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  1. augm3nt

    Jackson major respect for you. Please don't feel sorry. Your dad sure ain't sorry as hes stated. Hes a traitor not only to America but your family. Stay strong .. peace.

  2. paul reed

    These are the same people who were calling for the FBI to start arresting Biden family members amongst others....the irony is just exquisite.

  3. Brian Williams

    Maybe I’m the only one who feels sorry for these people. The real criminals are the people in power who convinced them this was their ‘civic dust’

  4. realpqleur

    Hitler and Lucifer are sharing a bowl on this one.

  5. Amazon Queen

    Great job!! Arrest them all and throw away the key

  6. Stephen McDonald

    A view from Canada. Now his Dad will be able to go on a weight loss regime while in prison. So, there's an upside to this story. Book'em Danno!

  7. Julie Bigheart Thompson

    Too many children carry unmerited guilt and shame for sins of their fathers. My heart breaks for young Jackson Reffitt - talk about confliction! Bless his heart, Jackson’s mama raised him right.

  8. John Taylor

    Lose your job, Lose your freedom, Lose your home, Lose your family, but you still have drumpf... where has the X pres gone?

  9. Ronald Reed

    They don't even see the Irony of their "Traitor" accusations.

  10. Logic Total War

    good kid

  11. Cynthia Linn

    This is the first sign this women is crazy?? 10 seconds in you can see how is she that old and this is the first time people are realizing it

  12. Eddie martinez

    Jail time moron

  13. CLV USMC

    I bet this kid never watched the movie Goodfellas

  14. Jenkins Montgomery

    That baby 😍😍😍

  15. John Utter

    NONE of these people are sorry for what they did, they are sorry they got caught and want pardons from their “dear leader “. LOL

  16. jam yourjam

    always keep records on everything involving property. This bs guy love to kick people out and go home happy knowing they did bs job always thinking they are right.

  17. Ben Talley


  18. Ghost Burgers

    I make sure to watch all of these capture videos. I'm savoring every last one of them.

  19. NeoRipshaft

    lol his Son appears to have a Hatsume Miku on his shelf - confirmed to be legit as f.

  20. N Jacob deKelaita

    Look at the comments you people are sheep

  21. lubabe 99

    Backpedaling fast, just like every fool who listened to that monster trump.

  22. Noises

    By far the most satisfying part about all this is these are the "gubbmint gone take my guns" types who have, through their felonious actions, taken away their own right to legally own a firearm. A close second is watching the now contrite Fox affiliates sucking their teeth as they report on the outcome of the hillbilly insurection they helped to foment and now try to walk away from.

  23. All The Smoke

    This whole thing is one big LARP.

  24. Shannon Nonnahs

    Bless his son✌

  25. Mack Outlaw

    Terrorist should fully charged with federal laws and put in prison for at least 20 years and fined $200K.

  26. BlackWolf6420

    They incriminated themselves. Pure gold.

  27. Wayne Doocey

    The crime is ignorance

  28. cg

    I wonder what the owners had to say when the cow did come home!!! lol.

  29. Marley Von Hoffstein

    Can we NOW put to rest forever that BS about Trump Cult members being the "dispossessed", the poor, those "left behind by globalisation"? They're not! They're middle class! They're sons and daughters of privilege! They're nerds! So far, we know that the mob that invaded the Capitol Building included the son of a judge, the son of an attorney, a doctor's husband, a state congressman, and now this woman. The only thing they have in common is their stupidity.

  30. Sunny Coast

    Oh no I thought we were going to a cocktail party with Donnie. We hired a private jet. We just got lost at the Capitol and caught up in the lil protest. Wow If she doesn’t get charged & locked up with the evidence she has provided then none of them will.

  31. Palette Tools

    Son has more wisdom than father.

  32. TDOT

    nah they was shooting the basketball what you takin bout?

  33. lionomazinga

    Seems miller doesn't realize that woulda put him, his family and friends in danger of immediate fatal retribution

  34. Zelda Johnson

    Bye dummy

  35. Top Cat

    What a stand up guy, you will go far!!!👏👏👏👏

  36. Kathy Day

    How do we get the rightwing media to tell people the truth and stop breeding hate? They should be held culpable for misleading so many Americans. Their advertisers should all be loudly boycotted and the rightwing media should be picketed until they change their lying hate breeding ways or shut down. We must stop this damage to our nation and our fellow citizens!

  37. panjualede

    typical beta

  38. surge78

    I be wondering if it was an inside job since his team did nothing

  39. Noel Chua

    Why was she released? Trump appointed judge?

  40. W G

    These Nazis are soulless. Hopefully America eradicates them now.

  41. Pickle Schnö

    Thank god I'm not a northern texan _laughs in south-eastern texan_ *Houston police participated in Captiol Riot*

  42. Ct Bt

    If the father said traders gets shot I hope he is aware that he himself is a traitor for what he did on January 6. FBI Get them all and lock them all up and for the rest of them make sure they put on the no-fly list And no greyhound list

  43. Zelda Johnson

    Lock him up

  44. Ct Bt

    Good job young man. They should give you a scholarship to a college of your choice. You did not put your father in any situation he wasn’t already going to be in.

