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  1. xotwod

    but do the leggings give you a camel toe? 😭

  2. Panda Sister

    I'm already saving I got a business too

  3. Tia Harvey

    I’m so sorry for your loss and I’m praying for you and wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy and baby ❤️🙏🏽

  4. kisujad3


  5. kisujad3

    Collen on youtube talked about how she had a rlly rough pregnancy with symptoms and all

  6. Litzy Sanchez

    😂💗this is such a shock to me i would've never expected this but congrats! 💗

  7. B Vee

    The title should've been "throwing my life in the trash along with my entire body"

  8. jaiden howard

    she’s having a cancer baby♋️😝🥳!!!!!!’ so happy for herrrrr

  9. Ellemental

    Fefe Dobson vibes😍😍👍🏼

  10. Sabri Love

    I knew it ♥️ omg I’m so happy for you love

  11. Jasmine Sandoval

    Where is her shirt from!!!

  12. Kalah

    Yay! I am going to love constant uploads.. I'm so bored🥱😴

  13. kisujad3

    i hate pipes too they so harsh

  14. monse macias

    Who’s the baby daddy??

  15. Mimi

    Congratulations!!! Congratulations!!!! Congratulations!!! 🎉 you are going to be the best mother!! Especially life guide wise.

  16. Sara Munguia

    My heart 😍😍😍😍😍🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 congrats

  17. Shay Trip

    Congrats 🎊

  18. Zoë Ennis

    One congratulations!!💕

  19. Jessly Cedillos

    It’s a girl, don’t ask me how I just know

  20. Jessica caraballo

    so happy for you ness 🥺🥺 cant wait for the gender

  21. Samie Said

    Aaaaah omg congratulations bbe girl 🤍🥺

  22. Rayah’s Corner

    Nessa seems so much happier rn, I’ve been keeping up w Nessy for 2/3 maybe 4 yrs🤔 n I just love how this moment right here is precious n calm Not @ me cryin over someone I don’t really know✋🏾💀 idc in this bb’s aunt

  23. Lola


  24. Dream Xrbby


  25. Jen Pajak

    Oh wow, I literally had no idea about a few months ago, but I can imagine that made this so much more meaningful🥺❤️ so so happy for you guys !!

  26. Sho Marley


  27. bella r


  28. Percifany Cotto

    Congratulations!! And I’m only 17 but I do understand that feeling with the mental health part bc I thought the same thing and still do for my future when I have my own kid(s). But know that you will be a great mother, you can do this and you have support!! I hope you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually doing well :) Stay safe, sending love and light💜

  29. Vee

    This is making me wanna have a baby 🥺 I

  30. Vee

    How tf does a pregnancy reveal get thumbs down ? Wtf is wrong with ppl ? Go off Nessa

  31. Stephanie McNamara

    so happy for you love :)💗

  32. Rūta Egle

    god nessaaaa i'm so happy for you! i've watched your videos since like 2015, this is so exciting for you! <33333

  33. Bella Marie

    Girl I can honestly say I’m disappointed 😭 I haven’t seen you in a stable relationship ever. Are y’all just content with being baby momma’s and nothing more ? Ever ? I expected better. Sorry...

  34. Kristina

    Gender is not something that can be revealed. Yes, biological sex can be revealed but that's it.

  35. abbsnn cose

    im high af and i dont know if this is a joke yet

  36. Courtney Cox

    Just letting you know the only time my mom ever had morning sickness was when it was a boy!

  37. me'kayla

    this makes my heart happy

  38. Kristine R

    Go bald again

    1. abbsnn cose

      You’re on trending! Yay!

  39. Crownxvictoria

    I hope its a boy!!!

  40. Dolores Torres

    Got them vocals 🤪💯‼️

  41. Sonya Mila

    Wow I’m so happy I came across your page I can relate to the rawness so much

  42. Sonya Mila

    I had BII before they got infected and I only had them for a month, sucky :/

  43. Sonya Mila

    Girl I’m in the same boat, I paid 12,000 in Beverly Hills went to a top notch doc & just paid another 2,000 to remove them last week bec they got infected

  44. Genesis Ruiz

    i havent seen this female on here since 2017

  45. Keona T

    Congratulations! What a blessing

  46. Megan Michaels

    Your due date is the day I had my bb in 2020!!! How exciting

  47. shardae singleton

    Please omg you were my childhood 😭😭😭

  48. JayCeeScandals07

    Last time I was here you were shaving your head 🥲 lmao

  49. k Rose

    my birthday is july 20th the baby is gonna be a cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Maria Tolone

    Congratulations we're both 4 months

  51. Sp Ne

    Girl what you doing

  52. Marie Baird

    I remember watching you when u were in high school. Now youre gonna be a mom😩 time flies!

