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  1. BigSkyFishing

    Y’all trying really hard to act like this is good

  2. Di3mondDud3

    The littering one did get a nose exhale out of me. That wasnt awul, other than the surroinding horrendus bits

  3. IRSvideos

    This video is a felony

  4. fisher woelke

    One time I used all 4 blades I carried on one box and my boss said that I was crazy, but I just have so many at this point I have to use them. Needless to say, me and my 45 knives are quite irked by this presentation, because us knife guys have to talk about the blade for a couple mins before we use it

  5. Bette Wiedmann Memorial

    Covid is a 99.6% survival rate flu...why would anyone be afraid of that? The fear comes from the media

  6. Lazys The Dank Engineer

    The otis

  7. octangally

    What the hell did ivjust watch? 😕

  8. Jeydan

    you should've seen the look on their faces, not getting assaulted every 5 minutes

  9. The King of S O U P


  10. A Ux2

    Cc make it so much better

  11. Sketch

    It’s international woman’s day and I felt this was extremely relevant 😌

  12. rb2297 _

    god so much can happen in just the span of 30 seconds

  13. BallisticFire

    Shouldnt have made this Makes girls feel like they are useless, they should do what theg want

  14. Xander Guyer

    Hey, Steve Harvey. I'm a trans man, and I'm looking for man cards. You handing out any of the ones you revoked?

  15. Burton Anderson

    1:22 ehaghuh

  16. Paxx Montana Music

    The fact children are subject to void and contentless videos. Hypnotized into constantly clicking and watching void content for hours

  17. Ariston

    Post new Gub Post new!!

  18. brotherbells

    Our Family is gonna get your asses for this nonsense

  19. Sasha

    1:08 - imagine if they just made this video to show off those new wooden glasses

  20. Aedyn Montgomery

    It was funny, but it kinda scared me😂

  21. Kaito A.

    Fact: 30 shells were in 13 were shot and 17 were used to brandish the gun. (Probably) and 57 were not used

  22. Duurma

    You didnt thank sven :(

  23. M

    There are (were?) movie theaters where you can get meals, at least they're all over the east coast.

  24. Connor Rainey

    The CD in the broken gray boombox.... this man speaks facts



  26. Paxx Montana Music

    Fuck guava on god

  27. RetroSplash

    The breakdown parts are too real! LOL

  28. Cassius Roman

    : \

  29. velkhana overlord

    This is so relatable

  30. flightless jade

    happy international women's day 2021 gamers

  31. Aware

    Jam didnt epic swag prank Dwit I give this a 8/10

  32. J Byron

    Aint gonna lie i think stealing is wrong

  33. cian keane

    plot twist the baby is his

  34. Purpleflyingshark

    how is that child actor so good

  35. Logan *-*

    There is only three types of wine, red, white and not enough! #mymombelike

  36. JaredRogersWord

    Yeah fuck you Family Video! Love ya Gus! ❤️

  37. Oliver adams

    The only one that is relatable is people taking there shoes off

  38. JC HD

    You all know what point in the video my mum came in my room at

  39. Francis Joshua Robedillo

    The first Gus Johnson video I watched... Ever!

  40. Galactic Bike Works

    The subtitles just make it better

  41. Adam Skrzeszewski


  42. Joe Snaffer

    He said he’d keep dancing if he didn’t get any subscribers why would anyone subscribe to him

  43. Active Life Transformation

    😂😂😂 I can't stop laughing 😆. Lord help me. I think this preacher needs to retire

  44. Jacob -

    Chill as dude with some nice ass thoughts and eyes. Real banger

  45. Zyklon

    I like the bottom of the description. Don't stab people

  46. FedoraMan


  47. Brenda Maag

    Oh boy... The accuracy tho...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. JaxanGaming

    The glug glug glug could be asmr

  49. Lorde

    Hey just in time to rewatch this

  50. Stegosaurus To The Max

    Who else wants to see him do a video on home renegation tv shows

  51. The Judge

    He didn't say nuthin

  52. Evan Weaver


  53. finnersdinners

    This reminds me of ace ventura haha

  54. EggsB3nedict

    The best thing that happened in 2016

  55. sophie

    this feels like every single religion video project ive seen in my 11 years of catholic school

  56. TheOnionQueen

    Fun fact! I’m related to a woman who was the Sherif of Hershey many many years ago, and she was married to the man who was Chief of Police. But, turns out, she was a lesbian, and he was gay.

  57. Cat Man

    Sam foot locker...

  58. Kent Rodichok

    All hail JOSH

  59. James Jones

    God damn I wish netflix or comedy central would sign this is a full show. This is pure Gus genius. Can't stop laughing. Idk how the hell I missed these!

  60. childcore

    jack stauber vibes at the end

  61. epiKThread

    I always wondered how they made the Pianta and Inkling voices.

  62. lisa brygger

    May Hackers who have More Truth, better Morals take the money he took ,meant for the distribution to those in need, give it to St. Jude's, to the poor, to those who need it. In the Name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost. Amen !

  63. epiKThread

    Oh, so THAT'S how you get a checkmark next to your channel name.

  64. Nathan Russell

    He sounds like Hank Hill

  65. nola7560 nola7560

    "there's an endangered species RIGHT THERE"

  66. John McQuigg

    This is very America

  67. RainCloud Nimbus

    My literature class looks very active compared to this lmao

  68. Mr Turbulent


  69. Nobody

    You forgot to add the extra olive oil

  70. Bjorn

    GJ: "My Jon Favreu jersey" Wisconsin: "So you have chosen death"

  71. peopleperson50

    Omg there is someone else in the world who also finds the "this" replies annoying as hell!

  72. clickthecreeper

    this is... a lot of effort

  73. wet concrete

    this is all the kids in my class, im sad i have to share this earth with them

  74. RainCloud Nimbus

    Title correction: helping your Western/American dad fix the sink

  75. lisa brygger

    I bet little kids run screaming out of any room he is in