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  1. phoenix887

    The people who do this crap to pilots (or anyone else for that matter) are fucking retarded. Not sorry about the language.

  2. Winton Cleal

    Th ATC person needs to slow her speech down

  3. D S

    this controller is a pro..

  4. s lloyd

    You here how scared she was. Sad.

  5. Bieh Luizin

    "And thank you for taking us down this time" ... "Sho" 😂

  6. Steve Andolino

    Heard over Ryan air maintenance frequency Capt that 737 needs to be in Rome in 5 min. The fire brigade told you no fire so if you evacuate on the runway you and your co-pilot will be looking for a new job after you repack the slides.

  7. Abgehn

    This is the ATC version of mambo number 5 :D

  8. Bieh Luizin

    ATC bingo: Caroline, Cleveland, timberland, cartomant, cool land

  9. wH0 kN0wZ? aB0uT mE!!

    wHaT dId i tElL yOu?

  10. Jaime Lichi

    KORL is a D airspace not C or B. The B is KMCO. The issue is that just above KORL is the B space which is easy to bust if not aware

  11. David Malone

    OMG - that had me rolling on the floor laughing. Boy...

  12. RationalPragmatist

    Pilot: We're going to evacuate as a precaution - do you see any indication of fire? Pilot 2 hours later: I think we'll need to evacuate - do you see any indication of a fire? Pilot 4 hours later: We're going to evacuate and I'm really serious this time; are you sure there's no indication of a fire?

  13. Mike Ritchie

    The pilot consistently referred to a fire indication in the wheel-well. The tower consistently referred to the undercarriage. There is a significant difference! This sort of miscommunication could be critical.

    1. Autobreza

      Agreed. I don’t understand why the tower and fire crew need to translate the pilots words. Wheel well is clearly not wheel, tire, or undercarriage. Sheesh...

  14. wH0 kN0wZ? aB0uT mE!!

    Finally, it coulnd't take the landing

  15. Zujia Huang

    Taken out of context and if I didn't know what the Bravo is... "I need you outside of the Bravo" -that's what she said "Negative, I'm inside!" -that's what he said "You were not given a clearance through the Bravo, exit the Bravo immediately" "I've been talking to you the whole time, that's the whole point of talking to you" I'm sorry

  16. Ben Benm

    I was pilot flying that day on the Ibk1768... I can't express myself, what I saw that morning, blow up my mind. Watching this video 2 years later, is recalling the pictures of those lights on my memories

  17. Lee Curran

    Typical Irish.. if something needs doing step back and let someone else do it.

  18. zwyklyuser44

    So difficult to make a closer look

  19. Queen of Swords

    You are not allowed to fly after you are a certain no. of weeks pregnant, so either this lady was in very dire circumstances (premature birth) or lied about how far gone she was. Anyone know how this ended?

  20. Carlos Manuel

    those guys on the ATC could just yell at the microphone to be louder to help the flight crew of the DAL589 to hear them better due to the high wind noise.

  21. thereissomecoolstuff

    Leprechaun pilots and leprechaun ATC. love it. If the firefighters get out of the trucks and look in the well we are done. Jesus.

  22. Tim Spencer

    the captain should have made the co-pilot climb down using the cockpit emergency rope and check for fire/smoke.... conincidence? I was just watching this cockpit escape demonstration video last night: usfilm.info/fire/ardyhYmIecphzNA/video.html

  23. Sam Schellhase

    Reminds me of the US aircraft carrier vs Spanish lighthouse story usfilm.info/fire/rM6xZn-vgo-Kzpk/video.html

  24. chris call

    Tower: 46M I have a phone number for you to call...... 46M: ahhhh yeahhhh about that..

  25. Chuck Bauer

    Tower man talking to fast, delta or SW was spoken before mic was keyed. He knew similar call signs but chose to speed talk. Arrogant idiots with no common sense directing people into disaster


    FF: Oh, you want us to get OUT and take a look......🙄

  27. Leif Neland

    Automatic captions turns "turntotheleft" into "turtleneck" ;-) I would do the same without context.

