. It was energy packed 3+ hours of music!! No special lighting or pyrotechnics or costume changes...just raw energy and music. Incredible.

  37. Jeffrey Mazzoli

    If you do the song Try a Little tenderness do the live version

  38. Tela Long

    ...and then i weep...the memories

  39. Shanelle M

    Tevin was a teen when he did this song. He has done some more recent music, look him up. Also, his Godfather is Quincy Jones, a major player in the music industry.

  40. Josaphah

    Wow! A classic, it was the romantic dance in the movie Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta. My first PG movie underage. Oups!

  41. nkerwick

    Love you guys. Try Dixie Chicken by Little Feat

  42. Marie Erazo

    God Bless You Both and Your Family. I greatly enjoy your videos and genuines! I am glad President Obama gave his time and words of praise and encouragement to you both because You truely are the light on the hill that can not be hidden and the salt to world and making it a better place just by following the narrow path. Keep up the good work. And say hello to your Mom for me. 💝

  43. BadUkulele

    I literally got SO EXCITED when I saw you were reacting to FOB. Did you notice Kim Kardashian was in the video? 😅

  44. Ashkia Hoopes

    Im so happy to see younger generations can appreciate good "old" music!

  45. Jamal Moulay

    Above the rim

  46. Ameejill Whitlock

    The original hot girls of Hip Hop before Cardi and Meg

  47. picnic75

    My fave of his was "Round and Round", and Prince is even in the video.... He was REALLY young in that one.

  48. Khalid Arzamendi

    Paramore - misery business

  49. GinaGeeILuvu

    in the East Side/West Side beef I'm like Switzerland! I loved Snoop and Tupac but I also loved Run DMC and A Tribe Called Quest! Q-tip and Busta Rhymes...I love it!! That's takes me back! So cool!

  50. The Order of Dylan

    Dang, really wish ya'll hadn't paused at 5:34. Wanted to see the reaction to that long note.

  51. LoRita Johnson

    The official video would show you how young he was at the time the song was out. He has another great song from movie Boyz n the Hood called 'Just Ask Me To' with rapper Chubb Rock.

  52. georgia.

    hey could you please do any song by Franz Ferdinand? probably one of their older albums would be best to do, but any would be good, thank you :)

  53. Frances Mario

    That voice is all Barry.....*dreamy sigh*...✌️❤️

  54. Don Quist

    Travis Barker on the drums

  55. Sarah H

    Get to the Beastie Boys please..Paul Revere, Rhymin and Stealin, No Sleep til Brooklyn to get started.

  56. 428chase

    one of the worst singing voice of all time

  57. linda hart

    FYI A bit of music history. When music CDs first came out, some people noticed a difference between the record versions and the digitized versions. To them, the CDs just did not sound right. These people stuck with records for as long as they were made.

  58. Tr R

    Classic song !! Please react to Toni's Braxton - Breathe Again and Seal - Crazy :)

  59. LoRita Johnson

    Please react to his earlier music too! Lots of hits! He even had an instrumental song 'Love's Theme' that went to #1 on Billboard charts.

  60. kastearman

    Yes! Otis is the goat 🐐

  61. MeMyself&I

    As a ‚87 oby from another country this is VERY dissapointing. How can you young blacks be so ignorant about your heritage. You heard about Rap maybe ? This is a beginning of probably FIRST new branch of it...

  62. Leslie James

    Lol you both are so funny!that is some good slow dance music.

  63. jamario70

    He had a unmatched vocal for male artists. Gifted considering he was in his mid teen. This is a classic , of the 90 . This R&B rocks any session. The haven’t been anyone since that produce that peculiar vocal. It’s unfair he hasn’t been given the recognition.

    1. Janet Wanyi

      Absolutely 💯

  64. VIK 161

    +2 welcome to HAJIME FAMILY

  65. Frank Sturgell

    This would have been about his 30th song that night. He typically plays for 3-1/2 hours for every show.

  66. Kimberly Page

    Aw man. Too bad you aren’t watching the video along with the song. Tevin is the truth!

  67. Nicole Brown

    I think you need some early 90s acid dance jams...thats a whole other world. Try Technotronic "Pump Up The Jam"

  68. lutralutra33

    чуваки не вдуплили как сокращаться не под биты%)

  69. Loriann Richardson

    "I'm Ready," also by Tevin Campbell. More great young male vocalists: 1. Jesse Powell -- "You" 2. Enchantment -- "Gloria" 3. Chaz Shepherd -- "Get You Girl"

  70. Pam Rose

    Tell Me What You Want Me to Do and Round and Round are other classic Tevin jams.

  71. KimMe

    The Spinners "One Of A Kind" "Love Don't Love Nobody" "Mighty Love'

  72. volcombovers

    Johnny cash and June Carter - desperado cover

  73. MusicLover

    The twin's comments before the song began had me giggling - I knew that Tevin's voice would shut all that down, lol!!

  74. Janice Morris

    Trust JIMI and RICK were hugely influential to Prince

  75. Tunya Starks

    And let's not forget the wonderful Babyface wrote this song! Babyface is EVERYTHING in his own right!

  76. ePelle741

    His song, Don't Say Goodbye, is worth a listen also.

  77. Felicia Juliet

    Sam and Dave When something is wrong with my Baby. MP4 version

  78. Dib Ghanem

    You guys have to listen to nothing else matters by Metallica. Absolutely have to!!!

  79. Darryl Marshall

    Have you guys one of my favorite Rapper ??? Nas ft Lauren Hill if I ruled the world

  80. Camilla Bjerre

    Mötley Crüe - Kickstart my heart. It will blow you away! 😀 Keep it up guys. Love from Denmark ❤️