1. vuong huy


  2. 魔物獵人

    Me me me me me me me me

  3. Debalina Mukherjee

    So cute

  4. Nyzen Vrix

    Where is the video golden freddy

  5. Linna Ranty

    is dis captian in door batroom

  6. ramon reyes

    Don't You See The Settings Button

  7. Keira Rust

    Unknown he used to be seen he used to be a white blue colored scientist but now he's a white creature he's been hiding himself in this there to think about what he done to the captain and the girl

  8. Pee god


  9. Henchmen

    If don’t go to the toilet you can’t do your toilet task to win.

  10. Jake Crowley


  11. Tracybelle Sison


  12. Yen Bui

    I have clean that toilet 😂

    1. Godzilla 2021

      *u hears oh no oh no oh no no no no no music and the monster appears and drags u under that bathroom

  13. Isaiah Scoggins

    Click bait

  14. Aldrin Ray Wanawan

    Its ab-lux

  15. Stela Sanchez

    GC Max im a big fan

  16. Kobe Manahan

    Ablux is okay at 4:58

  17. GAMER B3NT3N

    Hold up I have I question. How is the game still running if all two of them is dead and you're with raszius???

  18. Pal Pallavi


  19. Hải Anh Trịnh

    What is this?

  20. Drew F

    Run and cry in a corner

  21. Mahesh Sanganeria


  22. Liz Martinez


  23. Fengshan

    my school students got scary clowns last year actually

  24. Sony Choza


  25. Jacob Elijah Ordiz

    It looks like this emoji or the brand new hat💩💩💩💩

  26. Annabelle Ang

    Hey CommunicMax And Your Friend Raszius What if You Stay inside The Bathroom in The Toilet And Go Find The Monster On The Toilet?

    1. Peashooter

      He already did it now

  27. Macariah Janice


  28. George Racel Bitarra

    do it

  29. John Michael Cuevas 7

    Why only airship where is Mira hq polus and skeld

  30. Carlos Pena Mendoza

    Bruhhh poop monster more like your the poop monster that make clickbait videos

  31. TheObjectmaster

    Can you make a vid of Friday night funkin at least

  32. Linna Ranty

    i fans ggmax

  33. LEUNG YAT YIN梁軼然

    He says OMG like PZ 409

  34. Chloe Forbes


  35. Jenelin Carlos


  36. Jenelin Carlos


  37. Life with Kaylah Gang

    Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m gonna play this map

  38. Life with Kaylah Gang

    Cool map spooked vibe

    1. Kommu Sunitha

      Hi bro

  39. Natalie Kim


  40. Peggy Siew

    Summoning jutsu

  41. Life with Kaylah Gang

    Omg spooky

  42. Vincent Lim

    I think it's real I never seen that 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  43. Life with Kaylah Gang

    Rip purple

  44. jai memes


  45. Aiden Kennedy


  46. Life with Kaylah Gang


  47. geordayne kyle gumatay

    That's not true I come in bathroom So long and nothing else there

  48. jai memes

    Holy moly macerate roney

  49. Santana Payton

    There’s always a plunger there this is fake you just want the kids to do this for nothing

  50. Chaylene Morgan


  51. Gabriela Andrei

    I've hid in there for an entire round and nothing happened but I did see someone drowning while dragged down into the abyss of the toilet by a hand but it's not too interesting

  52. Lifted

    Sorry to spoil but it is fake as has every other video he has done

  53. Darlene Timbang


  54. Jenny Rodriguez

    Run around and cry next video

  55. Darren Brown

    And channel

  56. Darren Brown

    yea this is the best vodeo

  57. Nawal Gagne

    I'm a big fan

  58. Rheanne Ragasa

    That monster looks like some poop that has some a face and mouth

  59. Leonel Sampedro

    Run around and cry

  60. SavvyBigdaddySav

    Soooooooooooooooo living shit?

  61. Nawal Gagne

    I watch both of your videos and they are fun at watch :D

  62. Robot

    Click bait

  63. ferdinand mauleon


  64. Sarvesh D

    Ho hooooooo

  65. ferdinand mauleon


  66. Peashooter

    Woo 36 mins ago yes and 89st

  67. Sarvesh D

    I am the 455th like!!!!

  68. ferdinand mauleon


  69. Melannie ÒwÓ

    Raszius is Skerd

  70. marvel channel

    I do not know if I love it or do not love it so I'm just going to put like and say I don't like it okay sorry but I really do like it but it's kind of middle okay so I don't like it I'm sorry but I really do love it and hate it at the same time

  71. Ayden Jan Sta. Juana

    Oh my always at the end he got caught on the monster then he comes out

  72. Tanner Craft

    Make him do it again

  73. ferdinand mauleon



    That is pooposter

  75. Melannie ÒwÓ


  76. Ishaan Ko

    Why is everything not safe

  77. Jullienne Ashley Dela Cruz

    gg max i did not see inside of it its fake

  78. green Dragon 123 aqua

    The next video put golden Freddy

  79. ferdinand mauleon