Videos produced by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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  1. Ramtin Tehrani

    Wow , really too wow

  2. cnmmd qiuoo

    Never been happier that my office chair spins.

  3. DaweeeRio Roosevelt

    NASA have so many pictures but NASA don't have clips while perseverance rover explore the surface of the red planet.

  4. Cøyøte

    this show sucks nothing is happening

  5. S Camargo

    Fantástico esse robozinho que filma esse robozinho. Deve a parte de baixo que caiu primeiro.

  6. Ваня Лохопетов

    А где следы от колёс?

  7. John Smith

    I hope that it doesn't get a rock stuck in the spokes.

  8. Slav Night

    Чел, че у тебя руки так трусятся? Успокойся, водички попей.

    1. cnmmd qiuoo


  9. Animesh Das

    Fascinating video. Thanks to NASA.

  10. Ian Calland


  11. J y punto

  12. Jacek Dobrowolski

    Can't see slightest movement So what's the point to share a movie?

  13. prirodu beregi

    Эта постановка 110%

  14. John D

    This one has cool chrome rims

  15. David McKinley

    I sure hope the find something worth all of the time and money to get there.

  16. NIHJO


  17. 7 H

    All of that is photoshoped

  18. Zhd

    Watching this while i m eating a 'Mars Bar' 😊

  19. Younes Gustave

    🙀 👏 👏♥️

  20. Jacno77

    Bring back a video you lazy buggers

  21. Mario A.


  22. koka pandit


  23. Hazem tp

    That vid made my cheap VR box expensive

  24. Gabriele Galmond

    Are martians in lockdown?

  25. Marq See

    am really looking forward to a big pic of Wile E. Coyote on the inside of the next heat shield as it drops away slowly, to disappear in a little puff of dust on the ground below. Please!

  26. Thomas Link

    I remember Mariner and Viking. It just never, ever, ever gets old.

  27. hamidreza kadkhoda

    we're proud of you guys for doing these things . while most people are addicted with tiktok ,instagram and these things and r just waisting their time ur looking forward into future . but seriously what is so interesting about mars ? why dont we try to save earth insted of tryin to find a replacement for it ? i hope us to never need to leave earth :)

    1. MartinNC

      No future, Mars is also waste of time. Only rocks and soil to see. It is impossible to go there and live.

  28. Marcio Roberto


  29. Cano penner

    i hope nasa told this robot that it was not coming back. One way ticket. till death.

  30. Extra Space

    I love NASA!

  31. Diamond Guitarist

    Devon never looked so good

  32. Nautical Disaster


  33. Palacz


  34. R Lumière Éclairante

    When there is so much of uninhabited Land on Earth, why does man spend so much of money going to another planet where it lacks so many things. Rather, mankind should use that money to make Earth a better a place, plant trees, invest in organic farming, clean up the pollution, etc. Repair the damage that has been done to Earth. Nurture Nature with Love, mend the Damage made over all these years and Earth would be just the Perfect place once again, God willingly.

    1. MartinNC

      Right.. in reality these Mars missions are just a massive waste of money. Humans will never go there and live, it will remain as a dream.


    this is amazing.

  36. Victor Gatica

    Que falzo

  37. Victor Gatica

    Dejen de robar

  38. Victor Gatica

    Esto es re trucho

  39. Danyela Ru

    More fake than the u.s democracy

  40. Hunne0815

    took me a while to realize you could click the video and move it around

  41. Milan Moucka

    Všude jsou vidět stopy a tady nic🤔

  42. Daniel Warner

    This is some unbelievable engineering work that got us to the surface and sending home the images.

  43. Deysi Barrios Vargas

    Alguien hablando español?

  44. Raphael Dechichi

    Space exploration is one of the main projects of billionaire Elon Musk. Through the company SpaceX, he has invested in the creation of rockets and dreams of feats such as making space tourism trips possible and the creation of a base on Mars. And he seems to have set a goal to make that happen.

  45. Margene Smithson

    one small step for rover kind!

  46. Imranjan78 Khan

    Found any Martians yet???

  47. Stefano Perna

    So nice!!! Greetings from Rome!

  48. noob A6

    welcome to Mars

  49. Pavel Sekerin

    Какой позор для России,американцы на Марсе,Китай на Луне,а у нас плешивый со своим сараем..😰

  50. pramod surya

    Those wheels are good. My locality requires these wheels. 😂

  51. Stephan Nickner


  52. Pleasure King

    I like looking down at all the different rover parts

  53. sam pittman

    Why is the object not orbiting our sun. The sun is a big magnet which in turns holds onto the planets in perfect alignment. Is this "rock" alien in nature. Nasa's explanation seems a bit contrite.

  54. Paolo Aronica

    Genius the future <❤

  55. Дмитрий Павлов

    Это фантастика!!!))

  56. Spooky 31

    A view of the U.S. after Biden.


    So this is what they call a progressive video? A white-male-free footage so it won't be threatening to viewers 😂

  58. Unsigned Mafia

    I don’t see anything for miles

  59. 1h Mal

    Μπράβο, συγχαρητήρια.

  60. Sofiya Luiza

    О боже как страшно

  61. Abul kashem

    Congratulated Nasa. From Bangladesh



  63. SeMorgh

    Where is the GUY with BACKPACK?????? I hope this time he Combs his hair.


    🤔🤔 🤣🤣🤣

  65. fast runner

    Mars is usa property no wait the whole solar system is

  66. Fum tv

  67. Random Access WebTV

    Awesome!!! This one of the first audio is pretty cool too. 1:19 is the sweet spot. 😉👍 Love, Peace and Bacon Grease Y'all!!! Hhhhhmmmm, bacon!!! -Uncle Mongrel

  68. Gerry Mulhall

    Fantastic! Thank you.

  69. Mrs. YT

    done exactly as expected!!! :3 well done JPL! you are amazing!!!! :*

  70. TERRA JOVEM 6000 anos


  71. TERRA JOVEM 6000 anos

    Globalista tá desesperado com o plano evidente. Inventam ida a lua 30 X na semana 300 satélites Marte e logo ali ISS DRONE etc No fundo todo mundo é TERRAPLANISTA, MAS GANHAM $$$ FACIL EM CIMA DOS TROUXAS.

  72. Muhammad abbas

    Most talented editor. 🤣🤣🤣

  73. Simo Meli


  74. gear

    this is message for the future, ignore this for now: only true ogs remember earth

  75. Alyssum S


  76. C0nstant1n


  77. ماهر حنتش

    I do not know the size of the benefit that the world and humanity will gain from spending one billion seven hundred million US dollars on a trip to another planet with the aim of exploring it, despite the conviction of many astronomers that other planets except Earth are devoid of life or any trace of it? 🤔

  78. Mark Carrera

    see any aliens yet! hahahaha

  79. ماهر حنتش

    لا أعلم حجم الفائدة التي سيجنيها العالم و البشرية من الإنفاق مليار و سبعمئة مليون دولار أمريكي على رحلة إلى كوكب آخر بهدف استكشافه رغم قناعة كثير من علماء الفلك أن الكواكب الأخرى ما عدا الأرض تخلو من الحياة أو أي أثر يدل عليها ؟!!! 🤔 I do not know the size of the benefit that the world and humanity will gain from spending one billion seven hundred million US dollars on a trip to another planet with the aim of exploring it, despite the conviction of many astronomers that other planets except Earth are devoid of life or any trace of it? 🤔