"60 Minutes," the most successful television broadcast in history. Offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news, the broadcast began in 1968 and is still a hit, over 50 seasons later, regularly making Nielsen's Top 10. "60 Minutes" has won more Emmy Awards than any other primetime broadcast, including a special Lifetime Achievement Emmy. It has also won every major broadcast journalism award over its tenure, including 24 Peabody and 18 DuPont Columbia University awards for excellence in television broadcasting. Other distinguished awards won multiple times include the George Polk, RTNDA Edward R. Murrow, Investigative Reporters and Editors, RFK Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi and Gerald Loeb Awards for Distinguished Business and Financial Reporting. "60 Minutes" premiered on CBS Sept. 24, 1968.

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  1. PHIHUNG-PHILONG phihungphilong

    Stop the steals not the protesters

  2. PHIHUNG-PHILONG phihungphilong

    With 80 mil voters for Biden where are they

  3. o_o /

    My left ear enjoyed this report.

  4. Cole robert Mcnamara

    Trump did more for this country then your 40 plus years in government. This guy isn’t president, his handlers run him. He is run by the Chinese!! This guy along with cumla are going to pack the courts and make us a one party system.

  5. Paul Radich

    "when you're married you'll understand the importance of fresh produce"

  6. asdf lkjh

    The US just shot it self in the head attempting suicide. Your four years of two minutes hate resulted in this. You are larhely responsible for the unarmed "insurrection" by people in wheelchairs and stupid hats. Don't judge groups by their fools. Judge the group by what the group does with their fools. The republicans shut down their far right fools while the left entertain and encourage theirs. 60 minutes, "Everybody funny. Now you funny, too."

  7. Mariah J.

    He did not answer one question directly

  8. dizzy borden

    we wouldnt need to waste tons of $ on security if the man who really won was starting his 2nd term.

  9. roky tomy

    The elections were stolen in favor of the corrupt. America was stolen in favor of minorities and immigrants. The majority of the American people must act immediately to save the country, because minorities and immigrants hate America and do not believe in democracy and in human rights and women's rights, and most of them come from countries with ideologies against democracy.

  10. Scelucks

    Who knew linguini was smart but still awkward

  11. Vikram Keskar

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph were the three lights that fell on them.😁😁

  12. Kit Luu

    We all see the truth and lies being told. Sadly nothing is being done as America resumes to being force to this fake narrative.

  13. missmeagan07

    President Biden's agenda...... Hmmm...... You jokers can't even follow the Constitutional law yourselves. We aren't a democracy we are a Constitutional republic! Locked out of sight because your side intents to phase it out! What a joke!

  14. Ketovore1

    So disappointed to know that most Russians support Putin's coward actions. Apparently most of Russian is brainwashed, anti-freedom and ruthless in nature.

  15. Cadillac Coupe Deville

    IN ORDER TO PROGRESS GET BACK ON TRACK AND PROSPER THE USA NEEDS TO DO THIS: 1. Get rid of democrats 2. Get rid of republicans 3. Elected officials from now on will be voted in office based on honesty integrity responsibly accountability serve the public trust unbiased fair and will honor support protect defend and uphold the US Constitution faithfully. No more voting on party affiliation 4. Term limits in congress no more career politicians 5. SCOTUS Justices must retire at age 70 without exception 6. Government salaries capped at $100,000 a year 7. Permanent ban on ALL lobbyists and special interest groups to prevent government corruption 8. Permanent ban on ALL campaign donors/donations to prevent government conflicts of interest 9. Single payer healthcare system including government officials 10. Remove every single illegal alien out of the country immediately and impose a lifetime ban on achieving citizenship..seize all their assets offer them 0 benefits fine and jail the people that hire them. Most will self deport 11. Cut federal funding to foreign aid until needy Americans get aid FIRST 12. permanent cuts to communist countries and countries that pose a threat to America 13. Remove every single US troop out of the middle east bring them home to assist with border security and to guard ports of entry 14. Cut federal funding towards the military industrial complex redirect funds towards mental illness research 15. Cut federal funding to planned parenthood and abortion clinics redirect funds towards education 16. Dismantle the Department of Homeland Security and eliminate all other unnecessary government entities to reduce federal spending and bring down the deficit 17. Abolish the unconstitutional PATRIOTAct 18. Abolish NAFTA 19. Remove the UN out of America and convert the UN building into a homeless shelter 20. Remove the federal reserve from private hands then remove the world bank and IMF 21. Bring back the gold standard and have no more wall street and "too big to fail" banks bailouts 22. Lower corporate taxes on the conditions they have to hire qualified Americans FIRST & FOREMOST at a livable wage enough to support their families. They must NEVER outsource under ANY circumstances 23. Increase taxes on individuals making $1 million dollars or more a year and couples making $2 million dollars or more per year 24. Permanent tax cuts to the middle class to boost and stabilize the economy 25. Permanent ban on affirmative action..equal work for equal pay PERIOD 26. Classify street gangs white supremacist hate groups and all other extremest radical groups as domestic terrorists on the federal level and all hate crimes committed will be counted as a federal felony offense and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law...Racism bigotry sexism antisemitism homophobia xenophobia has no place in 21st century America

