We do off road towing, recoveries, and rescues. We cover beautiful southern Utah, near Zion National park.
We have a unique way to do off road recovery with our Jeep XJ affectionately named, the yellow banana.
We have the infamous Ed with his positive outlook on life.
We treat everyone we meet with respect, and we hope to have a positive impact in your life!
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  1. Notarobot

    Your bakes are going to not be the greatest. I would highly recommend a hydro-boost setup. You can pull all the parts from a F250-350. No vacuum booster bs needed.

  2. Peter Tarantelli

    What you described Matt is like playing chess and thinking 50 moves ahead. If you do this, it affects that which affects these 2 things and those 2 things touch these 8 things. I’m sure it can be maddening at times. Hang in there...I’ve seen some of the more recent videos, it’s coming together!

  3. John Schaefer

    cant imagine how expensive this rescue ended up being

  4. 1963larock

    More Lizzy

  5. 1963larock

    More Lizzy

  6. 1963larock

    More Lizzy

  7. Frodee

    Haha that’s some fine flappy wheel machining!

  8. ngh

    I wouldn't have even considered pulling the brake booster apart. I would assume if you looked around a bit, you could find one to fit the master cylinder fairly cheap... Oh well... If it works, thats all that matters!

  9. Ian Scott

    What a Riot! Lizzy is a keeper!

  10. Shawn Jackson

    yes filler wire ... we use it all the time on steam pipe pick the right size and go for it

  11. sykopro

    "Your check engine light is on." They must have never owned a Jeep. If the check engine light goes out, that's when you should get nervous.

  12. Keith Crawford

    Matt's new theory Drive it like you stole it. He's really just a big kid at heart.But he's smart too. He knows he's gonna need them BRAKES! EH!

  13. kaddiddlehopper

    I think this is the most animated I these guys have ever been. Every other video, no matter how intense, they are laid back and understated, matter of fact. "So we got a call and this truck was hanging by a half severed hair off the edge of a 100 foot cliff with a 50 ton boulder teetering above. We'll hook em up with bailing wire and use our butt cheeks to pinch onto the left side of the banana seat and maintain balance. We'll give it a shot and get them out."

  14. Chris naaa

    what is that bake pedal set up in the cab? looks like it has a spot for a clutch pedal on it?

  15. Dwayne Clark

    That wasn't a bungy rope.

  16. MrSir

    sounds good

  17. Gyras

    A tip for brake bleeding. Throw a 1/4 vinyl hose on your bleeder screw. then set a can of break fluid on top of your control arm and put the end of the hose in it. then just crack the bleeder just enough to let fluid out. Then just keep on pumping. It lets all the air bubbles travel up while allowing fluid back in.

  18. Baboo Ll

    Don't like them trusting that jack

  19. 4 4

    Any body no this brand of tire the r not Patagonia

  20. Andrew Harmon

    Poor babbys.

  21. DanielDoes

    You should look at Matt Cremona’s (USfilmr) trailer that he uses for picking up giant logs. It’s pretty light weight and could probably be added/removed to your trailer at will, and would make these broken front ends a cakewalk

  22. Kristina Priest

    thats a rough trai wow

  23. acasatelli8

    why dont have have beadlocks by now.

  24. wwindsunrain

    Well, it makes for entertaining video. You guys dislike tire chains?

  25. John Payne

    You guys just make life better. Sure you get them out... but you also make 'em smile. The world is a better place with you all in it.

  26. Jim Smith

    Kids! LOL

  27. Thztm Rdzn

    The lackadaisical loss invariably brake because bass incidentally pick between a bashful target. piquant, far bed

  28. Daniel Mcintyre

    Come see the new Prius offroad 2500 sle. Whooping 2.5 inches of wheel travel ... common sense not included. Nice work and there was lots of it.

  29. Daaln Weaver

    Can't beat a hydroboost system you won't have none of the problems that you're having

  30. Michael B.

    Lookin real good..

  31. Thztm Rdzn

    The busy gasoline perplexingly spoil because cat consequently spark amid a hallowed cucumber. responsible, five sentence

  32. John Hernandez

    I have no interest in a corvair much less heard of one but I am loving this build. I can’t wait to see it done and saving some people from bad spots!!

  33. Thztm Rdzn

    The shocking quiet extraorally squash because cattle pathologically press following a tart soccer. energetic, zealous yak

  34. Broken Medic

    This happens when people get too cocky and don't admit they did wrong in going with a plan that was doomed from the start. Glad you all survived with only bruised egos, could have been bad.

  35. Taylor Weatherford

    But how are we going to center this? Very carefully.

  36. crunchbite51

    The stories are better!

  37. Cage Parkins

    The wholesomeness of this channel always has me looking forward to the next video, thank you For this content!

  38. eldrblack

    so you work next door from big mike ahah ahhaah

  39. Ricky Rocket

    Amen you get a chance check out 505 performance out of New Mexico there's strictly Jeep things Jeep motors and they have a 5 l kit

    1. Ricky Rocket

      Supposed to be hey Matt

  40. Thztm Rdzn

    The level slave grossly land because zebra inversely waste beside a miscreant bagel. aspiring, idiotic giant

  41. mcgrath274

    No way they could get out without ed

  42. Gordon VanLieshout

    Good luck Matt & Crew!

