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  1. Mason Ackley

    This thing look stunning. Like a Porsche and a mk5 supra had a baby

  2. Mirsad Hadzic

    18:40 the guy has a time to waive to the crowd 😱

  3. Javier Tan

    They better have the same cameracrew

  4. Master Troller

    Honda Accord Coupe Tail lights?

  5. Kevin Photography

    Literally Everyone: MORE POWER !! Subaru: Nah.

  6. Johnny Munoz

    Can we see the wrx already 😫

  7. Lachie McFarlane

    Holy shit!

  8. leugiM seveN

    Prime vídeo ? Not here on USfilm?

  9. Bigtexatx11

    Thank you Subaru!

  10. Eike Sky

    Oh please dont be first on Prime. I hope we aren't going to be left in the dust here 😔

  11. 79johnJ

    still no turbo, still no progress... just imagine, if there was a 280-300HP boosted BRZ, why would anyone go for the Toyota (BMW) Supra ??? BTW: Im sorry to tell you, but the "bloodlines of Subaru Motorsports" include 4x4 turbo... this thing is clearly a bastard, or how we call it "a poor relative" I owned a lot of Subarus GD WRX, STI, SpecC, Litchfield T25, 2016 Forester XT, 2016 WRX, 2017 Levorg 1,6T, and I drove a 2018 BRZ... the BRZ just made me sad, because you can feel the potential, but you are held back by the lack of power... the even bigger disappointment is the Levorg, and its 1,6 turbo engine, which not only produces just 170HP (like a 2.0 NA boxer), it actually needs more fuel than a new WRX with 268HP (240 crank HP on the dyno)... and then the twinscroll turbos everywhere now, yeah the response and torque down below is nice to have, but I love Subaru for its character, which is its typical boxer sound due to the unequal headers, and its simple 50:50 AWD... but hey, what do I know, go on and fuck up the legend - in 10 years from now a 2003-5 GD WRX will be worth more than a 2015 WRX... PS: did anyone had to cut some fingers off, for creating the DIESEL BOXER ???


    The young child smiling at 0:11 is the best part of the commercial.

  13. Alexandr Ilchenko


  14. Luc Tremblay

    Petit commentaire sur les tapis de protection. Les bordures de tapis ne sont pas assez élevés et la protection est insuffisante. Ça m’a coûté un nettoyage spécialisé pour faire enlever le calcium du tapis de l’auto

  15. Douglas Thompson

    Cant wait!

  16. Frédéric François Chopin

    "do not attempt" Ah, it's good that they said that before I almost bought the car and was crazy enough to do this.

  17. Sean Wilson

    How about some recognition for Formula Photographic and Bowes Media for the incredible production of this series. Every episode is a stand alone piece of work by incredibly talented people. Not least of all the buttery smooth voice of Brian Haymond that brings it all together. Much respect, I'll be waiting with anticipation for this season to finally launch !!

  18. Sergio David Buitron

    Un deportivo de la vieja escuela en tiempos modernos,me encanta

  19. Atem S.

    Cannot wait for the Khana...

  20. Κωνσταντίνος Μπαλαμούτσος

    What's wrong with turbo chargers for God's sake??

  21. Boostergoal

    This is BS

  22. Francis McCorey

    dang we have been waiting

  23. Makoto Mizoguchi

    The same model as Toyota

  24. Syah Rixky

    Fking ugly looks like Hyundai make out with Honda previous gen done far better than this

  25. Thomas Rooney

    What a wonderful way to end a complete and total terrible year

  26. mtsyo


  27. Densetsu

    Keep my 2016 WRX with no payment or trade it in when this arrives... 🤔

  28. Squier Player

    That’s a whole Porsche

  29. Danny Gutierrez

    I'm surprised it isn't turbo from factory

  30. John Uftring

    Oh yeah! They're baaaaaacccckkkkkk! Been waiting, hoping, to see this series back. IG has teased, but I need my Launch Control!

  31. Kajicco Little Sandu

    This is launch control!

  32. Tigran Melconyan


  33. Jake D GB

    Why did they ever change the original design... The new cars are so ugly

  34. Bonelessbeef

    The best channel on USfilm! I've avoid all race videos because I want to watch it here first.

  35. David Le


  36. Hanz Cedric

    0:50 Are we gonna see the rebirth of a Group B level class of Rally Cars?

    1. Cam konuk

      I think they are building a hill climb car honestly.

  37. Kaofoo Saechao

    Awwwww... A baby Nissan 400Z!!

  38. Sammy Muiruri

    Looking forward...

  39. Marticus


  40. MotorMouth

    Bro that shit pissed me off

  41. Suicide Subie

    Yesssss!!! I can’t wait!!

  42. scoomagee

    Subaru you didn't listen to the people yet again, they want an sti option with the FA24.

  43. TomEnduro

    Thank you Subaru and Vermont sports cars!! THANK YOU!!! Was so worried we weren't going to get any of this, this year!

  44. Zachary Prete

    So excited for this!

  45. fade

    subaru panamera type r

  46. Subaru Love

    This is the best series on USfilm. Go Team Subaru!

  47. Sbchamo

    Just made MI YEARR yeeeeeeeeesssssssss

  48. William King

    Eeewwww, looks like a Porsche panamera

  49. Unblacks

    the front looks like nissan z proto and backfront looks how honda nsx 2017

  50. Black Prince

    I got erection on this cars, best cars ever

  51. ziewknihtewza


  52. albi636

    The car's insaaaane!

  53. Cam konuk

    This just made my day. I thought the series was over!!!! Its going to be badass

  54. Twinkie

    Vermont SportsCar just saved 2020.

  55. talkin takos


  56. Blue Jay


  57. Mario Béjares

    Nice mazda miata nc

  58. 34mrt 89

    ı love Subaru 💙

  59. サタンの足の爪の垢




  61. Anson Joy

    Only on prime???🙄🙄

    1. Marco van Egmond

      They better not 🤞😠

  62. Anson Joy

    Wiowowowowowow I really happy to hear that wow awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Really waiting to see everybody Really miss whole team....race tooooooooooooo

  63. Marco Chan


  64. Bryan RONO

    Hey Subaru... Can i get a BRZ for Christmas

    1. Bryan RONO

      I really love it🥺



  65. Sava

    For the first 1000 people under us. #Subaru

  66. ryanisflyboy

    This is going to be awesome.

  67. Hussein Basil

    I liked the headlights of the first gen but overall this looks much nicer

  68. gunni hawkeye


  69. Irina Sokolova


  70. The Tide Boys

    Love u Subaru,launch control is the best

  71. WhoDude

    Let's go !

  72. denis livasia

    Fiinnnallly the cure to corona

  73. JxEcho


  74. Tazbandbino

    🤔🦾 10 10ths everytime, mr double backflip. 🤯

  75. Flat4 Engine

    Cant wait for Season 8 🤙


    Mosntro Subaru.BRASILIHÁN BRASIL.

  77. J Olson Digital


  78. Otawa-kun

    A last. It's back. Very hyped for this all year.

  79. Valley Boys Club Official

    Welcome to launch control season 8 2020

  80. Angel

    Fire whoever desiged those tail lights. 😖