  45. Sanna Ong

    The disastrous cucumber holoprosencephaly matter because sausage karunagappally mug athwart a frantic wall. befitting, ruddy christmas

  46. B W

    This young Generation is ridiculous. But it all falls in the hands of who Raised them let that be the reason A lot of parents do not need children

  47. superman420 money

    They lucky they did not play any schools in the hood our coach will let us jump them f*** the football game we're fighting now

  48. Bruno solheid

    TRUMP supporters ALL good people 🤣😂🤣😲😃😃😃😃

  49. 차상윤

    Son you shouldn't have done like that. you gonna 100 % regret when you realize the truth.

  50. Sanna Ong

    The glossy pound arthroscopically fix because peer-to-peer scully contain sans a serious jump. half, black-and-white network

  51. Rob Masdorp

    Prosecute:”thx for the evidence you hand over yourself to me” “Never in my entire life work was so easy for me”. Stupidity has no limits. QED.

  52. Pertena Anderson

    So is this channel real news??? Now or???

  53. AmbushPredator

    Guilty by association! they all should be arrested. If you were wearing a MAGA hat in support of the Iiar and chief! if you were there to protest against a fair and legal election and if you were there because you got duped by a liair call Trump you deserve jail time!. All of you are grown men and women and if you can't discern weather you are being lied to verses the truth you need to be elsewhere go away from the United States and find a country that will put up with your crazy hypocritical religious bs.

  54. Kid Thongchan

    This is literally "Call an ambulance! Call an ambulance!" *"But not for me!"*

  55. Mpho Mokoena

    Imagine that....willing to kill your kids for white supremacy....just wow

  56. tahira1

    Insane smh. Rest in peace Jordan.

  57. Jason Mckinney

    Damn shame! Fricken family turns dad in? Im ashamed of that family!!!

  58. fiddlestickz muzik

    Don't be sorry young man, you are right to do what you did, look inside your heart for what is ultimately right, these people, these Trumper's, these fascists are a disgrace to humanity.

  59. Cesar Salgado Salgado

    This is what happens little kids when you don’t finish school or high school and you can’t read or write or do anything in your life because you didn’t understand sht in school and until you’re almost 30-40 years old you still can’t understand wtf is wrong with your life or what you did wrong

  60. RoYaL J

    Keep it coming, it’s like winning a golden egg watching everyone get caught.👍👍👍

  61. Molli Wilson

    Anyone else binge watching riot participants as they become arrested one by one?

  62. DaedalusJones

    Wish I had your courage.

  63. 28elevator

    You people that are getting arrested should all call trump.. oh I'm sorry I mean Chump and ask him for help with your legal fees and see what he does for you.

  64. John Albert

    Black lives matter got a pass for rioting... Your arse is sucking wind

  65. Cesar Salgado Salgado

    These would the dumbest and most stupid thieves ever like seriously bruh y’all did everything wrong and nothing you wanted to accomplish was done right the fbi captured most of you because you all took photos and videos and post them everywhere

  66. RoYaL J

    The kid was brave to turn his father in even though some things like this we say you never turn against your parents regardless, but thank God he was raised the right way. For his father to say that meaning that he would chose violence over family. Justice will be served.

  67. Cesar Salgado Salgado

    Threatened almost every one in the White House great idea and attack , destroy and steal stuff from the White House that was very smart and nice do y’all even know how to steal or post or write anything cuz all you did was leave behind all the stuff you did so the fbi and police to find you anywhere

  68. BigHenFor

    Undercharged. Should have thrown the book at her.

  69. Kaye Dubb

    i haven't spoken to my grandparents or one of my uncles since 2015 for supporting trump. i've cut off many friendships with people who supported him, too. they all called me immature and disrespectful. that wasn't it, i just knew what he was from the beginning. this coup wasn't a surprise at all.

  70. stevengarside

    Well done. A show of maturity hour Dad may one day recognise.

  71. whistletoe

    Obstruction of justice and knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building are low-hanging fruits... he should be charged with much more

  72. Hudson Outdoors

    So nobody has a problem with them charging this women, but all summer long Antifa/BLM burned and looted cities across America AND THEY WOULD RELEASE THEM FROM JAIL AND PAY THEIR BAIL IN SOME CASES. People should be worried about our corrupt government. WAKE UP🤦🏻‍♂️

  73. Chef Breadsofa


  74. SlantedLand

    Can you spot the deadhead reporter flexing his guitar collection?

  75. ecojosh1

    These people love Trump more than they love their own families, but Trump didn't pardon them. He sees them as objects to be cast aside once they're no longer useful.

  76. Brenda MR

    The fact that these people wasted money to fly to DC and back to their homes, on hotel fees, transport, food fees all to get outed as delusional racists, arrested, and loose their job over a man that really doesn’t give two shits about them HAHAHAHAHA

  77. GamerTime1226

    Jesus another dude from Texas. What is with these Texans. This is like the 9th person I've heard about going from Texas to DC to do something dumb and get arrested. As I Texan I feel embarrassed. I promise you people we aren't all this dumb lol

  78. Giuseppe Mulè

    So many people would fund that man

  79. Kim O'Donoghue

    What disgrace to America

  80. Michael G

    let’s take a moment to recognize David Sentendrey’s Grateful Dead poster. Incognito hippie detected