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  1. Tahlia-Rose Vanissum

    WTF is her skin! it isn't fair *cries* she is airbrushed! WHAT! Rock it sis! xx Quality f**king wholesome content! Love it! Fight me!

  2. Bohemian Brute

    Damn do people really think that people having resources and talking about their experiences are privilege? It’s your story and what you went through, yeah company’s taking advantage of their workers is common to me but still, I don’t think it’s privilege you being able to speak about it and how it affected you. After years of shitty managers and co workers being mean girls bullies I found a job that is stressful and tiring but I love and I got lucky with an awesome manager who actually cares about me as a worker even though he gots so many other workers on different floors. I got lucky being able to get a 16 dollar job with high school experience alone, I make almost as much as my dad who has a manager job, yeah me and bf are scraping by with no home for ourselves yet but my kid has a roof over his head and we’re able to support him and ourselves so I’m pretty lucky in my opinion. Even though we’re just surviving I try to help my sister in law since she has it worse than me, bf doesn’t have a job yet keeps spending her money, almost all of the money she makes goes to the baby or his car/ payment to it, plus she only has a small baby sitting job that the bf craps on all the time yet he won’t just get a job cuz “I don’t like the hours”, “I wanna be my own boss”, or “I don’t like what they do” so yeah I’m pretty lucky especially since even though she’s struggling she still helps me by taking me to work since our car got totaled a month ago. Being able to talk about experience is not privilege and please don’t feel that way, acting like a privileged brat even though you’re being treated equally to everyone else or not being treated like shit is privilege so please don’t feel like you’re experiences are not valid or should not be

  3. gummybears1095

    “Case closed, bitch!” That took me out 😂

  4. Gingerxyz1

    "My brain doesn't retain memories from yesterday" is SUCH an ADHD mood

  5. lydia willyhands

    Brie’s laugh is so cute. Jens reaction when Brie says she’s a lesbian “Hell ya.”

  6. Bes Landerin

    I loved the empty suitcase show. One of my favourite things to watch on USfilm. Sometimes the best thing to do in the long run, is the scariest thing to do in the short term. Don't feel bad that you got put and started looking out for yourself. I know what it feels like to give everything to can to work, and have them expect for more. Take care.

  7. pumpkinonastick

    wow this was an intense video.... making pancakes is supposed to be relaxing (i thought!). im sorry you guys are depressed - truly wishing you well.

  8. Heather McC

    I’m more of a drunk pancake maker...

  9. zara anyssa

    when they say your welcome kelly (idk sorry) 🤣

  10. Dominique Murillo

    y'all should try all the vegan Aldi food!

  11. Brenda gonsalez

    I love this show and I love that you guys made captions available but I was dying when Kristen said “I’m going I get the pancake mic from the pantry” and the caption said “I’m going I get the pancake mic from the pancreas” 😂 I love you ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Liz

    jen!! wearing a be the cowboy shirt!!! yes!!!!!!!

  13. XxDark AngelxX

    I am so sorry you guys had to go through this.

  14. Samantha Barnes

    I appreciate you trusting us as an audience with your true self! That is so awesome, thank you. Also Brie is a great cheese and name!

  15. Tama Amajiki

    “She’s teaching me how to lady” love that 😂

  16. Mo Moe

    Jen's hair was so good down and then out came the clip.

  17. Jasmine

    shes so pretty and she seems so sweet, i wanna see Brie more!!!

  18. Makhi Neal

    So happy for her :)

  19. Julian Laresch

    When I picked a new name I took the old one and just tacked on an extra letter lmao

  20. Jen Johnston

    Kristen being aggressively protective of her wife is top notch and I'm here for it

  21. kaitlynnnrose

    Congrats on living your truth!

  22. Scooter.Newt

    This made me think of my job. I work for a large popular place that deals with animals. I got bitten by a dog and now have a messed up hand. And they didn’t even pay me for the entirety of the beginning of COVID even though I was working. And I recently didn’t get paid for a month. When I brought up not getting paid I was told “well you don’t HAVE to work here”. But I feel trapped by the benefits and the friends that I made.

