1. Jazzlynn Winston

    Thought she was reading from dictionary the way Megan delivered this: Poppin' - bad bitch; keep me a option. Wavy - hoes see me and get nauseous. Famous - leave with the nigga you came with. Dangerous - I don't fuck around with no lame shit.



  3. Nicole E


  4. Khristinaa Jey

    This the song the crybaby choreography should鈥檝e went to

  5. jamile santana

    Listen to music in Governador Valadares Minas Gerais Brazil

  6. PeanutDaBOS

    @Freddie a lot of folks hate, but it鈥檚 a lot of us from the state that love and respect what you got going!! #870 #馃悧 #Love

  7. Jojo margaux

    A video with all black cast, this feels authentic. I like it馃槏馃槆馃憡馃従馃憡馃従馃憡馃従馃憡馃従馃憡馃徔馃憡馃徔馃憡馃徔馃憡馃徔鉁婐煆锯湂馃従鉁婐煆锯湂馃従

  8. Yvette Smith

    Cuse me trying to get by with that Uzi bout 馃敨 some rounds in this coochie

  9. Big Pimpin Top

    I need a feat how can I get one I鈥檓 from Little Rock

  10. Omar Sherif

    1:00 thank me later

  11. Chi-RaQ ToonZ

    He got five kids with five baby mamas he better keep coming with that heat 馃敟

  12. Joseph Sauls

    Niggas ain't see how my nigga was in tha bando wit them bandz #arkansaswein this bihh BIGBANKSHYT 馃悧 QUIT SLEEPIN ON US ASTATE REPPIN TILL THA DEAF

  13. Snow Poodie

    I Love Da Way Thee Stallion Twerks And I Love Her Style Of Rappin I Been A True Fan Of Hers Since Her UnderGround Work HTOWN Hottie Dats Sum Fine Hotties N Dat Video I鈥檓 Only Here For Thee Stallion

  14. spooky54282

    nigga copy money bag flow from one of his music

  15. Damere Davis

    This song Meghan actually came back from the Savage reveal so she killed it not as much repeating 馃槄

  16. Laura Carmo

    Eu sou o coment谩rio brasileiro que voc锚 est谩 procurando

  17. Anthony Kelly

    Scuse me, tryna get by with this uzi

  18. 870 AMOS

    BandPlay going crazy on this beat馃敟

  19. Tamarr Lovette

    All sis do is wear booty shorts n twerk..n they think she can be versatile n different genre tuh smh..twerk music only...馃し馃従

  20. Roshanda Walton

    I see my girl wearing that Pimp C Coat!

  21. Joshua Prince

    POP IT OR BIG PURRR? (It鈥檚 pop it fa me)

  22. jetta98




  24. Trap World Tv A4D_Promotions

    Who here after he dropped with Megan

  25. Ms. Newyork

    I just came here for Megan 馃ゴ馃グ馃榿

  26. Blondie Balderas

    I feel like she called out Kylie Jenner 馃槀

  27. BigCoVideoz

    I only like da beat, project pat woulda went north memphis real gangsta shit on dis instrumental , if y'all don't think project pat wouldn't snap on dis go listen to his classics "if u ain't from my hood", cheese n dope, north memphis remix n then tell me he wouldn't go dum on dis beat, but tha hook kinda catchy (kinda) , BEAT IZ 馃馃徑馃檶馃従馃馃徑馃馃徑馃檶馃従馃馃徑馃馃徑馃檶馃従馃檶馃従馃暫馃従馃暫馃従馃暫馃従馃暫馃従馃暫馃従馃暫馃従馃檶馃従馃檶馃従馃馃徑馃檶馃従馃槑馃槑馃槑馃槑馃檶馃従馃暥锔忦煠烉煆金煠烉煆金煠烉煆金煠烉煆金煈嶐煆金煈嶐煆金煈嶐煆金煈嶐煆金煈嶐煆金煈嶐煆金煈嶐煆金煈嶐煆金煈嶐煆金煈嶐煆

  28. Stephen Oluoch

    4real nicki aint got $#it! Ya'll knw im rite! Marry me Megan. Nairobi, kenya. Afrika

  29. curtis richard

    Megan got three Grammys I鈥檓 Do what鈥檚 I want. 馃敟馃槏馃槏鈽猴笍鈽猴笍馃敟馃敟馃敟馃槏馃槏馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟 her verse is part of the reason I keep coming back to this song.