  28. Fawzia Omar

    Woow I was surprised once he said cancel take off !!maybe if he didn't say that there will be an accident in runway

  29. Oliver Nurse

    Is the date right? Simply flying quoted it as happing on the 21st

  30. Gabstra 678

    Pilots seemed to be completely incapable of taking a decision. And that’s worrying, ngl

  31. Jake M

    I might have missed something at 2:40 but did ground say he had “1,202 pound of fuel. 154 personnel on board”? 1,200 pounds? He’s running on fumes. He’s got a fuel emergency as well as a medical emergency.

  32. Mehrbod Janatian

    Seriously the pilot sounds intoxicated!

  33. molivil

    Around 4:30 I think what they said actually was "Okay thank you very much, that's copied. That could just be the smoke from the tires that burst here, good to know anyway."

  34. Falcon

    0:10 Pilot should have read that back faster. I could almost understand it. Isn't the goal total unintelligibility?

  35. Mark Beard

    Some emergency handling is awe inspiring. This one doesn’t fill me with confidence!

  36. Hopelessand Forlorn

    Huge miscommunication here. It was much too late when the crew finally said that the wheel well needed to be inspected for fire. The initial MAYDAY call correctly identified the indication, but tower and CFR did not know the difference between a landing gear/wheel fire and a wheel well fire. As far as whether there was an actual fire, the 737 NG and later engine and APU fire warning detectors are of a type which make an erroneous indication of a fire so unlikely that it can almost be discounted. If the engine or APU says fire, you have a fire. The wheel well fire detectors, however, are still of an earlier type that can, rarely, fail in such a way that a false fire indication results. The captain should have shut down the engines immediately and directed CFR to the main wheel wells. This could have been handled much better.

  37. Jonathan Kleinow

    Why do Ryanair flight numbers include letters (for example, 8B)? Or is that all European carriers? It's not something I see in the U.S.

    1. Jonathan Kleinow

      @Gabstra 678 Or "fifteen thirty-nine" or "fifteen twenty-nine," as the situation worsens

    2. Gabstra 678

      @Gergely Cséplő also in America you read 4-number callsigns like this: “Cactus fifteen forty-nine” In the Europe that’s not allowed, you’d read it as “Cactus one five four niner” which of course is a little too long for a callsign. Adding letters allows for shorter and more practical callsigns

    3. Gergely Cséplő

      More likely ICAO thing, makes it easier to make the callsigns different, so less likely to get similar ones at the same time.

    4. Gabstra 678

      Quite common here in Europe. The flight number doesn’t have letters (it’s a number), but the designated callsign does. In this case: Flight number: FR205 Callsign: RYR8B

  38. irul dimy

    why he is not declaring emergency?

  39. Jasondivina Jasondivina

    Chinese government idiot paranoid like xi jin ping idiot paranoid go to hell xi jin ping

  40. Leon Derczynski

    Terrifying, wow

  41. Jasondivina Jasondivina

    Chinese government idiot paranoid

  42. Rilmar Amarthkhil

    Why do I love the Irish accent so much

  43. Sapere Aude

    Glad they didn't evacuate, it would have been expensive for the passengers.

  44. Lee Shand

    Much indecision here from the pilots. A faint heart never won a fare lady. Make a decision!

  45. TurboM

    If I wass the pilot I would put out the one engine so one still idle so there can be a close inspection. If there is no imidiate smoke or fire visible there is time to evacuate. If there is smoke visible imidiate evacuate. But that is just me.

  46. Michelle Schu-blacka

    Is it 'mayday' or 'm'aider'?

    1. Mike Ritchie

      It's Mayday .... which is a corruption of m'aider. Good to hear the Mayday acknowledged which seems to happen rarely in the USA.

  47. A majeed mohieddeen

    That happened because ryanair always does hard and bumpy landings

  48. Thomas Leitner

    Yeah, so they either evacuate for nothing and get blamed for minor injuries (sprained ankles,..) and major inconvenience. Or they taxi to the gate, starting to burn, and getting blamed for underestimating the hidden issue. And even when everything is fine, then getting blamed on youtube for the decision making process, where everyone seems to be better at shutting down engines. :-D

    1. Capture King

      When did the USfilm comment section become the official aviation authority that anyone should care about?

