My name is Tavarish and I make videos about buying, modifying, and breaking cars. I also have opinions, most of which are wrong.

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  1. parker1981xxx

    Take your Lego Bugatti to a dinner table with your girl, and watch her drooling, lol

  2. Nuno Dan

    What you are doing my friend is a crime...jesus

  3. Evolution is Experimental

    Yo lo savia tu here’s una persona sin experiencia

  4. Evolution is Experimental

    Si esos carros llegaran con alguien de nivel medio no terminarán de esa forma

  5. Evolution is Experimental

    Ustedes no saben nada de mecánica son unos sin experiencia

  6. David Dolezal

    Dude you are a godsend to SL owners.

  7. Peter Santoro

    I am happy for you and I am sure your success is due to your hard work

  8. QCM

    How tall are you?

  9. Felix F

    6:10 back seat 😄😄😄😄👀

  10. Terry Smart

    That range rover has a BMW engine in it

  11. 13:12

    A widebody i hear hmm what about the widebody king @tjhunt hahaha👀😂

  12. 13:12

    When do we get to see the eclipse build? Would absolutely love that 😊🙌

  13. AzuBeats

    Why hate on BMW bro

  14. Johnnie Cole

    Freddie I'm sorry my friend but you would be up shit's creek if you never had Jared!!!

  15. Kris Black

    this was a great video and love the new area.

  16. Ianis Caratti

    take the motor out and buld a ariel atom/ ktm xbow or kind of an bigger gocart.

  17. Richard Baumgart

    sorry late reply here, an "Italian" soundtrack would be much better than any chinese stereo

  18. Tony Ant

    So you had the flu 🥴

  19. Lil Chu

    Worlds fastest go kart

  20. PatBuckleyracecar


  21. Simon Maguire

    Maserati's do not have a Ferrari engine, they have a Maserati engine similar to the Ferrari version but very different internally. This is why the Ferrari version last so much better

  22. Tom Keppler

    To think this is our future is sickening

  23. Tom Keppler

    This guy is so reality show fake its mind blowing

  24. PequlaTV

    You can sell your car later for more money if you change the oil there. For eaxmple i repair a lot of benzes (3+ years old mercedes service) that still change oil there so they can get a stamp from the dealer so they can sell it at a premium and people do pay premium for those cars

  25. Chino Bambino

    a parts car? must be fuckin nice when ur parts car is nicer than ur main one ur working on.... very unrealistic

  26. YungJustice

    They all look the same 🤷🏽‍♂️

  27. Dragons Taco

    Nice, F355 with a Fiero kit.

  28. Torrey T

    I love that aston martin dbs

  29. Vympel

    Jared's really cool :)

  30. h0k4g3

    200k miles is nothing for any toyota

  31. Abdur Razzak Sahaby

    At 2:44 the car really said "frick you and your nasty bum"

  32. jungleGSC

    Dude if you can afford an Aston Martin you can afford a hair cut already jesus

  33. jungleGSC

    Why would you ever make this thing manual? The transmission is already mint. That car is a work of art. If it ain't broke you don't fix it kid.

  34. SeekoGT

    1:08 when he mentions the RJ45 jack and I look for an ethernet port. 🤓

  35. kane's gaming

    Is that a supra hahahahahahahahah

  36. Keith Boatman

    Is it just me, or is there a FF7 theme to the background music in the recent videos?

  37. Matt Adamson

    Freddy, use some of that Bitcoin money and hire a production company. I want to see that McLaren done!

  38. ilhan halil seyhan

    Maserati is ferrari engine Fiat Punto...

  39. codyrstrause

    Anyone else get the saltwater cottage ad?

  40. Michael Davis

    Welcome to America, where you can go from "Guy who buys a six figure car brand new, then takes it all around the world," to "Guy who has to sell everything he owns to keep his fiancée alive because healthcare is not a human right here."

  41. Foster chance

    NOOOO put the wrench down your only suppost to inspect it lol

  42. Mike Holmes

    so the roof on the car is taped on?

  43. Michael Wilkening

    You do know that those seats are worth a grand? You could have put them in a plastic bag and pumped it full of bug spray or even CO2 to deroach them and sold them. If they had fitted a 328I I would have come down to your shop and done some dumpster diving.

  44. Brennan Money

    Replace the charge pipe..?

  45. Robaroo

    Too bad the 6 speed is weak. 😔

  46. Todd Frazier

    You really should try to find more of these. It was my favorite show and it was great to see the van fixed. I've heard that most of them ended up like this one. You could probably find some cheap and get lots of views...

  47. carlosrvra

    14:13 - Lovin' that Cannonball Run reference! :D

  48. Hunter Priest

    brooo i want to get a supra soo bad, better start saving.

  49. Eliot Boily

    So EBay paid you to talk about a shitty car you found on their site?

  50. simon wang

    The picayune witch really drag because collar clearly tie circa a tall beam. abiding, smoggy stick

  51. Condore Computing

    I cant stand my personal car in that kind of shape, how can you rent out a car in that shape to another person in good conscious ? Its also a good way to have the renters of the car not give a crap about the condition and beat on it more because it's obvious the owner doesnt give a crap about it, so why should the renter ?

