"Hardcore Mode" Minecraft enthusiast who survived in a world for over 5 years. I stream over at www.twitch.tv/philza

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  1. Elmira Dahlgren

    15:42 well Wilbur got something from his dad If you don’t understand it’s the voice Phil makes, Wilbur do it sometimes

  2. Kaylie Pendlebury

    13:05 *Phil having flashbacks to the stream where Will talks about eating sand* *FLASHBACKS TO SAND JESUS* !

  3. Olivia ._.

    When they mentioned sand: Philza: *sand jesus flashbacks*

  4. Mr Codwarguy

    One sentence. Three words. Pro Gamer Move

  5. little_lana

    when ur only 3 days off on having the same birthday as plhilza's channel ;-;

  6. Fite of life _

    "Global warming chat." Bro tru- Fun fact, my brain dead best friend diana found a bad lands yesterday

  7. Kaylie Pendlebury

    I think Kristen did great! :D

  8. Owen Andrews

    7:06 Mans looking like a titan from attack on titan

  9. Whitney .yayshs

    Seeing it in a video from someone’s perspective makes this so much better this new update is going to be incredible

  10. fancies

    i'm just gonna say this is adorable

  11. Lily Payne

    I was 6 when this started like whaaaaaaaaaaaa 🤯

  12. JCB Tv&RandomPlayer

    lava cauldrons are in bedrock

  13. Anuo M

    if this happened to me I would probably cry for like an hour

  14. sdf elite

    7:40 show this to lgio and his animal hydras

  15. Bart Tart

    First comment in 8 years looool

  16. Robin Lace

    I hope this becomes a series. I love this concept, really.

  17. Teckno Dexter

    lol this Chanel be like 4 months older than me

  18. JoshJust4Fun




  20. Blu0rb Gamer

    Just realised Phil is gonna be having a nightmare with baby zombies, since he will probably find them in caves and he has weakness in caves!

  21. Aaron Nichols

    Taller people naturally have a higher chance of heart problems since our hearts work harder to pump blood throughout our body. Good to know 🥲

  22. EnzitoGamer

    hehe 69

  23. Blu0rb Gamer

    When Phil gave Ranboo that water protection book my heart warmed

  24. cit6zen

    bedrock moment

  25. Hyper is your friend

    When phill finds so dum and stupid generations and then like wtf I gonna screen shot this and I am like whaa and then start laughing lol

  26. Beerus

    16:10 Hey guys there’s a new mob, the sea urchin

  27. Hyper is your friend

    Your sooo good you should be in the hermit craft server

  28. Wut Wut

    Phil, thefirst person to carry their weight

  29. Hyper is your friend

    Bruh I can’t watching these streams there so good and it just makes me happy whenever I watch them and makes me want to build goood builds and be so good at surviving in Minecraft

  30. Axol Hotl

    17:34 why do i feel depressed

  31. Gamble Poop

    Of all things the old boat almost made me cry of nostalgia r.i.p 1.7.10 boat

    1. Magellanic

      fuck the old boats those pieces of shit couldnt even handle a fucking lily pad

  32. weraz _cz

    Momza did pogchamp work with the editing.

  33. Brais Fraga Pedreira


  34. Simon Scowell

    Oh no. Here comes another incursion

  35. Abhinav Playz

    6969th comment on this video.

  36. Trevor Grace

    This is Lovely

  37. Alex Morgan

    why did you kill the other villager it had mending trade you didn't even use it... are you dumb?

  38. Leon

    Theres only 14 comments what

  39. BakBak_ AX4

    3:25 pistons?

  40. Alyona Paramonava

    "You can't have too much coal" If you can make a stack of coal blocks using coal, you have too much coal-

  41. Mewx The Shadow God

    Minecarts could always go underwater in bedrock.

  42. Ezequiel Jose

    philza sick is the equivalent to him being drunk

  43. bruce chang

    4:33 got me cracking

  44. Beast

    The intro music hit different every time

  45. Wiktoria Kacaba


  46. A random Human

    Philza is like ✨bird✨

  47. Nick Speer

    Honestly I forgot how atrocious boats were back then

  48. Fish _slapper

    yo play Rlcraft

  49. Steve Johnson

    Hello the Hardcore God I really love ur streams and vids continue on making them u really make me feel happy

  50. Game time E

    Mom: why are you crying? Me: nothing my mind: this video

  51. Louis-Joseph Leboeuf

    he farms awws like no one else can

  52. Mystical

    I have to say that is one amazing advancement "Voluntary Exile"

  53. NeonEclipse2

    YOO I love this mod, I would KILL to get in this SMP My pick is arachnid so dibs when I get in

    1. NeonEclipse2

      Also anyone know how to download this mod?

  54. -

    This was really entertaining! Please post an update if you want:)

  55. Leightan Partin


  56. Adam Walshaw

    I am here from the sidemen video. I now understand

  57. AveX Skippy

    Class is happening but I’m dying laughing

  58. tearydoll

    sand jesus part 2

  59. RedXFire6

    Well time to binge

  60. Oddie Cox

    I just thought if philza is a bird can we he walls or no

  61. Michael Michaca

    My skin is a enderman and I live in the end then my brothers killed The Ender Dragon so are you guys making fun?

  62. Musical Spy


  63. Reece Jones

    British humour- insult people who make you happy

  64. Zaky A

    it's like an infinite cave..

  65. Magellanic

    what about pangolins? pangolins fucking rule. they're like anteaters but they look like pinecones. that's so fucking great

  66. LordWolf21

    I’ve seen 4 mobs in diamond armor 1 of them was in full enchanted diamond armor 2 times were skeletons 1 time a zombie and 1 time a baby zombie.

  67. Who am I again? Hmm Ok

    Dude this needs to be a series

  68. Mister Cool

    Not going to say anything but 14:57

  69. Sebastian Mendoza

    warden is like a golem

  70. ElysianEcho

    Blocks on top reduce spawn rates by about 5% i think it was ilmango who did the testing to find out

  71. c.f.padilla

    why did anybody ever think phil was anything other than pure chaos

  72. Ryan Hornseth

    21:40 I want a relationship like that someday aww

  73. Zero Oceanic

    Just i was watching this in my reccomended is "How to make coffe from sand"

  74. Arif Firdaus

    Since he is wearing gold armour and wing he reminds me of the new Wonder Woman but he's not a woman he's Wonder Man

  75. MrFlow


  76. Aaron_Sebastian_ Whatever

    I was like "is this a di*k joke??" And after 10 minutes I was sure... "This is just a massive di*k joke" ... yes that was intended lol

  77. Jack Curry

    who else cant wait for nethervoid montage

  78. Darrius Herlnata

    1:39 Megalovania

  79. Justin Ekeh

    who’s here after the sidemen among us video 😂

  80. Kevin_

    Philza fucking Minecraft