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  1. Eat more pork porky

    Best game ever, thanks for this! Appreciate the updates too!

  2. Chester Tam


  3. NR

    Watched over and over ,I just can't stop laughing 不不不

  4. Helen Stewart

    Love Alaska airline video !!!!

  5. Fred Gagger

    The real crime here is the cost of medication in the USA.

  6. Jimmi Stone

    Eat the rich

  7. Couple screws Loose

    They dont have ammo 不不不不

  8. Fab 4458

    Everone forgets how they plywooding the windows of businesses in DC and other cities cause they were worried if Trump would of won there was going to be mass riots. Let's also not forget Biden's own campaign said along with other democrats were going to dispute the election if they lost. That's before the election even happened and without any evidence of wrong doing known against him. But Trump now that's a different story!

  9. Couple screws Loose

    If there is such an eminent threat why are 25k Nasty Girls standing around with no ammo??????? Not even an empty Mag in the well. Wtf

  10. Jason Tempel

    F U

  11. Rob Smith

    They do realize that they have fascists ideology right

  12. Scamdemic


  13. chloejohanna31

    So why has the mall been open this whole time?!

  14. Rob Smith

    Why didnt the national guard come in here and take back this city

  15. Brokly nChedur

    Wow, the left is the same kind of cancer on our society as the Na髒is were to Europe. Confirm to their ideology, or else!

  16. Sarah Bryant

    Lol do what the cops say not what the Democrats say

  17. Joyce myree

    Lol. A year later still there

  18. Joyce myree

    Wow. We are a third world country. We have tons of money to help other countries and our citizens live like this . Democrat destruction

  19. mvb819

    Liberals and their cancel culture are unlovable

  20. Panzer Blitz

    Reporter keeps saying "if you will", he says "this show of force.... If YoU wIll" If I will.... WHAT ?????????????????? . What is he talking about, IF YOU WILL? If I will... skydive from a UFO into a dumpster from 30,000 feet? start quacking loudly and flap my arms like a duck? He also babbles "there's a handful of people... AND I MEAN a handful of people|! Is he saying I'm thinking he's lying the first time? Well I'm guessing he IS a liar then.

  21. Joyce myree

    Wtf . This is bs. Inslee and the democrats have caused this. Quit handing out drugs,quit bring in homeless from .ca and Oregon offering them free drugs and needles. Wtf is all the money to help these people. In Inslee and democrats pockets. This is disgusting

  22. Northwest Gardener

    I would reduce social media, I deleated Facebook and Twitter. Now its your turn.

    1. The Observer

      @Northwest Gardener But you still watch King 5! Myself, I don't call this piece news but some form of social engineering. They used to say, "If it bleeds, it leads". Today race based, or should I say race bait stories lead!!! I think I'm gonna unsubscribe from King 5!!!

  23. MKY Alexander

    The Force was strong with this Jedi.

  24. Al Rosenberg

    Total, complete, and absolute Bull SHIP. When the erosion of America is finally completed, it will happen under the guise of cooperation, accommodation, and just getting along with each other. When liberals are not in power, it's rape, loot, pillage, and burn. When they steal an election, we should all just get along together.

  25. FrugalPrepper's Garage & Garden

    If I am driving at a guy aiming a gun at me. I am going to hit the gas and drive towards him.

  26. Joyce myree

    Where is all the money?? In the city councilman pockets. Your a liar you are doing nothing. Look at the city ,it proves your a liar. Democrat run health hazards. Quit giving drugs and needles, quit welcoming in other states homeless.

  27. RON KING

    This cop has REAL deep mommy issues. Good thing it wasn't my daughter, just sayin'. What a psychopath

  28. samchen18p

    So many areas have been closed and troops at a normal Washington street corner not even near the Capitol. It reminded me of war zones in Baghdad or Fallujah or Mosul.

    1. Hosoi Archives

      Reminds me of the deadly Democrat insurrection of summer 2020

  29. Dabrino Pelvin

    OBVIOUSLY they're concerned about LEFTIST domestic terrorists, not Trump supporters. These areas are almost no go zones for Trump supporters, due to LEFTIST domestic terrorists.

  30. Hans Bjorkman

    Universal affordable healthcare including mental care is very much needed in USA.

  31. Margaret Cooper

    Poor guy what a horrendous accident he went through,but he is still going strong.

  32. Suprem3 Savages

    Are these people drunk cause there a lot of videos of crashing into buildings

  33. Low Rider

    He believes Kurt was killed by the government of North Korea

  34. Joshua Myers

    The security officers need to back off and let the armed citizen do what hes doing.

  35. resilence artist

    I feel bad for the UPS driver. Also, I feel bad for the dogs. The four dogs have been euthanized. It's all caused by the irresponsible owner. Why did the owner put $14 door bell at the fence gate if he is rich like what he says. He has $3 million dollar worth of equipment there.

