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  1. Go Trump

    A weird way to get out of paying taxes

  2. Jonathan Yang

    Awesome. Great video

  3. Bear Mellow

    Just started watching u guys are amazing 👏

  4. bear Smith

    I hope you who has made the video do read these comments because bottom line is if you don't ask the right question you can't get your answers and the answers are right in front of you have somebody look at them what does blood type when he was born and what's his blood type now right there's a good question look at Bill Gates look what he's doing

  5. Superdupper Me

    This is a joke right lol I been to Nevada a thousand times and never heard of this

  6. AyBee

    Hold up I was watching something earlier that a guy also said you can’t move anything but ur eyes so it sort of adds up 😳

  7. bear Smith

    Did these people after they were abducted did they go seek medical real true honest doctors to check them out to see if they have been altered or there were something in planted in them this is a good question this is what you should be asking and when you have that proof then I'd look at today's crazy whack jobs making up Coronavirus The Satanist of people eating babies and Hollywood Hollywood look at Chrissy Teigen and her husband in Brad Pitt delivering her baby parts and babies from drinking the blood they're all whacked Obama was are there UFO's his answer is well I can't tell you that well that's good enough for me that means you're lying and you're in on it but we're pretty smart out here so Obama's in the clintons in the store roses all think that they're going to start some kind of War to defeat our God Propel loose they are messed up people they should be in a mental institution

  8. Anna Li

    Once I got the S*it Museum while spinning it-

  9. kareem habib


  10. Cohl Favell

    I loved the video, like so much, but I need those shoes, those baby blue bikes, they are SO NICE

  11. AR-Sith F.Austin

    Stop worrying about this viral nonsense. Worry about the poison they use to "treat it". Read my long comment on why more and more of this is officially coming out in the media from the DoD.

  12. Mon Valley truth

    Cool as hell guys keep seeing the world 🙏🏼💯

  13. Alexis Anttila

    I haven’t laughed this hard since 2019.