  23. Tina Carter


  24. Mary Pulk

    This is awesome. I am a LGBTQ ally and this was very informative to me. I love that Bree has come out to show that you should be yourself and never feel you are too old to be your true self. She is helping many. I love you guys.

  25. Iean Ferdinand

    I want to see a trader joes gluten free episode. GF food is either great or nasty, so perfect for a review.

  26. Kael

    Bree's dress is beautiful!!

  27. Kelsey martens

    lol I loved this more than I expected

  28. Meredith Hopkins

    I enjoy how Brie sampled the pancakes but left with the bottle of Dr Pepper, so really did the Dr Pepper win over both pancakes? 😂

  29. Lyndsy Carson

    Title of video: Kitchen and Jorn murder Brian

  30. Dakota DiMagno

    Poor Brie having to eat these pancakes 😂

  31. joel [redacted]

    Possum by night shirt 👀👀👀

  32. Stephanie Bilodeau

    I would love to see you do taste testing of foods or snacks from other countries. I know it has been done by others but I love those videos and would love to see you both test some of my favorite snacks.

  33. oh look its sarah

    Bree did wonderful in this video so happy that you can be comfortable. Everyone deserves the chance to find their own happiness and when your pursuit of happiness doesn't get in the way of others pursuit of happiness you can not be doing any wrong it's a journey

  34. N124C41

    Many can learn from your love.. now this is unconditional, happy for you both 😊

  35. Tanya Taylor

    What you went through I can relate to. You don't have to have a high profile job to understand what you went through. You realize that your just a body not a person. I appreciate you both. I believe you both are successfully transitioning. Hugs to you and Jen!

  36. Yvie Oca

    yesterday my SO woke up and asked me what I wanted for breakfast, and I was like pancakes. So I made bacon and eggs while he prepped the pancake mix (from scratch), then while the first one was cooking-he knocked the whole bowl of batter all over the floor >_< lmaoo

  37. Megan S

    I've been watching Ladylike obsessively for the last week and was wondering why there hasn't been any new content....because I love your stuff, loved watching a crew of strong women do cool stuff while feeling like they're people I could totally be friends with irl. This video breaks my heart. I want to hug you both, especially because I can sympathize with the raging anxiety/depression with massive panic attacks while trying to come off as highly functioning part. So happy to see you two doing your own thing and finally taking care of yourself. 💜

  38. AMY TAG

    I want u to collab with Safiya plllzzz

  39. A Potato

    Jen is literally me

  40. Ash

    Thank you for the laughs and for being awesome!

  41. Lauren Allen

    Brie and I have the same Mountain goats t-shirt. Yay for The Mountain Goats! Oh and the episode was great lol.

  42. Joshaboy

    I almost wish Jen and Kristen had dubbed over Brie's name with that robotic google translate voice...

  43. ShadowTheCat

    I love seeing the mutual support and love in this video - you all are definitely #couplegoals. I'm so happy for you, Brie!

  44. Alanna Tatum

    Love this!

  45. Hannah L

    I'm obsessed with Jen's hair in this it's such a vibe

  46. Ben R. Over

    Her “wife” is a man

    1. Azl J

      @Ben R. Over you don't like how facts works

    2. Ben R. Over

      ellie !! Awh you don’t like facts 😂

    3. ellie !!

      @Ben R. Over nope.

    4. Ben R. Over

      ellie !! If he was meant to be a women he would have been born a women.

    5. ellie !!

      @Ben R. Over nope. she was born a man, and will die a beautiful woman like she was meant to be.

  47. Aubrey Rouse

    The pure chaos is magic😂😂

  48. Kalie Furr

    I love how Kristen loves her no matter what. I'm so happy for you two. Love is love.

  49. Artie Carden

    Brie! congrats

  50. Ben Kinkead

    I love the chaotic editing

  51. Holly C

    This sounds exactly like teaching

  52. Meranda Morton

    Everybody who disliked this video meet me in the pit

  53. Cupcakes Roar

    They need to stop pumping estrogen into the water supply

  54. Anna Meinhardt


  55. shineefive

    I love yall 😭😭😭

  56. Azl J

    happy you guys are healthy and feeling better 💗

  57. Katholeen Love it

    Love this!!!!! The love from this video is beautiful!!!