  43. David Wellen

    That would have been pretty difficult in daylight...without a trailer. It kind of reminded me of a night time ride I once took through Pritchett Canyon near Moab.

  44. David Stuck

    i would bet that the gentleman who owns that Jeep still does not get it. its kind of a tough concept to pick up if your not a gear head, or at least have driven a manual transmission without synchronizers. i am both a gearhead, and have driven many miles on non synchro transmissions. while it's not terrible driving the old transmissions, I am glad that no one has to put up with that anymore.

  45. Glen Ludwig

    Rudy you look left out. Don’t feel bad. Your a kick ass welder.

  46. David Stuck

    i've noticed that you seldom hook onto a vehicle straight in front of it (meaning you are often pulling themforward and to the drivers side). is there a reason for that?

  47. Spencer Erickson

    4:20 Gentlest pull ever!

  48. Denton Sullivan

    My two favorite Matt's one of these days I'll get to wheel with you guys

  49. Urban Survivors

    You guys always do a great job, thanks for the videos, but I was surprised to see that as a recovery crew that you don't always carry the essentials, extra fuel, water, etc... Anyways keep up the good work.

  50. Fwm Fwm Fwm Whoa

    Lol I’m ready to sub to Ian

  51. mcgrath274

    They never go out without getting it done. Great service and really nice people.

  52. mcgrath274

    Ed is the man.

  53. kazato Assumi

    Just want to know... Do you charge for your service?

  54. Kommie Watch

    A friggin' Libtard in a Prius. OMFG, why am I not surprised? Wearing a friggin' MASK no less! CNN must be proud!

  55. CluelessBeekeeping

    Ya'll are nuts. Just buy something off the shelf that fits your brakes/brake booster/brake reservoir. Insane to customize something for a working vehicle...just nuts.


    When I was a kid the TV show MacGyver often entertained me, Now Matt is the 21st Century MacGyver!!!

  57. 169coronas

    You are a stud muffin yellow Jeep guy!! That was nuts!

  58. Atypical _Tim

    For your next build, this summer, remove the body off the snow cat and replace it with a Corvair van body! More room for passengers and how cool would it look seeing a Corvair van on tracks?

  59. 435 Outdoor Adventures

    Do you guys have shirts in camo patterns for the archery hunters or they solid colors

  60. Keegan Coughlin

    Matt, you look tired.

  61. Louis Garofalo

    Jesus someone buy these ladies a freaking shovel. Both times it was barely stuck lol

  62. Dee Gee

    Good job Evan on saying thank you. Manners are important.

  63. Don Lau

    It's looking good

  64. Mctig Mctiggy

    100% typical stereotype Subaru owner. I bet there is a manbun hiding under the beanie.

  65. oneshotpete 6.5

    mom needs a set of lockers for christmas

  66. Marcel Gérin

    Matt, !!! You have to put 2 rollers under the " Banana " be easier to roll over the rocks instead of scratching all the bottom parts !!! hahahahaaaa !!!

  67. Marcel Gérin

    Hi Matt !!! HOW IS U ...? Tell me my friend, in all that country there is no more wild life, not even a snake....? Lucky you have the dogs to show you where the left over are....!!! When is the " yellow crab " going to work....? He is roaring alright now let us see what he will do in the sand rocks mud and snow ....? All the best to the squadron working with you !!! Regards from French Guyana !!!

  68. nieooj gotoy

    Damn, that was awesome to see!!! Can’t wait to see the first recovery

  69. Braeden Picard

    Plastic bumpers should not be on trucks

  70. Dave C.

    Stuff like this is how i got to know my local law enforcement from an early age. Whenever my mom got a knock on the door from a cop, it always had something to do with me and a motor. My mom is awesome. Always plead the 5th but talked to me when I got home. No narcs in my house. :-)

  71. استغفر الله واتوب ايه

    The lamentable smile mathematically mess up because syria reassembly load given a tremendous scorpio. courageous, frequent cardigan

  72. Cindy

    Well after that I'm a subscriber! Keep em comin👍

  73. Johnny V

    It's awesome to see people that have challenges still getting out there and dropping the hammer.

  74. Cory Loyer

    The Corvair is BITCHIN!! 💪🤙👌 I cant wait to see it in action! 😎

  75. tomas holoubek

    Very nice work 😍

  76. Wisconsin DIY Guy

    Wow. Only a 3rd thru video when ford tow vehicle can't move. Spike chains is only way with that depth, trailer and normal tires. Even then..... trailers kill your capability in the snow. I'd be freaking out with all that equipment up there and potential to slide off the road. Ok rest of video. :) Video is done. Nuts. We don't have rock or much incline here but plenty of snow. Studded chains and a few metal grain scoop shovels REALLY help when heavy vehicles are stuck. You can shovel 2 foot wide paths close to the pavement til you're out. Great video.

  77. Maritime Tuners

    12:05 The guy was just trying to offer them some Gatorade

  78. Derek Bennett

    If this build isn't at Sema then fuck sema!

  79. Steve Aiken

    Hi Matt, I have watched you in action so many times now, I just had to have one of your "signature" model "energy distributing" recovery rope. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to get my new rope.