  16. Jonathan Perry

    Not sure why you have to wait for them to draw their weapon before you shoot. Ridiculous

  17. 69646561733532

    Why does every single government official in this look like the most stereotypical person possible for their role

  18. Guoku Fan


  19. Travis Olander

    And yet these two idiots voted for and supported this President. It’s delusion. They didn’t need to wait four years to see the GIANT WRITING on the wall.

  20. Ma P

    Hillary really loves Bill. Her ability to stick with him is amazing.

  21. Campeon Campeon

    Nazy Pelosi what a joke.

  22. Kelly

    I have never in my life heard anyone switch from a fake southern accent to a yankee accent... so weird.. hahahhaha

  23. Gary Bostic

    I don't know if it's just me but good for him but his wife seems fake to me🤔🤔🤔🤔????


    Love your 😊

  25. Donald Wiley

    If you are a scared person in the first place then maybe you shouldn't have the job that you have.

  26. Mase11888

    Wow it’s frightening to see how healthy people can get lost so easily because of frustration, lack of education & the need for importance. ...oh and because of missing leadership ;)

  27. Donald Wiley

    The American people are being silenced by this corrupt government.

  28. Your Dad

    Please stop posting about these killers and criminals.

  29. Melissa Adams


  30. Karolina

    Good interview actually...

  31. StevenRayFilms

    But Obama drank the water, so its safe.

  32. Jordan H.

    Rittenhouse "was under attack" (after he shot and killed two people). The irony is amazing. Dude literally went to go hunt people a state away and they feel he's the victim. Yet the POC that gets shot seven times in the back (or gunned down by police in his own car with his family in the back seat) and all you hear from these wannabes is crickets. Wonder what the difference is?

  33. Joel Bondurant

    The child molester party of USA is using a violent military coup to install Biden.

  34. azzy garlic

    😂😂😂 overreaction much!!

  35. O O


  36. Kelly Knauth Brown

    Biden will NEVER be president. No matter what any of you read.

  37. JohnnyTango111

    Do not plan attacks online. Don't organize events on FaceBook. Don't protest in the streets. Everything and everyone is being monitored now. If you want to fight system you have to go lowtech and underground. Work in smaller units to prevent FBI infiltration. Patriots are everywhere. We have the ability to strike at any target and disappear into the domestic population. We can take out Globalist targets and vanish. The military and police can't be everywhere at once.

  38. Andrew Catania

    It is quite sad that this is where our country is at today.

  39. Lorraine Medina

    It’s not who votes 🗳 It’s who counts the votes. Stalin

  40. Yuna

    Plot twist: The entire thing was staged so Bill can prove he cares ab-

  41. Bracha Almond Namu

    You ate the liar!

  42. JohnnyTango111

    Damn these people are a bunch of fatfucks. How are a bunch of Jenny Craig Dropouts gonna fight a war? This is not a real militia. It's just a bunch of frustrated citizens who had enough.

  43. Pancho Villa

    Someone needs to tell that sista that the United States is a plutocracy not a democracy.🤓

  44. JA G

    The one thing about Hillary - as smart of a woman as she was in getting out of bad situations... she never had good taste in fashion and etiquette... then, later with all that $$, she didn’t have the sense to hire someone to help her.

    1. Your Dad

      You will lose it when you find out how much money she actually had...

