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  1. Alex Brunner

    Is the line "...I wear 13 men's, no way you could walk in my shoes..." directed at Eminem??

  2. Darcy Loft

    Never knew what good music was until I heard this 🥶🥶 and also joker returns

  3. Myo Hlaing Htwe


  4. raidersfan00

    this may be the best remix of rap god - the only thing i can think of to contest it is K.A.A.N.'s remix usfilm.info/fire/eLmwl4KBoMiE1qY/video.html

  5. Dante's VR Inferno,

    ooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggggggggg what he has a shirt??????????????????????????????

  6. Tanay Shah

    Shit song, Stream Don't Play by KSI

  7. Meh Okuy

    This was really cool

  8. Mersan Paul Jacalan

    I wonder why others disliek this video, its very nice and I liek the synce

  9. Marquise Maxey

    Dax..I needed this 1..your solidifying your spot in the game

  10. Boyzin Nhlakzin

    🥰☺💓💕True Legend You The First Person I Ever Heard Who Raps for 6 minutes without taking a break😍😍😍😍

  11. Wow Me


  12. MatrixX 101

    Get on Spotify and Apple Music 🗣

  13. MatrixX 101

    Get it on Apple Music and Spotify 🗣

  14. Andhira Mothilall


  15. Goosebumps

    Love from India dax❤️ lucky to born in this era🔥

  16. Aquarius lil

    Is this remix going to be on Spotify? 👀🔥

  17. yeLLOWso1L _

    Dax has a high chance of defeating eminem from a diss

  18. Young Ayvey

    he's still liking comments ✊🏽🔥.

  19. Ndukwe Johnchris

    Men from the first day I hard dear God I loved you I love your sound, lifestyle.❤❤❤

  20. Dustin Waters

    This song definitely brings light to the illusive Bs society produces. Anyone else see this?

  21. Luke Petherick

    Eminem laughing at the lung capacity

  22. Rubik's solver nevins

    Holy shit this is impressive.

  23. Esoteric Discombobulation

    Well if yall the label, definitely time to appear.

  24. raj malhotra

    Dax is next level🔥

  25. Deano Ottley

    Dude tries to hard

  26. Esoteric Discombobulation

    Heatwave incoming

  27. Mental Health Convos


    1. Trippie Daxx

      Just like you broski

  28. ItsJC

    If Dax replies to this comment, I'll ask my crush out after Covid has improved a bit 🔥

    1. Trippie Daxx

      Good Luck Bigman

    2. Hey Siri

      😂😂 Make this shit happen Dax!


    You must love Batman and the Joker


    Its DAX!!!


    Its DAX!!!, much love from Zimbabwe

  32. grimey draco

    Why do I feel like this song came out 7 years ago 😔, it's still goated 💯✊🏾.

  33. Esoteric Discombobulation

    So you know how, if you aren't psychotic, depressed, homicidal, suicidal or any of the diagnosis of broad syptoms, the medications for them, make you exactly that way? Well, they do.


    Its Dax!!!,we love your music here in Zimbabwe man

  35. MainRec


  36. Esoteric Discombobulation

    This, has, no business, being that catchy. Rotfl

  37. Lovely Ramila

    It's okay to be ignored Yeah I know it hurts, but let them enjoy their life. Don't force someone to talk with you everyday It's okay if they are creating distance between. It's okay to create a wall by yourself, it just makes them easier to forget you. I know its hard for you to forget them, But make it okay though you are pretending. If she is lying you, with an statement of being busy Then, it's okay for you to leave her with her now ones. I know it's hard watching her closer to someone else But it's okay of not being okay. Sometimes your tears may fallen down But dont show them, cause they will just laugh at you So, It's okay to move on though its hard to delete those memories.

  38. Marxist Rangers

    Not everyone who thinks its trash isn't insecure mate, they might just not like it lol. Some of your stuff is brilliant, this is crap tho in honesty. But still a fan.