  58. Ashley S

    OMG my workplace is doing the same. I went through literally the same thing. Went on my honeymoon and couldn't leave the resort villa or thought I was having a heart attack, super dizzy and non functional. Such a horrible thing. I am still at that job, but haven't been for almost a year because of quarantine. I know I need to quit, but of course job "stability" keeps me there.

  59. Kimberly Brito

    I got so confused I watched the videos out of order and thought you had a divorce. All makes sense now. I’m good

  60. TheCocolocogirl

    -Are you still together? Bitch Kristin can't take her hands off her what do you think? xD

  61. yelenazal

    they are so chaotic and i love it

  62. Callie Torres

    I think Brie should eat the food without knowing who cooked it 😊

  63. Tanya Benedict

    Your notes broke my heart 💔

  64. Lindsey Duncan

    "We will fight bitches"-Jen LOL!

  65. So phie

    Thank you for sharing <3

  66. comebackcarson

    Jabbbbaaaa is back !!!!!

  67. aola wili

    I love the vid so funny aha

  68. EditorGoneSciFi

    I'm not sure if y'all are trying to stick with the kitchen theme or not, but here are some ideas! - quarantine normalcy: think of a think people used to do like bowling or going to the movies or laser tag and do it quarantine style (but not just like, playing bowling on wii, like make an adorable bowling party out of milk bottles and a basketball or make your apt a laser tag arena), same idea but with mice???, Remember all those ridiculous projects in middle school like making a budget? You have x dollars and then you have to use magazines to find prices of food/toiletries/clothes etc and you have make a budget for a family of four? I think doing that now as an adult could be funny (and/or depressing I guess, since we are adults now) Other middle school contenders: teach yourself square dancing? Sew a bag? Make a wooden race car or a model airplane? Make dioramas of history or greek myths, More thoughts - review of hobbies: how easily could one pick up knitting, or gardening, or needle felting, or pottery (that'd be a good quarantine normalcy episode), maybe when we can go out in the world again, camping at state parks? Somehow paired with birdwatching??? Walk dogs from an adoption place for a day, cook your way through a great british baking show book, go to a store and you have 20 bucks and 20 minutes to buy food to assemble a meal for 2, judge who wins. How to make one outfit look like it belongs in different decades based on styling, like this dress could be very 60s with the right jewelry and hair OR we could raise the hem and put the hair up and voila it's 2000s prom. ... Same idea with mice??? :). Love you guys, good luck!!

  69. femme en feu

    "Lil Food Fights! Where you fight the food and the food wins." Great tagline

  70. maru

    Sometimes I forget who Kristin and Jen are because there is only Kitchen and Jorn

  71. Imogen Greenhill Galea

    All enby people is sibling to kitchens wife

  72. Helene F

    The colors in that floral pattern suit her so well

    1. aola wili

      i watched it three times

  73. This is SG

    9:50 cookie run simps

  74. allbooksnoheart

    "you will be coming out to someone for the rest of your entire life" Oh, word my friends, I have hope that one day this will change but oh my god it requires so much fucking energy to stay out when the world keeps pushing you back in the closet (I am probably projecting). Anyway. Yay :) Big news! Sending much love <333

  75. Mrs. Hanna

    I've only been to trader Joe's once and I'm a basic bitch, I love me some pumpkin spice. I got the pumpkin joe Joe's. They are amazing!

  76. Étienne Lagrène

    omg! A trans girl who doesn't like pickles? Was she not on spiro yet?

  77. sueanna2

    I hope to have a rship as healthy and strong as them. The love they have of each other and being so supportive. And they are stupidly cute together...STAHPPPP

  78. Lancashire Lass

    brie is so beautiful

  79. Lancashire Lass

    highkey obsessed

  80. Selam Wondwossen

    Im new here, is kristin bi?