My name is Eddy Burback and I make content. Whenever I go to sleep I wake up as a small Vietnamese boy and live his life. Then I go to sleep and wake up as me again.

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  1. Ur Mum

    Dude I'm fat but I play sports, and can run FAST, I mean a lot of overweight people are good at running.

  2. Acro has a tablespoon

    16:40 someone clip this

  3. Ur Mum

    Eddy would've won that dance battle

  4. Declan

    I don't know how in the incredible fuck I ended up here, but I can't say I'm complaining

  5. Will Hussung

    I literally watched that stranger danger video in middle school

  6. Поля Коржикова

    Eddy, hello from Ukraine! And yes, we are. N O T. R. U. S. S. I. A.

  7. crunchya0l

    I don’t like how overused the word “cringe” has become but this is genuinely the most I’ve cringed at something in a while, the argument is already stupid but I can’t believe how both sides managed to be so unbearable

  8. Hields

    I kinda wish to unhear the Robert Downey jr. part...

  9. Ike

    this man's hair is perfect

  10. Casey Lynn

    Eddy burback I swear to god. watched this vid today. Tonight, my head just hit the pillow and suddenly "JG WENTWORTH 877 CASH NOW "

  11. The Frozen Lake

    This tribalist behavior is fueled by the growing division in politics and reality, you mark my fucking words

  12. Marbled Widower

    Our science teacher showed us the shamwow ad and half of the class thought wait a minute didn’t he beat the shit out of a hooker

  13. Summer Manning

    The KCAs fuckin SLAPPED! I remember the years they were hosted in the UK instead of America and I lost my mind

  14. Nico Tribaldos

    the wors part of this whole movie is them saying “your mission if you wish to accept it” instead of “your mission should you wish to accept it”

  15. Terran Staranious

    Oh my god that chef boyardee add sent me back. Dude growing up there was a big chunk my family didn't have cable or at least was limited and that add came on with like Arthur and wishbone, oh yeah Malcolm in the middle. That is crazy that was like cell 2 or 3 full cell regenerations

  16. philly cheese

    I love how when time froze you can still see the family moving cause they just got lazy

  17. Comrade Kilonova

    bro the JG Wentworth ads SLAPPED

  18. Chonky Pupper

    Imagine if one of the kids was a boy and one a girl, what they gonna do force one to become trans or something (I do not mean that being trans is bad, sorry if some of you might have saw that in a different light). As an Identical twin I disagree with about everything they say, my twin and I have almost opposite personalities.

  19. Brian Melendez

    I was around the same age and remember being blown away by the E3 show for the kinect but then i remember playing the kinect at best buy when it came out and immediately thinking "wow this sucks" 😂

  20. Justin Talarchek

    Ahhhh the halo wars music 👌🏻

  21. Nico Tribaldos

    bro this is the best of all backdrops. bring it back.

  22. Fllavelle

    This old guy is my hero

  23. Timothy Smith

    I feel like eddie would love the shitshow that is the rock and roll academy of fame induction ceremonies

  24. Jazz Handy

    Nobody is pointing out that this is basically boomers vs millennials all over again.

  25. Desert Oasis

    Give the kid pizza goddammit

  26. Nicholas Pogson

    We can all agree that the boomers are the worst.

  27. Cicero

    If I did this in any open world game like red dead 2 gta 5 I would be shot within 30 seconds

  28. a filthy lizard person

    That's a lot of damage ...

  29. fuck Trump

    You got some city miles on you son.

  30. max u

    i thought u were 50

  31. Chonky Pupper

    7:00 Same thing happen in despicable me 2

  32. Cody Danielsen

    Love to see that eddy is a tyler the creator fan

  33. Leighton Shelley

    This video had so much YIKES that I found myself involuntarily screaming and struggling to keep myself from tearing out my eyeballs. I'm not alone with this reaction, right?

  34. Kameron Valdivia

    we said no shoutouts in the house...

  35. Active Vertex

    Phil Swift is the new generation Billy Mays

  36. Sam Williams

    Okay, the kid named Sam actually looks like me. The worst part is I bowl when I'm depresso sometimes.

  37. Nicholas Pogson

    Which time?

