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  1. noemistephanie93

    Wow its so cool to see this in such good quality! Lol she's so funny here

  2. Alexander

    This is so edgy and transgressive, wow Bill! Glad to see Billy Corgan is doing stand up now.

  3. Emy Blu

    usfilm.info/fire/jKuhinaOo8h03LY/video.html hahahah

  4. Summer Maclin

    Adele literally looks so good in this it's insane

  5. Marciai Garcia

    Now that Biden's laptop is proof of corruption

  6. Chris


  7. Savannah Hizer

    oh my god sleepover period mortification is a specific kind of horror that i don't like being reminded of ><

  8. Sunshine Cara

    I’m not a trump supporter but 2:04 is hilarious

  9. Gulwash Malik

    Did Vanessa Bayer narrate this?

  10. Baron Von Cobra

    Idk what's better; the WAH WAH or the actors breaking character.

  11. Ana Laura Pérez Mendoza

    Es divertidísima!! Me encanta!

  12. Walker Sullivan

    doesn't joe know trains burn diesel

  13. Johnny Bravo

    Missed opportunity: SNL doing a skit about how all SNL cares about is liberal nonsense and how much they hate trump.

  14. Erica Moore

    Lol omg

  15. Lady Dani

    Justice for Nathaniel.

  16. Kim Kreisel

    Adale looks you look great.

  17. Melanie Brandt

    It’s true. Every single songwriter of every single song Trump has used for his rallies filed a CEASE AND DESIST letter to the Trump campaign.

  18. Selahree

    I agree - I feel it's going to become boring. I follow his tweets just because they're batsh*t crazy and hilarious.

  19. Brianna Palmer

    the barking... at 2:40

  20. Thorn1174us _______

    Wow! She looks great how dare anyone shame her

  21. justjoeltwo

    I just don’t find SNL funny.

  22. nullunit

    It's addictive, not addicting. I scream this at my screen every time I hear someone say that shit.

  23. jarreau forney

    Always a great host, looking forward to it

  24. Alison chyns

    you've heard of black mirror, now get ready for black T.V.

  25. Ursopacos

    Why did this get recommended on 10/28

  26. gnshapiro

    More like Middle School Buddha....

  27. Josephine Power

    So wait they put tangled girl in but not princess Tiana😳😳😳😳 ok then

  28. Roger Anglin

    Snakes on the brain ? I am Mother- F'n tired of all these Mother- F'n snakes on the brain.

  29. Don’t be Suspicious

    "We've got this, and handmaids tale"

  30. David Meichner

    I remember when this first aired

  31. rockwellington

    SNL knows who the winner will be! chumps2020.com #chumps2020

  32. Egypt addison

    harry noo the cringe but in a good way 2:58

  33. M M

    Fat lives matter

  34. Ryan Bunker

    Man, some SNL skits leave me in stitches, and some are so not funny that they just piss me off. This skit being the latter.

  35. Dizziemiss Lizzie

    One of the funniest SNL skits of all time! "I will pru daday, beyond a shadda of a bout!"

  36. Shakiyla M.

    I cannot get over how freaking amazing Adele looks!

  37. Erick Flores

    Great accent ,love this one

  38. Dana Moore

    This is so stupid... everyone knows shadow people can't hear!

  39. Alejandro Ramos

    I think Kenan, Mikey and Beck did great they seem to always deliver 110% Chris was solid and Andrew was eh. Just my opinion.

  40. Egypt addison

    watching harry in this feel like back in the day disney channel original movies lmfaoo

  41. Dan Rylee

    This is what borderline personality disorder looks like.

  42. Baller Jesus Christ

    This sketch could’ve been funny but they brought politics in to it

  43. jjdrama

    This was the gift I didn't know I needed.

  44. Darryl

    Why aren't we funding this?!

  45. Tom Hewitt

    MAGA KAG 2020

  46. Jenn Hoff

    Wow, Ryan was SO good at this!!! I'm impressed! ;'D

  47. Dislikeunsubscribe

    This is more like drama

  48. Eric Linder

    Really good writing on this skit!

  49. Alejandro Ramos

    As if Adele wasn't celeb enough now she is breaking character on SNL famous! She could give Ryan Gosling a run for his money. This reminded me of the alien sketch which had Kate also.

  50. Hybrid Tough

    Lmfao...😎🤟 we miss you Chris Farley....

  51. Magic_devil_kill

    I like how the # is not Pete but Justin Bieber 😂😂

  52. Idk

    Love these

  53. Tyler Galbraith

    This was pretty funny and I’ve been keeping up with snl for a while.. reeeeeally pushing it though

  54. David Meichner


  55. JDroz Manski

    The first 30 seconds Sounds like a description of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop...

  56. AhYaOkRgT

    Shows you how out of touch people in charge can be. Typical.

  57. Eli Castroverde

    That's Janice from Friends.

  58. Jenny Wakeman

    omg its lord dominator

  59. Shakiyla M.

    "I always believed life is a lemon that needs to be squeezed"😂 I'm keeping that, lol

  60. Tae Izofyne

    Did anybody catch that it was actually funny and not offensive and even if you didn’t find the content funny surely you had to find Adele trying to hold in her laughter hilarious

  61. Alaina Wallace

    I love her

  62. ilove satan


  63. Nick Nicholas

    I cant believe Adele got up on stage that once when she won a award and said Beyoncé deserved it bla bla bla, and Beyoncé had not sung in years at that point , it seems so stupid to me to pander like that, anyway my point is Adele is a singer , Beyonce is not , at least not anymore .

  64. Egypt addison

    3:35 lmfaooo harry 💀🤣🤣 ''got dat handel, right quannnn?''

  65. Rutwik Bardapurkar

    Wut!? 😶

  66. Michelangelo

    Adele has always struggled with stage fright, so I find it amazing how she continues to push herself. The _Hello_ mv, her Radio City concert, the Graham Norton skit, her world tour, dancing on the _Send My Love_ mv, Glastonbury, Wembley, etc. Now she's hosting and acting here on SNL. I'm anxious to see what she's planning for next year with the new album.

  67. Trenton Wallace


  68. Josh Leon

    This show is just complete trash now

  69. Alaina Wallace


  70. Justin Bergman

    The same liberals saying “oh it’s just a joke” are the same ones screaming cancel everyone that makes a gay joke, or says anything remotely that doesn’t agree with their out of touch reality. Such hypocrites! Pete is cringe! But I definitely don’t think he should be cancelled.

  71. Keith _

    Prices for the snack bar $4, $8, $15, $16, $23, and $42

  72. kxmode


  73. McKilo 306

    Big shout out to Method Man as the bully

  74. Rodd Dos Santos

    Jeff Bridges is an amazing actor. Always awesome to see him doing comedy.

  75. Justin Bergman

    Pete is so cringe.

  76. R E L music

    This is my anthem ✨🤘🏻👅

  77. Cedar Poplar


  78. Mikala Thompson

    This is what people imagine white people it. It’s not. It’s what a very specific group of white people eat.

  79. Southie

    Dude these ALWAYS break everyone

  80. Justin Bergman

    The difference between Democrats & Conservative people is shown a lot here. If a conservative said anything remotely like this towards a liberal they would call for his cancellation immediately. Pete is a very unfunny guy and has mental issues clearly. Hopefully he gets the help he needs.