  49. Onur Rüzgar

    R.I.P Captain

  50. ChrisTopher T

    Did Delta 2304 really ask these guys if they followed the QRH? What a complete lack of awareness from the person who said that. F off dude!

  51. Step with Stef

    I think the pilot waited for a moment like this to do an emergency evacuation hence all the pressure even when firefighters said no fire/smoke visible

  52. Gerald Shultz

    Amazing graphics. I looked up the airport on the map and the graphics were exactly as on the map. Well done, also thanks to VASAviation. Thanks great work.

  53. igneousy

    What to do here, this is a tough call. Here I think there are two equally reasonable choices, first just evacuate,; second, prepare to evacuate and get a gear-well inspection. My problem with this incident is that they did not seem to do either. Nobody would fault the crew here if they immediately started an evacuation. It would also be reasonable to configure the aircraft for an evacuation (engines off, spoilers down, flaps extended), establish communication with the cabin and wait a reasonable amount of time for an inspection. Instead, it sounds like they sat there with the engines running. Nobody is getting anywhere near the wheel-well if you have the engines running. Also contributing to the confusion was that the fire trucks/tower had a slight but significant misunderstanding of the nature of the emergency. Everybody kept talking about the landing gear but what the pilot needed to know was if there was a fire in the landing-gear WELL...similar words, but a different area of the airplane. Also, an area where you could imagine a fire that could exist and not be readily apparent from the outside.

  54. GreatFlyer

    *For those wondering why they didn’t shut down the engines immediately or evacuate without losing time:* - The evacuation checklist begins with “Condition: Evacuation is needed”. This means you must analyse the situation and decide as crew if it is needed or not. Sometimes a fire indication can be erroneous and lead to serious injury for no reason. - You would not shut down the engines without the APU running, otherwise you’d lose electric power and end up with a dark cabin. APU takes about 2 minutes to start up and stabilise. - Shutting down the engines on the runway means you are blocking the active. However, after an inspection confirming no presence of fire, you can possibly taxi off the runway. “Sit on your hands” is a wise saying in aviation - think before you act.

    1. Chris

      There should be at least 30min of emergency battery power with the engines off no?

    2. Patrick Carney

      If there was a case of 'sit on your hands' - it is definitely this situation.

    3. Rilmar Amarthkhil

      I've heard that pilots try to avoid evc whenever possible for that very reason

  55. Koning Bolo

    US Military aircraft opens dispute with AliExpress...

  56. Dave Grimshaw

    Are you going to be posting the UFO encounter AA had the other day? Thanks!

  57. iFred

    What an idiotic pilot. Decide and dont discuss.

  58. Aviation Manchester

    I think this should be on further training to ensure pilots that this is not what to do in an emergency situation. The pilots should have shut the engines down so the fire crew can check the aircraft. The pilots also said they were going to evacuate on the runway and didn't. Good job all turned out well in the end.

  59. Rudrick Boucher

    Kudos to the fire trucks for approaching the aircraft from behind. Otherwise the passengers would be losing their minds!

    1. Fragile Crystal

      You don’t ever approach a wheel fire from the side, because when they explode it fires out to the side

  60. Trevor Williams

    Almost as good as TIRON

  61. Dad Bod vs The World

    I'm not crying, you're crying!

  62. Jawad Khan

    Hahah amazing 😂😂

  63. Sval Plays

    I thought he said "headlight" rather than "cleared to land".

  64. A Ro

    Teamwork is great, except when it isn't and nobody seems to know what they are doing. Evacuate! No ... um ... can you see smoke? Evacuate! Or not. Hmmm. Evacuate! Fire trucks did you bring a thermal camera. Er, no. Why would we do that for a possible fire? I know, lets Evacuate!

  65. John

    lol at the pilot getting frustrated things are taking too long, yet does nothing to help...either evacuate or don't, felt like he was using it as a bargaining chip.