  14. AR-Sith F.Austin

    So I'll tell you why all this is coming out now and when these laws get passed that completely rewrite human rights and purpose of gov and this strange religion pops up and more unethical science projects are revealed and a man appears who can answer our deepest questions and save our society on a global scale. I want you to remember this post this "weird, conspiracy sounding idiot" posted that basically laid out everything that happened leading up to the total loss of our freedom and you being placed in a 5G controlled "Prison City" smack dab in the middle of a global apocalypse with people dying all around you from things you'll finally realize, aren't what they said were the causes, but the "treatments" themselves and laws doing it. That many of you wanted this "progress" now it's here and it's too late to stop it now. Here goes as to why and what these are: Okay, so here's the deal. When the global leaders need an excuse for all this amoral, unethical and insane tech they've been messing with to use on the GP (general public) in the future they have their excuses. "We got it from aliens". No, you developed it communing with demons. Who you call aliens or Interdimentional beings. I'm seeing the reports now that they're admitting to their research with cross species hybridization for example, like it's new and in particular human/animal chimeras. This is nothing new, they even use language in the reports you can tell is total cover-up, "oh we're not lying or doing anything wrong" speak that so many of you can see thru now because many of you have actually woken up to how these people operate and lie. Then another example is the chips in the arm and the chips in the brain or Neuralink tech that Elon Musk was pushing for over a year ago that disappeared with the plandemic. What the public doesn't realize is that you can't say (like Musk did) "oh we've developed this tech and next year the first people will start being able to receive it"... Really?? No, we didn't just develop it. We first started putting Neuro Net link capabilities into our special forces team Commanders over almost thirty years ago, "officially" even though admonition to those programs are classified. This isn't new tech. That stuff is still classified but we know this because in the community some Commanders over these battalions for example who were called to D.C. to "volunteer" to help implement this program were told just enough that they realized what was going on and they turned it down and the result is they went on to be reassigned, etc. So we knew the seriousness of this stuff years ago. These are just two examples of tech we've developed in conjunction with "off world" or "Interdimentional" help. The perfect excuse is to say, "well, aliens are the reason, look, they're the good guys, here's all the miraculous stuff we've learned and achieved with their help"... It will be the biggest ruse and trick of the devil in human history all culminating to the Apocalypse. It offers an excuse to discredit Christian's or religious people and it offers explanation to athiestic or agnostic people to say, "see, it's all science, alien technology--because the devil doesn't exist now does he...?" They'll use it to start a one world religion worshipping these beings, essentially. They'll be hailed as our longtime gods and creators and the rest of religion will be swept away and outlawed as divisive, evil, bigoted, racist, homophobic, etc. We're already seeing all this play out right before our eyes. The soft kill Eugenicist efforts, global viral terrorism and medical tyranny, elimination of religious freedom, free capitalist markets and being deemed "essential or non-essential" so the beer store can stay open but you can't attend church services. If we don't push back on all this lunacy and these lies and mandates then there won't be a future for many. There are a lot of convenient Christian doctrines that appear no where in the Bible but are here to "comfort folks" who think they won't live thru much of the worst of this. One is "rapture". An entire doctrine based off a few sentences that has zero basis or timeline in Biblical Cannon. I'm telling you folks, evils here, we have the proof. I've also been a paranormal investigator for years, a theologian, student, gov servant, prophetic gifted, giving, spirit discerning follower of God. Because I wanted to prove to myself then people this stuff was real. Now it's (all the crazy stuff) has slowly become mainstem. Now it's becoming admitted as fact, acknowledged by government's. That we do things, we test "veil rending" drugs on groups of people like DMT and communicate with what they call "The. Elves" or Interdimentional beings. They even do this research at John Hopkins for example. None of this is hidden. I want to tell you, where we've gotten our main info from these demons hasn't been thru this drug or audiological recording method like I've used. This is where societies and civilizations have fallen, disappeared, been wiped out thru out history is when these entities really got something "good to share with you" they demand more. They want sacrifice, and I think you know the kinds. It ain't animals... Now how can demons take physical form? Technology. The bodies of these "aliens" and their tech, some has been described by those whose worked in ATS fields. They are actually a "plant like material." Grown entities, hybrid biological vessels like a demon could possess and control. They use telepathy to control their ships, that's been admitted by people viewed as truthful who've worked on specific sections of this technology like the crashed UFO tech recovered over the years. They can manipulate and build hybrid DNA and cybernetic organisms (yes, basically like the Terminator) and control them. Here we are seeing mainstream science and media sources admitting now they've done and have been doing all this sort of stuff for decades. But the "aliens" needed human help to continue to serve them, work with them, etc, to be ultimately effective in their goals which the end game is usurping God and His Throne, essentially.... Or so they want. Now you can say this is nuts, this is conspiracy but there are reasons me and people like me know this and know what we do. We've been exposed to 50 different aspects, pieces of a puzzle, in our work, our service, etc. We've connected to the real God of the universe as well and prayed for divine understanding and wisdom and received the ability to extrapolate it. We've done the research into the people and their own words and plans for decades who rule different parts of the world and society. We've seen some of this with our own eyes and had dreams and visions of international policy to come or events that became truth years later. There are so many reasons, right now the obvious is staring us all right in the face. The evidence of what they've said their stated goals were and here the evidence of the execution of those plans becomes more evident by the month. You get the gift of discernment of spirits as well and you can just see and sense the evil or good in certain individuals and actions. All this is how so many have drawn to this conclusion of where we are as humans and a society and it's pretty bleak folks. "The Great Reset" and "Build Back Better" is upon us. My first suggestion is don't listen to idiots like Hannity, who believe their lies. Who push that poison in the needle. DON'T TAKE THAT POISON. Get your self-sufficient stockpiles and methods, plans finalized and get as far away from urban centers as you can. Be prepared to cut all ties and go off grid with your family if need be and form up solid community connections in rural areas with folks you've known years and law enforcement with sense who think like you and are moral individuals. That's the best advice I can give anyone. Be ready to live like it's 1930 again and if need be cut all radio reception/broadcast and /power/movement for certain periods once the really bad begins to unfold and drones, etc are looking for folks. Anyway, that's it for now. Everyone take care and God keep you and yours.

  15. Sana Ganjoo

    Thank you for inspiring me, Ammar ❤️

  16. NADIA_Tarot_ 666

    I want to get abducted by aliens please😀👽🛸👽

  17. Sana Ganjoo

    Definitely cried seeing the friendship/brotherhood y'all share. This was amazing, Matt. Thank you for showing us that our potential is truly infinite.

  18. Amaia Marcos

    I don’t think you guys understand how happy this video made me omg! This is insane 💞

  19. Jack Cahill

    You guys are fucking annoying fuck u

  20. trust and Believe

    Obama said I can't tell you but look at his head nodding yes

  21. Bryan Royes

    legend man

  22. Etinosa Hendrix

    Abandoned castle projects

  23. Fakhre Alam Taj

    Ammar Kandil is such a humble guy and has gone through really tough times and that makes him the man he is today. We love you Ammar and the Yes Theory. Thank you so much, you guys are just wonderful. Lots of love 💕

  24. Ms. Allen

    Somebody should finish this.

  25. Marti Roscoe


  26. im a giraffe

    I hate how the worst things happen to the most legendary people

  27. Missy ECE

    If the end of the world happens, I’m heading to one of these abandoned destinations.