  45. Richard Padget

    This is what happens would you try to swear in a child molester s president

  46. doctorredbear

    Good to see Bill Buchanen from 24 still going strong in a new job!

  47. Marrie James

    There needs to be a class action lawsuit for the children. Where is Erin Brockovich or someone similar to help with this?

  48. scorptarget

    Haha hilarious. Fake News4 GITMO Trump2021 MAGA

  49. cruzin

    What a bunch of buffoons. They have zero evidence to back up their claims. They're the "I know, because I know" people.

  50. Mark Rebollido

    No joke I thought the guy from the thumbnail was Caleb City

  51. Bukan American

    of course a "democratic mayor of washington dc"

  52. Mary C.

    Obama is a disgrace to America.

  53. Mr. President, how many women and innocent children you have killed with drone attacks?

    1. Norbert Whitaker

      Can’t be much more than any other president but google could probably tell you

  54. MM MM

    election fraud Biden cheated kamala is a liar and a fraud

  55. l DaKine 4 20 l

    There is a real good way to stop this nonsense stop all social media the children are not grown up enough for such a tool

  56. Miriam Israel

    2:56-3:03 is when Nancy P. held back tears.

  57. Lljuh

    The scariest people in the world will be there

  58. Landon Rice

    Why do they need 20,000 soldiers do they really think us Trump supporters are gonna pull something.

  59. Jonathan Guidry

    Donald Bin Laden

  60. sayit likeitis

    I'm kind of hoping they're building a mass prison compound to lock all of those b****** in Washington right there on the spot. I'd call that poetic Justice

  61. Akbar Noorul Haq

    Biggest urgent fix needs to be in the police and other security personnel who are enablers of Republicans (extremists)

  62. Theeraphat Sunthornwit

    These news might draw more people in..

  63. We are One

    The earth thought of life so much as a movie for so long now we are living in what feels just like one, I only pray there’s a happy ending.

  64. mark stevenson

    Glade he was even able to get back on his feet again, but getting back to where he was before that injury is going to be a huge challenge for sure. After watching how he struggled with his leg I have my doubts he can actually do it. If those issues he is having with his leg doesn't improve soon I think it may be better for him to just retire, whenever he takes a hit or gets sacked everyone just takes a deep breath hoping he is ok and will get up. I think Ron Rivera will make all of the QB's on the roster compete for the job of starter next season, that is if they don't draft or get a a new QB in free agency in 2021.

  65. Taizz Emmanuel

    the world will get smarter when we drop all this faith and believe in mysterious beings......science is the answer to literally everything

  66. Cks57 Youto


  67. felipe delito

    traitor almost be revailed in a few days supported by leftist, oligarch, bias media who blinded the people of the truth and countires against the country

  68. Nerdy Gamerguy

    Vote national gun confiscation and the deletion of the second amendment.

  69. Omar A Beltran

    One of those annoying questions and he answer it like a Gent! Only Jimmy

  70. Pachiroth

    I was just talking about this yesterday! What a convenient 60 minuites to be published now

  71. brian chamberlain

    When trump calls tape the calls. I tape all my calls

  72. Chuck Lou

    Couldn’t bring myself to listen to garbage from 60 minutes, seen them over the years a few times, and they leave everything to be desired! They are totally biased and are afraid of any Truth ever getting out. News is not from this source!

  73. SS 43

    Rules of engagement changes depending on skin colour. Shame.

  74. Tief

    I LIKE this dude

  75. Israel Mejia Jr.

    *Allegiance to President Donald Trump

  76. Joney Hm

    They put back under the table and pull them out from beside the table. Wake up you blind man.

  77. Larry Hinze

    Is that Leslie STALIN?

  78. Jason

    Gets fired and then evidence of massive hack hits almost every major govt agency. If the govt can get hacked, can our elections be secure? Just so you know, the same system that was hacked that was in each of those govt agency was also in the source codes used by Dominion. As soon as the hack was revealed Dominion removed the logo of the program from their webpage.

  79. Jason Fuentz

    Did anyone else notice the big Q in the left lower corner? Hmmm...what does it all mean? Let's do some, "research."

  80. M E

    LS - Can we talk about the "a" word?.. NP - What's that? LS - Age, you are 80.. Watch NP's facial expressions and her body language, she was very uncomfortable being told YOU ARE TOO OLD!!! 😁😁