  39. lil kirs

    The intro is (fire) man He's funny and he got barss after bars

  40. Imaad Shaikh


  41. Esoteric Discombobulation

    Only been to that point one time due to an ex. Ate a script, paniced, puked it, took preventive measures. Years later, unrelated, i started mixing alcohol with my sleeping meds. Stopped that after i started catching small seizures.

  42. The_Narrator


  43. Esoteric Discombobulation

    "Have you ever felt this weight on your chest, thats makes you feel like you can't breathe?" Yeah, put the weight on, when i look at this path and see all the unnecessary trash. Knowing that i can't relate to breaking down in the shower anymore. I don't feel anything in the spectrum of emotion. I hear things, and it either has a good or bad connotation, if it's good, as muscle memory, i smile, and for a moment there's a happiness in my eyes that simply, doesn't exist. You have the ability to be conflicted with convictions and where your heart leads you. Does it really matter if the devil is coaching the team? Who listens to the coaches anyway? Aren't the best athletes too hard headed?

  44. Lil Fatso

    Hes wearing a shirt wtf

  45. Musa Sal

    It’s dax

    1. Musa Sal

      @Trippie Daxx shhhhh

    2. Trippie Daxx

      Its Musa Sal

  46. Lil Fatso

    He saved this sexy beat by making this remix lol

  47. Esoteric Discombobulation

    "Look in the mirror i don't see a soul" You can't see your soul, but you feel it when you cry. Count that as a blessing. Because you can't stop tears that aren't coming.

  48. zaid abuhashish

    2:48 now wtf, i thought you said that you weren't homo

  49. SkiddlePitz Music

    Man, We definitely need you on Billboad and Grammy's

  50. Rᴏʙᴇʀᴛ


  51. Mifas Roar

    Finally someone who steps up

  52. Mifas Roar

    He looks like waldo from family matters but he can spit the whole song Really well lol he used to be a janitor I don't think he will be anymore

  53. zaid abuhashish

    Damn, why does ksi keep says dax is trash? This is harder than the rock biceps

  54. johannes fischer

    Best Song ever Ned im Nether sondern besser als im tesla i m From Germany nicht in amarny - must look for vowels in cups this song is a jewel for me

  55. Esoteric Discombobulation

    I was going to ask how we're supposed to talk, but i see you react to the comments. I'm going to assume that means you read them too. Biblically, it's about where the heart is. Revalation isn't meant to be a tool for terror, but it's been turned into such, by, well, Pharisees basically. So where's the heart at? Do you feel love or make people feel loved? Is God not referred to as the ultimate love? Is there any way to experience love, but out of small, beautiful moments in the shitslide we call life? What if we weren't supposed to escape by our own hand? What if having faith that even in the depths of hell, love will lift us out of the seeming perdition of the human experience? Now, as per those you ask about in the end, where, well, some never knew better, well, in the eyes of Love, i believe as long as that person's heart was good, what they didn't know, translates into innocent blunders of the soul.

  56. SkiddlePitz Music

    Eminem's gonna Die after watching this!!!

  57. Lil Fatso

    Why are these remixes not on Spotify

    1. Lil Fatso

      @Trippie Daxx oh

    2. Trippie Daxx

      Copyrighted Song

  58. swirlypegasus 10

    One of your best

  59. Swagrid

    alright even tho we reached way more than 200k likes, please still give us the screamo song xD

  60. Brianne Schulte

    This is beyond good music. The lyrics alone are extremely powerful, but the way he delivers them are ridiculously talented. I felt every word and I didn't want it to stop. He could tell a story for hour and I'd be at the edge of my seat the whole time. No bullshit...this man is great. I am now a fan.

  61. moagisanyi lethabo

    You ain't tripping u the baddast

  62. Farah Moussi

    A fan from tunisia 🇹🇳🇹🇳 damn ur songs 💕💕💕💛💛💛💛

  63. Deon De lange

    Dax spits Fax