A channel that posts challenges and other stuff. Currently, Friday night funkin has been the talk of town so I've been posting a some videos about it

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  1. Michael Andrew Biay

    How 2 Get Gud on Midfight-Masses: Play Ro-Beats and suffer there and come bacc to midfight masses

  2. Daniel D


  3. GMD TF20

    Tyz: Earrape incoming! USfilm: Shows an ad Brain: Ah yes the perfect timing- Heart: Shut Ears: USfilm thanks so much you saved me!

  4. Татьяна Бахтина

    Бешення скорась этакрута

  5. Jovanni Corona

    This all know so slow for us

  6. Татьяна Бахтина

    Круто его сын

  7. Jonas TheGlitchBoi

    4:03 Me who really enjoys Worship: And as a happy person once said, “May god forgive you, **Turns into demon** but I won’t”

  8. Cristian Chavez

    lol or the rolobx

  9. GF

    1:46 what he drinking

  10. Mortal Yoshi

    Ahh Swanky Boxes mod Zardy based on his own game

  11. ꧁ᴛᴏᴋᴀ ɢɪʀʟ꧂

    1:31 ROBLOX!

  12. XxFuryEggxX

    2:08 Haha normal mode dingus

  13. TME_Matias123_YT Villacorta

    1:08 momento WTF

  14. OffChimp2991

    is no one gonna mention how he uses the term sticks but uses “notes you have to hit at the same time” instead of doubles or triples in mfm

  15. Caxvern

    4:02 parish is the first song, worship is the second... you know that...right?

  16. Silvia Gonzalez


  17. Silvia Gonzalez


  18. Sebastián Yael Tzintzun


  19. Ending Assassin

    My placements: S tier: Week 2 Week 4 Week 6 Week 1 Week 3 A tier Week 5

  20. veckvyser /

    i don't really wanna bash you but why are you so bad at this game omg

  21. Matias Castro

    1:35 B A D T I M E

  22. NotSarah:P

    This video: *exists* Whitty on ballistic:so anyways i started to spam 540 down arrows,20 up arrows,16 left arrows and 21 right arrows

  23. Xxgacha loverxX

    I love the troll face one cuz ze up was hilarious

  24. Me MEGA

    Boyfriends are stupid

  25. Cola Gaming

    5:38 look at the down arrow ⬇️

  26. ツTheUnableDerk

    Sped up Zavodila just sounds like hitmarkers

  27. Aaron yee Alian

    roblox XD

  28. Carlos Velásquez

    Tyz: How to complete fnf with only two keys Me: EZ, only pulls out two keys Edit: Like and you win a round of ballistic =D

  29. Ray_ P4h

    0:57(Boyfriend and whitty) is my favorite, but I do not know why

  30. Enzo Duque

    Me: tutorial being so slow turns it into a hard me wins mode

  31. Marley Rordrigo Vieira

    Beeb be be bop bebebe

  32. Zidebo Games and Pets

    You dude, are underrated as all heck. I’ve been watching since the Henry Stickmin challenges and I LOVE ur vids

  33. Weak Knees

    You forgot 'when you accidentally press r'

  34. Ubiratan Magalhaes


    0:70 LOL

  36. vynt_lrd

    If you listen closely 1:39 you can hear the keyboard.

  37. •Krystal Chanel•

    Li'l correction; Parish is the first song, the second song was called Worship.

  38. NotGamerGuy

    So true tho.

  39. Reem Sultan

    0:21 lemon man has grew

  40. Natalya Warren

    0:59 this is the most disturbing one yet

  41. V K

    I like in VS matt when bf gets the notes wrong, it is the normal wrong animation

  42. XxAshley WolfxX

    0:56 Ya está Whitty esta encabr**** >:< Bf:*bien mareado* Gf:tengo miedo Whitty chikito: ah rapear se ha dicho >:3 Yo:no ya valió madres el Whitty chikito

  43. GAI Bienes Raices

    0:44 oh hey im not the only one here who likes paper mario the origami king

  44. Shawn Bennett

    I just realised matt went full whitty mode in ruckus........

  45. Super Studios With Vince Von

    "MILF arguably is the hardest song in the game" Ballistic:What the actual f79k did u say?


    Me encanto el de roblox y el de sonic

  47. Regina Gano

    again im doing this on monster

    1. Regina Gano

      it is not

  48. Adrees Maqsoodi

    That is Roblox not skin mod1:30

  49. Regina Gano

    is this possable? im going to try monster and see if it is because he forget to do 1 song, and im exepting that!

  50. Zack Gaming

    1:11 Know I know why gf is scared Don’t worry I am too

  51. goncalo 6364

    Can you beat fnf just using 1 Finger?

  52. Isaac

    Can we just recognize that matt is basically whitty. In you case you don't know it goes like this in whitty 1.:yeah simple 2: getting spicy 3.: what the hell

  53. Arjan DeLeon gaming

    Rule 4 sucks

  54. Bomb3k • 44 years ago

    I think we can all say that this video is breaking physics

  55. BCM and TV Leader of [COM and NCDPCMAAP] [CPT]

    i live in mexico and the bug of arrows seriously idk why, doesnt happens

  56. Dripy Man

    No one realised my man used 4 notes at that part 09:00 like even after the cut and you prosseed not to press anymore seems kinda Strange Explain that 🤨

  57. Je Girlz

    imagine how much space this was...

  58. Golge Su Erarpat

    0:21 oh you mean the mod that im playing it hard and no hit?

  59. James Mendoza


  60. Totally not a lizard man

    1:34 click here to skip to when the songs start.

  61. mUffin

    U can just hold one of the buttons so the arrows are not an idle anination so u never staded that u couldnt hd a key

  62. Norval Boyd Jr

    1:21 i might not be a PC gamer but the drop in frames is bad. really bad

  63. Mason Laudenslager

    how to fix all these problems Tutorial hard mode: Get good Impossible mods: get a bot Lag on browser edition: Download the game Nonsensical sounds being a bop: Get a voice changer or download Audicity The internet making words out of nonsensical noises: avoid those types of videos When the game crashes: buy a faster computer for 500$ When the game freezes: buy a faster computer for 500$ Attempting Week 2 for the first time: get good Overused video concepts: avoid those types of videos Figuring out how to mod the game: never download those types of games Notes not Syncing: deal with it Fanart: *set your computer on fire*

  64. Addie Minor

    5:99 bruh I’d love

  65. Jigme Thondrup

    2:40 your music is the best

  66. Ioana Tanase

    How did you do normal foolhardy

  67. Zani Squad

    0:10 plushies street *not funny*

  68. Hyper Risas

    02:11 you can hear something of air being expelled (probably from the instrumental instead of whitty) maybe beacuse whitty spended all his energy raping, maybe that explains why exacly in this part he goes a little bit more slow and easy.