  52. Colabro From SC

    And Freddy got a ticket.

  53. Gene 3067

    Is that a Mick Beth Mcnugget T-shirt you're wearing Tavarish?

  54. Pizza Sounds

    You should build a vaydor and v8/v10/v12 swap it...

  55. Bernardo Roque de Pinho

    Guys, considering buying an Audi S5 2013/2014 with around 60k miles... thoughts? Reliable? Money pit? Total crap? Need some tips...

  56. Light Bulb

    im livid that lady thought it was a BMW

    1. Light Bulb

      it's ok cus i think she's kind of funny

  57. G Wilko

    This is insane. Just bought a Ls430. Cant wait for some adventures in it

  58. milc4444

    Pls be aware, if the extinguisher is powder you must keep the stuff away from electrical connections in particular, since the powder will corrode them over time say 3/4 months. In addition powder does not meet the FIA 8865 running fuel extinguisher requirements, just look at the vid of the Grojean accident. There is a lot more to complete the picture, and if you would like more, put out a message on the channel and I will be happy to help. In addition, DONT breath in the powder it will make a mess of your tubes and lungs. Great vids guys.

  59. U N K 0 W N

    Kid : mom can we have a Lamborghini Mom : we have Lamborghini at home Lamborghini at home :

  60. Bernardo Roque de Pinho

    Guys, considering buying an Audi S5 2013/2014 with around 60k miles... thoughts? Reliable? Money pit? Total crap? Need some tips...

  61. ac0rpbg

    Let's be realistic guys, the amount of money and effort put into this was not viable and is not worthy. Even tho the car will be perfect it will always have salvage title. The only way this is possible is thanks to sponsorship, and youtube income generated from the content. It was basically car build from scratch

  62. El Conquistador

    where is your brain and your bra? :))))

  63. El Conquistador

    you will literally go to hell

  64. El Conquistador

    leave youtube pls

  65. Chris Watts

    Gentlemen, Hats off to you🎩, I’m in the auto collision industry and run multi-million dollar repair facilities and watched your progress. Although, some methods are questionable for the OEM or consumer, if I was doing it for myself personally? It would go very similar. Keeping things cost effective and playing with what cards are dealt to you. And now having a running driving chassis. Great work. That car was pretty messed up....seeing you drive it leads me to write a comment. I surely enjoy watching all that you guys do. Thank you and be safe

  66. Roger Partner

    The Aston Guy doesn't actually like to touch his steering wheel much. Well weird

  67. Roger Partner

    These guys haven't got the car show paradigm at all. .. is it a house show. I'm just confused. And it's boring. . Bye bye guys take a leaf outa UK SHOW. TOP GEAR. 🤓🧐

  68. Edgar Reyes Torres

    Y show ur trick when FBI or police can watch youtube too u know...

  69. Xtream Gamer

    I have a badging idea for the rear. Get a Gallrado badge like on the doorsill and stick it on top of a rear taillight.

  70. Richard Harrison

    I've had 6 Aston Martin Vantages over the past 12 years - two bought new (a V8 and a V12S). My 2007 (new) Vantage 6 speed I drove 25,000 aggressive miles - zero issues. Lost it in the recession. My used 39,000 mile 2009 Vantage - I drove 10,000 miles - zero issues, traded that for an almost new 2015 V8 GT and under warranty, was constantly in the shop with over 20,000 in warranty repair, so I traded that for a 2015 V12S, which Aston had a 2 year timeless warranty, after at least a dozen issues in a few months, I discovered it was a factor 'tracked car' which was not divulged and hired an attorney, which Aston traded with a very low mile locally owned pampered V12S (at a huge cost to the factory - the deception came from the UK factory, not the local dealer!). No Issues with the V12S, but traded that for a 2017 V12S new. Was supposed to keep that, but Covid hit my business hard, so I traded it for a C8 I had ordered that arrived 6 months ago, as was able to pay cash because of the equity I had in the Aston. Most likely I'll look for another older Vantage just to have one in a year or so. The C8 handles and power curve is very close to the V12S and I have a 7 year bumper to bumper warranty for less cost than the mandatory $2K inspection just to keep the Aston warranty valid!

  71. Brennan Money

    See a roach run across back seat😂

  72. Troy Sia

    my fav build 💯

  73. Wayne Fitch

    This is a blatant top geat rip off. I like these guys though so I'll stick to your other videos. Good luck and please be more creative, I'm begging you.

  74. Omar Issa

    Watched the build from the start, truely inspirational

  75. Brennan Money

    I disagree

  76. Elikem Amalek

    This guy really has issues with BMW, seems to be the only one who does lol.

  77. Armando Luli

    Anyone else see that r32 at 9:41 ?

  78. Ronald Williams

    Wheres the McLaren build?

  79. Struis cK

    Hahahahaha im crying😂😂😂😂

  80. RedViKing

    This is better than top gear America