  30. E-Ninth Krueger

    Let Da Bandplay 馃敟馃敟

  31. It'sForever Em

    She really freaking SNAPPED 馃敟馃槏

  32. Wakko Prophet

    Song slaps until she pops on 馃槀 lil baby would鈥檝e ran this beat 馃槶


    Megan literally puts on effort into twerking and it still looks hella good video 馃挅

  34. Thee Unique Onee


  35. Thee Buttercupp

    I said it once and I will say it again! 馃棧He is a handsome chocolate man 鉂o笍

  36. D'Angelo Tucker

    He most definitely giving Arkansas hope

  37. Yanni B Snow

    That girl with the green hair 馃敟馃敟馃敟

  38. Ava Tucker

    same flow meg sorry 馃槥

  39. Cherishe Chin


  40. Chicago Rc

    just remember everyone, we cant let our kids watch dr sues but this is ok. lol

    1. Blk Black

      U let ur kids watch this?

  41. Toni Vain

    Megan eat that

  42. natalee morrison

    She was born for this ,meg.

  43. Rayshcelle Davis




  45. Jayde Williams

    i wish i looked like megan in the face she so pretty

  46. Kitcha Robinson

    Megan rep our city boo... San Antonio to HTOWN TX

  47. Laila Obeid

    Dat blue hair girl is fye

  48. Dream Soccer

    Fyfcyyvihibibivobobuvo just 馃憤 like



  50. Nikolay Nikolaev

    His best song duo

  51. John Bond

    THIS IS TERRIBLE. HOW DO PEOPLE LIKE THIS?!??!?! you all have terrible taste!!!. NO TALENT AT ALL!!! this SUCKS

    1. John Bond

      @Blk Black The hell鈥檚 a 鈥渂op鈥?

    2. Blk Black

      This is a bop. Sorry ur an incel

  52. yetunde Ayinmide

    I鈥檓 watching this for al these girls馃槏馃槏馃槏 gorgeous and can dance !! Go off meg!

  53. Natalie Walton

    Megan can rap but this song has been done a million times. Bankroll freddie sounds like every other rapper. Lame and tired

  54. Deep Nation

    Meg literally puts no effort into twerking and it still looks hella good 馃槀

  55. Kathleen Raj

    Tired 馃槗

    1. Blk Black

      Go to sleep馃槾

  56. Shaila Robles

    kinda only here for megan...

  57. Carnnell Bune

    love you 2

  58. Carnnell Bune

    lol stop playing yall i am magic my day will be jest like yesterday i will not walk out the house a millionaire or loved the world have no love for me my demons and angels showed me because i care about people now thats real magic for the world to see i told you i have magic powers the world is not what people think .my last to true magic so mote it be times 243

  59. Lex Go Financial

    Okay ima need my knees to take notes 馃槀馃槶

  60. Jackie Swift

    Megan gooo hard !!!

  61. Titanius Anglesmith

    鈥淗ere imma walk around and throw money/stand in the same place, and imma have all y鈥檃ll dance and do all the work with Megan鈥 - every rapper when they work w Megan Smdh

  62. Geminijem

    I love that Megan ain鈥檛 lightening her skin... she鈥檚 showing off her cocoa complexion! Beautiful!!! 馃槏

  63. Kaila Davis

    Get off Meg 馃お

  64. It's about everything

    When he said "pop it" it kind of reminded me of cut it!!! Is it just me!

  65. Nicole Franklin

    Today my birthday and my kids played this for me when they gave me my gift 鉂わ笍馃憫 馃馃従 Aries gang

  66. T C

    Check google. Freddie made it to XXL

  67. Juan Castro

    This is literally on replay

  68. Jonathan Douglas

    0:39 damn she getting it

  69. Anonymous


  70. Viktor Pint茅r


  71. Scott Dunn

    That bass doe

  72. Darron Holmes

    501 870 Arkansas

  73. T N

    Come to New Zealand Bro 馃嚦馃嚳 pop da check 馃挴

  74. Rhonda Spradley

    gone Megan -- make the song a hit -- i just love this girl.

  75. AM

    Meg can rap..just gotta switch up her flow. Give us range.

  76. Mzwhite Owl


  77. kay

    Bruhhh 0:50 box braid baby so 鈽勶笍馃敟

  78. Ninja Kash

    I luv this song馃拑馃従馃暫馃徑

  79. devine649

    New age trick daddy & trina (the baddest bitch)馃敟