  38. cas

    tooth man reminds me of spongebob before spongebob was too over used

  39. TheAngel

    I heard the Shamwow guy got arrested for beating up a hooker. *The more you know*

  40. Mr_Bruh

    2:47 bless you

  41. Thanos Moon

    Billy Mays and Phil swift would have been a better crossover then fortnite and those stupid collaborations

  42. Gabriel Kwok

    I got one of those "little lungs" smoking commercials before the video...

  43. smoll bean 101

    Billy mayes has so much charisma

  44. O the Creator

    Rip Billy Hayes

  45. L Haviland

    11:47 Somewhere, somehow, Ronald Reagan is laughing at your ignorance. You do know these are _intentionally_ designed to backfire, right?

  46. L Haviland

    I had utterly forgotten this for well over a decade until you dredged it up from the deepest depths of my mind. I hate you for that.

  47. Mitth’raw’nuruodo

    Didnt even mention ellen

  48. Arianna Thompson

    Most of the gen z arguments I’ve seen are about how she shouldn’t care what kids think are cool tbh

  49. PWR Talon-28

    13:29 😂

  50. Saga Anserum

    don't even get started on the girl's sex ed. I learned: std bad teen pregnancies should be avoided yeah that's it LITERALLY IT I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IF IT WAS NORMAL TO BE ASEXUAL???

  51. William Sundheimer

    “Tyler Closes the door” 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😀🤣😀

  52. Fletcher Cornwell

    Yeah please make a modern update this girl is so famous STILL 😐 wtf

  53. b jo r n . wa lte rs

    Eddy my boy you reviewed the wrong movie u gotta review sky high its more cornier than this

  54. Marcus Ramos

    GrubHub Ad >:(

  55. Charles Decoster

    i was born early 2000's and never saw a fucking billy mays ad and yet i still love the guy

  56. Luna Lovengood

    Only partway thru, so maybe you cover it, but I was an Uber driver one summer. The guy worked for Lime and said that it was cheaper to dump scooters and bikes on cities, make the money, and bail. They make money recycling the bikes and people just drive around picking them up every morning. It’s a quick scheme that seriously pays out

  57. Nolan Linn

    i'at who shit myself

  58. J-Rod Musik

    U need to get an SEO guy!

  59. tekiitou

    ill buy a hat <3 edit : it’s sold out :( happy your business is doin so well tho !

  60. A. Invert

    I can feel the narcissism from this video

  61. Carlo California

    The 11K dislikes were from plainpotatoes and his fans

  62. Bean jams

    this video has wriggled it's way into my recommended

  63. Eros Ramirez

    It should be Netfulu+ max Prime

  64. Bokuto

    I’m not angry about it tbh just here for the memes -gen z

  65. GraysonFrigginPayne

    This dude's giving my city a bad name smh

  66. Angelina Adger

    i´ll drink my kool aid with you

  67. Josh B

    I agree to some degree. I've always liked Conan but Jimmy Kimmel is a pos as a person and his fake crying is cringy, Colbert use to be funny but now he's a hack, Jimmy Fallon is a dip shit, and the last one you talked about, she's simply a racist piece of dog shit.

  68. The Existing

    getting ads in ads porfit

  69. Margeaux T

    this is funny because now you actually CAN watch movies on instagram

  70. laserproof

    this is the first video I'm seeing of you and I thought you were 35....

  71. The Existing

    this mans knew the future jerk

  72. greasymilk1

    my friend made me watch this.

  73. ForestGift

    Are they related to Carol BASKIN?

  74. EliisntAPerson

    Sonics a chad

  75. HD Jackson

    My dad works at bird and is like top 10 and I’ve ment Travis he’s a really nice guy

  76. Jacob Clay

    eddie: you're 16-24. Me a 13 year old: HAHHAHAHAHAHHA LOSER DOSNT KNOW EVERY ONE OF HIS FANS AGE

  77. Waldo_The_Duck_King

    Only halfway through a mikes+bang and I sang along 877-Sham-Wow :)

  78. Play-doh Poptart

    The trolli gummy worms ads are terrifying

  79. Connor Dunn

    That woman should have just responded to “how many times should you brush your teeth in a day?” With “more than you.”