    1. Jonathan Kleinow

      The pilot doesn't want to evacuate the aircraft unless it's absolutely necessary. Passengers are likely to be injured (sprained ankles and such) from going down the slides. He was ready to pull the trigger on an evacuation the moment he heard anything confirming smoke or fire, but they didn't seem to see anything. I do think he should have shut down the engines sooner, though.

  66. Plane Flight Tv

    shut off engines get the hell out of there , Safety First rescue was there , talk about it later

    1. Fragile Crystal

      Have you ever been in an airplane evaluation? It’s only ever used as a last resort.

  67. jeehaa1

    1:51: " There's no smoke at all visible from your undercarriage [...] 4:32: "That could just be the smoke from the tire(s), but it's good to know anyway

  68. Luka Cvetkovic

    Hi, can you please put up credit for my photo, my Instagram account is @euro_spotter and the original photo is there

  69. Julian Fierro

    There's a pretty good, detailed breakdown on 74 Gear of all of the mistakes this amateur pilot was making. It was interesting and shows maybe the ATC was being judged a little harshly. usfilm.info/fire/f6Z8fICwr492lrY/video.html

  70. Commerce USA

    Better safe than sorry. Job well done by all.

  71. Xanthopteryx

    Still going "boing boing boing boing" 349 km away....

  72. Legalize Shemp

    I guess that delay in evacuating was caused by the extra charge they had to collect for using the emergency slides.

  73. Kent Skor

    That fire bell sounds like my 40-year-old wind-up alarm clock. RIIINNNGGGGGGGGGGGG

  74. Wray Day

    I do like how they kept telling him he had a stuck mic well after he and everyone else acknowledges he has a Radio Failure... so even in real life we have those annoying pop up messages.

  75. if.dublin

    Great video, my friends were there that day and I believe my friends photo is in the thumbnail 😁

    1. if.dublin

      @VASAviation - hey thanks for the heart 👍😁 the photo is on Instagram by @euro_spotter

    2. VASAviation -

      Who is it that I can mention him

  76. Jim Ratliff

    Pilot seemed anxious, naturally with the warnings in the cockpit not going away but, the fire services and tower did inspect the A/C and no fire etc. present and kept assuring him. That is their job. The pilot was really wanting to get those slides open for business!

    1. Ruben Villanueva

      Do not put so much trust with what the Tower can see. It was wheel well fire alarm, the best to accurately report on it would be the rescue personnel, if they got up close to the wheel well. And we do not know if they got up in there.

  77. Kent Skor

    As a passenger, this seemed pretty disturbing. Three minutes after the fire indication and mayday, the pilot and rescue were still figuring out what to do. Lots of confusion, lack of coordination and indecisiveness. If there had been a fire, those three wasted minutes could have been catastrophic. Or am I missing something . . . .

    1. R L T

      Not as critical as you seem to think. Evac often results in more injuries than anything. No smoke showing. That would have made the difference in how it was handled.

  78. Justin Krezelak

    Literally everyone is telling him there's no fire. Pilot was getting a bit jumpy there...which is ok... better to be safe than sorry. At some point it seems like they are just trying to deescalate the pilot more than anything else. He reeeeeally wanted to evacuate that plane even after people are telling him they don't see anything. Settle down there Captain Sully.

    1. Carnie2 _

      The possibility for a hidden wheelwell fire were there, wich wouldnt necessarily be vicible from a firetruck. The correct procedure here would be for a firefighter to inspect the wheelwell.

  79. Patrick Carney

    Ryanair get some proper slack but it's never justified. But you have to give it to them - the flight crew were very professional in this instance. Controlled and safe, top job. 👍

    1. A Darbs

      I'm sorry, but the flight crew were exceptionally poor in this case. No decisive action was taken, one pilot kept saying they were going to evacuate, and yet they ended up taxiing in to stand under their own power.

    2. Rhys GB9933

      Far from it. The RyanAir crew handled this terribly and if there was a fire, many would have been needlessly injured.

    3. Ruben Villanueva

      Yes, controlled indecisiveness.

  80. Wray Day

    How badly did he land that it took 45minutes to clear? It's a runway not Iraq.