  53. Brianna Naranjo

    i can't wow ive been here since the start i love you congrats !

  54. Bryanna Atrisco

    Your def having a girl my baby heartbeat was 160 too

  55. Chloe clegg

    Congratulations ☺️☺️💖

  56. RealistBri

    this is amazing especially if you’ve been around since longgg time ago since her “haunted videos” it’s amazing to see how far she has come & now she’s expecting a baby wow🥺

  57. Maybell rivera

    Biiiiiiiiiitch what🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 I seen your thumbnail for *seeing my baby for the first time* and wtf I had to click on you Chanel and aaaaahhhhhh congrats 🥺🥺🥺😭😭🙏🏼❤️

  58. Tianca Dominqué

    I can definitely see you as a Girl Mom 🎀💗Congratulations!!! 😊❤️

    1. Tianca Dominqué

      @Simplynessa15 you’re welcome! 😊

    2. Simplynessa15

      I hope so! Thank u!

  59. Katelyn Harris

    Nessa is already glowing !!!!

    1. Simplynessa15


  60. Devyn Thomas

    Ong I feel like shit everyday, idk if my body just can’t handle it or what🤢

    1. Simplynessa15

      Same 😔

  61. alida flus

    Wow Courage nice job

  62. The BJ Fam

    Awee that’s cute xx

  63. Hayley McDade


  64. kaybii babii

    GLOW baby GLOW!!! I love how happy you are xo can't wait for more baby updates 🥰

  65. Anna L

    07.07. is actually my dads birthday and he is the sweetest man ever <3 <3 (mine is july 11th and i guess i'm alright as well :D)

  66. Lauren

    This made me super emotional so happy for u both🥺

  67. Ari Miller-Fortman

    i watched you grow up and it’s so cute 🥺🥺 i’m so proud of you mama

    1. alida flus

      lmao congrats love but 4 test REALLY 4 !!!!

  68. Alexander Everts

    commenting just to help nessa get that BAG

  69. Leslie Velazquez

    Oh sweetie when you said you got worried when she couldn’t find the heartbeat, it hit home because I lost my first baby at 7 weeks and I had the ultrasound where they couldn’t find anything. And then you said you lost your baby a few months before. I know your pain, and I am so sorry you lost that little angel. My loss messed me up for over a year. Its absolutely terrible. Two years later, I got pregnant and now I have a beautiful 8.5m baby girl who is thriving! I pray everything goes well in your pregnancy, and send you all the best wishes for a smooth, safe delivery. There’s no better feeling than having that beautiful living baby in your arms after everything ❤️

  70. Hailey Tilley

    Going through a miscarriage is hard. I lost my baby in the beginning of 2020 I felt like something was completely wrong with me my depression got so bad I didn’t know what was going on but turns out my body was already grieving the loss of my baby before I even knew I was having a miscarriage. I’m so happy you’re having a successful pregnancy so far let’s welcome this rainbow baby with open arms ❤️ Many prayers and much love

  71. Mangos Bruh

    So happy to see you happy Vanessa! Ive been following you for years and its so cool to see you become a mother! I love you! Sending all the good energy to you guys. ❤❤❤

  72. kisujad3

    i havent watched u in awhile and i go on ur youtube and uhhhh BITCH WHAT OMGMGMGM CONGRATTTSSSSSS UR GNNA BE A GOOD MOM

  73. Beatriz Nunes

    Is it just me or Shyla and her look alike? Aka Shyla from L&S

  74. Murda Doll

    Honestly I pick money over everything unless it’s my happy ness if I wanna go to Fuckin Disney imma go

  75. Shannon Kathleen

    Lol what

  76. Maria yasabiaTM

    That nurse tho

  77. Aliya Emily Satar

    im high af and i dont know if this is a joke yet

  78. Hannah Gilliard

    (Respectfully) BIIIIITCH you have me crying tears of joy😭🥰💕 I'm so happy for you, I've been watching you for years and the growth and glow on you is amazing

  79. DuhItzArii A


  80. LUCY ! !

    so happy for you girl !🥺🥺💛💛💛