  36. D TEE

    Hey Mommy!!!! who are those people walking to Alaska?? Oh, they're just Trump voters, sweetie, don't look at them.

  37. judd442009

    Judge Judy: A period of detention in a chilly upstate facility can be a great attitude adjuster.

  38. sonnyleomiti

    What's up with 30 dollars car tabs my rights or your pay check I don't believe in killing corrupt politicians but I understand

  39. Krupp John

    Unfortunately there's some real dumbass cops out there that don't understand how a camera can hold them accountable for their actions and that they are watched by camera a lot.We used to hire bullies for cops now we need to hire lawyers, or at least people with the conscience

  40. Apocalyptic Dog

    Maybe she should open a museum with the wreckage parts she finds or sell them maybe people would be interested

  41. Ripvanwinkle

    Germs and unruly costumers is life. Covid is an excuse for everything.

  42. Jayanjan Mukherjee

    Thanks ConcernedApe

  43. CatsEye 2020

    Open up enough already this is stupid

  44. Roaming Ringers

    Maybe start towing people parked illegally? Have consequences for those not following the rules? Ya know...common sense stuff....oh wait

  45. bocamp

    You tube is all black when I look at it. I cant se any videos

  46. Diory N

    There are exemptions to free speech

  47. T J

    No it's these kids now who have no accountability they think they can disrespect and talk to anyone how they want to some of them need to learn the hard way

  48. Rafiq Daniel


  49. Mark Gotcher

    Christian cult

  50. chocolatechip coochie

    "there's always new faces down here so that's always interesting".. I didn't think that was a good thing but ok

  51. elk elk

    All lies wtf!

  52. Seattle Peach

    Construction workers need Hero Pay!! If they werent working hard and risking their lives to build these commercial buildings and residential homes, ppl wouldnt have ANYWHERE to work or live!!!

  53. Frank DellAlba

    Bad kids and dumb cops = headlines .

  54. jordan hicks

    That's what you get.

  55. Sam 29

    Wait... They actually said something no wayyy!!

  56. Jeremy B

    Sweet, the military. The original anti-fascists.

  57. Enemy Mind

    what can I say. this guy is very cool

  58. SledgeNE

    I love Stardew Valley

  59. saucybantz

    As long as all non-white officers are also charged when they use excessive force against white victims or use racial slurs like "gringo", "cracker", or "colonizer".

  60. SteveO

    I bet that snow is covered in covid from people who are asymptomatic. Lol no sledding this year

  61. oxford14

    Republicans. Ignorance combined with arrogance.

  62. Zack8001 _

    We truckers don't get hazard pay and we bring the supplies you need and we don't demand hazrd/hero pay. You don't hear the emt's or firefighters screaming they want hazard pay and yet they are on the Frontline.

  63. Robin Martz

    Oh for crying out loud! Whine and cry about ANYTHING and demand pay for it.

  64. Ken Daniels

    Its always shocking how people try to avoid arrest and the police are at fault.

  65. Coffee is the path to victory

    One of *those* guys in an SPD uniform.

  66. Nell White

    Was he in DC on the 6th

  67. larry fitzpatrick

    I am 100% all for hazard pay but its really stupid to say that our country isnt doing enough to protect the essential workers so let me understand this youre saying if you have money then youll be protected because that makes absolutely no sense thats just greed why dont you just admit what it is and say that you want it just because you want it since youre risking your life but having more money isnt gonna do anything for you if you get it you get it

    1. PB & J

      No one, can make it on minimum wage, and that's probably about what they make. Panademic or not, they deserve higher pay......or the over all cost of living needs to be reduced, for all.

  68. World Anthems

    if he practiced in Simulator he would've been familiar with the aircraft's autopilot system which he wasn't.

  69. TrytoRob Pinky

    Good. Get rid of the bad cops and replace them with ppl who...then again they teach them to be that way so...even if they start out good they gonna be corrupted ...

  70. Herding Cats

    Score: K9 1, scumbag 0

  71. Jim Ster

    Should be fired immediately.

  72. judd442009

    Judge Judy: A period of detention in a chilly upstate facility can be a great attitude adjuster.

  73. B B

    Im not a surprised Morton is know for being a racist hick town.

  74. Johnnie Miller

    Finally cops doing their Jobs

  75. Anne Allison

    While you're at it give all of us hazard pay, after all were all putting each other at risk just by being alive.

  76. Jason Mckibbin

    Now to get rid of the rest of the Nazis on the force. Washington State has a bigger problem than will be admitted.

  77. wardog8u2xbox360


  78. wardog8u2xbox360


  79. Jennie Hughes

    Only the n words can say the N words. Got it . I'm racist.

  80. Messrs Anderson & Co

    A nice steak for Jedi!