  28. Boban Barbarre

    MACEDONIA (Republic) say Big YES for steps of 3 extraordinary minds~God bless You

  29. Bryan Royes

    honestly a dream lol

  30. Cesar P.

    Awesome trip! Glad you visited this abandon construction project. Hope they resume where they left off, like real soon. What a waste if they don’t.

  31. Fakhre Alam Taj

    Yes Theory is just best 🔥

  32. Ajna

    The place is so weird that it looks fake from those drone shots!

  33. imabotoweewee

    of course there's life outside the Earth. It's the vacuum of space, basically infinite to what we know so far. I believe that there is alien life somewhere and I do think they possibly visited the Earth.

  34. Cole Dennison

    I'm so sick of this covid bullshit.

  35. Beatriz Sampaio

    This made me cry. BADLY. It’s so crazy to think someone can have a close call, rethink everything and challenge the thought. Or... wanting something so bad that... despite the close call... seek discomfort and persue that dream. Sky diving is one of those things that I have always wanted to do since I was little. Being young meant having to ask permission from parents (always a NO). Later in life other things came before like scuba diving, 5 day trek to Machu Pichu or... a move abroad... then time passed fast and... with a messy back and ... and then later it seemed almost irresponsible because i had a kid... and then the thought of ”what if something goes wrong?”. I can totally close my eyes and see my young self (teenager and then in my twenties) wanting to do things out of my comfort zone. Things that scared me but wanting to conquer that fear... time passes. And now... is it too late? Anyways... this video trasported me back in time... made me feel young again... and think of all those dreams.... the age in my head is in constant disagreement with my physical age... Through this videos I can only wish to be young again. Love you guys and I think you are all awesome/Xo

  36. Dyar khalifa

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  37. imabotoweewee

    You inspired millions man, good luck in the next chapter. Hope to see you back again ❤

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  47. RflXGhost

    Hey guys, just for future reference in Islam you really shouldn’t record or show when someone is praying. I know it wasn’t intentionally disrespectful but please consider for future reference!

  48. Nick P

    So much more ass footage (in the thong one piece) should have been used

  49. CastleTG

    The rope is there for a reason. I killed my date, by Amar.

  50. Marshal S

    Whoever does the drone shoots is a genius cinematographer. Beautiful.

  51. Arctic fox Viking Sea King

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  54. Igor Balanovski

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    I have a question though, it's apparent those without training can get a heart arrack jumping into cold water like that, what made you think this was a good idea with this group Wim ?

  56. BetsyAndDave Campbell

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  57. Bader Al-zahrani

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  58. kolim jone


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    The camera man doing all of this stuff in the sky at like 300mph and getting no credit: 🥲

  60. celebrity snaps

    thankyou so much yes theory for this amazing video. You know i was goin thrugh a rough times these days and i was thinking negative thoughts about myself why the bad hings are only happwning with me, thinking why i a m so unlucky and becoming anxious all the time, but after watching yur video i suddenly reralized that no i am so lucky because i have also got the golden opportunity to go to this place and explore the spiritual moment in this monastery, I completely had forgotten how lucky i am to been to this place and i must say the peopel of this country is really hospitable and it is for sure one of the best and peceful place that i have been so far. Thankyou so much for reminding:))

  61. MRBROWN1755

    Yes Theory is by far the most humble, loving, wholesome, sincere, and inspiring group of souls I've ever seen! I could go on and on but I'm sure thousands feel the same, Bless you all😇 and hope to meet you all one day💯🙏🏼❤


    Imagine tripping balls with everyone dressed up in furries.


    Had to thumbs DOWN. You used your subscribers as free transportation and driver. WTF.

  64. kareem habib

    Sending love 💗 watching all the way from the Philippines 🇵🇭 💗

  65. محمد باقر ياسين خضير عباس 1/ج/م

    I live in Basra Iraq there was no reason for you guys to get scared to go into Iraq and the host scared you as well obviously the soldier is gonna ask who they are especially around that area but even if they knew who you were they wouldn't have done anything. if you wanted to see the real Iraq come to Karbala Baghdad Basra. btw the 100$ behind the glass is a currency exchange and he takes his precautions there's definitely a weapon hidden near him. I did love the video though.... much love from Basra Iraq.


    I feel bad for the long haired guy. He wants to be apart of the clique but he's just the driver for these dudes so they can get their stuff done. Hey long hair dude. Get ur own camera. You are just as good. Believe in yourself.

  67. Neceros

    YEAH MY BOY BOB LAZAR. I'm convinced of his story. This other guy sounds shady. I'll keep watching, but his story is so rehearsed and he's presenting it in a weird way. He seems disingenuous.

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    You good sir are my hero! When I was younger I never felt fear, but much like your story the fear of practically everything set in on me at a point. Anxiety, maybe a little depression etc and I'm just now starting to break away from the fears and face them head on. You have no idea how much watching this video helped. Thank you!

  79. Pepega Aim

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